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MBTI and an Escape Room

ISFJ: “No, no, no, no”

ESFJ: *crying and furious* “This is tearing us apart! Get it together people!”

ISTJ: *Says everyone is an idiot for trying the wrong thing- never offers his own solution*

ESTJ: “I would take over, but I like watching ENFJ fail at it.”

ESTP: “Wait guys, I got this” *does something stupid* *fails*

ISTP: “If you guys would just listen to me then I could get us out of here- ok no one is listening to me, that’s fine too, whatever”

ESFP: *completely oblivious to everyone’s stress* “This is so fun!”

ISFP: *mopping in the corner* “I’m just really tired, I don’t want to do this.”

ENFP: *simply talking and rabbit trailing about random possibilities* “Hey look at this! This is so cool! Oh that’s kinda creepy…what if-”

INFP: *super chill and relaxed* “Man, this is so much fun. Hey guys- we should try and scare ISTJ”

INFJ: *Thinks he knows how to get out but can’t talk because all the tension in the room is about to make him cry*

ENFJ: *Keeps trying to create order amongst the group, but gets too emotional to handle the responsibility* 

ENTJ: *Has already planned out which one of his friends he will have to sacrifice first*

INTJ: *Knows how to get out after discussing with INFJ* *Doesn’t tell anyone because they want to laugh inwardly at everyone freaking out* 

ENTP: “Hey guys, I know what will work!” *tries something complicated and stupid* *fails* 

INTP: “My goodness, I can’t believe you guys haven’t figured it out yet, it’s so obvious” *doesn’t actually know how to get out*


while this blog loves to ship and explore dynamics of ongoing relationships, i am also interested in exploring past relationships ; relationships that have failed ; on-and-off again relationships ; relationships that are destined to end in a nasty breakup ; relationships that end in a mutual break up ; relationships that are strained because of cheating ; ect, ect. on top of not every relationship being perfect or healthy, not every relationship lasts ! not every relationship has a happy ending! some relationships are stepping stones. and some are ‘perfect’ over all, but not perfect right now for the people who are involved.  and that’s ok!  and i am completely open, and eager, to explore those types of dynamics that challenge my character, that add another layer to my character ( and yours ) in different ways 


“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

Based on this (x)

On February 4th 2016, a Chicago police officer was performing a welfare check on the Martinez family following a 911 call from a concerned citizen. The whole family hadn’t been seen for two days, and when the head of the household, Noe Martinez Jr, had failed to show up for work, people knew something was wrong. When the officer entered the property, he came across a truly horrific scene: The Martinezes were all dead, lying in a complete bloodbath.

Each victim had been stabbed to the point of absurd overkill; some over 30 times. One had been blasted with a shotgun for good measure. There was no sign of life in the family home, apart from their trembling dog, Pelusa (Spanish for “fuzzy”), who was covered in her owners’ blood but unharmed. Initially, a shocked team of investigators wrote the crime off as a murder-suicide. It wasn’t until May, that two suspects were arrested for the murders. Diego Uribe, who was related to the family through marriage, and his 19-year-old girlfriend eventually admitted to the “robbery gone wrong”. He admitted breaking into the home to steal jewellery, but he panicked when he was discovered and killed 6 innocent people. The pair were recently convicted of first degree murder.

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right okay so i have aced a course and completely failed a course just to see what the difference is for studying and here are legit the ones that are patterns

  2. At the end of each week, take about two hours and write down an indepth-summary on your notes. These are basically your exam notes done, put effort into it.
  3. Before break begins, maybe two or three days before, sit down and read over your original study notes and highlight bits you didn’t remember. Then create a new set of notes for the bits you didn’t remember.
  4. Write neatly and clearly, you will be furiously writing shit down in lectures, allgood whatever but in your notes, write slowly and neatly so you really think about what you’re writing.
  5. Use longhand notes. There are so many studies that show longhand notes significantly improve your memorization of the subject.
  6. Seriously take a break from study every hour and walk around or do like some situps idk. Do something active. 
  7. Start studying for exams a month early. Your brain has enough time to actually remember the material that way.
  8. Basically become Hermione ????

There is probably way more that I have forgotten, but those are the basics I’ve done to like help me through this stressful, anxiety driven time (lol not lol)

BTS Reaction #4

How BTS reacts when you’re in the middle of an argument and you rekt/snap at them in your foreign language.

Request here


“you shouldn’t just do-” *spits water out* “w-w-what did you just say???” *you ignore him* “YAH Y/N!!! It didn’t sound like something good!!!” 

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*goes completely silent* “…um…” *tries to think of a language you don’t know, but fails* “OK YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

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*snaps right back at you in 15 different languages* *you stare at him, stunned* “YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT THOSE WORDS WERE ACTUALLY REAL? I JUST MADE THEM UP TO GET BACK AT YOU!” *laughs his head off, forgetting about the whole argument*

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*continues to argue* “You can’t just go hang out with all those-” *just realizes what happened and stops* “You okay? Was I supposed to understand that?” 

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“Wait what…” *bursts out laughing* “ah you’re just too cute, I’ll let you off this time. But this is the last time I”m warning you!!!” *pulls you into a tight hug*

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“I’m not at fault, YOU are-” *stops mid-sentence* “…” *a few seconds of silence* “Wait can you repeat what you just said, but slower?”

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wait what did she just say??? Was that English or..? I can’t let her win this argument too…  “…pardon?” *scratches head*

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Seven Times VIXX’s N Was Our Spirit Animal

ok guys, this is a soompi article copied and pasted, so all credits go to them.

1. When you’re out with your squad:

It’s actually completely acceptable to be the most fabulous one out of all your friends. In fact, if you want to truly live up to N as your spirit animal you have to be. So, just embrace it and maybe take a few minutes to practice posing appropriately (fabulously) for squad photos. 

2. When your friends aren’t actually being funny:

It happens, they try to be hilarious but fail miserably. Don’t worry — you don’t have to fake laugh, you can just let your face tell them exactly how funny they are actually being. 

3. When you have your priorities straight:

Listen, bravery is great and all but when it comes to a fight you know to protect what’s most important: you. There is no shame in keeping your face in one piece. 

4. When someone decides they can talk over you:

You have something to say, you need to say it all. Don’t let people walk (or talk) all over you. Just let your face tell them off — that way you won’t waste any additional breath on them. 

5. When you finally meet your ideal type:

N doesn’t hold back when it comes to affection and you shouldn’t either. Take a few minutes standing in front of a mirror and perfect your best wink – even if it ends up being slow-motion and mildly lascivious.

Alternatively, you can try wink attacking them, which judging by Hyuk’s reaction is super effective:

6. When you just can’t:

We all have those moments when you finally give up on everything. Shoving N into a random white sports outfit and making him carry around a giant empty water jug is officially a very legitimate reason to “can’t” but we understand that the reasons why you’ll be done with it all will (hopefully) be very different. The expression still works. 

7. When you know that you are, in fact, flawless through and through:

This might be the main reason why N should be everyone’s spirit animal – because he isn’t afraid to be perfect and demand the attention that he deserves. The other members might “complain” about his overly-affectionate ways and his rather large ego — but at the end of the day he’s an amazing leader and works his butt off for the sake of the group. So, we’d totally argue that his ego is well-deserved — and so is yours. If anyone tells you otherwise, just do this: 

OK but thinking about Lorien Legacies, Lorien sounds very off.

The people in charge hide important historical info from them (eg the war with the mogs at first contact)

They completely erase Setrakus from public knowledge

They fail to pursue anything that could be considered a crime or go against their image of “perfection” such as Zane’s death - it’s definitely malpractice from his Cepan, but they write it off as an “accident”

All of the people who rule them are chosen as kids because of their power or something idk but where is the cepan representation????

Constantly insisting to everyone that Lorien is perfect is very prideful and basically prevents any needed changes from occurring and keeps the people in power in power

Their contingency plan for the end of the world was to send a bunch of Garde children to another planet like seriously I’m sensing some huge Cepan inequality here

So yeah after some reflection I think Lorien was v corrupt


I have.. Failed as Class President……. @askblastymcsplode


  • Thing: [Doesn't include Tommy]

anyway i chose the dialogue that is….. ok, so in hindsight what i said to miranda was pretty cruel, i remembered it differently. this time i said the not-cruel dialogue.

if she dies for no reason again, so help me god i will gut bioware with a shovel.

  • Friend: ok describe tumblr in one word
  • Me: The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

Ok so this might not be the best comparison, but…

Leading up to the US election I was 100% confident that Clinton would win. It made sense based on the facts. She was qualified, not an orange monster, and honestly the only viable option of the two.

When I watched the election results, I felt hopeful that the Clinton precincts were just not reporting as quickly as the Trump ones were. I watched as the news men and women tried (and failed) to hide their disbelief as the numbers kept coming in.

I woke up the next morning completely stunned. This made no sense and did not fit into my understanding of the world.

Ok, so here’s the comparison part: This is also how I felt after watching Season 4 of Sherlock.

I know I know - not the same thing. I know that. I’m saying my emotions about them were the same. Complete confidence, nervous disbelief, last minute hopefulness, utter disbelief, sadness and anger, bitter disappointment.

red--shift  asked:

ok ok, uliro, fashion au, prompt: camera

This completely and utterly failed at being three sentences.

(a sort of prequel to this, which is referencing this)

Shiro’s phone buzzes again on the desk between them, filling their tiny office space with its insistent sound.

“You’re not calling him back,” Keith says, flatly.

“Don’t worry,” Shiro says, but his smile’s thin. He takes the phone before Keith can and drops it in a desk drawer, pushing it away. “Whatever Ulaz wants he isn’t getting. I’m not stepping in front of his camera again.”

(Send me a prompt and I’ll write a three(ish)-sentence fic!)

anonymous asked:

I want to film the progress with my pon and upload it here. But every time we try something new it's a complete disaster (normally) and I'm too ashamed to post my failed attempts, but then the pon progresses amazingly and I have no vid to show the process and the first fucked up attempts. I want to be like 'yeah it's completely ok to fail when you start lol just look at this', but at the same time I'M too afraid to fail.

FILM EVERYTHING. You don’t have to share it or even upload it but I think it’s so important to film things in order to track progress. It’s such a useful tool. Also then when you get cool or cute things you can tag me in them and show me 👀👀👀

ok but like

  • sweeney todd will never fail to move me and give me chills
  • even if it’s too broadly directed (which is every production i’ve seen! sweeney todd needs to be precise!!! one day i’ll see a good production)
  • the line is “my right arm is complete again,” WHY do i never hear this line???
  • i love the part where johanna grabs the gun from anthony etc, honestly, metal as shit
  • i love that anthony just had to raise the key when sweeney asked him to repeat the hair colors, like, how fucking extra
  • think about the first time sweeney looks the beggar woman in the eyes, really think about that, it says so much about him and also everything
  • five musicians is not enough to pull off sweeney todd
  • the kiss me/ladies in their sensitivities quartet is extraordinary
  • so is the johanna quartet, and city on fire, and green finch and linnet bird, and not while i’m around, and oh everything else
  • we need to talk about toby more!!!
  • sweeney todd is one of, like, six perfect musicals

4. Rutee Katrea from Tales of Destiny

About theme: I always loved Rutee and coud not understand why so many people hate her, while she is cool and cares about children so much. The same time people love Leon way too much. So, here is the picture of Rutee completely overshadowing Leon!

About execution/critique: ok, this is my first real failure of this challenge! This fuchsia color is too bright, too strong, I can’t tame it! It’s, like yelling on you from this picture! Which is sad, because I quite liked how lineart came out. But the fuchsia killed it. Challenge status: failed.