ok this took me hours to color

“i hate you,” andrew said casually. he took a last long drag from his cigarette and flicked it off the roof. “you were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs.”
“i’m not a hallucination,” neil said, nonplussed.
“you are a pipe dream,” andrew said. 

here it is, my first ever digital painting! pls go easy on me i know it has a million flaws i’m still learning i just had to paint these two bc i am andreil trash ok


ok so hear me out. What if one day Kuroo, a fighter under the shogun, stumbles upon a shrine nearly in ruins and prays for guidance because he’s so fucking lost in the woods and accidentally summons Kenma, the spirit of the forest?????? 

“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

it took me hours to decide how to color this omg but here is the love of my life, noora sætre ♥︎

ok let me just start off by saying





This was an art collab with myself and the ever-so-lovely @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight!! omfg she is SO SWEET it’s unbelievable. go follow her right now!!!

I did the sketch, she did the lines, I colored ;u;

I hope everyone likes this!!!! I’m v proud of it tbh but it was a beast to color QuQ

countless hours of suffering in Photoshop CC

jellyfish ref/inspiration

i’ll post WIP shots tomorrow aaaaaaaaaa but for now i’ll just take a break..




The Stages of Cosplay Creation
(In this case Winter Soldier’s Siberia Gear)

See Civil War Opening night:  No - no.  Not gonna do it.  I’m not making a costume from that movie with 3 weeks to go until Wizard World Philly.

The next day:  That Wet suit Winter wore in the Siberia scene was pretty sweet - I could totally wear that on aerial silks too.  I’ll just half ass it, not make it super accurate and not put too much money into it.  Right on

36 hours after seeing movie:  Buy fabric and trim at 5 am before leaving on road trip.

While in car:  Search and find better fabric.  Cancel first order and buy better fabric.

2 days later:  Begin to have doubts over trim and fabric color.  Purchase second color of fabric and better trim just in case.  

Next day:  Purchase movie tickets to see film again just to double check costume details and film Siberia Scenes on my phone from the back of the theater when no one is looking.  

Next Morning:   Debate trim again and buy a third version.

Later that afternoon:  Neither fabric is quite right.  Compare photos then decide to dye the lighter fabric.  

Well, I’ve spent 4 times what I meant to, I’ve succeeded  in burning my hands and dying them grey but -  God damn it - this thing is going to look awesome.  I’m in love with this thing and can’t wait to spend hours and hours and days hand stitching the bitch.

One full week after seeing the film:  I need a bigger embroidery hoop than the one I have, don’t I?  Should I buy one or make it - either way, more time/money from me!

Buy a hoop - and after beginning what I knew would be a long and painful process of hand sewing all the trim on - I sure hope this works.

Several hours in - yay - It works and I’ve now perfected a method of sewing the trim down.  Of course each piece will take 4 - 5 hours straight of hand sewing…  Okay.  34 hours all together or something…  If I sew one piece per night - I can still work on my orders during the day and still get everything done at a reasonable pace.

After two nights of hand sewing after work - Fuck this.  I’m taking 3 days off to get this finished - I’ll work on this for 72 hours straight - then I will work on orders for 72 hours straight.

Halfway through hand sewing - finally get to try on part of it - because if this doesn’t all look right once I sew it together - all this hand sewing is for nothing….  OK.  It works.  It looks ok.  I’m still not sure about the color.  Eh - screw it.  I’ve come this far.

FINALLY finish hand sewing - debate waiting till morning to stitch it toge- hell no I’m doing this now.  Finish sewing the thing into one piece by 3:30 am.  Eh.  Eh……. it’ll work as a Thursday costume.  Totally not the thing I want to wear if we decide to drag that stupid Cryo Chamber up to Sebastian Stan and I’m wearing this thing.  Besides they likely won’t let us bring it in and then I’m in this and he’ll be all thinking - “what is that mess?”

Wake up the next day.  It’ll work so much better once I take it in - a lot.  Take it in.  Yeah.  Better.  Whatever.

Several hours later - Want to kill the thing - still have to add trim - can’t wait to have done with it and go back to work.  

Finish.  Fucking finally.  Knock back a Strongbow in under 3 minutes.  Take a selfie - realize that without even trying I look just like Winter Soldier in Siberia Scene…  Clean up all the sewing mess still wearing costume because it is so comfortable.  Okay.  I can do this.

Night before leaving con - throw costume at the bottom of my checked luggage because I’m still not sure about it.

On our way to Sebastian Stan’s Autograph session - Fuck I should have worn a dress.

On line - just a few people from him while in my cry chamber.  I’m going to faint - this was a cute idea up until now - what the hell was I thinking???

See my best friend looking in his direction point at the box and smile.  Oh shit.  Hear him say “I have to film that.”

Okay.  Maybe this wasn’t such a stupid idea.

Thank you so much to everyone who was so super supportive of this costume.  I worked hard on everything and did my best - but I always worry it isn’t good enough or that no one will like it or even get what I’m trying to do.  Instead - everyone was so cool - I still can’t believe people liked it so much.  It really means the world to me.  

Also Sebastian Stan is fucking awesome.  I’ve never seen anyone else get so excited about the things his fans do for him - I’ve never heard better stories about anyone being so nice to their fans.

Thank you to @ihavetwobuckystomyname for filming the greatest moment of my life!  The last three photos are still from the video.

Acrylic on 8x10 inch canvas, 10.5 hours.

I didn’t think I could handle pulling this off–I have nearly no experience with picking colors to depict things in low light–but it turned out ok. (Took so long though. I could’ve done two and a half cat portraits in this kind of time. It was kind of demotivating to wrap up a day’s work and be like “yeah I spent 3 and a half hours on two pillows and a blanket…”)