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  • in bullet points, because i get too fucking long-winded otherwise
  • history (in the sense of ‘the structure of outer time’) can, provably, be changed.
    • this much is obvious from the beginning, given how much the dr.who straight fucks the natural progression of history by showing up at the worst of moments and starting a revolution or stopping some war before it occurs or maybe just blowing up a couple average-sized planetary bodies
    • they do this constantly. just because the world is better afterwards doesn’t mean history hasn’t changed
      • notably, however, they only appear to do it so freely on other planets; they are far more touchy about earth’s history, and it turns out for good reason.
  • as of Head of State, while history was set-up and structured by Gallifrey, these machinations really make no difference to the larger Web of Time; it’s likely that, while the basic overarching shape is defined, and while there may be occasional anchor points (fixed points, perhaps?) that cannot be changed without bringing down history in its entirety, nobody really cares about the specifics
    • (why, then ‘you can’t change history, not one line?’, I hear you cry? I’m getting to it. pls.)
  • it follows that everything in between those theoretically fixed points (or, if they don’t exist, just everything in general) is changeable. and more than that.
    • there are time-travellers afoot, by now, in every corner of history; we can presume the vast majority have nothing to do with gallifrey, and instead travel by more primitive vortex-manipulation means, but they are everywhere
    • and we all know the butterfly effect; if there’s a time traveller around in your past, that means your past has just changed - maybe only very slightly, but memories make you who you are and if enough very slight changes happen, if enough time-travellers show up in the past, your very personality will begin to shift as well
  • here’s the thing, however: given the nature of inner and outer time, and also just time travel in general (discounting san dimas time because it’s a shitty model): all these time-travellers will be arriving at once, and all these changes will be happening at once, constantly and unrelentingly
    • to clarify, each time-traveller shows up at some distinct point in Inner Time, probably after each other, and they’ll be entering different points in history, but you are inside Outer Time and therefore incapable of experiencing the Inner Time distinction, so while the changes are technically happening one after the other it couldn’t matter less; from your perspective, they are all happening in simultaneity - a consequence of having two axes (axises? axii??) of time to exist in
  • also, you won’t actually notice yourself changing, because memories change right along with the history, but trust me; you are
  • we know, from the Book of the War among other sources, that a flux state in which every facet of your history and therefore your being changes at once is possible to achieve; what it fails to mention is that, functionally, we are all in such a state - every aspect of yourself is potentially changing at every moment
    • (practically, however, there is only so far we can change, because the overall structure has to stay intact, and that limits how far we can go somewhat - for example, no species that cannot survive in a gravitic environment would ever have evolved on earth, so no version of them exists. notably, the laws of physics are non-negotiable. mostly.)
  • if you’ll forgive me for the overused metaphor: we are all Shroedinger’s cat. alive and dead, happy and sad, here or there; at any given moment of Inner Time we could be anything and it’s impossible to tell which
  • until someone opens the box.
  • and the only being possibly equipped to do so would have to be one outside this constant flux of history - hailing from Inner Time - which is to say, of course, the Time Lords.
  • and here’s the thing: while Inner Time might, on rare occasions, be travelled through (it would quite definitely be breaking the law, but whether ‘the law’ in this instance means some ancient regulation stored in the Matrix or the laws of physics is arguable, and considering this is Gallifrey the two are almost the same anyway) it cannot be changed
    • if it could (among other things) the dr.who could have simply gone back and stopped the War ever beginning
    • yeah yeah i know this doesn’t always hold true but a) both river song and civitata are timeships and probably exempt from inner time anyway
      • (river is half timeship not half time lord meet me in the fucking pit)
    • and b) look i don’t know either but this makes more sense than any other model
  • once you meet a Time Lord, you become part of their history. or because inner time doesn’t have a history in that sense, you are remembered. you, the current version of you, the random you they happened upon, are now in the memory of a Time Lord - and memories make us who we are.
    • (and if it’s a non-renegade Time Lord, you’d be stored in the Matrix too, or maybe you were already, the Matrix is more than a little confusing)
      • (no okay fine more on that: the Matrix is built in Inner Time, and while it probably isn’t sentient enough to count as a conscious observer, it was built on the minds of dead Time Lords who inarguably were and possibly still are)
      • (this means, in all likelihood, that being stored by the Matrix has the exact same effect as meeting a Time Lord - probably it’s the Matrix that keeps the general shape of history intact, that first coastline that later was echoed in all the other, subtly different fractals - see Head of State again - and keeps any otherwise unrelated fixed points intact)
      • (this has some Implications but let’s stick to the topic for now)
  • so if you were to change further you would, however subtly, change the Gallifreyan. and they’re a being of Inner Time. they cannot be changed. consequently, you can no longer be changed either - or at least, not the aspects of you that they’d remember.
  • simply by coming into contact with a Time Lord, you have now been certainified; unlike all the other versions of you, unlike all the other, still flux-state people and planets yet untouched by Gallifrey, you are certain.
  • you are real.
  • (this applies equally, of course, to any experience; it doesn’t have to be physical seeing for it to work. if some random gallifreyan reads of your death tomorrow in a newspaper then you die tomorrow. no more room for change.)
    • well, or the newspaper has to be misprinted, or actually both, until proven otherwise, but that’s all besides the point
  • [colonel voice] look just trust me it makes sense i swear
  • hence: nothing is truly real (or at least not consistently so) unless a Time Lord was there to see it.
    • as for why the doctor’s so touchy about planet earth: they’ve been all over earth’s history, and anything they’ve seen or heard or experienced is now cemented in time, so if changes even a little it would change them and therefore fuck up inner time
    • actually by the way this may be the reason earth is so weirdly important to the spiral politic despite being so irrelevant: it’s tied into the dr.who’s timeline so deeply that if you fuck it up you fuck them up, and by connection probably gallifrey in general
      • or you can go the boring route and make something up about a second caldera but i don’t approve of it
    • also: shit like angels of manhattan, with things being set in stone as soon as they’re in the book? that’s inner time at work, not outer; same with the silencio fixed point etc.
    • more on that next post. maybe. probably.
  • this brings the number of time travel models that hold true in dr.who simultaneously up to… what, five? outer time is somehow eternalism and whatever you call the dynamic model simultaneously, the multiverse is already a thing, inner time is presumably possibilism (ehhhh… depends on whether you think free will is a thing i guess), and there’s echoes of the spiral model in the whole ‘fractals’ idea
  • no groundhog day yet though!! well, not consistently anyway. i think. i hope.
  • the great thing about this is of course that now there is no way that dr.who can fuck up its own physics model by bringing a different one in, because it’s already got both of them
  • all your physics model are belong to us
  • please please somebody let me yell @ them about how this intersects with the dr.who 3-d (alterwards, parawards, otherwards) multiverse model
  • or the implications of this and how they relate to pythian willpower-physics and also why this proves that time lords can change reality by hallucinating really loudly



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Every Other Weekend pt. 8

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,538

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. i am sooo sorry it has taken me so long to get this up but thanks for hanging in there! hope the wait was worth it.

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Part 7


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(let’s pretend his hair is as long as it is in the fic. the gif just fits too perfectly.)

“Dad, no!” Gavin latched himself onto Bucky’s leg, crying. It was what you wished you could have done. But it would have been frowned upon. At least if it was your son acting out, it was acceptable.

“I have to go.” Bucky fought Gavin on his leg, handing you the bag you’d given him the week before. “You get to go home with your mom.”

“But I want you.” Gavin continued to cry, his tears wetting Bucky’s jeans. You felt helpless. You wanted to scoop up your son and protect him. You had wanted to since all of this started. It wasn’t his fault, but he didn’t know. All he knew was his dad picked him up, they spent a week together and then he dropped him back off to you. That was one of the hardest things. You were unable to tell your son why his dad wasn’t home, why he left.

“Come on baby. Dad’s gotta go.” You frowned, holding Avery with one arm and bending down to help Gavin. Gavin cried harder, grasping at the folds in Bucky’s jeans.

“I’ll see you next week.” Bucky nodded, seemingly unfazed by Gavin’s cries.

You fought a scoff. “Yeah. See you then.” You sighed, picking Gavin up and walking to the car. Bucky didn’t stick around any longer than he had to. You blocked Gavin’s view of his father driving out of the parking lot.

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Person a tripping in the street and person b whomst is a stranger to them catches them and accidentally dips them ( like the dance thing u know)

Justin Oluransi likes to walk, and being in this city so far has been nothing but walking.

Walking from the subway to the hotel to the pharmacy back to the hotel, then to the hospital in the morning for his interview and from there to the deli for an early lunch then back to the hotel and then just - out to explore midtown.

New York City is all. walking. all. the. time. And it’s beautiful clear weather on a breezy spring midmorning.

He loves it.

It’s like a dance, weaving between the many pedestrians, pausing for cars in the street but not waiting for the signal to turn green, picking up the pace to get away from the creepy dude following too closely, and then slowing down to enjoy the atmosphere - suddenly halting to catch his breath when he turns a corner and sees the Empire State Building.

What a sight, what a rush, what a thrill! The only thing missing would be a -


A man bumps into him from behind so hard he’s twisted around and Justin’s glad he’s got quick reflexes because otherwise the man would have hit the concrete with the back of his head.

Instead, Justin has an arm under his shoulders and the other hand gripping the man’s waist tight to keep him cradled against his chest.

Wide green eyes stare up at him, and for a moment Justin can’t think. Those eyes are mesmerizing - they’re beautiful, soft, sweet. Justin’s lost in them.

It takes a moment for him to register that the other man’s hands are both gripping his arm tight, fingers digging into the light fabric of his favorite salmon hoodie, and he realizes he should help the man back to his feet.

“Sorry,” Justin says, pulling him into an upright position and letting his hands linger on the other man’s biceps for a moment to make sure he can support his own weight just fine.

“Chyeah, no, please, I’m sorry, I just, uh -” The other man is fumbling for words, running his hands over himself and then reaching up to right the cap on his head. “My legs don’t always send letters of intent to my brain, so sometimes my body wants to keep a pace and my legs just like - bolt for no apparent reason and I tumble over myself like a newborn fawn and it’s not - uh..”

He finally looks up and meets Justin’s gaze and for a moment Justin thinks he might lose himself in those beautiful eyes again, but the other man seems to suddenly regain control of himself upon catching sight of him. He straightens and stands taller, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt and licking his lips.

Justin does,, not follow the movement. Nope.

The other man clears his throat. “That wasn’t very chill of me.”

Justin laughs and the other man smiles softly in response.

“That’s ok,” Justin says. And then, because this man is really beautiful and Justin has never passed up an opportunity to flirt with beautiful people, he says “I was just thinking about how walking around here is like dancing, and then you waltzed into my arms for one heck of a grand finale.”

That gets a surprised laugh and a hint of a blush creeping on his cheeks, Justin can tell.

God, this man is beautiful.

“I’m Justin,” he says, extending his hand forward.

“Derek,” the other man - Derek - says.

When their palms meet Justin has to will himself not to stare at the way they fit in each other so well, or how they look clasped like that, or how long Derek’s fingers are.

“So uh,” Derek says, pulling his hand away but letting his fingers trail along Justin’s just slightly. “You pick up dance partners on 6th Av often?”

“Shit, is that the street this is? I thought I was on Broadway?”

He has to look around for a second, because if he got lost he has no idea how he’s gonna get back to the hotel and he cant handle being lost right now.

But Derek’s easy laugh flows over him, as does his gentle touch on his shoulder to draw Justin’s attention back to him.

“Yeah, Broadway’s right here. It just intersects here, see.” He’s pointing out all the street signs around them. “You probably just walked one block this way without realizing.”

“God, I’m such a tourist.”

Derek laughs again, and Justin loves how it sounds. “That’s alright, so’s everyone else.”

“You’re not from here either?”

“Oh no, I was born and raised on the Upper East Side. But everyone’s a tourist in this city bro, even the locals. Tourism is a state of mind.”

Justin lets that hover in the air for a moment. He watches Derek’s face and the way he seems so much more collected now, so much more in control and - chill.

“I’d love to have a five hour conversation with you about that one sentence.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.” Justin revels in the curious look adorning Derek’s face and asks “Where can we get coffee and talk into the sunset?”

Derek smirks and Justin can feel in his bones that he is not going to make the flight home tonight.

But that’s ok, maybe he won’t go home. Maybe he’ll stay in this city, take that position at the hospital, and maybe… maybe he’ll have Derek show him around in the meantime.

Okay, so random idea that crossed my mind

I don’t know if someone already came up with this idea, but today when I was working I just came up with something.
I was thinking about Big Fun and Halloween parities being some sort of joint-party (Somehow connected or at least two parties in one)

Martha Dunstock, after embarrassing herself in front of Ram, just runs off to the bathroom, shuts the door, and just lets it all out. She cries for at least 5 minutes before another figure in the bathtub coughs, and lets her know that someone else was in there. That person was just hidden due to the shower curtain there.
She’s embarrassed. And at this point ready to disappear at any moment. Before she can leave, the figure frantically apologizes for not saying anything while she was just dumping all her emotions out. She introduces herself, and he introduces himself as Michael, a junior who came in here just to wait everything out. (I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Michael are juniors)
While things were a little awkward at first, they eventually talk, and find out they they were in similar problems. Their best friend leaving them for popularity. Michael decides to leave out the Squip, and Martha rants about the Heathers. And they just going on talking about that, and other things about themselves until the party ends. Martha thinks that some of the stuff he likes was cool, and Michael likes that there was someone else who he could talk to about these kinds of stuff. They awkwardly thank the other for listening, and not being too weird, exchange phone numbers, and go their separate ways, hoping the other’s situation gets better.

It was just a random thought I came up with, and I like the idea.

a list of selective mutism things

• when a sub teacher takes the register and they get to your name and they’re like “are they in?” and someone else has to be like “yeah they’re in”
• when someone is trying to explain you and they’re like “they choose not to speak” or “they don’t like speaking” and you’re just like [screams internally]
• when someone you don’t talk to hears you speaking to someone else and they’re like “OH MY GOD YOU CAN SPEAK!” like yeah thanks bud i wasn’t aware
• when everyone you meet and their dog asks you to speak to them
• constantly having to explain your condition bc no one has ever heard of it
• people being overly fascinated about the whole thing and asking a gazillian questions
• literally everyone you’ve ever spoken to in your life: “hahahaha it’s funny, once they start talking they never shut up lol ironic right?”
• jokes about how loud you are
• “oh yeah i know what its like i get shy too”
• “i get anxious about public speaking so i know the feeling”
• everyone you ever meet: “do you speak to your mum and dad??”
• “oh so does the selective part mean it’s a choice?”
• “ohhhh that’s like raj from the big bang theory” no it isn’t
• “i wish i had selective mutism so i didn’t have to speak” shut up
• “how are you gonna get a job?” i don’t know and im stressed enough about it so if you could maybe not remind me of that stress that’d be great, thanks hun
• “you’re just using it as an excuse” using a disability as an excuse to not do things the disability prevents me from doing… sounds about right
• “talking isn’t hard you know” well neither is shutting ya damn mouth
• when someone asks a question that isn’t yes/ no and you just gotta shrug. “what’s your name?” who knows buddy, who knows
• when people who are aware of your sm do the simplest tasks like holding a door open and get mad at you for not saying thank you… sorry hold on let me just turn off my debilitating anxiety disorder just for you, acquaintance who probably doesn’t even care about me that much
• “ok fine ignore me then”
• me @ my friends when they introduce me to their other friends: “can you explain to them why i might not respond to them much just so they don’t think im ignoring them or anything?”
• this list is too long im done


Ok, first of all, I can’t believe I actually managed to write something let alone a pyrruby fic but what can I say, this is one of my favorite rare pair here in this fandom.

This is basically a short fic written around one of the post in the blog “RWBY Conversations” I’ll leave the link right here if you want to check it out:


Also, RWBY is property of Rooster Teeh, Monty Oum (RIP), RWBY conversations and the owner of the idea for the post.

without further adue, let’s move onto the fic…


Yang Xiao Long considered herself a very perceptive person. Not the nosy type of course, just the kind that would notice if something new or amiss was going on with her loved ones or close friends and she certainly thought she would be the first one to notice if her baby sister, for example, developed a crush or know if she actually entered a relationship.

Well, today, that notion would be proven wrong.

At lunch period, when Yang arrived to the dining hall after having to stay after class to discuss her last paper grade with Professor Oobleck, she found her team seated at the table. Weiss eating her lunch quietly and Blake was reading a book while eating, the usual but what was certainly off place in the scenario was that bouquet of flowers beside her sister.

Now look at this, my baby sis has an admirer” she thought while taking a seat next to Ruby. “Aww Ruby, what’s with the bouquet of flowers?” she asked.  

“Oh, they’re from my girlfriend” the red headed girl answered matter of factly, catching the blonde girl completely off guard.

“What? Since when have you had a girlfriend?” At this point, the other members of team RWBY stopped their activities altogether and put attention to the scene.

“Ruby, you didn’t tell her you’re dating someone!?” Blake asked finally taking her eyes off the book to address the leader. Now this was taking a kind of tone and/or implications that Yang didn’t like too much.

“YOU KNEW!?” the brawler finally shouted attracting the attention of the neighboring tables and their occupants.

“We all did” Weiss answered like it wasn’t the biggest of deals, which for Yang right now, it really was. “I think even the professors know by now”

“*sigh* seriously? Well, why am I the last one to know? I’m your big sister Rubes”

Ruby had the decency to look a bit embarrassed before answering “Well I didn’t know how you would react and Pyrrha was super nervous to tell-“

“Pyrrha!? You’re dating PYRRHA!?”

From down the table, the alluded waves to Yang cheerily, like she does most of the time.


Yang thought she had seen a lot of things in her young life, but to see the Pyrrha Nikos in a relationship with her baby sister was the least expected of them all; but here she was, rising from her seat at the table to give Ruby a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which the younger one happily received and returned.

With this simple but enlightening display of affection Yang had a better picture of what was going on and regardless of the many question popping up in her mind, she wouldn’t deny that Ruby seemed very happy with the relationship and Pyrrha was a great girl after all.

Still, as a big sister, she had duties to fulfill and not even Pyrrha Nikos would escape a certain speech she needed to prepare right now.


There, I did it. I really, really did it.

So, I hope I’ve entertained you abit and see you guys later


Hey so I created these ocs a few days ago and I just thought I’d like to share them :D

If one of you guys want to know more about them (or see their parents) I’ll create another post including them and some back story (since I’ve wrote down ideas and all) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Spread positivity on what you like instead of hate on what you don't

When we’re talking about something as inconsequential as fiction and fandom, our response needs to be a lot calmer. If some of you hate something and can’t stand it, then block it. And go cheer on the stuff you do like. You’ll feel a lot better.

If your aim is to educate on a certain point then do that nicely and respectfully, it’s not hard to do, and very useful. But the language of hate is very clear and distinguishable from education. Don’t encroach on a tag for fans just to let off your anger. You can easily block what you hate. Because the fans have established again and again that they are adults who are able to separate reality from fiction.

I get that you’ve just started getting exposed to tumblr ‘culture’ but maybe you need to chill and take a step back and just leave the stuff you don’t like alone. Not only that, it’s self care when you steer clear of what bothers/annoys you.

I’m too old and been here too long to get involved in fandom wank

It just gets annoying when the tags I’m in get bombarded with stupidity

Listen, I’ve been on this damn site for a long time, and let me tell you: it’s not worth the effort to hate. People are still gonna like what they like.

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You seem familiar. Ain’t I killed you before?

once in eternity i drew something , it took so long that this thing is “finished” only bc im too tired to continue lmao… i love cowboys s much…,, 

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Hi there Zoe! I'm new to this whole simblr thing, and I know I'm not going to get a ton of followers overnight but do you have any tips for me? You seem like the coolest person to ask

Originally posted by gifsandmovies

ok sorry

my biggest tip is to use correct tags!! never use ts4cc, s4mm, etch for GAME PLAY. instead use ts4, sims 4, ts4 legacy, ts4 gameplay, etc. set up a queue! consistency is key when trying to build up your simblr. make content you love whether it’s gameplay or edits or anything in between don’t be too shy to share them that’s how you’ll grow your simblr and remember the more you post the better you get :) 

DID batman + joker headcanons are a go:

  • during the scene in the movie where sauron is telling joker where batman’s hideout is, sauron lets joker assume batman is bruce wayne’s roomate because he sees that they are different people, but doesn’t know how to express it
  • joker is just about as clueless of batman’s DID as he is of their civilian identity during movie events.  Partially because it’d be bad if such delicate info got into the hands of the wrong people, partially because it’s never occured to batman to share such personal information with his arch nemisis
  • of course, with batman turning a new leaf, and joker now knowing where he lives, batman eventually decides they’re better off letting him know
  • when they tell him, joker’s first instinct is to react by saying “so you’re just as crazy as me!” which earns him a dead stare.  He quickly apologizes, and has to remind himself batman is not used to coping with his mental illness with jokes like he is. (credit to @hologuts for this one)
  • after some time, batman starts to notice just how much joker like… gets about having a mental illness. Batman has spent most of his life isolated from others who are similar to him, so it’s surprising to him when Joker recognizes when he’s dissociating and knows ways to help ground him, or when Joker thinks to address alters as individuals.
  • When asked why he knows so much, joker can’t stop laughing because oh my god of course he does, he’s spent a huge portion of his life running around with an entourage of neuroatypical cosplayers, himself included. He probably knows about 5 other people with DID. You can’t be a gotham villain and not pick up on a few things.
  • “batman is bruce wayne’s roomate” becomes an in-joke between joker and bruce, and they’ll often spread around more and more convoluted rumors so the press has a field day theorizing about why you never see them together, and they can laugh at the ridiculous headlines.
  • joker initially thinks only batman wants to be in a relationship with him, but bruce is actually quite happy to hang out with him, and is more willing to do actually romantic things with him (as opposed to batman, who just wants to Fight then make out)
  • mm ok better stop this gay-ass post before it gets too long, anyways DID batman makes batjokes even better because it’s DOUBLE the gay

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How expensive would you say cosplaying normally is, on average?

I have done exactly two ‘proper’ cosplays in my life so I can’t really comment on the average cost. I would say ‘expensive’ is about right. You can, of course, do closet cosplays and there are ways to be thrifty, but it still all adds up as a hobby. Costuming is an expensive hobby.

I don’t remember how much my terrible Ahsoka cost, but my Hera was pretty pricy. It’s a deceptive costume that looks v. simple but isn’t in execution. I was also striving for as close to absolute screen accuracy as possible - I think
I got pretty close, though my shirt needs alts. I’m a person who tends to go all in and throw money at things I care about, and Hera was a serious passion project.

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How would UT, UF, SF Sans and UF Papyrus react to a S/O who has a daemon (like in the Golden Compass book/movie)?

Man I love that book I wish I had a daemon. This would make a great AU btw. One where all humans have daemons and Frisk’s accompany them through the underground.

Also, implied nsfw? I dunno it’s on the UF!Papyrus one. I’m not going to tag it unless someone asks me to.

UT!Sans: He likes to pet it, if he can touch it without harming either of you. It likes him too so they both get along very well. As long as he can have some privacy with you he’s ok with it. The whole thing makes his sciency side come out and he’s really interested in how your soul can persist outside of your body. He asks you tons and tons of questions about, he might even run some tests if you’re ok with it.

UF!Sans: He’s kinda nervous that other people will find a way to harm you through it. If they shoot it you could die. What if it gets trampled in a crowd? If it’s a small animal or a bug he’s going to be worried that he might sit on it. He’s okay with it as long as he doesn’t have to spend every minute that he’s with you with it too, but he’s not bothered by its presence. They have a sort of peace treaty with each other but after a while they’re friends. It’s part of you after all.

SF!Sans: He kind of tries to compete against it for your attention and affection. Which is really weird since it’s part of you and you’re part of it. Your daemon probably won’t like him in the beginning either. So they’re at each other’s throats, figuratively. After a while he warms up to it. He gets a little jealous when you pay too much attention to it. He finds ways to cope and one of them is making you jealous. Don’t let him take it too far, he doesn’t always see where the line is and he’ll step right over it.

UF!Papyrus: He kind of feels like he’s in a relationship with two people at the same time and it’s bothering him a little. Call him selfish but he likes being the most important person in his s/o’s life. He knows that it’s part of you and that it is technically your soul in the form of an animal. But it’s kind of hard being intimate with someone when there’s an animal in the same room. (Or the next room, but they still know exactly what’s going on

dispellere  asked:

I hope this fits! HCs for RFA finding out that MC is a Tumblr famous blogger? (Like your choice: Travel/photog, aesthetics, fandom —wink wink) 💛


  • he probably found MC because he had a LOLOL tumblr
  • he scrolls through MC’s entire blog and likes  e v e r y t h i n g
  • he also reblogs e v e r y t h i n g
  • and his LOLOL friends are like?? yoosung what??? did you turn into an aesthetic fandom blog??
  • whenever MC gets a cute ask they know it’s from yoosung
  • since he’s also sorta shy sometimes he sends them on anon and it’s like yoosung sweetheart I know it’s you


  • she makes a tumblr account just to follow MC what an angel
  • but she starts to actually get into it?
  • receives messages every day “you are MC’s girlfriend??”
  • she tags MC in stuff she thinks they’d like 
  • also when MC is late night blogging she’ll send them an ask saying “go back to sleep” 
  • everyone thinks she and MC are goals


  • he’s amazed at MC’s blog
  • he follows them with his official blog and hell breaks loose
  • everyone is like “i DIDN’T KNOW ZEN AND MC WERE D ATING”
  • when MC reblogs those “get to know me!” memes he’ll always send in the cheesy romantic ones
  • he likes to reblog pastel aesthetic from MC so now there’s just a separate queque for just that


  • he offers to buy MC a .com domain for their blog
  • also offers to pay MC those fancy smancy paid themes that cost like 40 dollars?
  • “Jumin please calm down! I’d be enough if you just followed me, really!”
  • so he does
  • he sends very cheesy asks to MC but never turns on anon?? so everyone looks at the posts and they’re like
  • “woah MC’s boyfriend is so romantic”
  • also if he gets a message that’s like “i love you!!” he’ll reply with “I already have a life partner” and tag MC like jumin pl ease they didn’t mean it like that
  • MC has to explain that if she ever gets a message saying “I love you” he doesn’t need to freak out bc in tumblr that’s just a normal thing to say to each other


  • he found MC’s tumblr when he did a background check
  • and honestly? he loved it
  • he offers to help MC have a custom theme
  • bc Boy Knows His HTML ok trust him
  • he tags MC in bad tumblr memes but it’s ok because they are hilarious as long as it’s him
  • he lowkey doesn’t like it when people send MC asks that are like “please step on me you’re too nice” and “p lease marry me” even though he knows they’re not serious ok he’s just a little bit salty

illyrianazriel  asked:

1, 2, 8, 10, 12 ( :') ) 18, 20? :)

1. share a cell/library with the bone carver or bryaxis?

as much as i love bone carver…. i’d rather be stuck in a library. and thanks to bryaxis, it now has a window with a view

2.  be locked in a room with amren or nesta?

ok how long are we locked in for because i wanna say amren but if it’s too long and she gets hungry….

8.  have sexy times with lord tarquin or lord helion?


10. have amren come back to life at the end, or remain dead/gone from their realm?

i like it the way it happened honestly.. so come back to life! i just want her to be happy and considering she was given a choice and chose them, IM HAPPY

12. have the suriel live or the bone carver live?

LAUREN YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN IM IN FOR MY SURI *sobs uncontrollably for the 86543th time over this* …….again, sorry bone carver but my answer is obv the suriel

18. train magic with amren or train in combat with cassian?

cassian shirtless and sweaty and touching me????? umMMMM training with cassian pls and thx

20. be from the day court or the dawn court?

considering day court has the high lord of my heart…… day court for sure

anonymous asked:

I love your Lucas tag! What are some of your headcanons for him?

Oh nonnie, how much time do you have?

Ok so I’m going to focus this on his family history so that this doesn’t get too long. This is the backstory I see for him and what I always have in mind when I write or talk about him.

Oops! This still got really long and detailed so I’m putting it under the cut. Hopefully someone still reads all of this!

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I’m Right

Summary: There’s this boy who wears black, including a ring on the middle finger of his right hand, and he’s starting to grow tired because all his friends and family talk about is him meeting his soulmate. What they don’t know is that he’s never going to be able to love his soulmate like they want him to.

Warnings: Acephobia, arophobia, self-hate, alcohol, swearing. I think that’s it. Dan freaks out a lot. Generally quite a lot of angst. 

Word count: 5,285

Disclaimer: I’m ace, but I don’t know if I’m aro, so I’m not claiming this is how all aro/ace people feel. Fuck, I don’t feel like this at all, I’m pretty happy with my sexuality. I don’t really get angsty about it, I’m generally quite proud of how I identify. I just imagine that, seeing as our own society is already kinda shit when it comes to this,  in a universe like this soulmate!AU, being aroace would feel kinda shitty, so I exaggerated Dan’s emotions a lot, so uh, yeah. I hope you like it.

A/N: Very much inspired by this fic (warning: mentions of non-con) and this fic (i v much recommend both)

(And hey, just remember that I love you, no matter what your identity is. Nothing is wrong with you, aight? You’re a pretty cool person.)

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