ok this quote makes me want to shoot myself in the face

Ok ok ok! I just…this fucking film, people! I was laughing and smiling throughout! So many bat references, so many shippy moments! Just. So. MUCH!!!! Anyone wanting to avoid spoilers just fucking scroll past cos I’m on mobile and I can’t do that keep reading linky shit! (Also apologies for language but I’m so hyped up right now on cake and gay and happiness and BATJOKES!)

List of what Mellie fucking adored about Batjokes: The Movie (aka Lego Batman Movie)

Man in the MirrorI died. Every single fucking time! Opening the movie with a quote from the lyrics and then having it playing at Gordon’s party and then using even more of the lyrics throughout? God! It was just bliss!

PEW PEW PEW!!!! Aaaaaah! This was so fucking CUUUUUUTTTEEE! The way J came out guns a-blazin’, shooting up the place making those noises! ASSGDAAAH! And then the rest of ‘em doing it later! It was just the best!

Blinkity blink blink blink! Ahahahaa! You ain’t foolin’ NO ONE J!

Bruce not being invited to the JL anniversary party. WTF Supes? Just…what. the. fuck?! Actually, sad lonely Bruce was so fucking heartbreaking in this movie I just wanted to hug the crap outta him! This film did that surprisingly well. He’s presented as an arrogant prick but he’s such a sad little sweetheart underneath! I cry. So much.

Unhappy J slouching in his seat Ohhhhhhhhhh! Poor sad little clown baby! J was just too fucking KEEEEEYYYOOOOOOTTTTEE throughout this movie! His facial expressions just made me wanna die and can we just all take a moment to appreciate Zach’s vocal work? His voice was just gorgeous, I think and he did such a great job of mixing the crazy with the vulnerable without ever going over the top! Same for Arnett. He’s a legend and I love both of them to death for what they’ve done.

CONDIMENT KING! I. Fucking. Lost. My. Shit!

Rick Astley Ok. Anyone who knows me well will know of my deep love for the genius of Rick Astley! And when that started playing, even if only for a couple of seconds, it made my heart leap with joy!

Robin!!!!!! He was so cute and sweet and so not annoying that it was a wonder to behold! And don’t even get me started on his excitement about having two dads! That strikes a deep personal chord with me and I just wanna fucking smush the little bundle of plastic’s face and squish him to shit!

“British robots! Google it nerds!” ok so I dunno if I got the quote exactly right but I fucking squealed at that bit! What can I say, it’s the Whovian in me?!

Jerry motherfucking Maguire!?!?!!!!

Bane! Just fuuuuuck! They used the Tom Hardy voice for him and I was just wetting my self!

BATJOKES! Ohmyfuckinglifesomeonekillmenow! The moments between J and B just ASSSHGAAAAAAAAAAA!!! J’s sad face, B saying he doesn’t do “ships” (fuck you bruce we all know you fuckin do!) and J screaming cos Bruce loved the film Serendipity! Aahahahhaaa! That moment when J first tells Bruce he hates him, holding his hands together and those fucking eyebrows all curved upwards *clutches heart* and Bruce being stubborn by only saying “me too”, I need twenty thousand fics about that moment RIGHT THERE stat! And when Bruce starts hitting those villains just to make J jealous! And don’t even get me started on J’s comment about Bruce being a briefs man! Also, ALSO, at the end, when Bruce chin bumps J’s face just made me hug myself with joy! Das so cuuuuute! And including that sad J face when Bruce is being shown what a bad personal he is? Oh, come on Lego! But the moment that got me (and probably everyone else) was Bruce saying how he needed Joker and everything he did was just for him and… YOU HAD ME AT SHUT UP!!!!

I HATE YOU FOREVER Don’t fucking touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, there were just so many other things too, like the fact they’ve made the Gordons POC and all the nods to the other bat movies made with the score and the fact that Ralph Fiennes is voicing Alfred and Voldemort is in the movie too? Ahahaha, it’s all too much! I need to see this film a billion more times and just bask in all the details I’m probably forgetting and just AAAAAAAHHHHH!

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Ok, next thing is try and work cheesecakelessness into a drabble!

Challenge accepted, anon.

Kara puts the phone between her shoulder and her ear while she busies about the kitchen pulling out bowls and spoons and measuring cups and will she need a whisk? she shrugs and tosses it into the pile. 

The line rings and rings and she’s about to hang up and just fly over to the DEO when Alex finally picks up. She doesn’t even wait to let her get a greeting out.

“Do you have Eliza’s cheesecake recipe?”

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Aozora Clubbing Heart part 1

Plot: Mari and Kanan invite everyone to go out clubbing, which hasn’t happened since Kanan and Mari got them all kicked out of and banned from a club for drunk and disorderly conduct. It’s going to be a very wild night.

Pairings: KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko (Sorry Dia)

SFW with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching]

Summary: Everyone is thirsty and not just for alcohol

5k words

A/N: This fic is spliced between EVERYONE’S POV’s. Everybody is aged up and you can technically consider this a College AU. I try not to favor anyone, but some segments are longer than others due to content and me having a good time writing it hahaha.

Ruby isn’t sure why Dia insists on tagging along. These kinds of events are usually beneath her, and she’s already promised not to drink. As the youngest, she’s used to being the DD and Ruby doesn’t particularly care for drinking anyways.

“It’s not fair for you to have to babysit seven unruly drunks,” Dia affirms, but Ruby knows her sister well enough to pick up on when she secretly wants to do something. Dia visibly shudders. “And besides, the last time we were all together you saw things you should never have to see.” This was also true.

“Mari and Kanan apologized already. They even promised that the club we’re going to doesn’t allow table-dancing.”

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OC Quotes: Bron

I was tagged by @galagraphia, and honestly this is a very fun idea for a character meme. Took me long enough to get this done, but it could be interesting to do something like this again with different characters.


Original Post by @wearemage

So… you know how some game characters are masterpieces of sass, humor, righteousness and epicness in general. My favorite example (in the video games universe) is the Baldur’s Gate saga. I could listen to the Polish version of Edwin two hours a day and never get bored…

So this is what I propose to my fellow adventurers (and of course everybody who wants to join !) : reblog this post or repost it with few quotes your OC would say/repeat in basic situations. Add or delete as much options as you want. Do not hesitate to tag more people to keep the game going.

So, essentially it’s “if your OC was a companion/party member” meme. I wanted to go for Skyrim, so I added some more (ok, a lot more) options - mostly situations and locations to which follower NPCs in-game have some kind of reaction. Also, some I snatched from Gala because they seemed like fun additions. I could think of more than one response to some of these, so those are separated with a vertical bar.

I decided to fill this one for my Imperial thief Bron Martes aka No-vahkiin. It turned out quite lengthy, so more under the cut!

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Title: Brave

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,452

Theme Songs: Breathe by Alexi Murdoch, Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

**Imagine Dean showing the reader what it means to be brave**

Your name: submit What is this?


The shock of the rifle’s kick-back reverberated from your trigger finger all the way through the back of your shoulder, nearly knocking you back a step.  You lowered the gun and risked a peek at your paper target hanging 25 yards away down the range.

“That was pretty good!” Sam said from behind you.  

“I got the fake, paper target in the neck! On accident! I was aiming for the heart,” you argued.

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Chapter 14: I Wanna Be


External image

Today was the last day of the shoot. Now we’re officially finished with taking photos for the website. Kae walked past me, purposely bumping me along the way with a smirk on her face. Oh really? I turned around and pulled her into me, giving her a couple of hard kisses on the cheek. I let her go and she looked at me smiling.

“So are you just gonna kiss me whenever I do something bad?” Kae asked crossing her arms.

“Yep.” I answered right away.

“Hmm….good to know.” She smiled winking at me and walking away.

I licked my lips chuckling and watching her walk away. I know what y’all are thinking. Trust me, Kae and I are FRIENDS. Really good friends who kiss occasionally. Doesn’t mean we’re a couple. After a few minutes, everyone began to leave. Kae walked to me wearing her original clothes again.

“I’m leaving.” She informed me.

“Aight see you later.” I said.

She squinted her eyes in irritation and spun on her heel to walk away. I laughed, grabbing her and giving her a 2 second kiss on her lips.

“Now that’s much better, Christopher.” She smiled.

“See you later.”

“See you.”

She left and I watched her walk away. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and I turned around to see it was one of the models.

“So is that your girlfriend?” She asked.

“Who? Kae? No, we’re just friends.” I told her.

“Friends who kiss?” She raised an eyebrow.

“It was a friendly kiss.” I defended.

“Well anyway, whether she’s your girlfriend or not, you guys are cute together.”

“Aight thanks.” I smiled.

I drove to the studio to meet up with Ty. Ty and Kae have been spending time together, but I understand. That’s her brother.

“So what’s up with you and Kae?” Ty asked.

“Uh, nothing.” I replied.

“Nigga stop playing!” He suddenly said scaring me.

“The fuck?”

“I know y’all like each other. I see by the way you guys look at each other.” Ty stated. “Admit it, you like her.”

I sighed. “Ok, it’s true. I like her. I really like her.”

“I KNEW IT! And she likes you too.”

“How do you know that?”

“I said the same shit to her yesterday then she told me.” Ty explained.

I started cheesing. Kae likes me too.

“But don’t be fucking with her feelings! Aight? If you do, her big brother will personally fuck you up!” Ty got all tough.

“Nigga, first of all, didn’t your ass find out she was your sister five minutes ago? Second, I would never do that shit.” I snapped.

“Oh good. And it has been a week. Shut the fuck up.” Ty turned and I laughed.

I went back to work and my mind drifted off to Kae. With her beautiful face, smart ass remarks, and stubbornness.

I want it all. I wanna be more than friends.


“See you later.” Chris said when he pulled away.

“See you.” I smiled walking away.

I know what y’all are thinking. Trust me, Chris and I are FRIENDS. Really good friends who kiss occasionally. Doesn’t mean we’re a couple. Even though he’s handsome, sweet,- uh let me stop.

I pulled up to me and Seiko’s condo. Her car was gone so she’s gone. I went inside locking the door. I’m tired as fuck. I’m gonna take a nap. I changed into my sweats and got into bed. I thought about how I confessed to Ty that I like Chris. Maybe it’s just a little crush. Maybe this is something that will pass over.

“Kae, get up!” Seiko hit me the head with a pillow and I shot up.

“Seiko, what the fuck was that for?”

“To wake you up. I’m leaving.” She said.

“Yeah yeah ok.” I mumbled into my pillow.

She kept saying something else but I wasn’t listening. I drifted back to sleep when I felt a hand on the small of my back shaking me gently. I opened my eyes and came face to face with his beautiful face.

“Now you’re awake.” Chris smiled.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Seiko didn’t tell you? I was here to see you.” Chris looked me up and down. “Nice PJ’s.”

I looked down to see I was wearing a black tank and Scooby doo shorts. I blushed and realized I must look like a hot mess. I jumped out of bed.

“No, Chris! Don’t look at me!” I covered myself.

He laughed. “I’m already looking at you. And you don’t look bad. Now come give me a kiss.”

“Let me brush my teeth first.” I went into the bathroom.

I went in and brushed my teeth using mouthwash. I stepped out to see Chris gone. Where did he-

“BAHA!” I felt someone grab me.

I elbowed them in the stomach and flipped them over. I looked to see it was Chris. Oh Shit.

“Chris, what are you doing scaring me like that?” I placed a hand to my chest.

“I thought it’ll be funny. Now I see not to do that again.” Chris groaned.

“Aww I’m sorry little baby.” I cooed bending down and rubbing his hard, toned chest.

“I wanna kiss.” Chris puckered his lips.

I kissed him and he pulled me onto his chest.

“Chris, I really like you.” I admitted.

“I really like you too, Kae.” He said.

“I mean, I really like you. I don’t want to be your friend. I wanna be your girl. ” I confessed.



“I want the same thing.” Chris replied.

I blushed. “So..”


“So are you gonna kiss your girlfriend or what?” I asked.

He laughed and kissed me hard.

I shot up in bed looking around. I’m not in PJ’s and Chris is not here. It was a dream. Damn this is not some little crush.

I really like Chris.


External image

“Scooby would beat the shit out of Brian!” I declared.

“Nigga please! Brian will kick Scooby’s can’t speak English for shit ass!” Ty argued.

“Nigga shut the fuck up! Scooby’s a G! Brian got his ass whooped by a damn baby!”


We were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Ty shouted.

“Hey guys.” Kae walked in wearing sweats, all white Air Force 1’s, and a t-shirt.

“Hey. I need to ask you something.” Ty said.


“Later, because I gotta go.” Ty walked past her. She grabbed his arm.

“Ty, you called me over here and now you’re leaving?”

“Well you took too damn long. I’ll be back. Just stay here with your "friend” he said using air quotes and leaving.

She sat next me and sighed.

“So what are you-”

I don’t know what came over me. I just grabbed her face and kissed her. I snaked my tongue in and around her mouth. Her tongue taste like candy. I mean, we’ve kissed before but this wasn’t a kiss. This was a full on make-out that my ass was enjoying. I released her and we finally breathed.

She cleared her throat. “Wow, Chris.”

“Yeah, well there’s a reason why I did that.” I stated.

She blinked waiting for me to continue.

“Oh so no smart ass remark?” I asked.

Kae rolled her eyes laughing. “No, now continue.”

“Kae, you’re the most stubborn and sarcastic girl I ever met.” I said.

She raised an eyebrow about to say something.

“But I like that about you. You’re also beautiful, smart, strong, rocks Jordan’s and plays 2K. What I’m trying to say is I wanna be more than friends, Kae. I wanna be your man and I wanna be able to call you my girl.” I confessed.

“Chris, I feel the same way. I really like you.” Kae smiled.

I let out an airy chuckle and kissed her again. We hugged when she pulled away.

“Wait, Chris. What about the media?” Kae asked.

“What about them?”

“All they do is talk shit and I’m not ready for the cameras to be in my face and for you to get bashed for what happened in 2009!” Kae explained.

Damn, she’s right. This will create a bunch of bullshit in our relationship. But I refuse to let her go.

“You know what? Fuck the media. If that’s what it takes to be with you, I’ll give it all away.” Kae said with her hands on my face making me look at her.

“No, the last thing I want is for you to get hurt. Let’s keep this on the down-low. We’ll just keep our relationship a secret.” I told her grabbing her hands.

“From everyone? Even our friends?” She asked.

I sighed. “Yes. Even our friends.”

“So nobody can know about us.”

“Yep. As far as everyone knows, we’re just friends. Ok?”

She sighed. “Ok.”

I smiled. “How about we seal the deal with a kiss?”

Kae smiled wrapping her arms around my neck and planting a kiss on my lips.

“Is the deal sealed?” She asked.

“Nope. I think it’s need to be sealed more.” I puckered my lips.

Just when she was about to kiss me again, we heard Ty’s voice. We quickly pulled away from each other right when Ty walks in.

“Hey! I’m back and it’s time to lay down this track! What were y’all doing?” He asked talking a seat next to me on my left while Kae is on my right.

“You know, just talking and laying down beats.” I said as I took Kae’s hand with my right hand under the table and squeezed it.

I saw her look at me from the corner of my eye, blush, and squeeze back. I kept holding her hand while still talking to Ty.

She’s my baby now.


@bat-lucario requested: Hello! ^^ I just wanted to ask if you could write something which includes this two sentences? (“You fainted.. straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go  to such extremes..” & “I don’t even fit in here. So why go and pretend like I do? Where is the point?”) I would love to read it with TFW but all other characters are ok as well. Have a nice day, darling. ;3 

(Author’s Note:) DOLL!! I am so sorry this is so late, I forgot I had this in my drafts! Enjoy this little (rather long) post! I did my best!


Originally posted by effie-w

“You know,” Dean said with a chuckle. “you fainted straight into my arms.”

You huff and turn your back on the man, wishing more than anything that you never left your dorm room. Right now, you could be doing anything else, anybody else, and you were here—dancing with this idiot. “I did not faint, Winchester.”

Dean smirks and shrugs his shoulder, leaning against the gate that was outside the farm. “I don’t think that boy of yours saw. You didn’t have to go through such extremes to get my attention, sweetheart.”

Your cheeks were burning as you look over your shoulder at Dean. That smirk of his made your cheeks burn more, wanting to punch him right there. “That boy isn’t mine, Dean. You know perfectly well that we’re nothing but friends.”

“Friends.” Dean used air quotes around the word, making you groan in protest. “Y/N, just admit that you’re in love with me and want to run away.” He was enjoying himself too much. Little did he know that he was hitting too close to home. You want nothing more than to quit everything and run away with him, but you would never let him know that.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Your voice cracks a little. Your eyes fall onto the scratches above his eye and you want to reach up and clean them for him, although they don’t seem to bother him. “I’m so sick and tired of everybody crowding me!”

Dean’s eyes widen a bit more and his eyebrow shoots up, the corners of his mouth turning down. “I’m not crowding you.”

“No, not you.” You snap, though he was part of the problem. “Everybody. ‘Do this’, ‘do that’, ‘you better get your grades up’. I never have time to myself anymore!” You kick a hay bell and fall to the ground. The events of the attack completely parting your memory.

In the confusion, Dean stuttered a little over his words. “Y/N…”

“I’m trying to be something I’m not, which is normal. I don’t fit in here, why am I pretending?” You rub your face. “What’s the point of any of this?”

Dean steps over to you, looking down at you. His lips are thin again and his eyes are searching your face for answers you didn’t have. “Where’s this coming from?”

“I’ve been acting like I’m not a hunter, Dean.” You feel your throat tighten and the tears fill your eyes. “But the truth is that I am. I keep on pretending I’m not going to be staking vampires in a couple of years or throwing holy water on a demon, but that’s me. I’ve always wanted a normal life. It’s not going to happen. And I’m starting to think I don’t want it to happen.”

“Y/N,” Dean held out his hand and you thoughtlessly took it. “let’s get you back to bed. You’ve been through a lot…”

For the first time in years, you saw the true Dean behind those green eyes. He was no longer putting up a front, no longer acting like this badass to impress you. He was the sensitive guy you thought he would be.

You let Dean pick you up and take you back to his motel room after you made it clear you never wanted to step into the dorm room again.


Originally posted by castielimaginesboi

The diner was busy tonight. You sit in the booth, the angel across from you. His eyes are scanning the menu, searching for the burger he had been talking about before you poofed you two here, in the middle of the town.

“I’m still confused.” You held your head, still trying to figure out what just happened moments ago. “Tell me again.”

Castiel lifts his head enough to look at you, his lips trying to form a few words at first, then smiling some. “You fainted into my arms after your attack. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go through such extremes, Y/N. You could have just prayed.”

You can’t recall the attack, or fainting into Castiel’s arms. You groan and lay your head on the table. “Why do I feel like shit?”

“Perhaps—“ Cas starts, but you cut him off with a glare.

The waitress comes over and Cas orders for the both of you, not bothering to ask you what you want. He seems to just know, like he always did. He’s been watching over you for years, popping in every now and then to see how you were doing and if you needed help. Your ‘guardian angel’.

“What am I doing, Castiel?” You sigh and shake your head. “What the hell am I doing?”

“What do you mean?” Cas tilts his head to the right and gives you a questionable look. “You were born from your mother to—“

“I know!” You groan again and lean back in the seat, wanting more than anything to just leave. “I just feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, Cas. I keep pretending and pretending, but nothing ever seems to work out for me. What’s the point of living?”

Cas stops flicking the salt and looks up at you, his eyes skimming your face, resting here and there to try and figure you out. “You are Y/N, my (girl /boy). You’re here because you’re meant to be here, you’re here to save people, and I’m here to save you so you can.”

You glance up at the angel and a small smile appears on your lips. “Come again?”

“I said—“

“I know what you said. Thanks, Castiel.” You sit up a little straighter and took the first sip of your drink. “Now, tell me again why you let me go all day without eating? Maybe you wanted to go through some extremes to get me in your arms.” You tease the angel, but his eyes avert yours and stare down at his lap, the smallest hint of a smile playing at his lips.


Originally posted by snowylicious24

Sam rushes into the room the moment the scream left your trembling lips. Your head starts to spin as the ghost smirks at you, it’s transparent, rotting teeth right there, making something in your stomach turn.

You see Sam move passed you and hit the ghost, causing him to evaporate, but that’s all you see. Everything else is a blur and you feel yourself falling, falling, falling, down a dark hole—

 —– —– —–

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice rang through your head. You open your eyes and see the big moose staring down at you, his eyes bloodshot and full of worry. “Y/N, are you doing okay?”

Your hand snaps up, poking at a spot on your head that you thought may be bleeding. “What-what happened?”

Sam licks his lips and mutters, “you fainted…”

“Did I…?” You feel disappointed in yourself. Your first hunt and you faint. “Please tell me it was a decent faint.”

That caught Sam off guard and he chuckles. “You fainted right into my arms, if that’s what you want to hear.”

“Better than anything.” You sit up, realizing you were on the floor. Looking around, the room felt lighter than before. The ghost problem was obviously taken care of, leaving you feeling helpless and alone. You were no match for Sam Winchester.

You know, I think you need to stop with all this extreme stuff just to get my attention.” Sam said lightly, trying to ease you up a bit. It only made things worse.

You sigh and shake your head. “I need to stop pretending I’m this big ass hunter, Sam. I don’t belong here like you do. I can’t even shoot a gun.” You get to your feet with his help and dust your butt off. “I just don’t fit.”

Sam places a hand on your shoulder and smiles at you with that loving smile you stuck around to see. “I think you’re doing great, Y/N. We’ll get you into the habit in no time.”

Author’s Note: I think imma do this with other characters in another post! This was pretty fun! Enjoy, my loves!

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Hi Brett, a few weeks ago I went to some interviews in animation and gaming studios, after 30 rejections, I want to ask you, how did you dealt with rejection because this days I really want to move on but you know, it broke my self-esteem

Let me tell you a story. 

I was 27.  I was in Bend, Oregon on a 9 month contract with Sony Entertainment fast approaching the end of my time there.  I had no prospects, no bites, and no future.  It took about 6 months just to get this job after I had just graduated from art school and just 2 months before that that my mother passed away before seeing me graduate.  So I had made it, and then lost it.  And this is where I found myself having a conversation with my father.  On a slab of volcanic rock.  In the middle of Oregon.

I started breaking down.  About just how much the world was going to kick at me.  Failure, fatigue, quit.  All on my mind.

And here I am explaining why my life sucked at that moment, to a man who lost his wife not a year ago.  Of course in hindsight I see all this now, but at the time, I only saw 2 inches in front of my face. 

And this man stoically listened, and smiled, nodded, and agreed.  After I had expunged all my concerns and worries and frustrations and fears he sat there for a spell.  Let it all sink in and wash over.  Then he started talking.

“Life is hard.  You don’t know what you’re going to get handed, but you have no choice but to handle.  There are too many things we can’t control.  But I do know this.  I think Ali said it… or Lombardi.  Someone not your father.  It’s something I think about with your mother.  With my own business, and life.”

“It never matters how many times you got knocked down.  It only matters how many times you stand back up.  Dust yourself off.  And go at it again.  Because you have no choice.  It’s that, or just go away.”

And that’s when it hit me.  The conversation had shifted.  It wasn’t about me.  It was about us.  And then I thought about how he was still feeling.  And then it was about him. 

He met someone.  He’d like to not feel alone anymore.  Going on dates again. 

And then we hiked back to the car and I thought about who to apply to and getting back to Seattle to restart again.  We never talked about that trip again.  I never felt like that again to that point.  What I did come to understand, and something that makes me snap out of it and feel less desperate about myself.

Someone else out there is hurting worse than me.  My problems are insignificant compared to what I see in the news and feel in my heart.  I don’t know if it’s the same for others, but it gives me strength to know that these other people endure.  Syrian refugees, disease, famine, shootings.  They get back up, dust themselves off.  What choice have they? 

And all I’m concerned about is my artwork and feelings? 

So yes, to quote another friends father, “Everyone’s allowed to throw themselves a pity party.  But then it’s time to put it away and get back to it.”

That’s how I deal with my rejections and thoughts when they come.  I understand them, I still get them.  They are natural.  But it’s really not that bad. 

“It never matters how many times you got knocked down.  It only matters how many times you stand back up.  Dust yourself off.  And go at it again.  Because you have no choice.  It’s that, or just go away.”

Good luck.  I mean this in all sincerity.  It will be OK.  Stand back up, dust yourself off.



TITLE: At last





Requested by rebellrocket

You watched the news with fear as The Avengers fought off the Chitauri and the Leviathan. Granted, once Tony had become as famous as he is now, he had begun to spend more time with his new friends, the Avengers, than he did you but you didn’t mind. Even though you had been friends since birth, you understood that he would become close to them.

“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.” You sighed, saying your favourite Shakespeare quote. “Just because he’s not with you that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking of you.” You tried to reassure yourself. Even though you would never admit it, you’ve had feelings for Tony ever since you were a teenager. When you first started to have feelings for him you never acted upon it, assuming it was just your teenage hormones making you want Tony between your legs but when those feelings didn’t stop, you realised it was actual love. However, you always bit you tongue since you were petrified Tony wouldn’t feel the same way and it would ruin your friendship. You sat with your knees tucked under your chin, trying to reassure yourself that Tony, and everyone else, will be ok. You lived in New York yourself and could easily see everything that was going on simply by looking out your window but that would mean it was real. Watching them fight on the tellie made it seem so surreal. Like it was just a film…You’d be lying on the floor crying your heart out over Tony if you brain actually allowed you to believe it was true. You had even gone as far to turn the tellie on mute so the noises from outside seemed to be from the news. 

“He has to be ok.” You sulked. Without a second thought, you switched off your TV and ran to your window. Your vision was blurry with tears as you watched your beloved city get destroyed, but there was no way you were going to leave your flat. You were raised in this place and when your parents, also members of SHIELD, died, they left the flat to you and your brother. Thankfully, your brother moved out about a year ago to go to England so his now wife can be with her family again. You were thankful for that because now you don’t have to worry about your family getting hurt. 

“Holy shit.” You gasped when you saw the Avengers gathering around the street below, looking like the bad ass bitches they were. Opening the window to stick your heard out and see a better view, you watched as Captain America ordered everyone around, including Tony. Clint said something to Tony before your old friend grabbed the archer and flew straight up, you presumed to drop him off on the roof of your flats since it would be a perfect place for Clint to shoot his arrows at a wide range and would have a 360 degree view on the city.

“Please be ok.” You closed your eyes and felt your heart beat faster and faster as your envisioned all of the different ways Tony could die. No matter what you did, you couldn’t stop the visions. “You know what…I’m desperate.” You sighed, slowly getting on your knees and joined your hands together. Praying wasn’t something you usually did but considering the circumstances, it was all you could do.

“Dear Lord,” You paused and squeezed your eyes tighter as you heard a large explosion outside. You thought for a minute on what to say before you just let the words flow from your mouth. “please don’t abandon this city now. We need you more than ever. They need you more than ever. The Avengers are an amazing breed but…Loki is something new. And I know Tony. Not like you do I suppose but I know him well. He seems brave and strong but at the end of the day he’s a big teddy bear." 

"I like to think of myself as a lion rather than a teddy bear.” You heard a chuckle. You opened your eyes and blushed when you saw Tony on the other side of your open window casually flying there in his Iron Man suit as if there wasn’t a raging war going on behind him.

“Amen.” You muttered before standing back up and opening the window properly so Tony can come in. You watched as he climbed in and took his off his helmet before collapsing on your sofa as if he lived there.“Shouldn’t you be fighting?” You gestured to outside even though Tony wasn’t looking at you. You had to admit, this felt pretty awkward. You and Tony hadn’t spoken for weeks and when you did, it was just small talk. He was always too busy with the Avengers or with SHIELD and there was no denying it. You were jealous. 

“They can hold out for ten minutes.” He said quietly. “I -er- I need to tell you something. Out there…I’m not sure if I’ll live or die-”

“You’ll live. You’re not going to die.”

“Y/N listen to me!” He stood up and spoke more fiercely. “Those things we’re fighting, those monsters, God knows what they can do. And down there fighting with the Avengers,” You had to mentally force yourself not to roll your eyes as he mentioned the people he replaced you with. “I realised they’re not the people I want to spend my last moments with.”

“Tony. You’re not going to die.” Your voice cracked slightly as you saw the emotion in his face. “You’ll be back home getting drunk this time tomorrow.” You tried to lighten the mood but it just made Tony look more serious. 

“I know these past few months I have been neglecting you and I’m sorry.” He took your hands and was talking quickly.

“It’s fine-”

“It’s not fine. Those guys out there,” He gestured outside with his head. “they’re cool. But you’re amazing. Being out there I’ve just realised why I haven’t felt like myself.” His face was slowly getting closer to yours and your breathing became unsteady.

“Why?” You asked, barely audible.

“Because-” He was cut off when Nick Fury’s voice came through his ear piece. His face was now so close to yours you could hear every word.

“We have a nuke coming from the west. Hit in about three minutes. Does anyone copy?”

“I copy.” Tony said straight away. “Cap, we have a nuke coming in. And I have the perfect place to put it." 

"Be safe!” You smiled at Tony sadly, but you completely understood why he had to leave.

“I will. But first.” He finally filled the gap and gently brushed his lips against yours. You had never understood why people always said they saw fireworks when they had their first kiss with their special someone, but now you did. You were seeing a million pounds worth display of fireworks in that second he was kissing you. 

“Be safe.” You repeated, not knowing what else to say.

“I will.” He grinned at you but you could see the worry and fear in his eyes. The complexity of this man was the thing you found most attractive. 

“Bye.” He kissed you quickly again before climbing out your window to get hurriedly do whatever he was planning with the nuke as you once again got down on your knees and began to pray for his safety.

The Scientific Benefits of Shooting Stars

IDK this is just a drabble I thought of when I was lamenting how I didn’t have anyone to watch the meteor shower with tonight. Hope you enjoy!

Words: 1500ish

Rating: S for so fluffy you’l see STARS

Emma Swan’s alarm seemed exponentially more annoying this morning than any other.

Oh, right. Because it wasn’t morning, exactly. Why exactly was she getting out of bed at 2:30am?

“Mom, mom, mom! Are you ready? Can we go?” Henry’s voice was dripping with excitement and wonder and happiness and it was just impossible to be cranky about the time when her son was so full of joy.

Yeah, her morning shift at the sheriff station was going to be particularly caffeinated once true morning actually arrived – but it was worth it.

“Yeah, kid. Just let me grab a sweatshirt.”

Henry had been looking forward to the meteor shower for weeks – ever since Miss Blanchard had covered the astronomy section in her fourth grade summer camp. They learned all about the planets and distant suns and black holes and by the end of the first week of the unit, Emma had no fewer than four stargazing apps on her phone, each counting down to the best stargazing event of the year – the Perseid meteor shower.

The Swans were fairly new to the town of Storybrooke – they’d just moved there from Boston at the beginning of the year – but their apartment was near the top of the tallest hill for miles, so they didn’t have to go far to find the perfect vantage point. They’d stumbled on the exact best spot – a nice dirt pullover next to a tree-less field – on a walk one afternoon as the sun was setting, the unobstructed view of the pink-yellow-orange bursting sundown one of the most beautiful sights Emma had ever seen.

Emma wiped the sleep from her eyes and they shuffled out the door and into her yellow Bug, a stack of books in Henry’s backpack and a shining smile on his face. The roads were entirely empty – who the hell would be out at 2:35 on a weeknight anyway – but no sooner had the thought crossed Emma’s mind than she had to swallow it.

Their little secret spot had been commandeered, it seemed.

A shiny black motorcycle was perched squarely in the center of the dirt pullover, a leather jacket clad stranger leaning gingerly against it.

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Title: Brave

Writer: brittanybee859.tumblr.com

Character: DeanxReader

Idea: This is an idea that I had about the reader being scared about going on her first hunt.


The shock of the rifle’s kick-back reverberated from your trigger finger all the way through the back of your shoulder, nearly knocking you back a step.  You lowered the gun and risked a peek at your paper target hanging 25 yards away down the range.

“That was pretty good!” Sam said from behind you.  

“I got the fake, paper target in the neck! On accident! I was aiming for the heart,” you argued.

“That was awesome! Just aim for the heart every time, you’ll get ‘em in the neck and slow ‘em down long enough to pop your kill shot off.  Plus, remember when you first tried shooting a gun?  This is a major improvement,” Dean encouraged.  

“I’m just afraid it’s going to be different when it’s an actual monster I’m aiming for and not a piece of paper. What if a shot to the neck isn’t good enough, or I miss completely?”

“Well, it will be different. But you’ll never be doing this alone; you’ll have Sammy and me,” Dean replied sounding, you thought, a little too nonchalant.

“And you’re really ok with this take-your-girlfriend-to-work thing?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his belt loops.  You heard Sam sigh behind you followed by his footsteps retreating. Dean smirked at his little brother’s reaction and then smiled down at you.

“You know I’m not thrilled. But we’ve had enough arguments about this that I know I’m not going to win. I’d rather you kick some monster’s ass than mine,” he said, eliciting a laugh from you. “Because you are a true ass-kicker. Which is making me wonder why you don’t seem to be doubting that all of a sudden tonight.”

“It’s just that…talking about going on my first hunt, preparing for it, shooting practice, it’s different than actually staring down the barrel of it tomorrow. Like, I’m actually going to see a real monster tomorrow. And be the one to help take it down. That’s scary,” you said meeting his eyes. “I’m scared.” And the words felt true as they fell between the two of you. In this moment and in this safe space you could finally say the words that you had been keeping plastered in the furthest corner of your mind since the day you told Dean you wanted to join him in fighting evil. 

This was a scary thing; it was easy to forget when he and his brother did it so easily. But they’d been raised in it, hadn’t known any other life. You had always had trouble with scary movies, an overactive imagination some nights when you lay in the dark and your mind refused to shut down for sleep, but you never imagined in a million years that the shadows you feared might be real. 

The closest you’d come to actually seeing one was the Djinn that had led to your meeting the Winchesters. But that was just a touch, someone grabbing your wrist from behind on a crowded sidewalk on a drizzly Thursday night while you were walking home. Poisoned, you hadn’t remembered anything else until you awoke to the blurred faces of Sam and Dean untying you in some rickety boathouse down by the docks two days later. You’d seen the Djinn lying dead on the floor as they helped you to the Impala and you had remembered the magic of the world it had sent you to as it helped itself to your blood, but so much of it felt like a fever dream, some imagined horror. So though you knew then that things beyond the ordinary were flesh and blood real, you’d still never actually come face to face with a monster.

Thinking about packing into the Impala tomorrow, driving away from the safety of the bunker with your borrowed handgun, and walking into a truly haunted house was beginning to form a knot in your stomach.

“You know you don’t have to do this, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Believe me, I’d be relieved,” Dean said, breaking you out of your thoughts.

“I know I don’t have to, and I think it’ll be good for me to hunt and defend myself; feel like a real badass,” you smirked up at him. “I just need to get over these first hunt jitters. Or…first hunt terrors,” you amended. “Then I’ll be brave like you and Sam.”

“What’s that quote? Bravery isn’t not being scared, it’s thinking there’s other stuff more important?” Dean asked.  You wrinkled your nose and laughed.

“That was pretty eloquent, but I think I know what you mean.”

“Do you want to practice some more? I can show you some new fighting techniques,” he said, giving you an exaggerated wink.

“Yeah, I bet you could. But I think I’ll call it a night a little early. You going to stay up a little longer?”

“Yeah, I have some things I need to do to get ready for tomorrow. I’ll get all our gear packed so we don’t have to worry about it in the morning. Get your brave little butt to bed and I’ll be in in a bit,” Dean said wrapping you in a hug. 

This was it you thought as you closed your eyes and breathed Dean in; the other place you felt safe aside from the bunker was with him. No Devil’s Trap or salt circle could compare to his strong arms around you because you knew that nothing would ward danger away from you better than him. You really did have faith in yourself and were 90% sure you could handle tomorrow’s hunt, but it definitely helped to know you had such a reliable safety net. You tilted your head up and met Dean’s lips for a goodnight kiss and headed out of the shooting range.


Your restless mind had finally allowed you a few hours’ sleep when you were stirred out of your dreamless state by Dean’s soft snoring next to you around 2:00 in the morning. He must have come in not long before and just fallen asleep. Staring up at the ceiling, those frightened thoughts began to circle once more; sharks in the water. You quietly threw your legs over the side of the bed and slipped out of your bedroom towards the library. Maybe a quick look at all the gear for tomorrow would help ease your mind; preparedness was something the boys did not lack and you thought if seeing the salt rounds all lined up might help get you back to sleep you’d give it a shot.

Padding quietly towards the table you saw where Dean had laid everything out. He had Sammy’s and his own bags lined neatly up, unzipped to add anything extra tomorrow before leaving. Sam’s bag held his Beretta and Ruby’s knife, some first aid supplies, a lighter, and salt. Dean’s bag, which you were sharing, was much the same only with his trusted .45 Colt along with some holy water and an iron poker. You also saw the 9mm Smith & Wesson that you’d been borrowing and the shotgun from earlier was laid on the table. But there was something else in the bag that caught your eye. It was a beautiful Colt Mustang XSP, just the right size, with a piece of paper on top of it that simply had your name written in Dean’s handwriting. Smiling to yourself, you slipped the gun out of the bag double checking it wasn’t loaded yet and the safety was on (the boys had hammered gun safety into you before even letting you touch one). Feeling the grip and the weight of it you turned it side to side admiring it. That’s when you noticed the engraving on the left side of the barrel: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon.  You smiled to yourself at the small letters and slipped the gun back where it had been; you would let Dean surprise you with it tomorrow, keeping the quote and the knowledge of the gift to yourself and close to your heart tonight.

You slid back into bed, smiling at Dean’s sleeping form. You curled yourself next to him tightly, draping one arm across his chest and resting your head on the pillow with your chin against his shoulder. Instinctively in his sleep, Dean’s arm lightly curled around you as he shifted and sighed. You closed your eyes letting the feeling of safety relax the knot in your stomach slightly. You would be fine tomorrow; for Dean and for yourself you could be brave.