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Just Friends (epilogue) - Stiles Stilinski

“Lucy you get off the coffee table this instant!” You used your sternest voice without yelling at the five year old.  “It is time for bed, now come upstairs with me so we can put your pajamas on” You said, and she pouted.

“But momma I wanna watch Beauty n’ Beast” She said, using big golden brown puppy dog eyes.  You gave her a look, and slowly put your hands on your hips.

“Well if we go up get ready for night night now, then I promise, we can watch Beauty n’ Beast tomorrow” You said, and you saw the hesitation in your daughter’s expression.  “Come on” You said in a softer tone, approaching her with open arms, and wrapping them around her middle, holding her up on your hip.

“Okay” She sighed, leaning her weight against your chest and shoulder.  You smiled a victorious smile.

“Come on baby, let’s go get some sleep.  And tomorrow, we can watch your movie and maybe if it’s nice out we can go to the park together” You told her, and she nodded her head sleepily on your shoulder while you went up the steps.  When you entered her room, you flicked the light on the lowest setting, really just enough for the room to be dimly lit.

“Mommy?” Lucy called as you were tucking her into bed.

“Yes sweetie?” You asked, brushing her hair back

“Can daddy read me a bedtime story?” She asked, and you gave half a smile.

“Could I do it tonight? Daddy’s real busy with work downstairs right now” You asked, but she frowned, and you sighed.  Of course she wanted her father to tell her a story.  His were much more creative and drawn out.

“Please?” Lucy asked in a begging voice, and she batter her puppy dog eyes again.

“I’ll go see” You breathed, but gave her a small smile.  “Be right back” You got up, walking to the hall and back down the stairs to where your husband was working at the kitchen table.  He had all his papers across the tabletop, pens and pencils, colored highlighters scattered everywhere.  He was intently staring down at a file folder that had to have five hundred papers in it.  But when you walked in, he looked right up to you.

“Hey baby” He smiled a tired, and worn out smile, standing up to embrace you.

“Stiles, she’s only going to go to sleep if you read to her” You told him as his arms encircled your waist.

“Then I’ll read to her” He smiled, pecking your nose quickly.

“I don’t want to interrupt your case-”

“I promise, you’re not interrupting anything” He said, and released you.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a unicorn wedding story to attend to” Stiles grinned, kissing you chastely before heading up the stairs.  You sat on the couch, going back to the book you’d been attempting to read before Lucy decided to be queen of the coffee table.

The girl smiled as soon as her father entered the room.


“Sh sh sh.. don’t get us in trouble with your mother” Stiles said quietly, pulling a chair up next to Lucy’s bed.  “Now, what will be the story request tonight?”

“Are you the beauty or the beast?” Stiles chuckled at the way his daughter was obsessed with the Disney film.

“Well, let’s say your mom is definitely the beauty” He said.  “She’s always been”

“You love each other?”

“Well of course we do, and we love you kiddo” Stiles ruffled Lucy’s hair, the same color as yours.

“So you always loved each other?” Stiles chuckled.

“You’d be surprised.  Your mom chased me around for a while” He said through a long breath, rubbing the slight scruff on his chin as he leaned back in the chair.  “I’d say she was quite the stalker, chasing me down and begging me to go out with her” Lucy giggled.

“Well I sure don’t remember it that way” Stiles turned to see you standing in the doorway, leaning against it.  “In fact… I think it may be the total opposite” Lucy fell into a fit of laughter again.

“So did you do true loves kiss?” Lucy asked, and you smiled, sitting on her bed, knees brushing Stiles’.

“Oh yeah” You said with a big grin.  “And we still do” 

“So you’re soulmates?” Lucy asked, and you giggled, adjusting the blankets to fit around her body.

“I’d certainly say so” Stiles spoke up, and you gave him a smile.

“Yeah me too” You added.  “And some day, in a distant future from now, you will too” You told your daughter.

“Very distant” Stiles piped.  “Like… sixty years distant”


“Daddy!” You both scolded Stiles, and he gave a nonchalant shrug.

“Alright alright, time for mom to go to bed” You yawned, and stood up with a stretch.

“Okay kid, time for sleep” Stiles said, leaning over and kissing her forehead.  “Sweet dreams princess” 

“Goodnight daddy” Lucy said tiredly before he left and went to the bedroom.  You smiled at your daughter, pressing a long kiss to her forehead, and closing your eyes.

“I love you baby girl” 

“I love you too mommy” Lucy giggled.  You caressed her soft cheek, kissing her forehead once more.

“Goodnight sweetheart.  I’ll make you pancakes in the morning, okay?” Lucy nodded.

“Okay” She yawned.  “Goodnight mama”

“Goodnight baby” You whispered, and walked to the door, flicking off the light.  You smiled at your little girl for a moment, then closed the door, and walked into yours and Stiles’ bedroom.  You found him sitting on the edge of the mattress, in sweatpants for bed, and no shirt.  Which you smiled at.  You closed the door, and padded to the dresser, taking one of his shirts out, and stripping out of your jeans and shirt.  

“How’re you feeling?” Stiles asked as you pulled the long tee shirt over your body.  You smiled at him, and walked over to him, sitting on his lap.

“Pretty wonderful Mr Stilinski” He grinned crookedly at you, and brought your lips to his in a long kiss.

“Barely saw you all day” He mumbled against your mouth, and you stroked your fingers against his cheek.

“Yeah, that’s the thing about you having a job” You giggled softly, and kissed him again.

“Well then maybe I need to quit” Stiles murmured, winding his arms around your waist.  

“That’s not funny” You said, pulling your lips abruptly away from his.

“Hey-” Stiles furrowed his brow in a pout.

“And speaking of not funny” You said sliding off his lap, and making his expression more permanent.  “I know you taught Lucy how to use those stupid puppy eyes” You scolded, sliding into the blankets.

“Did she rat me out?” He asked, flopping down next to you, and pulling the covers over him as well.

“Stiles, just because you’re the fancy dancy FBI Agent, doesn’t mean I can’t figure things out” You chuckled, and he smiled innocently at you.  “What? What’s that look for?”

“You’d be a sexy cop” He said, shrugging nonchalantly, and making you giggle.  You rolled onto your side, still smiling big at him.

“I’m happy” You said aloud, and he rolled to his back, opening up his arms.

“Come ‘mere” He whispered, and you easily snuggled against his side, head lying on his chest.  “Did you know, that I love you so much, I would burn every existing Star Wars film on this planet, if it meant you’d smile for a few seconds?” You laughed softly, laying your hand on his chest and tracing patterns on his skin.

“I’d do anything for you too Stiles” You whispered, and he kissed your forehead, causing your eyes to fall shut.  “I love you” Stiles wrapped his arms around you again, holding you tightly against him.

“Love you too” It was quiet for a bit, neither of you sleeping, just cuddling and enjoying the other’s presence.

“Hey Stiles?” You called quietly, setting your chin on his collarbone to look at him.

“Yeah babe?” He mumbled back, opening his eyes to look at you.  You smiled slyly.  “Oh, and I’m the one dishing out looks.  What’s that?” You scooted up closer.

“We never did have Prom sex” You hummed, and Stiles grinned eagerly.  Before you knew it, you were being flipped over on the mattress.

“Guess we can make up for it then”

buuuuut again, thanks to everyone and shout out to @failingmemequeen for inspiring me to make this epilogue a thing

and omg shout out to @writing-obrien for niticing and complimeting my lame ass BIG thanks to her xx

(and shout out to @taegdcl1018 bc i mean.  she’s my bean.)

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lots of love and hugs sweet dreams don’t do drugs stay in school have safe sex and don’t hug any cactuses, no matter how cute they are.
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Best Friend Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- you met jihoon in high school and you’ve been best friends ever since
- you already knew about him but you never talked to him
- jihoon was known as that gifted kid like he gets straight a’s and wins all the awards in almost every category because he’s super hard-working and a perfectionist
- everyone’s intimidated by him because all he does is work and since he hardly talks people get the wrong impression and label him as cold and snobby
- one day you were looking for a quiet place to study after classes
- the library’s full and your house is loud and like a bunch of classrooms are occupied for club meetings and stuff like that
- you give up searching in that building because it’s always filled with people so you’re like i’ll just go to the other building then it’s a long walk but wtvr as long as you get studying done right
- when you reach that building you’re twisting every doorknob to see if any aren’t locked when you hear BEAUTIFUL piano playing and you’re like??? who’s playing that???
- you follow the sound of the piano and find yourself standing in front of a door left ajar and when you peek inside you see JIHOON PLAYING THE PIANO
- you’re like HOLY CRAP HE’S AMAZING!!! and you’re listening in but somehow you lose your balance and fall forward and the door swings wide open
- jihoon stops playing and looks down at you who’s on the floor and you’re looking at him too and it’s just quiet
- but then you scramble to your feet and start clapping and you pretend that you never fell in the first place
- then you’re like “you play the piano so beautifully!!!! you’re really talented!!” and jihoon just blinks and says nothing and you’re like omfg i shouldn’t have said anything it’s over now he thinks i’m a creep
- but then he smiles and says “……thank you” but then he goes serious again and says “how did you find this place?”
- and you’re like “i was looking for a place to study because everywhere else was fully occupied…. and then i heard you play and followed the sound. you’re really good. what song is it??”
- and jihoon just says quietly “…i made it.”
- you’re like NO WAY YOU COMPOSED THAT BEAUTIFUL SONG??? and he just nods
- he says “i call it adore u. no one ever goes in this part of the building so i just go here to practice. i only have the first verse and chorus down though, i’m still trying to complete the song”
- you compliment him a few more times and then sigh when you look at the time “anyways good luck with practice i have to go look for a place to study now”
- before you go exit the door jihoon says “wait” and you stop to look at him and he says “you can study here…… i hope you don’t mind me playing piano in the background though”
- and you just smile and go like “oh thank you!! and i don’t mind i listen to piano covers while studying anyway it isn’t any different”
- when it’s time to go you and jihoon say goodbye to each other and you’re like…… he’s not as bad as people say
- the next day you go back to the piano room and you grin when you see jihoon there
- you say hi and start studying while jihoon continues to practice his song and tries to come up with the beat for the second verse and bridge
- you guys meet up there every day and eventually become BEST FRIENDS WHOO
- jihoon used to eat lunch alone but now you would sit next to him with your friends seungcheol, jeonghan and the famous booseoksoon trio and you’re happy to see that he’s slowly coming out of his shell
- since jihoon’s a straight-a student he doesn’t mind tutoring you in things you don’t understand
- he’s scary when he’s angry so when he is you know to stay away from him
- when you make fun of his height, he silently sabotages you
- like you’ll tell him “holy crap my textbook was missing a page so i couldn’t finish the class exercise in time!! seungkwan scanned it for me but now i have to finish it as hw ughhh i have so much to do already”
- and jihoon just says “oh…. i wonder why you don’t have that page….”
- cringes at every lame joke you tell him
- but sometimes you actually do manage to make him laugh and he gets so angry
- “laughing hurts my pride”
- when he’s really stressed, he takes it out on you sometimes and it makes you sad
- but then he feels really bad about it afterwards and treats you out to lunch or buys you something
- you do lots of aegyo just to see his reactions and he either walks away or cringes really bad
- remembers every single one of your achievements, and unfortunately every single embarrassing thing you’ve done
- “hey remember when you did—” “I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER THANKS”
- honest and never sugar-coats anything
- “why would you do that are you stupid???” “thanks jihoon that’s exactly what i wanted to hear”
- he only gives genuine smiles to you and all your classmates are like holy crap how did you do that???
- jihoon teaches you how play the piano and you get so excited
- but then you learn he also knows how to play the guitar and drums and 17394 other instruments and you’re like just wow
- you guys share your favorite songs and artists and you guys sing along to them together and that’s when you find out about HIS VOICE
- he always studies and works until like 3am and you scold him for it because JIHOON YOU HAVE TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP OK
- always buys things for you but never for himself
- like it’d be extremely cold and your ears are freezing and his are too but he’d only buy earmuffs for you
- so in return, you buy him a bunch of random things and he pretends he doesn’t like them but when you meet up with him after school to hang out he’s wearing the wristband you got him and you tease him about it
- he never wears mittens in the winter and you’re like “jihoon i will break your fingers YOU PLAY INSTRUMENTS YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS”
- and he sassily replies back “if you break my fingers i won’t be able to play either” and you’re like “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”
- you buy him coffee whenever he’s feeling down or stressed
- you make an extra lunch for him because sometimes he skips it to study or practice piano
- you ask him how it is and he replies “it’s edible” but he always finishes the whole thing (basically HE LOVED IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS)
- he may not show it often but jihoon really is glad you’re in his life
- he can’t say it to your face because he gets really embarrassed
- but once when you slept over at his house, you were trying to fall asleep and jihoon, who thought you were already asleep, says “i’m glad i met you, (name). i adore u.”
- and of course you laughed and jihoon couldn’t face you for three days
- finally finishes composing adore u and performs an acoustic version of it on your birthday
- “oh shut up”

Little Letters 10 : Double Date

This was a request from @martinthedragon :) Hope you like this.

You can read all parts of Letters from War and Little Letters here

I have a NEW Letters fic coming soon! I’m gonna call it Letters: In Another Life. Right now it’s just one chapter, I may make it a dabble series too, not sure yet!

“Why are we doing this again?” Natsu grumbled, he was glaring at himself in the bathroom mirror while zipping up his jeans.

“Because Mavis wants to,” Zeref was fastening his tie when he walked into the bathroom. No matter how many times he saw his little brother shirtless, Zeref couldn’t help but stare at the scars covering his once smooth skin.

“So what?” Natsu limped as he walked, he was finally getting the hang of his new leg. He shoved shoulders with Zeref as he passed.

“She’s about to be your sister-in-law,” Zeref sighed, following him back to the guest room that had become Natsu’s since the accident almost a year before, “don’t you want to hang out with her more?”

“I hang out with her plenty,” Natsu pulled on the tight black dragon shirt Lucy had given him for Christmas, before she had even met him, “I wanted to go to Lucy's…”

“Lucy will be there too, you know.”

“It’s a double date!” Natsu whined, “That’s so lame!”

“They are not lame, it’s just two couples going to dinner together,” Zeref raised an eyebrow at Natsu’s wardrobe choice before laughing and walking away.

“But you’re so boring!” Natsu fell back on his bed, dreading this night already.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this! With the wedding only a few weeks away I was afraid we’d have no time!” Mavis cheered.

“I am too!” Lucy lifted her wine glass to clink with the fellow blondes, “I don’t know why we waited so long.”

“I do,” Mavis giggled as she gestured to the men quietly watching their dates.

“Don’t look at me,” Zeref raised his Brandy to his lips, “it’s all him.”

Scowling, Natsu twirled the beer in his hands.

“It’s OK,” Lucy whispered, lacing her hand together with his under the table. When her boyfriend looked at her, she winked. She would rather it be just the two of them too.

Natsu squeezed her hand, giving her a half smile with a softness in his eyes that he reserved for her.

“Aww, you two are so cute!” Mavis gushed.

Natsu blushed furiously, taking a big gulp of his beer. Lucy just giggled and laid her head on his shoulder.

Zeref moved his arm to drape it over Mavis’ small frame, “What is everyone getting?”

They discussed their choices in food, and the brothers argued what was better for you: Steak or Grilled Chicken.

“Anyway,” Natsu huffed, he had lost interest in the argument when Zeref pulled his doctor card, “what are we doing after this?” He stared at his brother, daring him to say something stupid. Zeref was the never the best planner, Mavis had left him out of most of the wedding planning for a reason. And leave it to his stupid brother to plan a date outside in the middle of January.

“Any good movies out that you would like to see?” Zeref smiled kindly towards the two women.

“Not really,” Mavis shyly began to play with her long curls.

“I don’t even know what’s playing,” Lucy shrugged, she wasn’t a big movie goer.

“Oh, OK…” Zeref’s mind went blank for a second, “we could always go for a walk in the park?”

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title: incomplete without you
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: iwaoisuga
word count: 6930
summary: koushi has never had a soulmate, so he’s gone through life feeling a bone-deep loneliness that never seems to go away. but all of that changes when he’s in his second year of high school, when one day two sets of writing that aren’t his own appears on his skin.

(au where any marks made on your soulmate’s body appears on your own)

here on ao3 and also below the cut!!

part of my haikyuu!! soulmates au!! (ao3 link)

Sugawara Koushi does not have a soulmate.

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“Hey Sirius,” Remus called from across the common room. “Come here.”

           Sirius crawled across the room and sat on Remus’s lap. “Yes?”

           “I finished editing your essay. You did a good job. I made a few recommendations of things to change though. Here.”

           “Thanks Moons. I love you,” Sirius told him giving him a kiss. “What did I do to deserve you?”

           “I’m not sure. You could do so much better than me.”

           Sirius pecked Remus’s lips and rested his head on his lovers shoulder. “No. you are perfect for me. I’ll fix this later. Come join me and Prongs.”

           “I do not care to join the two of you and whatever mischief you are plotting.”

           “But Moony, I thought you solemnly swore to be up to no good,” Sirius grinned. “You don’t have to though if you don’t want to.”

           Remus sighed. “Might as well. I’d rather keep you fools from getting any more detentions. How many do you have right now?”

           “Doesn’t matter. Come on. We’ve got this fantastic idea and it involves Snape.”

           “Everything involves Snape with the two of you,” Remus told him. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re secretly in love with him because you spend so much time obsessing over him.”

           “I’m offended Moony. I can’t believe you’d even think that. I am ashamed. You are the only guy that I obsess about and am in love with,” Sirius replied dragging his werewolf boyfriend over to where James was sitting.

           “Remind me how I became friends with the two of you again,” Remus joked as Sirius got comfortable on his lap.

           “Because Moony, you were all adorable and shy and we thought you’d make a great fit. It upset me that you didn’t know what it was like to have friends. I always saw something special in you. I knew you’d be a great guy to be friends with. I love you. Now don’t worry about that. We love you and are glad to have you as a friend for more than just your brain.”

           “Or body,” James muttered under his breath just loud enough for the two of them to be able to make out what he said.  

           “But I do love you for both your brain and body as well,” Sirius said giving Remus a kiss on the cheek. “But for more than those things. You’re the best. You really are.”

           Remus rested his chin on Sirius’s shoulder and listened to the prank idea that his two friends came up with. “Are you guys sure you want to do this,” Remus asked putting his arm around Sirius’s waist.

           “Positive,” James replied grinning. “It will be brilliant. Snape won’t know what hit him.”

           “You do know that will torture the rest of US all day don’t you,” Remus asked smirking. “None of us want to see a stripping singing Snape.”

           “I KNOW but it will embarrass him to death and that my friend will be worth it,” James said excitedly. “It’s a brilliant plan. I’ll sneak over to the slytherin table under my cloak in the morning and slip the potion into his juice.”

           “Try not to drool over my brother while you’re there,” Sirius joked causing tension between him and James. Sirius knew that Regulus and James had feelings for each other but would never act on them.

           “Shut up Sirius,” James said sighing. “You’re never going to let that go are you?”

           “I can’t help that the both of you like each other. I don’t know why you like him. He’s not good, “Sirius finished lamely.

           “Out of respect for you I have not acted on my feelings,” James told him sighing.

           “I told you that I don’t care if you do or not. I want you to be happy. Both of you,” Sirius said seriously. “I know I may not have been supportive in the past but I’ve been talking to Reg more and I don’t know. I’m sorry for always getting frustrated when you bring that up. I do want you to be happy even if it is with my brother of all people.”

           “Anyway,” Remus said changing the subject. “Great idea. Ready for bed Pads?”

           Sirius smiled. “I’m always ready to go to bed with you. Night Prongs.”

           Remus was dragged into their room by Sirius. “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

           “I love you too Pads. Are you ok?”

           “I’m fine. Seriously Rem. Now can we get undressed and get into bed?”

           Remus kissed him. “As you wish.”

           The two of them undressed and got into bed. Remus kissed Sirius everywhere. “Hmmm. You make me feel so good. You know I really would be ok with Prongs and Regulus dating. I’d be weird, but I would be happy. Prongs could become my real brother in law one day. That’d be cool,” Sirius told him.

           “Neither one of them asked the other out yet,” Remus pointed out running his hand through Sirius’s hair.

           “I know.”

           In the morning, James woke up the others earlier than usual so that he could get to the great hall earlier than anyone else. James woke up Sirius before he left. Sirius whined and moaned waking up Remus.

           “Shut up Pads,” Remus whined. “Still have 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.”

           “Not my fault you’re awake. It’s Prongs. We might as well use these 15 minutes to our advantage before our busy day of classes,” Sirius told Remus kissing his neck. Remus groaned but gave into Sirius until the alarm went off.

           The two of them quickly got ready so they could go to the great hall for breakfast. With the map they saw that James was standing by the Slytherin table. They watched as Snape walked in with Regulus, Lucius, and Narcissa. Sirius anxiously grabbed Remus’s hand and grinned at him. “Today is going to be interesting.”

           Remus shook his head smiling. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of you kill me one day.”

           “Not going to happen Moony. I love you too much,” Sirius told him kissing his cheek. “I know we’re going to be together forever.”

           Remus blushed and kept his eyes on the Slytherin table. James slowly and carefully poured the potion into Snape’s drink. Regulus noticed a hand disappear under the cloak and knew it was James but did not say anything to Snape as he drank his drink. James quickly left the great hall and after a few minutes, casually walked in and sat across from Remus and Sirius and beside Frank Longbottom.

           “What did you do,” Frank asked James immediately.

           “What do you mean,” James asked innocently.

           Frank snorted. “You have that ‘I just did something big and evil’ look on your face.”

           “You know nothing. I know nothing,” James told him. Frank understood.

           As the food appeared, everyone in the great hall focused on eating while talking. A few minutes later the hall went quiet when Snape stood up on the table singing and stripping. He was singing a love song to Dumbledore. After a few seconds of shocked silence, everyone began laughing. Sirius leaned against Remus crying from laughing so hard.

           All the teachers eyes looked over to the three Marauders who were laughing. McGonagall walked over to the three of them.

           “What did you do?”

           “What makes you think we did anything,” James asked innocently. “As you could see, all three of us were sitting here before Snape started acting a fool. We’re not the ones stripping and singing sexual songs to the headmaster.”

           McGonagall hid her smile as she went to talk to Horace about controlling his unruly student.

           “Wow. Just wow,” Remus commented as Slughorn escorted a singing naked Snape out of the hall. “That’s an image I will never be able to get out of my head.”

           “Mine either Moons. I could have done without the nudity though. I am scarred for life.”

           “Now you two know sort of how I feel when I see the two of you naked and having sex all over the room,” James teased.

           “Shut up Prongs. You know we’re not as bad as a naked Snape.”

           “True,” James admitted glancing over the Slytherin table and locking eyes with the younger Black brother.

           Sirius growled. “You know what Potter, I am tired of you whining and pining over him. Go and ask him out already dangit!!”

           James and Remus looked at Sirius surprised. “Are you sure?”

           “I’m positive. I’m tired of all the sexual tension between the two of you. Actually you might want to wait till he’s alone. Those buffoons that we’re related to might give him a hard time.”

           James didn’t have to wait long for the others to abandon Regulus. As soon as he was alone, James motioned for Regulus to follow him. The two of them went to a nearby closet from the great hall. Neither one of them could remember which one made the first move, but it didn’t matter. They were kissing and it was fantastic.


I stared at the loaves in disbelief. They were fine, perfect really, except for the burned areas. Did he mean for me to have them? He must have. Because there they were at my feet. Before anyone could witness what had happened I shoved the loaves up under my shirt, wrapped the hunting jacket tightly about me, and walked swiftly away. The heat of the bread burned into my skin, but I clutched it tighter, clinging to life.

By the time I reached home, the loaves had cooled somewhat, but the insides were still warm. When I dropped them on the table, Prim’s hands reached to tear off a chunk, but I made her sit, forced my mother to join us at the table, and poured warm tea. I scraped off the black stuff and sliced the bread. We ate an entire loaf, slice by slice. It was good hearty bread, filled with raisins and nuts.

I’ve never baked bread before and I’m happy that I lost my bread virginity with this particular type of iconic Everlark bread that saved Katniss’s life.

It’s super fast and super easy to make (this is not let-it-rise-for-three-years type of recipe).  

*drumroll* I HATE RAISINS! I absolutely despise them. Especially those sneaky little bastards that look like chocolate chips. They should be put in jail for identity fraud. *Lord Farquaad voice* But it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.

English is not my first language so bear with me

Channel your inner Peeta, fill your cups with something not suitable for children and let’s get this shit done.

To make one loaf of raisin & nut bread you gonna need:

  • 2 ¾ cup of flour (I used simple wheat flour)
  • 8 g of dry yeast *bakers screaming in the distance*
  • 1 tbsp of salt (I think that ½ tbsp is enough, but I hardly use any salt in my food, so it may be individual preference)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar (add 2 if you want sweet bread)
  • 1 ½ cup of warm water
  • 100g of nuts 
  • 100g of raisins (yuck)

#1 Mandatory semi-artsy pic.

I used walnuts (mwahaha braaaaainssss) and sultans (look how disgusting this little fucker looks, yuck). Putting raisins in warm water for few minutes is supposed to make them more gooey and better for baking, but let’s be clear here… NOTHING makes raisins better. NOTHING! Let’s skip it.

#2 Chop your nuts.

Omnomnomnom chopped braaaaainssss.

#3 Time to mix dry stuff. Mix flour, dry yeast, salt, sugar, nuts and raisins in a bowl.

#4 Add warm water. This is a no knead type of bread, so mix everything using a wooden spoon. You need to do it for 10 minutes. Awful.

#5 The dough will be very sticky. That’s ok, it should be. Don’t add more flour, even if you’re temped to do it *slaps hands away*. It will make your bread dry. If your dough looks like a sticky soup, you’re doing it wrong.

#6 Cover the bowl with a cloth and set aside in a warm place for an hour. Dough nap time. 

#7 Time to preheat the oven to 220 degrees (that’s Celsius, google says it’s 428 Fahrenheit).

#8 Put your dough in a greased baking pan (mine is 30cm x 10cm and I sprinkled it with bran after greasing it, but that’s optional).

#9 Wrap your baking pan in a plastic wrap/simple plastic. Your dough needs to rise to the edges of the mold.

#10 BAKING TIME! Put your bread in the oven and bake it for 15 minutes in 220 degrees. Then reduce temperature to 200 degrees and bake for another 40 minutes (mine took 30 tho). Your loaf should have a nice golden crust. Yummy yummy minus the raisins.

#11 Take your bread out from a baking pan. Don’t cut it until it’s completely cooled *stares longingly*

#12 Science time! Tap the bottom of your bread *insert a lame knock knock joke here*. If you hear a hollow sound, it means that your bread is perfect and yummy.

It tastes really good I kinda mighta got rid of the raisins in my slice. The crust is nice and the dough on the inside is soft and moist. It’s a really hearty bread. Does anyone have a good elastic pants source and wanna share?

I guess that Peeta’s actual bread probably used salt, yeast, water and maybe no sugar since Katniss refers to sugar as a “delicacy”. It would be less sweet and more crusty.

Try to bake it, it’s super easy. And maybe use it for a toasting purpose? *wink wink*


Wu Yi Fan Kris for Rayli Magazine October 2015

 “There are many times I do not wish to further elaborate on how tough and difficult this path I took was, because in the future I would have to work even harder. Many people say that I am lucky, so therefore I have to be thankful, but gratefulness cannot be mere lip service. What I can do is to steadily continue forth, not let down those who have expectations of me, so I am continuously trying out challenges, hoping to bring even more surprises to everyone, including myself.”

[Rayli Q&A]

We heard you really like watching Slam Dunk! Who’s your favourite character?
Kaede Rukawa! Because he’s really awesome. Actually Slam Dunk was very influential amongst young people, many started playing basketball after watching Slam Dunk.

When you were young did you dream of becoming someone like Rukawa Kaede?
How did you know? At that point in time it was my dream all along to play basketball professionally, but then I did a [bone] test and according to the results I could only grow up to 1.88m, since I could not reach 1.9m I gave it up.

You appear to be very cold and aloof on the outside, but on the inside was your personality influenced by Rukawa Kaede and Hanamichi Sakuragi?
Yeah really a little! And also Scorpios are cold on the outside and passionate on the inside, the closer you are to them the more they will be able to open up.

Wu Yi Fan hopes to be remembered by his strengths - acting, singing, dancing… He’s not a flat, ordinary 2D person, but on the contrary is more three-dimensional, with richer experiences of the loneliness of living abroad as a foreigner, and the hardships of being a trainee. He does not wish to be just a pretty flower boy. Not being complacent with things as they are, he is proactive, hardworking, modest, and keen to experience all the surprises and hardships of reality. To date, Wu Yi Fan has acted in at least seven silver screen productions, an enviable feat, compared to many other actors who struggle for many years because they are still unknown, Wu Yi Fan had a good start, to which few can match.

What do you think is your best quality?
I think I’m a very strong minded person, and I have very strong will to follow through.

But you’re very lucky, you’ve started off so well (Wu Yi Fan shakes his head)
You probably don’t have any obstacles you can’t overcome?

There are many times I don’t wish to further elaborate on how tough and difficult this path I took was, because in the future I would have to work even harder. Many people say that I am lucky, so therefore I have to be thankful, but gratefulness cannot be mere lip service. What I can do is to steadily continue forth, not let down those who have expectations of me, so I am continuously trying out challenges, hoping to bring even more surprises to everyone, including myself.

Listening to your skill in speech, [we feel that] you should publish a motivational book.
Actually I’ve really thought about this before. Perhaps it is due to the environment that I grew up in, when I was young I was extremely introverted, I didn’t speak much, didn’t know how to make friends. After that there was a period of time where I read a lot of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, hoping that the books could help me change my mindset, and honestly they helped a lot. Me being so positive now has got something to do with those books I read when I was young.

So as you’ve said, the current you is probably very satisfied right?
I’m quite satisfied with how things are currently. But this does not mean that I don’t want to improve. People have to be satisfied to a certain degree to be happy long term, many times [we] can’t worry too much over gains and losses, otherwise it would result in a lot of negativity. So I make sure I’m happy every day, this way I’d have a lot of crazy ideas, which would bring to me more motivation and encouragement to continue doing crazy things.

It seems like you’re a person who has been successfully brainwashed by “chicken soup”.
I guess it should be said this way, I’m a person who has been by nourished by “chicken soup”.

When this 25 year old man raises his head with a gentle gaze, he has an otherworldly handsomeness. But his Weibo posts have an unexpected change in tone from this image, his humour evident throughout. Unlike other idols who are like beautifully wrapped chocolate sold at supermarkets with a similar taste to their packaging, Wu Yi Fan is instead more similar to fizzling candy, you can’t predict when he will pop, it’s a mix of surprise and playfulness. He said that there is a part of him that has a personality similar to that of a child’s, anticipating the future with a sense of curiosity.

Why do you say that you have a 4D way of thinking?
Because I’m someone who completely doesn’t follow norms, on many occasions I won’t be on the same frequency as everyone else, there are times when I say things that others totally don’t understand. For example like lame jokes, there are a lot of people whose reactions are slower by me by half a beat.

What will you do in such situations, will you save the situation by yourself?
Occasionally I would save myself, there are many times where others are just slower by half a beat, two seconds later they would find it very funny too.

How did you land yourself the role of a 4D person?
When I was on a variety show, I had frequently responded in a way that resulted in the other party being at a loss of what to do, and they’d always say “What kind of situation is this, this guy is kinda silly, but very interesting.” After a long period of time, many fans felt that I really couldn’t carry out an ordinary conversation, which resulted in me being called 4D. But I feel that actually many times I’m not on the same page as everyone else, occasionally even I myself don’t know what I want to express.

You’ve said before that you love yourself a lot, so will you “research" on which angle you look the best? 
360 degrees no bad angles! (laughs a lot) Nah, even if I love myself I won’t research which angle I look handsome in, I’m not someone who pays a great deal of attention to my looks. 

Then which area do you feel that you pay attention to the most?
I pay more attention to the way my appearance is coordinated on the whole, because one’s aura is able to leave a greater impression on others. 

Taking a look at the sample shots you did here, we like those where your eyes have feelings in them
Photos are a very flat medium, so I really hope to have some emotion and story present in my eyes, this way it will bring the picture to life. If one merely looks good there is not much meaning, I don’t like it if it’s simply handsome. Things with some content are more substantial. There’s no point in being too perfect, beautiful things are things that definitely have to have some imperfections, thus when looking at them [on the whole] everything will look especially harmonious.

[Fans’ Q&A]

Is the new puppy male or female? What is it named? How do you interact with it every day?
The puppy is male, its name is Rourou, you guys are first to know about this.
I don’t usually spend a lot time to walk the dog, but because it’s still young, as long as it sees me it will be very happy. Only after reading a lot of dog care manuals did I decide to keep a dog. I’m a person who will prepare well in advance. I train it everyday, and within a short period of time it has learned 4 tricks: sit, shake hands (paw), play dead, stand (in punishment).

When do you plan to release your new album?
It’s in the midst of preparation, because it’s my first solo album, from producing the songs to MV shooting, I will personally play a part in all of them, so this may only possibly be revealed to everyone next year. For the special feature (I) will be collaborating with an international team, I really hope to bring more surprises to everyone.

In the future when choosing roles, will you try taking up the challenge of playing the antagonist?
This will be necessary, every actor aims to take up the challenge of playing different roles. It is then that [they will] have a sense of freshness.

Right now you’re so busy you barely have time to rest, but your physique is still maintained so well, how do you find the time to work out?
Squeezing out some time, there will be time [left for exercising]. When it comes to exercising, it can be done anytime anywhere, those who always say that they don’t have the time to work out are giving excuses for their laziness.

If you had several days of vacation what would you like to do the most?
The first thing I’d do is sleep in, sleep till I naturally wake up.

How does it feel to have shaven off all your hair for the movie role?
It feels very refreshing, with no hair my while body feels light.

Will you prefer a girl who takes care of you more or would you prefer to be the one who’s taking care of her more?
Is this very important? If two people mutually like each other, you would enjoy being taken care of by the other person and you too would, out of your own will, take care of the other person too.

At what age do you plan to get married? What will bother you the most while dating?
It all depends on when I meet my ideal other half. When we are dating as long as you don’t make me eat vinegar it’s ok, because I don’t like acidic stuff (haha).

What if your favourite scent of perfume on girls?
Regarding perfume, I’ll accept any scent, as long as it is not too strong.

Please share with us your ideal partner
Filial, understanding girl

Do you still dislike eating fish now? Besides eating fish is there anything else you dislike more? If you don’t like eating fish, how do you deal with it?
I don’t eat fish and coriander and I’ve never really thought of dealing with it.

[Fast Q&A: Wu Yi Fan rates himself]
(out of of 10 points)
First movie: pass
Singing: 7 points
Long legs and side profile: both 8.8 points
Current acting ability: 7.5 points
Cooking skills: 3 points
Basketball skills: right now 5 points
Fashion sense: 8 points
Communication skills: 9 points
Patience: 9 points
Degree of silliness: this is higher, 9 points

translation: @wu_yi_fan

So this is the last “Fic Rec of the week” of 2015 !  I made it longer than usual… Hope you’ll like it !

Happy Holidays !

- take my hand (and my heart and soul) , by bananasandboots  : Harry feels nauseous when he opens his mouth. “Hey. Um, hi. It’s me,” he mumbles before realizing with a jolt that Louis might not have his number anymore. “It’s Harry… Styles,” he tacks on, screwing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. This was a terrible idea.  There’s silence on the other end for a long time. Harry understands. He shouldn’t have called. He tries not to let the static swallow him whole.  "I – yeah. Hi,“ Louis finally answers, slowly, awkwardly. "I um. Sorry. I heard about your accident. You’re alright?” Or, the one where Harry hasn’t spoken to his best friend in sixteen months and can’t remember why.

Larry ex-friends to lovers/ Amnesia AU (45k). Well, it’s angsty. Like, really. But so well written! Baker!Harry is very lost, his friends are great, and Louis… is Louis. Not so much smutty (but bottom Harry I guess?)

- Is This Seat Taken? , by Lainy122 : A borrowed suit from Zayn, a cigarette and the right attitude, and Louis went from security breach to misplaced celebrity instantly. He could practically see the wheels in the security guy’s head switch from ‘could be dangerous’ to ‘could get me fired’.   L.A was so predictable. Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly.  Que the music.

Larry famous!non-famous AU (35k) where Louis has famous!friends, no shame to lie, and some feelings for a popstar. Fluff and smut (bottom Louis), jealousy, long distance relationship and  misunderstanding happen.

- Speak Low If You Speak Love, by sunsetmog : He rubs his thumb over his maple leaf tattoo, just like always, and when Nick catches the movement out of the corner of his eye, he turns around and presses his mouth to it.Or: Louis and Nick in the run up to Christmas.

Tomlinshaw canon Christmas fic (9k) : OMG. OH MY GOOOODDD. Sunsetmog wrote a kind of sequel to “I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow”, aka the best fic of all the times. FUUUCK. As always, it’s good, it’s smutty with some special kink, and it’s so fuckiiing hot. And fluffy too cause you know, Christmas.

- Mark Me Up (My Skin’s Yours to Touch) , by @hazandlouwho : They stumble into their bedroom and Louis’ is immediately pushed onto the bed, Harry scrambling after him. Shaky hands pull down his joggers right under his arse and Harry’s tongue circles around the still tender skin, never touching it directly. Despite the heat and desperation between them, Harry’s almost reverential in his touches. “‘s for me, Lou?” he slurs between passes of his tongue. “A place that only I can see?”Or the one where Harry gets to appreciate Louis’ new tattoo.

Larry Canon fic (2k). So it’s smut. And the first fic about the new Louis butt tattoo. OMG. Thanks for the images on my head for days. (bottom Louis obviously)

- take my hand (take my whole life too) by orphan_account : “What would you do,” Louis begins, knowing that this will only hurt him more, “If this was your last day on earth?”Harry thinks for a bit, brow furrowed in concentration, and then he says sort of cheekily, “Go skydiving. See my family, see my friends.” “What else, Harry?”

Larry AU (9k) : okay, this one is wonderful; BUT massive triggers warning : it’s sad. Like SAD. Like someone’s death. Yeah, that kind of sad. But also it’s beautiful? And I wasn’t sobbing like in the brain cancer fic, if you want some comparison. Anyway. If you can, hold your breath and go read this.

- Time will tell, I suppose, or at least, these pages will., by @doncasterlyrock : Harry has a diary and he’s been writing about the pen-pal he’s never met in there since he’s been 12 years old. One day he reads his diary out to a room full of strangers and finds that the man with the blue-eyes at the back of the room is a slight distraction.(Or Harry goes to a public diary reading thing at his local coffee shop and gets more than he bargained for)

Larry Uni AU (5k) . OMG this fic is so perfect and cute and fluffy. SO FUCKING CUUUUUUTE , I want to read it again and again and again.v

- Photograph by @tvshows-addict and @frugprince : (…) An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other.

Loooong Larry kind-of-Canon-but-not-really fic (185k). Now it’s completed (except for the epilogue), i can finally rec it. I don’t know what to tell tbh, this fic is so much things. Angsty, that’s for sure. Full of pinning too. Smutty. With a lot of nice other characters (special kudos for Sam, I love her), a lot of songs references. And fuuuuuuucckkkk this last chapter was rude!!! And now I’m gonna listen to Ed Sheeran for the rest of the day, thank you.

- Draw , by @haydolce : An overworked university student, an endearing chatterbox, art, loads of fluff, and nudity. Lots and lots of nudity!

Larry AU (8k) : so , basically H&L are both nude model for drawing classes. Go read this now, that’s all (no smut)(but a lot of nudity). It’s perfect!

- When we meet on a cloud, by retts : ‘By the way, Liam, Zayn here is your biggest fan. He’s a total fanboy. Practically lives in your tag on Tumblr, he does.’ Zayn is going to kill Louis.

Ziam famous/non-famous AU (12,7k) : so basically Liam is a popstar, Zayn is a fanboy, they meet at the pub. The plot seems obvious and pretty lame, but it’s well written, funny, realistic, and I love it! No smut :)

- Candles On Air, by @isthatyoularry :  Harry’s smile is filled with unconditional love — just not the right kind. Louis has told himself for years that it’s okay. Harry loving him the way he can is enough. Each year it gets a little harder to repeat the same mantra.  "It gets better. It will pass. His friendship is enough.“  Harry has taken the liberty of putting on classic Christmas tunes on the speaker in the kitchen, and as their shared flat isn’t the largest Louis can hear Mariah Carey’s crooning from where he’s perched on the small sofa in the living room. Harry is on the floor, humming along. And yes. All Louis wants for Christmas is Harry. A Christmas AU ft. Pining, Heartbreak, and maybe A Happy Ending.

Larry Christmas AU (30k) : oh god, 30k of hopeless pining for his BFF. Can i just cuddle Louis please? Go read this. It’s awesome. (side Lilo, no smut at all).

- it’s not a secret that i’m into you, by larryink (blynrin) : Louis is halfway out the door, already trying to figure out the closest way to the office, when he hears the puppy boy say to flour boy “Harry! I’ve got you a sandwich,” and he almost drops everything he’s holding because Harry. Could it be…?Louis finds Harry’s diary and falls in love with him through the words.

Larry AU (7k) : oh I love this fic. Great plot, so much pining, and no smut.

- Interruptions & Complications , by Tomlinsontoes : Kings Highway frontman Harry Styles could get whomever he wanted; Louis may be a groupie but he’s not that easy.Harry has a thing for sleeping around, he is in a popular band after all and it would be dumb to say no to the girls and guys throwing themselves at him. Somewhere along the line he stopped caring about their names and started earning himself quite the reputation. But there was always one person who didn’t want him and well that made him try even harder.

Long Larry famous/non-famous AU (100k). Ok so fair warning about cheating, singer sleeping with every people breathing around, and boys being so bad at relationship and so good to make bad decisions. But I promise you it worse it, it’s well written, the smut is good (kind of share that), and it’s fluffy too.

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to write a full AU fic of my own, and I love how you guys portray these characters and keep them so true to form, even in alternate universes. I'd really like to try and stick to that as much as possible, so aside from your own head canons, do any of you have any advice on writing any of the characters, specifically root and shaw? I really want to do them justice and I know max was talking about a balance of characterization/romance earlier. Thanks!

for root specifically, i know a lot of folks tend to write her as just overly sexual and flirty all the time? and that’s like…not who she is as a person. she has her moments, sure, but she’s dorky and lame and there’s so much more to her than just ‘in love with shaw.’ she loves all of her people so ardently–finch, john, the machine, bear, even fusco. she’s fiercely protective of her people. and TM doesn’t take a backseat to those relationships, ya feel? i think a lot of time people aren’t really sure how to write for TM, so there’s a lot of ‘TM whispers something in her ear or w/e and that’s all.’ root’s relationship with TM is intimate and so so important to her and her identity, and even if you’re not writing that relationship it’s something you gotta keep in mind just for character perspective. i think it’s also important to remember that she’s definitely not neurotypical and carries trauma from a super shitty childhood.

this got real word-vomity real fast, sorry! hope it helps!

- ros

oh my god i love questions like this thank you. root and shaw are my faves and i love writing them and helping other people write them. and oh my god i love talking about shaw. it’s really easy for me to write as shaw because we probably have the same pd? and so when i’m like What Would Shaw Do it’s super easy because i just. you know. write about me. i’m bad at explaining my brain so here’s some things to do/not to do when writing shaw: shaw loves animals more than people because animals don’t expect anything out of you. shaw loves root because she respects her boundaries and always knows when to push and when to back away. shaw has a very strong moral compass that was instilled in her by her parents. shaw finds strong emotions annoying (both hers and others) because she doesn’t know what do to with them but feels like she needs to do something. shaw is not a super aggressive top who bosses root around in the bedroom. shaw is good at undercover work because she has a lot of experience in performing emotions. shaw does not enjoy killing for the sake of killing. shaw is not always angry, she just has a flat affect. shaw gets easily frustrated when people are emotionally hurting because she feels helpless.

i didn’t want to take up too much space, but send another ask if you want more specifics or whatever. i love talking about my favorite grumpy kitten.

- max

hm! ok! when im writing ANY character i like.. before i even start writing, i want to like. have a grasp on their Voice you know- so i’ll think “i want to communicate the idea of say "want to go to mcdonalds?”“ and then ill think "how would this character say that, based on what they’ve experienced in life” because the way i see it, once you have a thorough understanding of what a character has been through to get to the point that they’re at today, the voice comes easily

warning for food and mentions of disordered eating

  • so for root, with this example i’d go for like “now, kiddos, i know it isn’t exactly le cordon bleu, but i’m really craving a big mac. and fries. and a mcflurry.” - the reasoning here being that root rarely eats a lot in canon, but im imagining this scenario being after a great victory- her inhibitions are lowered, she trusts her friends not to judge her for eating. but, being root, she cant just eat a normal amount instead of a small amount, she needs to go All Out and dramatic with it, because thats what she does. but there’s still a vulnerability in her asking- a vulnerability some may interpret as being sly or crafty (which she lets happen, because its more powerful than the truth)
  • for this specific example, i’d make shaw reply like “damn, root. that’s an appetite. where do you put it all?” (root: “i think you know, sweetie ^uo) “but yeah. sure, i could go for a burger.” this is the sameen shaw equivalent of support- the first three sentences are praise, from shaw, because she doesnt really know how to do praise in a way that isnt vaguely reminiscent of like, how she would have been praised in the marines. the second two sentences both show the fact that shes pretty easygoing, she likes food, but she isnt as into like Brand Names as root. root specifically brings up the mcdonalds names as a “joke” wherein the punchline is “me! this big anti-corporate messiah! jokingly endorsing mcdonalds!” (not to say anyone really get it except her- id say 90% of roots jokes end up that way), but shaw just. doesnt have time for that. her humour is much more cut and dry
  • reese would be, realistically, “finch?” because he too has problems with eating (think him, kara, and snow in the diner- and that you only see him eating when you know he feels safe, like a prey animal) but also he has problems with worrying that finch judges him. he DOES want that burger, johns an all-american burger dude at heart, but more importantly he wants to do the Right thing
  • finch, in this bizzare au where he doesnt hate mcdonalds on the principal of “i was poor once and it was traumatizing never want to think about it again”, says “hm. i admit it that it isn’t my first choice, ms. groves. but i’d be happy to accompany you, ms. shaw, and mr. reese to an establishment of theirs, of course. that is, if you’re interested, mr. reese?” he says so many words because finch is the kind of person who clarifies things the whole room knows- both for the purpose of exposition (in-show) and because he has a weensy superiority complex, and i think sometimes subconsciously doesnt realize that other people might be as good at keeping track of stuff as him. he doesnt say he wants mcdonalds because even though he DOES, finch is in the habit of little white lies to protect his person, and thats okay because all his friends can see right through them. he checks in with john because he wants john to know that its okay to want to eat, and hes happy to support him in doing that- but he isnt as concerned about root’s food recovery. mostly because he trusts shaw to take care of her 

i have no idea if that made sense and it got really long but. i hope it did