ok this look terrible but i tried cries

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The Dreamies were placed in the kitchen with care,
In hopes that St Clodmas soon would be there.

The humans were quiv’ring afraid in their beds,
While visions of slaughter danced in their heads
For in just a small number of human hours,
St Clodmas would be there; the one who devours.

Then, out on the lawn, there arose such a din,
As the cat who was out became one who was in.
The humans all scuttled; hid under the covers
And prayed through their teeth that Clod would discover

The treats they had offered like gold by the door,
And they might be spared by St Clodmas’ maw.
The noise from downstairs grew louder and louder
As though dear St Clodmas had lit some gunpowder.

And then, just like that, the silence did fall,
The humans all shivered, not happy at all.
Was St Clodmas angry? Was St Clodmas sad?
Whatever it was, it was sure to be bad.

The creaking of paws on the rickety stairs;
The rustle of fur on the carpet so bare.
The scritch-scratch-scritch-scratch of his claws on the door - 
St Clodmas was here! St Clodmas wanted more!

And then through the house tore a horrible thing;
Half scream and half silence, a terrible ring
As the humans were eaten, all snug in their beds
And dear old St Clodmas decreed festive dread.

As St Clodmas left, he looked to the sky
And with a small wink, his head lifted high,
He cried out aloud “and to all a goodnight! 
For dearest St Clodmas can’t eat one more bite.

“The humans tried vainly to keep me at bay,
But one bag of Dreamies won’t keep me away! 
To all a good Christmas; to all a good day
And next time, leave salmon; that might be OK.”

Just Calm Down: Niall smut for Kenzie

It was midterms week and you were slightly freaking out.

Ok not slightly, you were franking the fuck out. Grades were very important to you, so you always studied.. And studied… And studied some more. You had two test a day, and figures your two hardest tests were on the same day; chemistry and history. You had already studied History for 2 and half hours, but you still didn’t feel prepared, and now studying for chemistry wasn’t making you feel any more confident about either of your tests. After going over chemical breakdowns for the hundred millionth time, you were hoping you’d actually have more than a few measly steps memorized, but you had no such luck. No matter how many times you went over it, it just wasn’t sticking. You were about .03 seconds away from having a compete mental breakdown, when your phone vibrated next to you

Niall<3: how’s the studying going?

You: Absolutely terrible :’( nothing is sticking in chemistry or history at this point and I’m anout two seconds away from having a complete mental breakdown and setting both of these books and myself on fire

Niall<3: aww Kenzie, you’re way too hard on yourself. I’m telling you you’re going to do amazing, you always do!(:

you: no Niall you don’t understand I don’t know anything and I’ve never felt so unprepared which is just making me more stressed than I already am and I just can’t deal right now. I’m about to snap

Niall<3: I’m coming over

You: what!? It’s midnight and my parents will kill me! And I need to keep studying

Niall<3: Kenzie I’m coming over. You’re making me nervous. I’ll help you study if you want, but I need to make sure you actually calm down and don’t do something stupid

You: but what if we get caught…

Niall<3: we won’t. I’ll sneak through the window, just make sure it’s open

You: ok fine

For a moment, you let your mind wander. Niall was coming over, and he always was good at calming you down. He knew just the right words to say

You quickly snapped back to reality as you noticed the stack of papers on your desk entitled “chemistry.” You picked up the packet marked “Chemical breakdowns” yet again and read it over and over, having only random, not fluent information sticking to your brain. Just as you were about to lay on your bed and scream into your pillow, your phone vibrates again

Niall<3: about to hop the fence. Have the window open

This was one of the best perks about havimg your boyfriend living only a few streets away; he was always there when you needed him. You opened up your window and helped him inside, the you sat on your bed, completely defeated. Niall took a seat next to you, wrapping an arm around you and bringing you close. You rested you head on his shoulder

“What are you having a problem with?”

“Chemical breakdowns”

“Here, let me try to help”

He took your sheet and looked it over. Considering he took this last year, he tried to explain it to you another way, but it was no use

“Ok what if you thought about it like this” Niall says, starting to explain it a different way

“No Niall! I can’t! It’s no use! My brain is full to the point of explosions and I can’t do it and I’m just going to fail and do terrible and.. And..”

A few tears rolled won your cheek. You were now truly and utterly defeated. It was 12:30, and your brain was fried.

You cried in to Niall’s chest as he held you close. The simple sound of his heart beat calmed you down a bit, but not much.

He started playing with your hair, hitch helped a bit more, and the tears stopped flowing.

“Calming down a bit?” Niall asks you

“A little” you admit with a sniffle.

“I think I might know something that will calm you down a little more”

“Like what?”

“This” he said, pulling your chin up so you were facing him. He looked you straight in the eyes, then gently attached his lips to yours. He kissed you like this; gently and sweetly for a while before separating from you

“Did that help?” He asks

“Yeah it helped… But I think I need a little more” you say, reattaching your lips to his. You decide to further things along, licking his bottom lip which allowed your tongues to entangle. He pushes your chest lightly, signaling for you to lay back on the bed. He crawls on top of you, not remaking the kiss. Things get a little more heated as he reaches down to your waistband, running a hand across it, as if to ask for permission. You respond by taking his hand and moving it father down, right to where you wanted him most. He moved his hand back up to your waistband, sliding his hand in to you shorts and soon enough, your panties. He rubs your clit for a moment before sliding one finger in to you, pumping in and out more rapidly as time went on.

A few moans escaped your lips though you tired to suppress them, knowing your parents’ room is directly above you.

“Niall” you moan as that familiar knot forms in your stomach

“I’m” you begin, but suddenly there’s a loss of pressure. You frown as Niall licks his finger in front of you

“Don’t frown, I was having other ideas..” He says with a slight smirk, and suddenly you’re more excited. He starts sliding his pants off, but as you reach for his crotch, he stops you and shakes his head.

“Tonight is about you, not me”

You smile and agree, even though you badly wanted to feel his hard cock in your hand.

He takes his boxers off and hovers over you, lining himself up with your entrance

“Can you be quest enough so that we won’t get caught?” He asks, a playful tone in his voice

“I’ll try my best” you say, as he slides into you slowly. A slight moan escoaes your lips, but it wasn’t loud enough to leave your foirth walls. He begins to thrust in and out of you more quickly, the pleasure completely overtaking you. No matter how hard you try to hold it back, a loud moan escapes your lips, and Niall’s hand immediately covers your mouth

“Sorry” you whisper out once his hand leaves your mouth.

His thrusts begin to get sloppier and sloppier, and just knowing what’s going to come next is almost enough to push you over the edge

“Niall” you moan a bit too loudly

“I know babe, me too, but try to keep it quiet” he says, out of breath

“Niall I-” but before you can finish, he covers your mouth and you scream and pleasure as you both cum at the same time. He rides out your highs, and collapses next to you. Both of you were catching your breath, and Niall gave you a small peck on the cheek.

“Now about chemistry…” Niall says, and you playfully slap him. After both of you catch your breathe and put your clothes on, you study for a while more, and everything makes sense.

“See Kenzie, I told you you just needed to calm down”

AN: I have no idea if that’s even a thing in chemistry I don’t even take it haha. My friends do and they say it’s impossible which is why I did it