ok this is the second version

I love every taako


tord’s psuedo-bull horn hairstyle wasn’t entirely useless

Unexpected welding

So, I was playing DND version 4 with my family. I had an electrical dragonborn barbarian and, while I don’t remember much from the scene here’s what I do remember:

Me:(OOC) Can I roll to use my dragonbreath?

My dad( The DM): Sure

Me: *rolls a nat one*

*everyone but me starts laughing*

My dad( after calming everyone down): Ok, ok. So here’s what happens: You charge up your breath, but last second, your visor falls and you weld your helmet shut. Your blinded temporarily by it, and I think you need a new helmet.

That’s all I remember. And it was very embarrassing.


he got pointy vamp ears

listen i know ive got so many requests in my inbox but…..i had to draw mika again im sorry

also i dont think ive said this before but it’s 1000% ok to tag my art as kin/me/id/etc!! i know some artists dont like it but i dont mind so feel free!


look what i in the everlovingfuck found :

do you see this ?

do you see the stubble ? do you see that pout??

do you ?

ok then be prepared for this:

here it is

you can see the blue in his eyes

ok ok

but then there is this :

do you wnat a moving version ?

you dont ?

oh well

here it is :

you are welcome

and just so u know im not freaking out because this man is so hot the sun is melting

but he because he can also change in one second and become the best and only angel bean in the entire universe!



Im out

im done

chloejanerememberthename  asked:

the first and last time "Uncle Obi" tells a not-quite-truth when babysitting the wonder twins. Leia glares "Im four not stupid Uncle Obi!" Satine hasn't stopped laughing at Obi Wan's crestfallen face for hours, she's already sent a holo of the incident to Padmé

LOL OK but SERIOUSLY: I love the idea of Leia not buying one single second of Obi-Wan’s half-truths. Also you know Anakin’s going to be telling her some ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE versions of events from his life too, and Leia’s not going to have time for any of that bullshit, either.

Ok but I would pay good money to see Past! Yuuri or Viktor (fuck off his names is spelled with a K) meeting their older versions

Like younger Yuuri from the beginning of his career maybe, being totally infuriated with Viktor and being /so nervous/ over skating on national level!

Long haired Viktor, who has just won his second or first GPF gold already kinda realizing that his life is just so /empty/ and wondering why

And them both meeting this happy couple that is living together in Viktor apartment together with a dog!! And younger Viktor is so happy that he will get a dog(!!! Amazing!) and someone that will constantly make his life exciting!

Younger Yuuri being star struck by the fact that He managed to get Viktor Nikoforov to fall for him!!! And just being a blushing mess while older Viktor is in the background being all like “ohhh Yuuri you were so cute when you where younger~~”

Anyway I have just so many feels for the two of them as teens ok?

Intro Song
John Graham & Yoko Shimomura
Intro Song

It’s the clean version of the introduction song


based on @tsunderescientists‘s tags on this post from literally two years ago bc I wanted my skill level to be ok enough when I actually did this ha h a (notice me senpai)

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love anthony edward "tony" stark, i know, you love tony stark, he's your precious baby, you love him so much, you just love tony stark, i KNOW, you love tony stark you fucking love tony stark ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE TONY STARK. I GET IT.

Ok, so let’s imagine for a second that there is some fucked-up version of reality in which Franken Stein could ever dream of hurting Marie Mjolnir in any way, in this case dissecting her.

Just what

on earth

makes you think

that he could?

this woman punched out three Death Scythes with no problem. She could kick Stein’s gangly ass in a heartbeat if he tried to hurt her (which, I reiterate, he wouldn’t. he fucked up and fucked up bad with Spirit, but damn it, this woman is the ray of sunshine in his dank little lab he loves her)