ok this is the last one ill stop

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Ok seriously no one knows how bad L mum was in Sept. Seeing as it sounded like he'd expected her to see him do JHO live because the xf performance was last min. Also, there was plenty of MIA time where no one knew where L was. Taking time for yourself even with a parent who's ill is healthy. You can't stop your life. Period. For some to expect H to just stop living and working cause of something with L is horrible thinking. 1/2.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:H can record in x place and fly to x place. He took random weekends during filming and randomly went to London for short times. People need to stop going by what they see. Yes that’s all we get but holy he’ll. H being supposedly in Jamaica means nothing. L went mia also at same time and also popped up tanned. 2/2

Thank you, I very much appreciate people that can think reasonably 

Ok guys im he here! Good morning!! Ive got one ask ill start working on today but holy crap you guys made me really want to look i to Szayel last night….(even though there was only one ask for him) So, im going to try to draw him and Yylfordt in my sketchbook today. Because i secretly love both of them….

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revenge time
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ok last one i promise ill stop now they’re just so much fun

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ill never stop posting shadow selfies bc being at my school when the sun sets is beautiful (espec near this big ol white wall and all the trees)