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skinny!steve + realizing that he may have made a very bad decision (◡‿◡)

jin as your boyfriend

•omg im so prepared me nd my friends have talked abt this lets start!!!!
•ok so i imagine you guys meet at uni!!! (wow cliche)
•jin is scrambling to get his papers together before the semester starts and he’s an overall mess rn bc who isnt lol
•nd youre also a mess! but ig a more organized mess?? and jin sees you and is like “wow,,,she has her stuff together,,,,” but doesn’t really talk to you bc he need to run to the office and turn in all this paperwork!!!

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you really do take yourself too seriously, someday we're all gonna die and once we're gone everything we have ever done will mean absolutely nothing. Do you just need something to fight for? If so that's fine, but it's just some bullshit cause that makes you feel like you're changing the world. And I am mentally ill (anti social personality disorder, look it up), but I don't really care how that makes people see me. I don't sit around blaming everyone else for my fucking problems.

so just because you don’t care how people see you, does that mean every single mentally ill person in the world doesn’t either? look, back when split was getting hyped for, i had multiple people with DID messaging me that they felt afraid for how the public would react to the movie and further push the idea that ppl w/ DID are dangerous. hell, one person legitimately asked me if they should keep the fact they have DID a secret because they were afraid people would hate them for it. 

i’m not speaking for all mentally ill people, i’ll openly admit that there are others like you who don’t care as much. but i know from multiple experiences there are Real People being hurt by stuff like this and i think they deserve to be acknowledged. 

and ok honestly who even gave you the right to call anything i’m doing pointless bullshit? like honestly tell me why are you taking the time out of your day to message someone and say “hey guess what you’re gonna die one day and everything you’ve ever worked for will have no impact on the world” honey i’ve saved multiple people from suicide just by writing music and running a shitty blog on a shitty website. what have you done?

and hell, nice last sentence there, apparently mentally ill people are responsible for the ableism that’s targeted against them. what do you want me to do, stop being mentally ill? i’d love to. sign me the fuck up. 

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Sure :) im pretty new to this, sorry. I asked if chronic illness just happens one day and it stays with a person. Or if person is born feeling chronically tired. Or both. I do ask because I came through high depression last year, it is ok now. But the low blood pressure and constant tiredness wont stop. I mean, there are weeks when im all speeded up, but then big lows. So im searching for an answers where i can.

Hey! In terms of chronic fatigue, it is just a symptom which can be caused by numerous things, such as a chronic illness, depression, a nutrient defeciencies, a side effect from medication etc. etc. If you’re struggling with it, best go see your doctor so they can run some tests. Best of luck!


ill never stop posting shadow selfies bc being at my school when the sun sets is beautiful (espec near this big ol white wall and all the trees)

Actually, I Do Make the Rules” series by @jenroses (Tumblr didn’t let me tag but her blog should be linked)

I read the first four parts of this six part series as they were published but the summary of part 5 scared me off. I’m not a fan of angst and it seemed to plotted around the angst. But when part six was published and promised a comfort for the hurt/comfort that I needed, I read the last two parts. 

…and then within the same week I reread them. (and have since read them again…)

They definitely deal with some tough subject matters but it’s all handled with grace and respect. The entire series is emotionally fulfilling and puts Jack and Bitty in situations that we haven’t seen before (both in fic and canon) and consequentially reveals parts of their characters we haven’t seen. 

(more after the cut, linked here for android mobile users)

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Ok, last thing im gonna say about this.

I find absolutely disturbing that people have been abusing me and my friends and other larries since Friday because these people think it’s the “right thing to do” and that Jay and Louis would want that. 

It’s not.

Jay has never, to my knowledge, expressed that she hated larries. In fact, she followed many of them and tweeted them. She also really enjoyed project home and project no control and you bet she knew who started them. but that’s beside the point. This isn’t about us. Jay was never a hateful person. she was always appreciative of all the fans, and didn’t discriminate between larries or non larries. It didn’t matter, as long as you were kind. She has always loved the fanbase and our support for Louis and the boys.

In the last year, she never expressed that she hated larries (or anyone, for that matter). When she was getting hate at the beginning of the year (i absolutely forgot why and who was sending hate), she replied to someone saying sorry for the hate by saying “it doesn’t really matter babe”. Then, about people who were mean about Freddie, she said “it is a nuisance, but nothing will take Louis out of the bubble he is in”. Read those words. Again. And again. Jay never let nasty comments get to her. Because she knows what is important and what is the truth and she doesn’t care about what strangers say. 

And then there’s you, spending all your time harassing larries, since January and since her passing, because you have the audacity to try and make people believe larries are at fault for her bad health, that she was “silenced” about Freddie because of them, that she deleted pictures of him and that they made Louis and her suffer more through a terrible illness. It’s extremely manipulative, and it’s false. There are a lot of bad fans around who also could be blame for a lot of things, like stalkers and hackers or paps. We could also blame them for making Louis’ life worse by invading his privacy when he was already going through a rough time. But we don’t.

I do not condone the nasty tweets she and her family got. I really don’t. I spoke out against them before. My friends and I never tweeted them mean things. Most larries didn’t. There is a lot of nasty people constantly sending Jay messages about her, her kids, her husband. There has always been nasty people. You might find all of us disgusting for our opinions, that’s ok, but most of us never sent anyone hate.

It is BEYOND fucked up that some of you think abusing bloggers on tumblr who never interacted with any of them and blame them for Jay’s illness is the “right thing to do”. If there’s one thing I know about Jay is that she loved her family fiercely. And she was very proud of them. Her last pictures and tweets are all about her children. Jay has always been kind and generous and above the hateful comments she received. You have no idea why she stopped mentioning Freddie or deleted pictures of him. No one knows. And you can’t go around blaming other people, a lot of which are teenagers, for that and make them feel guilty about someone’s illness because it’s simply not true. Jay loved her family more than anything. And nothing would’ve stopped her. 

I know we are all very sad, but no one is responsible for what happened to Jay and attributing blame is not going to make this situation any better. Cancer is a terrible disease that always seem to take the best of us. 

You all talk about how we should strive to be more like Jay, and sending nasty anonymous hate or stalking blogs is not how you do it. Neither is boycotting charities and fan projects because they are ran by larries. If you really wanna be more like her you would listen to her and stop caring about what other people have to say. 

Again, whether you are a larrie or not, whether you sent hate to any of them for any reason, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty, because no one knew what was happening and it is not your fault. 

The right thing to do after her passing is not to fight each other, but to spread love and hope, like she always did. 

Take care.


So I started this morning finding out Marc read that horrid open letter that 🍏 wrote. The one calling Felicity abusive and shitting on season 4 and blah blah. Of course I jump on the defense and then get into some spats. And then I see these tweets and you can imagine my anger. I’m sorry but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??!! WOMEN ARE NOT PLAY THINGS! We are not one dimensional! FELICITY SMOAK IS NOT COMIC RELIEF 2kFOREVER!! She’s a multi-faceted complex character yes with flaws but who is strong and stands up for herself and loves herself! She’s a fantastic role model for women of all ages and even men. When you agree to marrying someone you don’t settle for being on the outside of the relationship. You don’t settle for not being complete EQUALS in all aspects of your life. You are a team and make decisions TOGETHER! Felicity was the wronged party in this situation!! I get feeling sorry for Oliver! He has suffered so much and loves and wants her so much. And he’s hard to resist! But imagine how much we love him and multiply it for Felicity’s love and see how hard it was for her to walk away. The show will always be more sympathetic to Oliver’s struggles because it’s his story, but it doesn’t make him right at all. He was wrong. Simply put. period. But that’s not even the whole story with the total sexist ideal of what Felicity should be to Oliver. Apparently all she is good for is throwing a funny one liner in every now and then and only cheerleading and praising Oliver 24\7. FUCK THAT. Sorry she’s not fitting into your one dimensional sexist box for a women’s purpose. She is not that and that is one of the million reasons why Oliver loves her. Because she stands up to him. She’s makes him better and helps him grow. She doesn’t accept that he is a killer or just a damaged man. She’s always known he’s capable of more and has helped him reached that potential. But it comes to a point he has to stand on his own. Season 3 and 4 have only made my love for Felicity grow even more and more. She is the reason I started watching arrow and I loved her from the start. I would not be watching if she wasn’t on the show. I was drawn in by her humor and stayed for the strong women underneath the humor. She’s complex and amazing. I love her funny one liners and I love her great speeches like “don’t fight to die, fight to live”. She’s a hero and a badass.
I don’t even know if I have it in me to deal with the last two tweets. People accusing Felicity of ABUSING OLIVER! And belittling him and having tantrums. Like I can’t argue with such delusion. And stop using a real mental illness to hate on a fictional character. It’s gross. Apparently if Felicity isn’t worshipping the ground Oliver walks on and taking his apology and easily forgiving him for breaking them and just being submissive to his every demand and suicide mission, she’s abusive? Yeah ok…
I don’t care if you don’t like Felicity. She’s fictional and no one is universally liked! NO ONE. But to spout this sexist and delusional bulllshit, I won’t stand for.

End rant.

(Despite the fandom crazy, I did have a great day with my family. Happy Easter yall)