ok this is the last one ; ;

Efi and Torbjörn though.

Like, the dude has already a bazillion kids, and if you consider that Rein probably only visits on holidays/when he can spare the time and that Ana’s last contact with small children was about two decades ago, Torbjörn is really the only guy who has any idea how to act around a child.

He’s the one to tell D.Va (from a safe distance, mind you) that children of Efi’s age may be geniuses but they have yet to learn that intricate balance between ‘just enough sweets’ and ‘sugar high’ (some *cough* McCree *cough* never learn it) and that Mountain Dew is not a healthy choice for anyone, much less a pre-teen.

When Jack tries to live up to his Dad reputation Torbjörn runs interference and advises him to buy Efi a nerf gun first before he lets her use his rifle for target practice.

Ana tries to remember what Fareeha was like at that age and gifts Efi toys fit for a six year old instead because at some point you just forget kids aren’t all the same from age 1 to 12. 

So at the end of that day it’s Torb and Efi sitting around a table, the latter making a memo to sign the team up for babysitting because people, this is shameful, and Efi wondering if she’s part of an elaborate prank or if those really are the people who save the world on a regular basis.

It’s alright, though, because Ana’s well-meaning but inappropriate gift features all the necessary parts for an impromptu engineering project and she may not yet possess the muscle tone to fire Jack’s rifle but he’s let her have one of his biotic fields (in the true nature of a man who will give a child anything they want as long as they go away and keep quiet) and she’s already in the process of reverse engineering it and Torbjörn is as great an engineer as she is so they’re bound to have some fun.

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Hey, would you mind explaining the whole Dale Pike thing to me? I know he wrote suspicious fanfiction and a lot of people suspect he might actually Mark Gatiss. But I don't know what the fic is actually called or what its significance is. Basically any details you could fill in for me would help lol

So someone asked me the same question last night so I’m just gonna 

Ok so there was a video that circulated on Jan 29th that was basically “A Final Fuck You To BBC: Gays Matter”, except that just now we are finding out that the ‘creator’ of that video also writes 'fanfiction’ on AO3, except except that a lot of people (like TJLC higherups) are noticing that these fics read a lot like some of the stuff Mark Gatiss has written.

I’ve made it through like one or two, and I gotta say it’s all very well-written, but it is not good fanfiction. Like it uses a lot of epithets and switches POVs weirdly and the style is certainly creative but not conducive to typical Johnlock fanfiction At All. So it feels like whoever wrote it is trying to hide who they really are but is kinda bad at it? Aaaand their pseud is “Dale Pike”, which is probably based on the ACD character Langdale Pike but I haven’t read a lot of the original stories so I can’t say much more than that about it but supposedly it has some significance?

It’s all a bit sketchy imo, but supposedly some of the fics were written as “predictions” and “inside spoilers” for season 4. I haven’t read those yet, but it’s obvious that a lot of it was based off of the meta we were coming up with (such as Mycroft dying, the baby being a plot device etc.) I’d start with Within the Narrative and One Word Test.

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PIRATE AU WOULD BE SO GOOD is enjolras a pirate too is he the pirate captain? are they privateers .. ~WERE they privateers/corsairs that decided to stop acting on behalf of the crown and ~become pirates I GOTTA KNOW

ok so like this isn’t fully developed but the story i tell myself sometimes as i fall asleep is that enjolras is first mate on a merchant ship that’s attacked by pirates. the attack comes during a tempestuous storm and the battle rages between the ships. it’s obvious the pirates are not trying to sink them – cargo’s too valuable =- but the combination of cannons and storm means the merchant ship goes down. 

the pirates fish all the survivors they can out of the water and enjolras is the last one to be dragged aboard, exhausted from a fruitless search for captain mabeuf, who is lost at sea. enjolras despises pirates on principal, having spent his career protecting people and shipments from them, and expects, nay, volunteers to die at once. he’s surprised when the pirate’s bosun, courfeyrac, gives them a generous choice: join the crew or be left, far from home but intact, at the next port. enjolras is now the highest-ranking crewmate left and his men look to him for guidance. 

that’s when PIRATE CAPTAIN GRANTAIRE, in an amazing green hat w/feather, gold earrings, rum bottle in hand, dark hair whipped by wind and sea-spray, makes his appearance. he tells enjolras (after a lot of looking at him up and down in a way that makes enjolras increasingly furious but maybe a little turned on) that since their own first mate died in the fight, the position is enjolras’ to have. grantaire, shall we say, likes the look of him, but more seriously, says he needs a steady hand to help run the ship. if enjolras accepts, his men will be welcomed as friends and fellows, and enjolras will be second-in-command. enjolras finds the idea of piracy abhorrent, but agrees when it becomes obvious most men would rather stay than be cast penniless onto land. grantaire is pleased. enjolras would like to throw him overboard, he thinks.

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I just don't get one thing - why the hell haven't they started moving towards romantic bamon this whole season? Second half of S7 was full of Damon jealous of Enzo and heavy hints at bamon, they could have had S8 as Damon-Bonnie-Enzo triangle and give BD more time together, instead they spent almost whole season showing Enzo as Bonnie's "true love" + Damon being somewhat ok with bonenzo and hung up on Elena. Only to make 180 turn in the very last few episodes. Why, JP? Did she still hope in DE?

1) I think she was looking for the surprise effect since no one expects Bamon endgame that explains  the “tvd series will have a plot twist that no one will expect”.

2) I also think JP is scared of DE fans and didn’t want to deal with the hate all s8 and chose to deal with it the last episodes.

3) When s8 got picked up they decided to put Bamon at the same level in love relationships. Damon had Katherine then Elena and Bonnie had Jeremy then Enzo. They wanted to show the fail of their first relationships BJ/DK with Bonnie and Damon loving Katherine and Jeremy more than they loved them, and then the toxicity of DE/BE for Bonnie and Damon, both ships supposedly “epic” but toxic for them.

I think they just wanted Bonnie and Damon to have the same past for Bamon to happen, showing they will find better with each other than what they had in their past relationships.

I think it’s a combination of these 3 that makes Bamon didn’t happen sooner. Also if Bamon is the only happy ship in the end it makes sense they were apart all season so the endgame is earned and to not be unfair to the other ships who won’t end well.

I feel BE/DE/SC are ships that were canon all s8 because they are not endgame. A ship that spend the whole season together won’t have a happy ending meanwhile the other ships who spend the whole season apart from each other will get a reward and is endgame in the end.

TVD rules guys. If you watch all the 7 previous seasons. Every seasons when a ship was starting the season together they were breaking up in the end and on the contrary the ship who was starting the season broken up was ending up together in the finale of the season.


The line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows
How far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea
Stays behind me
One day, I’ll know
How far I’ll go

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I don't know but I think that someone said here something about "papibek"... I'm a native Spanish speaker and we use "papi" for saying daddy, but we also use it when we see an attractive guy, but girls also use it as a "cute" nickname for their boyfriends... I don't know what to think anymore I want someone to explain me what the hell is happening with the daddy kink in our fandom lmao xD



  • Brahms, Intermezzo 2 (Sechs Klavierstücke)), Op. 118
  • bbcphile

So, today I really missed playing piano, since I haven’t really done it much in the last decade and I want to get back into it.

I played one of my favorite pieces, Johannes Brahms’ Intermezzo Op. 118 No. 2, and on a whim, recorded it, and decided to post it here to remind myself that I actually still am a musician, even after all these years.


Ok, so its confession time again..

I am very shy to talk about my personal problems publicly but I have been really struggling to keep it together these last few months. Personal tragedy (including a sudden death in my immediate family and one of my closest friends/supports moving far away) depression, vitamin deficiency, anxiety/panic attacks and all those fun ptsd issues have been draining my focus and energy. I’m finally piecing myself back together but now I find myself running behind on my bills after months of being in a mental fog. My financial situation has unfortunately become rather urgent.

I’m not asking for any charity, but I could really use a boost in Etsy sales to help me have money for rent and other expenses next month!

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Your support for me and my work is continually appreciated, especially during my struggles with mental illness. My ability to make things and create joy by sharing them with others is not only sustains me financially but keeps me hopeful mentally!

Please check out the new items in my shop, and even if you can’t purchase- reblogging my product posts so I can reach new potential customers would be greatly appreciated!

Much love and many blessings to you!
Xo Jean

Ok so lets get this straight, the person i had a crush and who apparently had a crush on me ignored me like 3 weeks ago and never even bothered to message me back, but watched my sc story, posted on social media but couldnt reply to my messages, so i sent him one last one telling him to get fucked. I hope u know what youre missing because its ur fucking loss now.☺

My fiance went to an engeneering college w everything from mining to petroleum engeneering etc. Last night I was feeling generally terrible about the state of the world wrt all the pipelines going over indigenous land and is there ever going to be an end, will we ever go to renewable in my lifetime?

“It will end. Look at coal. It’s fucked because it got too expensive for zero benefit.

"It’s horrific, but these new pipelines are like the resurgence of the far right. It’s one last loud battle cry before the death throes.

"These are the last possibly economic sources of oil and coal. They’re moving to mountain top and open piut because its the only way for them to make money. It’s the end times and they are desperate.

"I can tell you, as someone who knew the people who actually look for the stuff, this is desperation. There is no future and it’s terrifying my old class”

Idk if this helps anyone else but it helps me feel better. I am still worried about the present but at least it’s becoming easier to imagine a future without fossil fuels. The industry *is* dying. And that’s a little bit of hope at least.

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 Ok so I was tagged in three different tags but they all seem fun so I decided to morph them into one!!

Thanks to infiniteisaks, skamyou, and vildesevas for tagging me!

Name: Hols
Country: Australia
Height: almost (5’5)
Occupation: nothing,,, i am a high school senior
Hobbies: watching films and Cardio Barre
Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking: summer!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Colour: #E3CEF6
Favourite Animal: fennec fox

Star sign: pisces
Favourite book: The Chaos Walking Trilogy
Last song you listened to: This Must Be My Dream by The 1975
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea or hot choc!!! anything but coffee
How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: like a 4, but only on food that it’s reasonable to have tomato sauce on
Average hours of sleep: 8-9
Last thing you googled: Moonlight Cinema Sydney
Last message you sent someone: “sweet as” (i love new zealand slang)

Who do you think will be s4 main?: still holding out hope,,,, although i dont think anyone would disappoint me
Favourite Skam character: jonas
Biggest not canon ship: Even X Season 4
Best Skam quote: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always” 
How did you find out about Skam?: to be honest i have no clue   

Blog created: idk,,, definitely less than 2 months ago
Why did I choose my URL: because i love isak and noora
Number of followers atm: 1.3k

music part of the tags:

rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each, then tag 10 other people to participate. 

song #1: On Hold by The XX

“now you’ve found a new star to orbit, it could be love I think you’re too soon to call us old”

song #2: Pink Skies by LANY

“i love the way your green eyes mix with that Malibu indigo”

song #3: She’s American by The 1975

“don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl”

song #4: Open Arms by RKCB feat. Demo Taped

“lost to my own devices, patience just seems to wear me down”

song #5: The Sunshine of Your Youth by Cheerleader

“has it been this way forever, and you’ve only noticed now?”

song #6: Teenage Miracle by TOWER

“still i had to lie and say that you can have it all”

song #7: XO by Nightly

“i cant focus when you’re with me, i cant sleep when i’m alone”

song #8: Talk Too Much by COIN

“you know i talk too much, honey come put your lips on mine and shut me up”

song #9: This Must Be My Dream by The 1975

“well, i thought it was love but i guess i must be dreaming, ‘bout feeling something instead of you”

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Name: I’m not putting my name up on here but the group chat and a few other people know it

pseud: Elizabeth (was nearly called that lmao)

Nickname: Redboots (long story there…)

Zodiac Sign: Libra (same as John!)

Height: 5′11″ ish idak

Orientation: Not Sure

Ethnicity: White

Favourite Fruit: what is a fruit

Favourite Season: Winter

Favourite Book: NEVER ASK ME THIS

Favourite Flower: fake ones they don’t give me allergies

Favourite Scent: Mint

Favourite Colour: Blue and Black

Favourite Animal: Dogs

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?: Not coffee.

Average Hours Sleep: what’s sleep and what’s awake

Cat or dog person: Cats are OK but dogs. Just dogs.

Favourite fictional character: The Doctor

Number of blankets you sleep with: depends

Dream trip: 1958 Liverpool and it’s a Forrest Gump style vacation (you never come back

Blog Created: Mid June last year and I have two sideblogs but one I think I’m gonna delete

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So I know you guys said you wanted to see Japan and I know photos are the same but- I remembered that I had a bunch of photos from a field-trip to a feudal-era village in Japan and thought you guys would find it cool. Couldn’t post all of them so I did a “best of” compilation.

also for the last photo because it’s too long for captions: OK OK so to me this was one of the coolest things? it’s hard to make out but if you look at the weird looking coil on the arm- that was a protective band to keep away spirits. It did this by being spiked on the inside but the spikes were also coated with a poison. So you had to move a really specific way as to not be poisoned and this was also the protection.