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Shoma Uno, Winter (FaOI 2017, Kobe)


Instagram AU Series — Park Woojin
a senior in high school, that’s struggling to manage his grades, social life, and dance all at once. doesn’t post much (once every month probably), when he does though it’s usually of his friends or something related to dancing. the reason being is because he prefers posting things he loves, and as you can guess, he loves his friends and dance. would have a feed, but is honestly too lazy to plan it out or make a filter that would match every photo. if you look through his followings, you’ll see that most of the accounts he follows are his friends, but occasionally you’ll see a few animal and dancing accounts mixed in there.

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Another day of sightings and another day of Carol with the Kingdom and the King. It's obvious what is happening, another season of Carol NOT with Daryl and obviously a new romance for Carol NOT with Daryl. I hate this show. Do you not agree that it doesn't look good for Caryl?

Hi, Nonny, I think it is a bit early to make that assumption lock, stock and barrel yet. I’m guessing you have only come into the fandom fairly recently and were not here when we spent filming season for season 4 with Carol not seen at all for ten episodes. Then she popped up with Tyreese, Judith, Mika and Lizzy during filming of ‘The Grove’.

Your frustration is understandable, of course.  It isn’t what you and many other fans want to see from filming spoilers.  

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Bumper Cars- Carter Hart

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Ok here we go! Some sad Carter, but you making him feel better! What’s better than that? Nothing cause Carter deserves happiness. Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: curse word

Anon Request: Hey so I know ur like super busy and it was a super long time ago but could u write a carter imagine where u help him kinda pick himself back up after world juniors (I’m still not over it) thanks a bunch!


              “Bumper cars” you said suddenly.

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thαt’s mч σвsєssíσn, dσn’t lσσk αwαч   ||   @247soobin


#OKAY but can we please talk about this for a second #the bouquet of flowers opening up the scene right between the both of them #the nice clothes #robin standing at one end while regina walks toward him #and don’t even get me started on how domestic they already are #this scene is totally foreshadowing an OQ wedding at some point #and you cannot convince me otherwise (◕‿-)

Birthday Surprise

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 A/N: probably really really crappy but that’s ok. I at least tried :,) and it’s probably going to only hint at smut because I suck at writing smut.. sorry~

Genre: Little bit of fluff, tinny bit of smut

Namjoon usually wasn’t up early. He slept in until he knew that you were ready to get up. But today, today was different.

You woke up to the sounds of pots and pans banging against counters. You walked down the stairs to see your tall boyfriend standing in the kitchen about to turn the stove on.

“Don’t!” You yell, startling Namjoon. Who dropped an egg onto the kitchen floor.

“Jesus Christ, don’t do that!” He laughs.

  “Then get out of the kitchen.” “But I just wanted to make breakfast for the birthday girl.” Namjoon said walking towards you. You hugged him, standing on your toes to kiss him,

“I’ve told you a thousand times, I don’t trust you in the kitchen.” Namjoon lowers his head onto yours with a shy smile, “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“But you do a lot of nice things for me.”

He sighed and pulled a box from behind him. You smiled, opening up the package. Inside was a silver picture frame, you looked at the photo inside.

“Oh my god,” you gasped. It was a picture of the two of you walking in Chicago when you went on tour with him. You were leaning your head on his shoulder laughing, he was looking down at you with a warm smile. “Joon, this is gorgeous.”

He pulled you into a hug, “I’m glad you liked it kitten.”

“Seriously?” you asked putting the frame onto the counter.

Namjoon shot you a dirty look, “Do you think you can talk to me like that baby girl?”

You pushed yourself out of his arms, picking up the frame and walking to your shared bedroom. By the time you had gotten up stairs, he was behind you slowly closing the door.

“Would you like your other birthday present too kitten?”

Happy Birthday love~ I know it’s really crappy, and probably not what you wanted, but I did try. Hope your birthday is the best~~

-BunBun <3


It’s amazing how we went from season 1 to season 2 and it became a completely different show…(by the way, they’re all only supposed to be in their early teens).

Today’s rambles are about Reikenzan! An under the radar anime I very much enjoyed last year, and was looking forward to this year…but now not so much.

Talk continues behind the cut.

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