ok this is my psd posted on tumblr



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hi there!! i love your david tennant gif icons (alec hardy gives me LIFE), and i was wondering what PSD you used on your gif icons? it's gorgeous & i would love to use it on some gif icons of my own for personal use!!

thanks so much!! i love alec too :) 

you might need to make your own base coloring to put under this if you’re not recoloring pre-made gifs. it’ll still look ok, but it might be a little washed out or too dark depending on the show. the pattern is included but if for whatever reason it doesn’t work, it’s just a 4x4 pixel black and white checkerboard pattern set on darken @ 18% opacity. (anywhere from 15-25 usually looks nice and hides blurryness from resizing pretty well without dominating the icon or making it too dark. i have no idea if that’s with the trend or not, but i don’t really use my icons on tumblr anyway! ahaha)

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