ok this is exxagerated

how the pll fandom thinks
  • Ezra: eats cake
  • PLL fandom: he is so sketchy omg he is clearly -A i mean the way he had his hand placed on the table slightly resembles the egyptian pictograph for a squAre which has an "A" in it and also he was wearing jeans and we've seen an -A member wearing jeans. The song playing in the background had the word "see" in it which obviously means he was part of N.A.T. and it also had "the" in it and Ezra said that word in the episode. His head was facing slightly towards the left which in ancient mongolian mythology means "suspicion" so he's obviously hiding something and the paint bumps on the wall in the background resembled an -A if you squint and then tilt your head 134.78 degrees to the right wow there are just so many connections