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Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Prompt: Could you please write one where the reader is a part of avengers and one night all of them get really drunk and the next morning they wake up at really strange places, then they try to remember what happend? (Like the movie, hangover haha)

Warnings: Massive hangovers and a curse word

    A constant throbbing in the back of your skull made you stir. Along with the dry throat, your sore back, cramped joints, and the smell of alcohol in your breath.  

    Your eyes slowly open, and quickly shutting them once they met the blinding light above you.

    “Agh!” You grunted, using both of your hands to rub your face. Stupid mistake.

    Suddenly, something shifted under your body. 

    “Oh boy,” a man’s voice groaned. In a split second, your eyes shot wide open.

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