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Send me a sentence for my muse's reaction (Natalie Portman Edition)
  • "I lied to you, when you asked me if I loved you, and I said no. Remember?"
  • "You're not even glad that I called are you? You don't care if you ever see me again. You don't give a damn about me, do you? You know, I'm sorry I called you."
  • "Bonnie and Clyde didn't work alone. Thelma and Louise didn't work alone. And they were the best."
  • "In my stomach. It's all warm. I always had a knot there and now... it's gone."
  • "I like to mash snow. It gives me a tremendous feeling of self-satisfaction."
  • "What we've been doing lately is smoking massive amounts of drugs, binging on Entenmann's and listening to old Pink Floyd CD's."
  • "You're breaking my heart! You're going down a path I cannot follow!"
  • "I think I might be pregnant. You remember that guy I told you about last month?"
  • "You feel that? That little bom-bom-bom? That's where the heart is."
  • "I don't know what they're talking about. I have to look up every other word in the dictionary then I have to look up those words in the children's dictionary. Takes me a half hour to read a page."
  • "Are those initials on your underwear?"
  • "If I had my way they'd take metal altogether out of this world. Every blade, every gun."
  • "My mom always says that, when she can see I'm like working something out in my head, she's like, 'you're in it right now' and I'm looking at you're telling this story, and you're definitely in it."
  • "OK, so... so... sometimes I lie. I mean, I'm weird, man. About random stuff too, I don't even know why I do it. It's like... it's like a tick, I mean sometimes I hear myself say something and think, WOW, that wasn't even remotely true."
  • "We're not gonna make out or anything, okay?"
  • "You don't realize, this is good, this doesn't happen often in your life. We can work this stuff out. I want to help you, you know? We need each other…"
  • "Oh, as if you had no choice? There's a moment, there's always a moment, 'I can do this, I can give into this, or I can resist it', and I don't know when your moment was, but I bet you there was one."
  • "How can one man be so endlessly disappointing?"
  • "Lying's the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - but it's better if you do."
  • "It's the only way to leave. 'I don't love you anymore. Goodbye.'"
  • "Where is this love? I can't see it, I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words."
  • "Go on, hit me. It's what you want. come on, hit me, fucker!"
  • "What will you do if I find someone else?"
  • "I think monogamy goes against our basic biology."
  • "I'm going to start peeing with the door open, it's going to get weird."
  • "You give me premature ventricular contractions."
  • "You texted me that you were dying."
  • "When we stand next to each other it looks like he's kidnapping me."
  • "Yeah, talking. Communicating. Relationship stuff. If we were in a relationship I would become a weird scary version of myself. My throat starts constricting. The walls start throbbing. It's like a peanut allergy, like an emotional peanut allergy."
  • "I don't know what I thought. I guess I wanted to hear your voice. I mean, I know we broke up but."
  • "How do you know where I live?"
  • "I just want to be perfect."
  • "He doesn't deserve you."
  • "Look at us. Forever reduced to meeting in secret like this. Speaking in whispers. Hardly conducive to passion."
Fitzsimmons +the talk

Ok I’ve seen a lot  of people commenting on my “Fitz at the end of s03e03” meta, asking and wondering about the off screen talk I’ve mentioned. I tried to find the interview but I have like 10 minutes for this and I don’t remember the name of the guy. 

It was either a writer or a producer, talking about finale of season 2, sometime after the episode was aired (I guess week or two most). Now, I’m really sorry I can’t find it right now, but here are the things I remember: the author said that Fitzsimmons did had a long talk about their issues, that happened after he came back. It was really a one or two sentences and I can’t quote from memory, but I remember that it was definitely “long” “off screen” and after he come back. 

I wish I could give you source, but I really can’t spend a whole day digging through Internet today (if someone has a link to this interview, please send it to me). So you can either believe me or ignore it ;) I will continue to treat it as canon, because I know what I saw and I’m not a type of person who can’t tell wishes and reality apart ;)

Few things I might add is this interview with Elizabeth (x) where we have this: “Henstridge, however, at least appreciated that Fitz and Simmons got to have a long overdue discussion about their feelings for each other before her disappearing act. “Having had that conversation, in her mind, whatever happens to her, she’s thinking, ‘Well, I know Fitz is going to come and get me because he’s my boyfriend now,’” she says with a laugh.” The question is whether she meant the discussion we’ve seen or the offscreen one. Also, I think that talk we’ve seen is not enough for calling Fitz “her boyfriend” so again, they had to have a longer discussion at some point.

Here’s a post (x) I’ve written before seeing this forgotten interview, where I was wondering about the possibility of off screen talk, which would explain why Simmons was so neutral to Fitz’s “dinner talk”. So all in all, I think it really fits in - I really don’t think that after this intense scene we’ve seen, Fitz would go back from Iliad and be all “Hi, we won, I’ve killed Gordon, Coulson lost his hand, and let’s not go back to that talk we had, I don’t want to know what you’ve meant” and Simmons being like “Yes, you know what, after I went so far in expressing it, I don’t want us to finally just talk about it as I asked you to.” Do you really think they would just ignore this thing for a few days and then Fitz would start rambling about dinner and Simmons would assume he just means break? Well, I don’t. Simmons said “maybe when you get back we could finally just talk about it.” and I think they did just that. It also explains why Fitz is so bold with her now - taking her hand, going on a date when she’s still struggling with PTSD and so on. 

Also, lots of people are angry that “something so important happened offscreen”, but I’d like to point two things: 1) this would be a long talk. I mean, do you expect them to explain and understand everything that happened, every misunderstanding, everything they wanted to clear up, all their feelings and actions, in two minutes? No, I guess it would be at least half an hour of talk. The episode has a limited time and lots of other things to cover. They can’t give us a half an hour Fitzsimmons talking about their issues! So they’ve given us the starter. 2) leaving things to imagination is sometimes better than showing them bare. This is something my literature teacher told me, calling it “trusting the reader”. This talk would be emotional and difficult and there were so many expectations towards it. Sometimes authors chose to leave things unsaid, believing that the audience will go with it and figure their own explanation, the one that suits their experience and expectations, and fits with what they’ve seen. So while I, of course, would love to see this talk, I can understand why it was not given to us. For the same reason we haven’t seen Simmons telling Fitz that she was hunted - not enough screen time and we can imagine this scene since it was hinted at. 

So that’s me clarifying why I keep saying that they had this talk, again, sorry I lost the interview link.