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Ok, this is just a doodle, but as all my babies…I love him very dearly. It was funny and quite complicated, and long… because every time I started some lines or shades, other duties came in and I were obliged to interrupt the work.
A thing that annoys me at epic level!
Anyway, thanks to Dr. Lang -Tom for the reference pose.
What you see isn’t a camera filter, or some app effect for editing…is just my paper sheet flooded by late afternoon sunlight. And I love the way it hits the paper surface, emphasizing the grain…
I’ve just imagined Loki fallen asleep after one of his long nights of studies and reading, in the library.
Not one of my best drawings but not so bad anyway…

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whats ur favorite pic of melissa?

askjdhfaksdfjasdfa UM. every single one of them?

look at her

flashbacks to glee when we had only like 10 pics of melissa and i was obsessed with this one

true kent farm vibes (ABS ASDKFJHASD)

UM. im gay?

classy af

LOOK AT HER. ready to whoop someone’s ass

bae :3

me? a heterosexual? while these lips exist? LMAO


this literally says THIRST GALA i’m not making this up

this is turning into spam but U ASKED AND LOOK AT HER

PRECIOUS :’D this is my phone background

lil muffin :3

FLASHBACKS. goddamn how is she so beautiful. she had me shook from the very start

this is like…. tHE LOOK

melissa in a hoodie? sign me tf up

ok but can u blame me

ok ok i’ll stop but like… all the pics, is my answer.

WAIT. how could i forget thE MOST ICONIC ONE. LEGENDS ONLY


So…. I’m crying.
I’ve actually been crying for hours.
Well one word: Seventeen.

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I spent so many days in worry. When I heard that Seventeen are changing their concept I was extremely worried. After all,what I have noticed is that some people do not  accept change. They expect a group to have the same branding forever.

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So like I said, I was worried.

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Madness is over ok yes

Well I’m gonna stop here because I have a very bad headache now haha.

I wanted to thank you guys for this evening, and apologize for the spam as well. I’ve been working non stop for months and I’ve only done a few paintings for studies, and I can’t seem to manage to draw much for myself lately so this had been a very nice stress relief. You guys are reaally funny and cute and I just loved interacting like this tonight. <3

Much kisses to you sweeties / //v// /

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ok I have a story basically a long-ass time ago I played World of Warcraft and I was Serious™ about it and I had alts and did raids and all that other shit you do when you’re Serious™ in that game

So this was back before Raid Finder was a thing so if you were pugging a raid you mostly sat around at the meeting stone for like an hour while you spammed the LFG channel in desperation

ANYWAYS I was on my resto druid and I was in a pug for Onyxia’s Lair (this was WotLK so it was the remake of it).  And we were sitting around at the meeting stone and this one guy we pugged was being so fucking rude and obnoxious and he wouldn’t shut up but we didn’t kick him because we were desperate for people right, and that’s when I realized, for the first time

wait a minute

I’m the healer

I can decide who lives and dies

And I knew, right then, that I was standing on a terrible threshold, right at the edge of an abyss, and it was up to me whether or not I leaped.

Long story short I leaped and he died about 30 seconds into the boss fight and I laughed

Ok lesbian minako spam because im literally crying this hc has warmed me (also based my experiences of being ur fave lesbian dancer) 

  • Minako coming out to her dance troupe and expecting backlash, disgust, you can’t change with us anymore but they’re her sisters and love her. 
  • Minako being DISGUSTED by people who imply she dances for any reason other than her love of the art. 
  • Minako going through the “Just came out of the closet” stage and chopping off all her hair right before a competition and having to wear extensions in performances for like 2 years.
  • She had a poster of Lilia that was her gay poster.
  • Minako meeting Hiroko in college through a class/tutor session and she just FALLS because she’s so cute and small and chubby and Minako is dying. 
  • They end up dating a little bit but end on good terms since Minako needs to focus on her career+travel. They remain life long friends. 
  • When Hiroko meets Toshi she expects Minako to be upset but no she does a 20 min long speech at the wedding and when Mari is born she deems herself godmother while sobbing because “I LOVE THIS CHILD” 
  • Lbr, the Katsuki kids are her kids. 
  • When Yuuri is born she knows she FINALLY got a little dancer. 
  • She watches him, helps him, learns EVERYTHING to know about anxiety, keeps an extra bottle of his meds in her purse, does his hair for competitions, is the driving force of him going pro. (Yuuri’s family in canon doesn’t know a lot about it…so someone had to) 
  • She finally lets it drop she’s a lesbian to Yuuri and Yuuri is midspin, stops, and then starts sobbing because he likes boys and he’s SCARED. 
  • I’m not saying that Yuuri came out for the first time sobbing in Minako’s studio in nothing but a tank top and tights but……

OK SO baby kiibo was a thing on twitter and i fell in love and well do you see where this got me

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edit: ey fam got any jealousy/possessive you could analyse/spam us with? owo to me it feel likes it's been a while since i had last seen such a thing.

(Oh my gawd I’ve literally deleted this on accident twice when I’ve written so much and I’m going to kill myself but that’s ok because I’ve kept you waiting for so long and I’m sorry this is my punishment ahhhhhhh I luv u all)

Oh course! I’d be glad to! I’ve actually done an analysis like this before but it’ll be fun to see how much my analysis skills have improved XD ahhh I have no life~

Ok ok ok so one of the reasons why I am so into this ship is because of the fact that they seem to get jealous when one of them is talking to another person (usually an exo member). Of course people may counter against me saying “Well, it’s normal for people to get jealous when their best friend is interacting with another person”. But let me ask you this. Put yourself in this situation, you’re best friend or a very close friend of yours is talking with another friend, do you really think you would get jealous? And we are also adding the fact that there would be so many other friends around you, do you really think you would get jealous? Probably not, it’s not like you’re being left out, you’re most likely not possessive of your friend or have any right to decide whether or not if your friend can talk with someone or not. Now if we think about that, wouldn’t that make the fact that these two show somewhat of a strong sense of jealousy when the other is just talking and playing around and having skinship with usually another friend a bit suspicious?

Now let’s continue on with a slight personality analysis. I think most Chanbaek shippers can agree with the fact that out of the two, Baekhyun has more ‘jealous’ moments. Chanyeol of course has his moments but not as much. Let’s look a bit into their character. If I offend any Baekhyun stans or fellow Chanyeol stans with this analysis I am so sorry XD. From what I’ve seen, Baekhyun is a very playful, happy, extra, and out going guy. I also feel that Baekhyun is a guy who likes attention, like to be noticed, and be in the spotlight. That’s a very good personality as an idol. Baekhyun also likes to tease his members and play around with them, and as we already know he seems to tease Chanyeol quite a bit, calling him today, poking him, cracking jokes and he really likes it when he makes Chanyeol laugh, because he’s that kind of guy, he likes getting positive reactions from people. I mean everyone does, but being a extrovert, he really gets a bang out of it. So him being someone that really likes attention, if he were in a relationship, he would probably get jealous more easily than his partner because he would probably crave attention and want to be the only one in his partner’s eyes. To me, Chanyeol is a very happy dude, he’s an open guy and like sharing his works with everyone, he’s a nice guy, and he likes having fun. I’m not sure if he’s a possessive person, I mean I don’t know him and that trait is one that shows when you know that person but he really seems to be protective of Baekhyun, of course I’m aware that’s not the same as possessive but him being protective means he feels better when Baekhyun is by his side and with his protective nature with people he’s close to (or just Baekhyun maybe, I don’t think he’s really protective (if you want to call it that) of the other exo members, and if he has please correct me. So there would clearly be some jealousy if Baekhyun were interacting with other members (and being skinshipy as he is) because he cares a lot and being the protective ‘boyfriend’ that he is, would like it better if Baekhyun were near him.

Now let’s get on with something a bit deeper. Jealousy [in a relationship] is commonly perceived as something healthy, like a sign that your partner cares and is overall something the average person experiences a few times, hypothetically. But jealousy is mostly blossomed from feelings of insecurity, fear, compassion, and of course, possessiveness. The jealous moments span from throughout the years, but I hope you’ll agree with me when i say most of the are from the years 2012-2013. Now, where the insecurity may come in, let’s just hypothetically say that these two were in a relationship back in 2012. That would be the first stages of a relationship, they would be a newly made couple, and it’d be all happy, but that also means a lot of insecurity and fear. Starting a relationship means there’s not too much trust built up, you may think things like “what if they feel they made a mistake dating me?” “What if I make a mistake that they really don’t like and they want to break up?” “What if they find someone and decide that this person would be better for them?” “What if I’m just not good enough?” The fear of losing your partner to someone else is one of the main triggers for jealousy. With that fear, the mere action of your partner talking with someone else that could threaten your relationship or your partner looking at someone else, could set off jealous emotions. So if these two were in a relationship back then, then that could explain why there were so many jealous moments during those years. (2013 was also considered a bad year for chanbaek). But if they were (hypothetically) still in a relationship, more trust has been built so there’s less possibility for insecurity. Although there’s still jealousy because they just really like being with each other (also it’s pretty normal for guys to be possessive over their lover). 

So basically what I am trying to say with this analysis (consider this a tldr) is that I feel that these two do get genuinely jealous when it shows. I don’t think those expressions are fake (but of course some pictures may be a bit overboard because it’s really hard to tell if they really are looking at the other or not, but most of the time I am certain that they are looking at the other and looking jealous. I mean, they’re faces just look either sad and or ticked off. That is how jealousy is supposed to look. Jealousy is not a happy emotion. It can be ugly, it’s supposed to be negative emotions which include dejection and anger. Honestly if you don’t think that these expressions show jealousy or at least a ticked off expression then I really want to know what you see, because these expressions are definitely not neutral ones. Also the fact that they even look jealous when the other is talking with someone else really gives me suspicion on their relationship. If they were just friends or even best friends there would be no reason to get jealous. But if they were lovers, there would be a reason because being lovers means that you belong to each other and someone you want to be with for the rest of your life. So clearly there’s going to be a feel of possessiveness and more feelings of fear and insecurity (especially when you begin to question the other’s feelings and when it’s more likely to be threatened than a friendship). 

I’m so sorry this took a long time and I’m super sorry if this causes your dash to crash ;>< 

I love you guyss~


Now that it’s FINALLY healed, here’s the finished product! I have been waiting for this for an entire year and I am so so SO happy with how it turned out! 10 years ago I fell in love with Avatar and I figured this would be an awesome way to show my appreciation for bryankonietzko and michaeldantedimartino for creating this entire universe that I can indulge myself in. And a big thank you to Tanya for drawing up the original concept and Amy for the tattoo! Both of you ladies kick ass!

OK Fandom-

I have reached the point where I am actually legitimately upset… 

I’ve been making a point thus far to keep my posts general and about issues I see in the fandom and academic as opposed to personal, but the combination of lack of sleep and hurt feelings is making me try another tactic. 

In general I try to be a good person. I multi-ship, I support people wanting to do things other than I do, but without encouraging the idea that that equates to not allowing people to speak out against the things you like. I make a point to support a wide array of artist, writers and fan works of all types many of whom have vastly different thoughts and opinions than I do because I think that is a wonderful thing to have in a fandom… 

for weeks now I have seen people tearing apart people who support problematic characters in this show- namely Chloe Lila and Gabe. You can feel free to look through my older posts to see my thoughts on the characters and their redeemability in general. 

Similarly I have been seeing a lot of discussions in the past few days specifically about the idea of Fandom Misogyny- the unfair treatment of female characters by a fandom in situations where their male counterparts get excused for the same type of actions. This is a very real concept that is true of most entertainment media. (you’ll see why this applies in a minute.) 

However while these things all apply, none of them are the reason for this post.

The point of this post is this- Do not come anonymously into my box to tell me that I am a misogynist and a terrible person. Partially because I am going to laugh in your face, and partially because that doesn’t make you a spokesman for your cause. It makes you a jerk. Don’t go around spamming anyone with hate to make your point. Or if you do want to tell me that I am doing something wrong by writing about ANY of the DOZENS of characters I have written about- including all three of the problematic characters mentioned in my previous posts- then do it civilly or have the guts to turn off anon and do it to my face. 

The same goes to anyone else you think this is ok for. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE deserves to get hate mail. 

To all you people out there getting similar hate for any reason- I am so sorry. 

For those of you wanting to support your characters, or speak out against problems in the fandom I am cheering for you. 

For all of you thinking its ok to do that by sending hateful messages to people- go take a good long look in the mirror. 

I think you should be worried about your own redemption arc. 

Ps. for anyone who has been posting about fandom misogyny in regards to these topics I apologize if I have been harsh in any replies/debates. This is why.  

La Douleur Exquise | Part 2

Jimin x Reader | Taehyung x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Epilogue

Summary: After you had found someone you thought was your soulmate, fate had to fuck everything up and turn your life upside down.

Genre: Angst and fluff

Word count: 13,027 words

A/N: this was painful to write. i cried, and thank you @extraterrestrial-taehyung for dealing w/ me and editing this emotional thing (also italics are jimin’s pov)

La Douleur Exquise- (n.) the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone you know you can never have.

Saudade- (n.) the feeling of longing for something or someone who you love and which is lost.

August 8th, 2006

It had been weeks since I last talked to Y/N in person. The last time was at my party, when the both of us were drunk. I remembered the feeling that the short-lived kiss gave me, and I knew I shouldn’t start to have feelings like that for my best friend.

The morning after the party, I immediately left the house while everyone was eating breakfast. I walked aimlessly through the streets in my pajamas, trying to sort out what I felt. I told myself that maybe it was because I was drunk, that the alcohol was manipulating my thoughts, but then I asked myself why my heart raced whenever I thought of Y/N’s lips, even though I was fully sober? I decided to ignore Y/N for a little while, so my heart could have time to settle down, but it was easier said than done. She was a part of my life, a piece of my soul, my best friend.

I returned to an empty house an hour or two later. Apparently Yoongi was taking everyone out to the amusement park and Y/N texted me if I wanted to go. I left her on Read. I knew I was a horrible person for doing that, but I had no other choice. I couldn’t fall in love with the only person I considered family. What if she didn’t feel the same way? What if she starts to avoid me because of my feelings for her?

I inhaled, and exhaled. “Everything will be fine.”

I was all wrong.

That evening, I laid down all alone in my bed, surrounded by the warmth of the blankets that I cuddled in. A thought slipped into my mind as I drifted into slumber. I wish Y/N was here. I wish she was the one I was cuddling. I shot open my eyes and mentally slapped myself for that comment. I took a deep breath in, and then exhaled. “Everything is going to be okay. Everything will be fine.” As if Y/N could sense I was thinking about her, a text came.

Y/N: are you ok?

I opened the text, and left her on Read once more. I knew that she would figure out that something was wrong. I would always text her back after I open her messages, but now, it being the second time I didn’t respond, she would get to the bottom of my problem. Five minutes later, her spam began.

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Hello sunflowers 🌻! I want to quickly address something I’ve been noticing more increasingly over the past few months: it is not OK to self-promote on others’ posts. Adding comments, tagging friends, etc. is fine, and part of the social aspect of this website, but adding direct self-promos (“follow for more like this!”) or indirect self-promos (random phrases mass-spammed on all/many of your reblogs such as “be kind”, “love yourself”, “live, laugh, love”) is not. This is something I have noticed both on my original posts, and posts I have reblogged, and it honestly makes me sad that people are using my blog to post spam… especially when they remove the original credit/caption to do so.

Just as fair warning: I will be blocking any/all blogs that I see doing this! Please respect your fellow bloggers 😌 💕!

Ok hi everyone lol sorry for the spam. I started cleaning out my ask box and just decided to answer all the art questions I have so far. I’ll be deleting everything else so I’m so sorry if you didn’t get an individual reply to your ask! I let it build up too much tt - tt. I read everything though so thank you so much for all the kind words sent my way! My ask is currently closed atm but it’ll be open again in the future I just want to rest a bit LOL. Thank you so much though to everyone for sticking with me!

My Response

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Ok so my team was on attack on Numbani. They were all over the fucking map, and they were so scared of the enemy Widowmaker no one was pushing the payload. I got so sick of it as Mercy and I PUSHED THE PAYLOAD MYSELF. Hiding behind the payload so the Widowmaker couldn't shoot me. The DVA on my team was spamming I need healing from the other side of the map. Well shit DVA if you want healing you'll have to push the payload????? We still won, thanks to fucking Mercy