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Earth Birthday - Supergirl One-shot

Pairing: Sanvers/Supercorp

Word Count: 1,885 words

Rating: M

Summary: Alex, Maggie, Kara and Lena celebrate Kara’s Earth birthday at Alex’s Place until an innocent comment turned into an adventure.

Can also Read on AO3 if you wish

Alex was setting up monopoly in the living room when Maggie came through the door with both hands filled with food, struggling to keep them from spilling over her short arms.

‘Ah! Yes you’re here!’ Alex rushed over to help her put the bags on the kitchen counter.

‘I missed you too Danvers.’ She laughed when Alex completely ignored her for a second unpacking and organising the snacks and wine. The only thing Maggie managed to keep in her hands was the scotch… not that she had an issue with that. Alex, breaking away from her focus, looked at Maggie for a second and smiled. She leaned in and kissed her lightly.

‘I missed you too.’ They both wore dazed grins on their face when there was a knock on the door. Alex set back into her organising panic ushered Maggie to get the door.

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Secrets... Natasha X Reader

(Credit goes to image’s original owner.)

For Jamie and an anon <3

Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Natasha Romanoff,Steve Rodgers,Clint Barton,Tony Stark,Thor,Bruce Banner.

Word Count: 1276


Training to become an assassin is never easy,especially when you a child.You were taken away from your friends and family,and moved to a compound in Russia.Trained to become a ruthless killer,you do not hesitate to hurt or kill others if necessary.You are an effective killer,having high acclaim in the compound,which caused the other girls in your group to be wary of you.All except one,Natasha Romanoff.You two have been the best of friends ever since you can remember.You are great partners,both of exceptional talent.After your graduation from the compound,you two travel together,completing jobs wherever you could find them.You two gain a reputation from your success,Natasha was the ‘Black Widow’, and you were dubbed the ‘Songbird”.You two were inseparable until one day… 

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As I’ve mentioned, I want to finish this Newlyn Hills save before City Living is released so people who want to can use it as their base save before starting a new game in San Myshuno (this will also include my Blythe Harbor Lite lots). That means I have about 11 days to get this puppy finished. 

I have George’s Brewpub (Restaurant venue) almost done. I’ll upload that one as soon as I finish playtesting. But everything else I will hold off on uploading separately until the whole save is finished, just in the interest of using my time as wisely as possible. XD

The residential lots are all built, but I still need to finish decorating and landscaping 4 of them. And then there are the community lots. I had planned to build most of them from scratch, but I’m a slow builder and I’m running out of time. ;-p So here’s what I’ve done:

(More under the cut)

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The Bottomless Pit

Ok I did it. I’ve just been having a look at Purvs twitter and the responses and declarations from her twits. First and last time I will be looking. There are some similarities between the sides with one glaring exception. Puffy and Jess never comment and say that it’s fact. Purv does. It’s all over the place on her twitter feed thingy. Her minions (not the cute yellow ones) blindly agree. It’s all a bit like the Stepford wives movie. Everything is vague and a little grotty as well. I understand the shit fight a little more now. Ship on people…. Ugh I think I’ll take a shower