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He Hasn’t Asked- Ben Hutton

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Ok so Ben is like a child himself and so him with children is adorable! Anyway and kids are curious! Enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: That Hutty one was so cute!! Can you please do another story where he reads to kids at a school and one of them asks if he’s married. (The McDavid kids Q&A gave me inspiration)


              Ben looked adorable surrounded by children.

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  • interviewer: why do you want this job?
  • me: I need money for when MCR come back
  • interviewer: didn't they break-
  • me: *talking over them* 2019 is the year of the killjoys and there is no way Gerard Way can resist such a fitting, dramatic comeback. furthermore in a recent interview approximately 10 weeks ago Frank Iero was asked if MCR would ever reform and he was like YEAH WHO KNOWS which is a complete 360 to his old tune of 'no that chapter is done' so plans are clearly in place now ok I trust that man with my life and soul. but if THAT'S not enough for you then let's not forget James Dewees has said all along and still says MCR will be back and if anyone knows what he's talking about its him, Gerard definitely doesn't know what he's talking about a lot of the time haha am I right *nudges interviewer*

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There's that one time when they're interviewing a witness and they start bickering about the case, and the witness is like "You two are fighting like a married couple" and Maggie deadpans "I'm still waiting for her to propose." And Alex says " No, no, it's your turn, I made the first step." And they start bickering again in front of the dumbfounded witness. It also probably ends with a bet. Who can plan the best proposal maybe?

Omg they’re bickering ALL THE FREAKING TIME literally like an old married couple ok and obviously they’re making a bet they’re betting like 87% of the time and who can plan the best proposal hehehe i can see it happen
They both come to Kara for help (separately, of course) and she’s amused and takes on herself to help them both and I guess it ends with a very fancy dinner on some roof-top with amazing view and a plane that writes a message in the sky and fireworks and rings inside the champagne glasses and everything is very well organized and they’re both giggle all night cus they know what’s going on here but no one say it out loud
Also I thought about a different scenario that they’re both coming to Kara for help (again, separately) and they tell her it needs to be perfect and amazing and big and she’s like ok I’ll do everything and in the end she plans a simple meal at home with candels and music for them to understand that they don’t need planes and fireworks to show each other they love because it’s bigger than anything

~Send me some sanvers headcanons!~

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I think it's pretty clear Louis and Nick have let bygones be bygones. They're not friends in their personal lives, but are fine in professional settings. Nick never should have received the kind of abuse he received. I'm still bitter about the kind of abuse he gets from this fandom about something like that, Louis should have thought better than to tweet out to his millions of followers knowing the reaction his fans would have. I'm glad they seem ok, at least, professionally.

I agree 100% with this, anon. They seem just fine and it’s a very old conversation so I was reluctant to post about it all. However, because it still gets raised, I wanted to put the facts there on my blog so it’s somewhere as I’ve received a few asks about it recently and a lot of the Nick abuse I saw around prior to the interview on Friday, largely based on erroneous half truths, made me pretty pissed off. I’m glad they seem okay professionally too, and although I feel Nick hate has calmed somewhat recently, it’s still out there and I think it’s massively undeserved.

Lauren Jauregui is a loser: a masterpost

hello i’m making this post so we can finally destroy the idea that lauren jauregui is badass and intimidating and exposing her as the huge dorky loser she really is :’)

ps. please be careful, this post might make u cry

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ha respondido a tu publicación

“Please, before it even starts”

They already do that to JJ �� He is such a sweet dork, and they use him like a sadistic son of a b*tch.

(ok, this got longer than originally intended)

As a disclaimer of sorts, this is kind of an old post that I wrote back in the day (super early this year I think?) when everyone was still picking sides, there was virtually no extra info besides what the anime gave us -when interviews were still scarce, there were no events, or even the extras from the dvd/bd were not out yet- and people were not treating JJ nearly as bad as they are now.

Unfortunately, he became a scapegoat and the *evil by default* which is really sad, when he turned to be this huge dork (I like to think of him like he’s a large puppy thats probably too enthusiastic for his own good xD). I personally do enjoy when its just playful rivalry between JJ and Yurio (like jokes and pranks) and I really hope that on future canonverse Yurio gets to tone down his hostility just like it happened with Yuuri; but definitely not when people paint JJ like he’s this ‘ultimate antichirst bully’ of the yoi skating world or any AUs people come out with.

Can you dislike him? Yes, you can. We all have preferences. Can you change your mind and like him later on? Of course you can change your mind.

Can you make him the antagonist/villain of your AU? Yes, of course you can. Any character can be your antagonist of choice. I’ve seen even Cao Bin used as an antagonist, and he’s so far just a name on the first episode with no info at all.

Should you disregard all canon information, trash his character development and personality and use him (or whatever character, for that matter) as a posterchild of evil just because ‘you feel like it’ in order to justify your ‘precious’ headcanons? No, especially when people are basically campaigning in order to get that distorted version as the ‘default’ because they just don’t like canon content and it’s ‘convenient’. I personally not only believe that that’s lazy AF, but most importantly that’s a huge middle finger to the creators. They didn’t spend all this time developing the characters just for people to go like ‘LMAO IDGAF what canon says f*ck character development because I don’t like him’.

Do you want a villain that in your world will be responsable for the worst crimes ever, the dude that even satan himself goes like ‘whoa dude, calm down maybe?’? Make your own, and I mean it, because there is no ultimate villain of that style in canon that fits the job (unless you count anxiety and miscommunication?) That’s basically what the YOI creators themselves did when they needed those, resulting in ‘chihoko’ and the ‘evil squid spirit’, and those were for CRACK. Crack was that one time they could have made anyone ‘the villain’ because it’s not meant to be taken seriously, but they still went with new ideas because they are very much aware that nobody fits the ‘evil’ role. Go ahead, get creative. Maybe it’s an ISO official, the taxi/uber driver, a sponsor that dropped a skater, idk, you tell me.

People need to understand for once that YOI wasn’t your typical competition story. All ‘rivalries’ were carefully created in a way that fits the current -and future- storyline. Every single character turned out to be completely different from the expectations set when they were first introduced. Even the story itself wasn’t even remotely as close as what the original expectations were for the fandom. There isn’t this special ‘evil’ character that is designed for this purpose because that was not the point of the story in the first place, nobody is defeating anyone ‘in the name of all that’s pure and good’. I s2g many people out there need to take several seats and maybe rewatch the whole damn series because sometimes I feel that we’re watching two completely different shows.

[TRANS] K-BOY Paradise Vol. 19  - B.A.P Interview

The 6 lacking in nothing
Appearing as our cover story in 2 years!!

Getting 1st place as soon as they made their Korean comeback with “Young, Wild & Free”, B.A.P are bringing along their Japan 1st album to restart their activities in Japan!

Wanting to meet their Japanese fans as soon as possible, we went and asked them about their thoughts.

― Congratulations on the [upcoming] release of your first Japanese album!
: Thank you very much!

 “I want you to listen to our new album soon” ― Yongguk

― When it was decided that you’ll be releasing this album, what did you feel like? Please tell us about the concept and theme of this album.

YJ: It’s B.A.P! It’s titled “Best. Absolute. Perfect” and it contains tracks from the styles that we’ve shown till now that match the theme of Best, Absolute & Perfect. There’s an original Japanese song “KINGDOM” that also fits the album title and is the lead track. I think it’s a song that introduces and fits us perfectly.

“I look forward to meeting our Japanese fans at the lives”  ― Himchan

― The promotion photos have quite a hard image don’t they. Wasn’t it difficult when you were taking the photos?
: We wore black clothes for this, but it had a similar image to “BADMAN” which we released in Korea. I think it matches the song perfectly. Following on from that image, we did the album photoshoot for “Best. Absolute. Perfect” with tough visuals too. Looking at the photos, I think we did quite well.
HC: To be honest, I was a bit confused. These photos were taken a while back so…… Ah! *2 corgis came out from the staff room and ran under the table* There are dogs running around! Um…… What was I talking about again?
YG: You were talking about the album photos.
HC: That’s right (laughs). We’re preparing for our 5th mini album “CARNIVAL” in Korea, but the photos for “Best. Absolute. Perfect” were taken before that, so my head’s a bit mixed up.

“Please look forward to the member’s personalities too” ― Daehyun

― Please tell us about any episodes that you thought were “a bit cool” whilst composing or recording the song.
HC: It suddenly started snowing during the music video filming for “KINGDOM”. Thanks to the snow, we were able to shoot a very cool scene. That isn’t fake snow, it’s real! We we’re really lucky.

“This album is us in itself” ― Youngjae

― There are other original Japanese songs right?
: “BACK IN TIME” and “NEW WORLD”. Actually, “BACK IN TIME” was such a good song that we considered putting it as the lead track for the next album.

 “We’ll show you a new us at the live”  ― Jongup

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my current obsession. read: THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E

It all started when allyallyonthewall​ invited me to watch this seemingly harmless movie with her. But little did I know that she was actually dragging me into this never-ending hole of the man from uncle.

But what I don’t understand is how people don’t really know that this movie even existed!! (read: most of my friends) And then there’s me who watched it twice and still feeling the hype from the movie after almost over a month.

It is such a good movie people!!! You have to watch it!! I literally can’t stress it enough!

So I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my opinions on why you need to watch this movie. (other than because I rave about this movie endlessly and got people annoyed by it)

  • The stars

I mean come on people have you seen who played in this movie?? They’re ridiculously-very-attractive human beings!! I mean come on..

There’s the man of steel himself and the lone ranger. Even the ladies in this movie are super attractive it sometimes felt unfair. As a teenager who goes to an all-girls high school, where school life has made my life (more often than not) dull, this is really something that made my eyes open and wanting more.

  • The director

You remember the movie Sherlock Holmes? Yeah the first one, the one with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. It was directed by this guy. Guy Ritchie. I remember loving and also obsessing over that movie, and I believe this feeling that I have right here.. Is also part of his doing. Like most of the stars on this movie said “it’s a Guy Ritchie movie” (you are just bound to love it I suppose). Remember that name people, it’s important.

  • The aestethics

This movie is so beautifully made, I’m not even kidding. From the pacing of the story, the colors and compositions, the cinematography, the lighting.. ugh it’s basically a very well made piece of art!

just look at it…

the intensity for goodness sake..

  • The humour

There are a bunch of hilarious moments in this movie, the jokes are very smartly written, it’s witty and it’s just.. spot on. For example: rivalry.

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  • The setting

It’s a spy movie that is set in the late 60′s in Europe, how could that ever go wrong? The answer is, it never goes wrong + it is made by Guy Ritchie.

good old fashion car and cameras

of course.. the fashion as well.

Basically this movie is filled with a bunch of great stuff! And I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. But I have to admit story wise, it’s ok. It’s not super great but it’s not bad.

As a movie as a whole I still really enjoyed this movie and I encourage other people to join me in this wonderful world of the man from u.n.c.l.e, and afterwards if you’ve finished watching every interview with the casts and directors you can also check the old 60′s tv series that this movie is based upon.

That is all that I have to say, and I’ll leave you with links to the trailer and the fanart that I made.

And feel free to talk to me about this movie, but please for heavens sake don’t judge me and my obsession without watching this movie first

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because if you haven’t,

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ok that is all, cheers!


Cass Saves Harper And Stomps The Orphan
from Batman and Robin Eternal 02 2015-12

Her eyes have been color corrected to BROWN in the following panels:
* the close up on her eyes
* the same image to the lower right with CHAK
It’s kind of funny that the Orphan has nice brown eyes while Cassie’s are still blue. Maybe she can steal her old eye color back from him! :)

* Eye Color: Again with blue eyes, really DC, really?!? Ok, maybe they colored issues 01-04 already and starting with issue 05 our beloved Cass will again be a brown eyed girl.

REQUEST: if anyone has links of Tweets or interviews with DC folks talking about Cassandra Cain’s eye color, please post them or PM me. I’m at a loss about this. I can keep zooming into her eyes in GIMP and adjusting each pixel to make them brown and to look natural, but I’d rather they fix it. Maybe I’ll just have to accept that new Cass has joined the ranks of the many, many blue eyed Gotham-ites (who all happen to also be white). Hopefully, Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley will be allowed to keep their green eyes.

* She Was Hit!: A very minor bad thing was Cassie actually being hit by an opponent. Dick managed to grab her neck last issue but I think she might have anticipated that and let it in so she could flip him. But here the Orphan seems to have kicked the inside door off its hinges and into Cass or his kick followed through to hit Cass. Either way, score one for the Orphan. That’s ok, if she never, ever got hit she’d be invincible and the Orphan would not be threatening in the story.

* Harper Shoots Stuff: I’m not a fan of Harper’s tasers though I’m glad they showed Orphan getting the drop on her. Not a big deal and I know I’ve got to become more accepting of Harp.

* Cass saved Harper! I was fearing that Harp would have embarrassed Cass just like she embarrassed Robo-Batman by easily jamming his suit and freezing it. I’m glad Cass was introduced to Harper helping her and not having a showdown.

* Still A Great Fighter: No change here from issue 01. Cass still kicks butt. The Orphan appears to be a super intimidating bad arse but Cass connects with him multiple times and deftly dodges his sword swings.

* The Orphan To Cassandra Cain:
I knew it would come to this. You never outgrew the the softness of your baby flesh, Cassandra Cain.
You expected love and attention, when you should have desired to become as hard as sto–
This is interesting. It might indicate that Orphan knew Cass from birth. And that Cass wanted a loving upbringing but should have been as hard as stone. She’s definitely getting some kind of harsh, terrible youth in this new origin.

* Sign Language!: This wasn’t real sign language, probably just a quick hand gesture. But still, I’m glad Cass said nothing this issue and just one word, “Mother,” twice last issue. They could have written her saying Go or Got This or something else short to Dick. But just a quick gesture, very nice. I also think it’s likely that Dick didn’t want to argue with the girl who beat him up last issue nor did he want to chase the guy who he tried to save but got kicked instead. Going to help Harper was the path of least resistance to be sure.

* Her Name Is Cassandra Cain: The writers are leaving no doubt at all that her name is Cassandra Cain. For old Cass, it’s a bit of a mystery about how her name came up; she was just Batgirl for a long time and then Babs started using Cassandra. Not here! Orphan said Cassandra Cain and Harp said Cassandra twice. I’m now waiting for the first use of Cass and Cassie.

* What A Cliffhanger!
Jason [via comlink]: ‘Yello.
Dick: Hood! This is Dick! No time to explain. There’s an assassin after you!
Jason: An assassin? You don’t say–
Jason: What’s she look like?
This is great! Finally, Cass and Jason meet in the official canon. Will they fight? Obviously, Dick is trying to warn Jason about the assassin, The Orphan. But of course Jason thinks it’s this little black clad martial artist. We can see the bar is a mess with broken stuff and a guy knocked out. Something has already happened. Will we see Cass dodge bullets like she so frequently did in the old days? Will Jason be able to handle Cass after she stomped both Dick and the Orphan? Great, great cliffhanger with an excellent stinger - next: PAIN AND CAIN! Nice job DC!

Well, well, well, now the shock and happiness of Cassandra’s initial return has waned we have a second installment. And I really liked it. Not just the Cass stuff but the Stephanie bits were excellent as were the Robin parts. I also liked the flashback which had genuinely disturbing Fear Toxin art, especially for Catwoman.

I’m very happy with this issue and can’t wait to find out about Cass Vs Jason, more Cass background, Cass meets Steph, how Cass integrates with Harp/Steph, who is the Orphan, how Dick deals with his Nightwing/Robin legacy, how Steph develops, how JPV/Azrael shows up and, of course, what’s the deal with Mother.

So far, this is shaping up as much more fun and interesting than Batman Eternal. Just don’t add too many more characters (just JPV is fine) and don’t add more stories/sub-plots. Just stay with the Mother story, fighting, and lots and lots of time for character development and interaction.

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wait wait can u pls discuss the dog thing i'm lost

ok ok ok ok so in this (xxx) interview louis did for “One Direction: The Official Annual 2015”, he says that the last photo he took was of his dog, Bruce

now, it came as a big surprise to us all that louis had a dog, some figured it wasnt actually his, as in maybe his mum got a dog, but the twins still being young, the idea was shot down almost straight away

but then, as explained in this (xxx) post, Harry's (and Gemmas, if you want to get technical about it) old friend Chloe posted a picture of a dog with the caption “iya Bruce”

(look how cute!!!)

its only an assumption, but adding onto all of this the fact that Chloes post has now been deleted (xxx), i think we can pretty much all agree that there is a pretty big chance that Bruce is not only Louis’ dog, but Harry’s as well.

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Do you think that Lydia and Deputy Parrish will get together... Right now next to Scott and Kira they are my ultimate Otp

Well I don’t want to put any words in people’s mouths - AND THIS IS ALL SPECULATION (and I personally don’t even know how I feel about these two yet) but between what Alyssa Clark had to say on AfterBuzz this week

“I know we’ve gotten some criticism about slow burning relationships enough. And here’s the thing with characters. You can create them and then they get away from you, and you don’t know what’s going to happen with them. I know that sounds weird. I remember when I was wanting to be a writer - Writers used to say that and I was like how does that happen?? And then you start writing and you’re like OMG the character just got away from you. And if anything happens with Parrish and Lydia I think it would be a slower burn. You know Lydia is 17. She’s still in high school but she’s 17 years old currently […] I don’t like the automatic assumption that if there’s two people who have a little bit of chemistry they immediately have to be a couple. I don’t always like that. Sometimes I love it! Ok look, sometimes I love it - Just watched Notting Hill again - I love it sometimes. But sometimes I don’t”

And what Ryan Kelley had to say in this interview

“Any chance that Parrish will have a love life in this season?: This season they’re tossing around ideas. I’m not going to give anything away but it’s coming. So, it’s a possibility. I don’t know if they’re actually going to get into it anytime soon but I know it’s coming. That’s the only thing I can say about that.”

I’d say Parrish/Lydia shippers might have reason to be hopeful!

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"Too long" 😩😩😩😩

Too long. Too long to not roll my eyes and sigh in exasperation every time I see on old lie revisited for a new interview. Too long to be ok with the “they are just friends so it’s ok” reasoning when their whole team is littered with the skeletons of stunts past that are still friends with members of their team. Call it what it is. Leeching off of someone closeted in order to get your 15 minutes of fame and riding it out for all it is worth. Lou T seems to have quite a few friends that fall into this department. Too long. I’m not going anywhere though. I plan on being here until the end. I will be the one waving a rainbow flag, holding a bottle of vodka, screaming “Larry is real” while wearing a Harry ❤️ Louis and Louis ❤️ Harry" tshirt!

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Hollstein nanny/single parent AU if you're taking suggestions/requests for that thing you reblogged. Carmilla is the nanny because despite being a jerk to people her own age, she's really good with kids. Laura is a stressed out single mom.

“I have to admit that I’m still not sure about this, but I just really need some help and all your references spoke very high of you, so you’re hired,” you say to the woman sitting in the chair across the living room from you. Her leather pants and disaffected demeanor don’t exactly scream ‘I love kids’ but you’re desperate. Your new job requires a lot of hours, but the medical benefits are great and you want to provide the kind of life Katie deserves. 

“Well, being your last resort isn’t exactly enticing, but I’ll take the job. I kind of need the cash and your kid seems like she won’t be a complete terror,” she says.

“Oh, Katie is an absolute dream. She’s still a stubborn four-year-old at times, but she’s so sweet. It makes up for it.” 

“I see where she gets it,” she says and you couldn’t fight the blush on your cheeks if you wanted to. You may be holding this interview strictly for professional reasons, but you can’t deny how gorgeous this woman is. Come on, Hollis. Keep it together.

“OK then! Are you able to start today? I know it’s like, super short notice, but I have to be at the station in an hour and if I call my friend Perry to babysit one more time I think she’s going to freak. She loves Katie but she has her own kids to take care of and I can’t keep relying on-”

“Cupcake… chill. I was kind of hoping I could start soon anyway and I really have nothing going on so today is fine.”


“Oh great! Well do you have everything you need?”

“Kid? check. Fridge full of someone else’s food? check. Book to cure my boredom while the little one naps? check. All good here if you’re really ok with this,” Carmilla says.

“Yes, everything is great. Thank you, Carmilla. Katie seems to like you and I’m just so happy to have some help. I’ll see you tonight?”

“See you tonight.”

You get home around seven, just after you finished the five o’clock broadcast. You never want to leave your little girl, but Katie has told you more than once that having her mommy on tv is “way cool” and that makes it a bit easier to leave her during the day. 

Walking from room to room, you start to feel concerned that you can’t find Carmilla or Katie anywhere.You’re surprised however to see that they must have already eaten dinner since there are dishes in the sink and a plate for you keeping warm in the oven. 

You head upstairs, seeking out your daughter when you hear her giggling from her room. Her laugh is like magic, melting away all your stress instantly. You’re so happy, smiling from ear to ear knowing that you seem to have found the right person to take care of her while your gone. For so long, you’ve been the only person to make Katie laugh. The fact that Carmilla has her in a fit of giggles after spending just a few hours with her is definitely a good sign.

You approach her door, quietly peeking around the corner to see the two of them sitting at Katie’s table having an actual tea party. Carmilla would probably rather be caught dead than be seen like this, but both the tiara on her head and the smile on her face tell a very different story. She puts on this guarded front, but she really is good with kids. She’s good with your Katie.

“Are you friends with my mommy?” Katie asks Carmilla.

“Not yet, but I think I’d like to be.”

“I think my mommy would like you. You’re funny and she gets sad sometimes. I don’t want her to be sad,” Katie says, filling up Carmilla’s cup with imaginary tea. 

“I don’t want her to be sad either. Maybe you and I could be friends first and we’ll see what happens,” Carmilla says, sipping her ‘tea’ with her pinky out because Katie insists on it. 

“We’re already friends. Aunt Perry is nice, but you’re fun and your jelly sandwiches are better but don’t tell her.”

“Your secret is safe with me, kiddo.”

Katie gets up from her chair, rounds the table and hugs Carmilla. she’s shocked at first, but eventually wraps her arms around your daughter and kisses the top of her head. You know then that you made the right choice. Carmilla may be mysterious and a little rough around the edges, but seeing the way she looks at your little girl tells you everything you need to know. You wipe the single tear from your cheek before knocking on the door lightly.

“Mommy!” Katie says, running over so you bend down to hug her tightly.

“Hey, baby!” you say. “How was your day?”

“It was so fun. We colored, read books, she makes the best jelly sandwiches and she played with me all day. I’m glad she’s here, mommy. I like her.”

You look over Katie’s head, making eye contact with Carmilla before saying “me too, honey. I like her too.”

Why are some beliebers sending hate to selena??! Like wtf a relationship takes two people if you didn’t know!! Stop being a cry baby and move the fuck on from them they both clearly did. Instead of sending hate go buy wdym and promote it y'all were asking for music so that you could stop trash talking selena ok now you have it why are y'all still reaching?? They are both still gonna talk about each other in interviews btw, so stop acting like 12 year olds !!!