ok this could have been better

words that would have been better than ‘no maj’
  • NMUs (Non Magic Users) sounds like official jargon and it rhymes w pee-yew so magic children can make up mean rhymes with it
  • amagical - ok this sounds dumb but still technical bc greek prefix!
  • sinkers - from the ‘witch test’ of the early trials where a potential witch would be tossed into a lake and if they floated they were witches, if they sank they were not. boom! historical context, grim reminder of the grisly conflict between magical & non magical people, rolls off the tongue
  • unmarked/nonmarked - again from the witch trials, where they could look for a ‘devil’s mark’ as evidence
  • burners/smokers/lighters - anything else that references witch burnings
  • like c’mon that was some formative shit and since the american wizarding community is so Oo Secrety they would prob remember the risks of revealing themselves in little bits of everyday language
  • literally any nonsense
  • beans
  • goose eggs
  • merps
  • jalopy - fits w fantastic beasts time period, is magical ppl making fun of nonmagical people for their stupid inventions
  • bluenose - means a ‘priggish or puritanical person’
  • they could do a whole series of nicknaming non magic peeps after their dumb inventions - automobile, telephone, rubber duck - and their inventors and general laborers - plumber, mechanic, whatever. they just assume that every non magic person is a plumber or something. ‘he’s, you know, a plumber’ ‘ah’ but they don’t actually know what plumbers even do
  • im bored now but no-maj is stupid

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So Yuri on Ice is over, and 2016 is about to end, too. This year has by far been the worst for me, especially healthwise and that may sound a bit cheesy but yoi kinda helped me to keep going lmao? Motivated me to draw after YEARS? I’m still not a 100% back to my old self but I hope 2017 will be better. Also artwise I hope, since I still have zero confidence in my art (ok sorry this is getting too personal BYE). Anyways I love the yoi fandom it has been by far the best and I’m looking forward to season two! And I wish you all a happy new year!

Btw, I’m kinda having an artblock rn, so feel free to drop me an ask with suggestions of what I could draw next (yoi of course!!)?? Thank  ♡


Drawing Challenge Meme

3 Conforting Eachother, 2 Flirting and 1 Holding Hands

these are the ones i could draw today.. XP all day drawing and coloring made my hand hurt.. so better take a rest ^_^

still some more to go.. reminder that i’m not taking anymore
 ^u°  ♡  hope u liked these!

Nothing Serious - Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Future Smut / I guess it’s fluffy sort of.. 

Words: 1,697

Summary: After a break up you decide to give tinder a try, you match with Yoongi. 

 part 2

It had been almost three months since you and Jimin broke up. He had been your only boyfriend so far and it had been great. Until after 2 years together he decided he wanted to “see what else was out there”. You had gone through the grieving process where you cried until your head hurt and talked about it with your friends until they were tired of hearing about it.  But now you were starting to feel better, like you could maybe start dating again. You didn’t have any interest in getting into a relationship, not now at least. You just wanted to go on dates with cute boys, have fun and most likely never see them again.

You decided maybe this was the perfect time to try Tinder, most of your friends had tried it, and some of them even met their boyfriends on there. Laying in bed before going to sleep you download the app and set up your profile. In the morning when you wake up you go on it to see what guys are out there.. left, left, left.. until one of them caught your attention. His name was Yoongi.

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Honestly I would have loved if Crowfeather had more development and maybe even became/becomes leader of WC. Like he should still have his stubborn personality but just like, more mature and idk how to explain it but I feel like the Erin's could have given more and done a lot with his character and he just deserved better

ok i’ve talked abt this before but i am 100% a firm believer that crowfeather was set up to become windclan’s deputy/leader (very similar to brambleclaw). His uncle Onestar was leader, his mother Ashfoot was deputy and his father Deadfoot had also been deputy, and he was the chosen Windclan cat to lead the clans to their new home. I imagine that even though he was a new warrior, that he held pretty high status in Windclan and it was assumed that he would take over Ashfoot’s position.

BUT THEN he runs away with leafpool, and when WC comes to help TC with the badgers, they find him there in the TC camp. Windclan is not forgiving of his actions, so while they do take him back his status/rank in the clan plummets and he is somewhat ostracized in his clan. He takes a mate + kits to prove his loyalty, but no matter what he does WC won’t forget that he chose to run away w a TC med cat and then came crawling back. 

WHICH LEADS US TO why he’s so angry and such a shithead in Po3. He gave up everything (his status/rank/future) to be with Leafpool and no matter what he does he won’t be able to prove himself to his clan. I think part of him blames Leafpool and part of him blames himself for not following through or for even deciding to leave in the first place.

tldr; - crowfeather had the potential to be an interesting character 

Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals, but i don’t know…not so crazy about Hairspray Live. The guy that played Link Larkin was really underwhelming, i wanted Amber to be sassier, Penny was fine, i just got a little bit of Cat feeling from Ariana Grande, but overall it was fine, Derek Hough, Jennifer Hudson and Tracy’s parents were amazing ! Seaweed was fine, but i wanted him to be give more of a player vibe like the guy who played Seaweed did in 2007. The choregraphy was ok, it could have been alot better. I loved the sets though. Anyway these are my opinions about it, feel free to tell me yours :)

I was talking to my little brother and we agreed that nikolaj coster-waldau would have been way better than johnny depp as gellert grindelwald; partly because he’s way prettier, partly because he is (in our opinion) a better actor, partly because he’s actually got an accent that could sound vaguely german (danish), and partly because he’s not a confirmed wife-beater 

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I've been having a pretty crappy day-soon-to-turn-week (job stuff), do you have anything that might make me feel better?

aw man i am so sorry to hear that! stay strong my friend, u can get through it! <3 i dont rlly know what to say im sorry,, i rlly rlly wish i could help out in some way! but alas i AM but a humble blog about awkward screencaps, so

im just gonna do what i do best ! (sorry i dont rlly have anything better to offer,, i can only hope all this silliness can cheer u up a lil bit!)


As you may have guessed, i saw 21p last tuesday! And it’s all i’ve been able to think about ;___; wish i could go back. I haven’t been feeling so well mentally this week, but i made great progress on my paper today so that makes me feel a bit better!
I didnt know what to do with this spread and it’s definitely one of my less favourite ones. But that’s ok because trying out new things is ok and ending up not liking them is ok, it’s a learning process.
Also, i filled in for my colleague’s aerobics class on Monday and the participants were soooo nice and that was a good class. 🙌🏽

Ok so let me tell you about a movie called “A Monster in Paris”

This French animated movie has a giant singing flea


And he can go from this


The music is absolutely FANTASTIC both in french and in english.

While the movie has loads of potential wasted, it’s still a very beautiful movie to look at and listen to.

The Soundtrack can be found on youtube and the movie is right on Netflix.

SO MUCH POTENTIAL NOT USED…. *SIGH* but oh well. That’s why we have fanfictions XD

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I've been having bad anxiety lately. Could you maybe write a hc about newt helping reader with an anxiety attack?

I hope you feel better, I know how much they can suck. Sending good vibes!!

-Sometimes the world feels like its crashing down on you, and it takes so much to keep your mind at ease.
-But, even when you think everything is ok sometimes it just hits you, and you find yourself catching your breath, trying not to cry.
-“Darling?” Newt came into the bathroom, giving a quick knock before pushing the door open. He found you sitting against the wall, tear steaks down your face and hands resting in your lap.
-He had come to learn of your anxieties, and the day he did you expected him to back off and not want to deal with you anymore, yet…he stayed.
-Newt was beyond helpful, doing anything and everything to make sure you were ok.
-He kneeled down next to you, concerned look on his face.
-He didn’t overwhelm you with any questions, he just gently pulled you into his arms, whispering words of encouragement.
-“I’m here, darling, I’m not going anywhere.” He’d kiss the top of your head, rubbing your arms in a comforting manner.
-And even if it took you a while to collect your thoughts, he would still be there.
-“I’m so sorry..”
-Newt would just shush you, telling you you have nothing to be sorry about.

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the concept of the prequels are literally my fave thing ever. like the world building, the politics, padme amidala - amazing. if lucas had relinquished any creative control over the script and allowed someone else to direct they would have been 100x better. i still enjoy them a lot & have no problem w hayden's or anyone else's performance (also ewan as obi wan is my fave performance in any of the movies) but sometimes i get sad/mad when i realize that they could have actually been incredible

also…i definitely prefer the ot but like there are so many corny moments in those movies especially in rotj? like star wars scripts have never been the greatest anyway? RotJ is full of embarrassing dialogue lmao. also RotS is better than RotJ. anyway sorry i sent u 2 incoherent messages but basically i just wanna say that ppl who shit on the prequels without criticizing the ot are ridiculous + so are ppl who act like hayden “ruined” the prequels. like nah he didn’t but ok

ahhhh omg i know!!!! the PT and OT are both ridiculous in their own quirky ways because they’re both star wars and star wars is ridiculous and quirky and that’s why it’s so fun

seen a couple of comments on how Charlie Cox is the ‘perfect daredevil’ or how ‘no one could have been a better choice’

and its like ok lmao we just gonna ignore the fact that they could have actually cast a blind actor

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Regarding the Malec sex scene i think sometimes writers and showrunners confuse what is written with what is shown on tv, because maybe they discussed it with the actors on rehearsals and maybe it's written but it that doesn't reach the screen the viewers will have a different interpretation, the consent needed to be shown better in my opinion, i think the writers just want us to rely on what went behind the scenes like yes we wrote it consentual

Agreed. It could have been shown better/made clearer. But the fact remains, imo, Magnus wanted it. He was merely voicing concerns in regards to Alec’s feelings. He wanted to be sure Alec was ready. And once Alec said “I want this” all you have to do is see the way in which Magnus devours Alec’s mouth to know that Magnus was 100% ok with everything that was happening. Could it have been better? Yes. Could it have been made clearer? Yes. Will it ever be? Probably not. You just have to do as Matt said and notice the little things. Because it’s there. It was never meant to be non consensual. Because it’s not. Consent was expressed by both parties.

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your harry looks so cuddly and sort of done with everything but in a more grumpy than overly pessimistic way :D i bet he either way sleeps to much or too little, lil harold. Do you consider him an auror?

hmmmmm i actually dislike auror!harry quite a lot. i dislike the idea of him working for the ministry of magic in general. to me him becoming an auror felt much like an obligation and i believe he could have done so much better than that. i love the idea of him working with children at hogwarts as a dada teacher (a full-time one, not an occasional lecturer as jkr states) or a flying instructor/qudditch coach. i love the idea of him working in the qudditch industry, and not necessarily as a player, i bet there is a huge variety of professions that have something to do with it. i love the idea of him setting off to travel the world and study different kinds of magic and then returning a decade after and settling down to open a shop full of peculiar foreign magic. or to become a wandmaker. or to breed thestrals. or to open an orphanage. or to work on ways of integrating muggle technology in magic society. there are so many more interesting career choices he could take rather than fulfill his obligation of fighting The Evil just because it’s everyone (including himself) expected him to do

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I was thinking: tjlc movie night for everyone to chill out with after all the stress that has been flying round since s4. We could watch Finding Nemo and eat popcorn in our pjs and play hide and seek in the dark (idk if you have ever played hide and seek in the dark but i did as a kid and lemme tell you it's super fun and i have a giant house so i could house everyone as long as you all didn't spill anything on the carpet cause it's white and a rental ok) okay? okay. p.s. feel better <3

Hide and seek in dark is awesome. Please take me to your giant house. I promise I won’t spill anything <3