ok this coloring looks much better


january, i can’t sleep / i’m thinking about you again / your hands of rose-colored fog & heavy silk / i’m thinking about how panic makes me / curl tight into myself like cinnamon bark / i want the night to dream of me / the moon to say yes, right here & right now look at your healing / january, i want you to hold me / as if i were so much better / than what the knife-mouth of doubt convinces me i am

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Ok true, he looks amazing this season? Much better than in s1, but what has changed?

His hair is definitely less gelled & his clothes have more color

I tried???

I mean, this ended up looking so weird because I don’t have that many colors to work with and I had to blend colors together to make Colin’s colors. He ended up more yellow than I wanted (and a lot more yellow in the photo than irl. Idk why, probably the lighting)
I had no idea what I wanted the colors to be for the background, and all the colors I wanted to use were running out of ink.
So, I went for the “chocolate strawberry” sweet look.
I think it ended up ok though, some things could’ve been better. I feel like the background is too much for the picture.

Mini rant about bullshit and a “pet peeve” in a sense. 

Ok so I know it’s not just me but…

I get that these skins for Genji and Hanzo are “Young Genji” and “Young Hanzo”

But I refuse to accept that as the actual canon because 1. Genji just looks ridiculous like really now (That green hair??? with the orange is bleh). And 2. Hanzo in orange is just bleh as well. 

Now these tho

Dat green hair is buh bye and makes much more sense now. Black looks 10/10 with all colors so black and green is on fleek. Hanzo as well, even though his orange and color combos looked better orange ain’t the boys color. Plus the fact their their outfits match the “colors” they’re linked to or more so the colors of their dragonstrike/blade. 

Also if ya’ll like the other outfits that’s all you. You do you boo. 


ok now it looks like this is going to be much better than sticker star, not that thats at all hard to do

the battle system at least seems to be improved. cards dont seem to get used up for good, only get their colors drained, which you have to repaint before using again. kind of like how you needed fp for certain moves in paper mario 64 and ttyd, and theres even a color gauge to measure how much more you can do that which reinforces the similarity

one of the ways you fill the color gauge appears to be defeating enemies, so theres actually a purpose for fighting them and thats a major improvement over sticker star

we still dont know anything about the story though. the presence of the bowser tape from sticker star suggests he’s going to be the main villain, which would be a disappointment since i loved how ttyd/spm had him either try in vain to prove he’s the Real Bad Guy or actually join your team. i guess there could also be other reasons for his tape to be stuck to things though, and it’s not like pm64′s story wasnt good even without an original villain

ok so i just went on the su wiki and

and it seems peridot has taken over the wiki. and uhhh shes made some

changes. also just as something to  note they have also released an an image of yellow diamond with her right color pallet 

which is pretty cool. we have a much better idea of how she looks now. now i dont know if the episode list has made an changes its been a while since i checked but if it rights then hit the diamond is coming really soon and in hand yellow diamond will appear soon