ok this coloring looks much better

ok everyone ready for my 2DS XL review?

  • Great colors, much better than the Original 3DS at least imo
  • sounds are a bit muffled. 
  • thank god they didnt go the new 3DS route and have u manually unscrew the thing to get the SD card out anymore, its even easier to take out than on the old 3DS here
  • im just really glad i can play earthbound or super metroid or something
  • also it look really good. its lightweight, sleep, nice screen
  • its missing a stylus tho? did they forget :| imma have to manually tape a stylus to it if i bring it anywhere

hey guys! i’ve noticed lately that a lot of gifsets/edits of moana, especially pastel ones, have been whitewashing her skin, and i know that this isn’t just a problem in moana gifs, so i thought it might be a good idea to make a comprehensive guide on how to avoid whitewashing poc/color poc in general. this guide will be split into three parts: vibrant gifs, pastel gifs, and dark gifs (any of the tips i give for gifs can be applied to edits as well – it’s even easier to avoid whitewashing poc in edits, because you can color it normally and then erase the lightening layers over the person’s skin).

so, without any further ado, here we go!

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Ok so a small addition to the Colorblinf Flug thing I wrote:

Flug’s been colorblind for about a year before he gets the goggles. And hes forgotten how bright somethngs were, like the chemicals he uses, or just how white the lab really is.

But he also forgot how bright all of his friends were.

He forgot just how much neon Demencia wore, and it makes him smile to see how much her outfit really matches her bright attitude. He forgot how calming the blue fur of 505 can be just to look at, and he’s so greatful to be able to see that again.

And then there’s Black Hat.

The man always wears so much black and grey, so it’s not like seeing him in only black and white changed much for Flug. But there were those colors that made him unique. The bright crimsion of his dress shirt, the whites on his shoes.

And definatly the teeth. The neon green teeth. He forgot how much they really glowed when you saw their color.

But there was one thought that Flug had the first time he saw Black Hat with color again.

“I already liked you in black and white, but seeing all the colors on you again? It makes you looks even better than you did before.”

He never voiced this, but he was happy to have the colors back in his sights, if only to see the green flash of a smile on Black Hat’s face, even if it was small.

He had missed that.

a mini masterpost (if you will) to thank you for 150 followers!! [edit: at the time of posting i have 191 followers omg!!] y’all are the sweetest :) also, thank you for the request @glitteratti !! 

01. handwriting (at least for me) makes or breaks a spread

i’ve always found that if my handwriting looks nice and neat, i like the spread so much better regardless of whether it matches/has a theme/whatever. i would say take the most amount of time on your handwriting and maybe you’ll feel more proud of the spread?? idk that’s what works for me lol!

02. don’t worry about making sure you have a theme

ok real talk my bujo spreads literally never have a theme everything is always a riot of color and i just paste/tape/glue/write whatever i feel like into the margins on the sides. i think there seems to be pressure to make sure your spread is super color coded with perfect brush lettering and washi tape that perfectly matches your ink color and tbh those are nice and if that’s ya thing great!! but to me they’ve always seemed unattainable and i never strive for that

03. fill it with what you like!! do what you’re feelin’

it’s your bullet journal. no one else can or should tell you how to create it as it is a representation of yourself (and i’m not trying to do that in this post i’m just offering what works for me!! what works for another studyblr will be completely different). example: i’ve been really into star trek the past few weeks and consequently, my spreads have been full of star trek lmao because right now it’s making me happy!! plus i’ll love to look back one day and remember this feeling and to me my bullet journal is like a low maintenance diary bc u can literally do anything you want with it 

04. don’t be afraid to break your own traditions

i remember thinking at the beginning of my bujo journey that everything had to be perfect and each month i had to create my habit tracker exactly the same and doing one thing differently would stress me out and like,, no! my main advice is do whatever you’re feeling and don’t compare it to others in the community (and i know people have some amazing bullet journals so it’s hard not to compare) but in the end what’s right for them may not be right for u!!

05. update it every night before you go to bed!!

because the request was about remembering to keep it up! tbh i don’t do this as often as i should but one of my daily habit tracker things is “prepared for the next day” and i only check this off if, at the end of the day, my bujo is updated and ready, my lunch is made, my clothes are laid out, and i’m prepared for the day ahead of me and the only reason i ever am prepared is because i’m so vain that i want to fill in all the little circles and cross every item on my list and tbh trying to keep everything organized and neat and that satisfaction of being able to cross something off my to do list is the only reason my bujo functions for me lmao (if anyone is interested my other habit tracker categories are productive (which i only check off if i finished all my to dos), play with my dogs, and duolingo!)

06. when designing your spreads, don’t have a reference image open!

imo this messes with my creativity. if i try to copy someone else’s spread i get frustrated and i always feel like it looks really bad compared to theirs (which is a bad mentality anyway bc u should never compare your work, least of all your creative expression, to another’s like this). however, to clarify, i think taking inspiration from people is a great thing!! i love to look at other people’s bujos and try to incorporate things they’ve done but i don’t think it’s respectful or helpful to copy someone’s style exactly. (also if anyone is interested i could make a lil post about people with great bullet journals?? or maybe i could do bullet journal compliments???? does anyone want this lol i’m just typing as i’m thinking but lmk if i should do bujo compliments!!) also @studyrose ‘s bullet journal is probably my favorite hers are always beautiful and i get a lot of my ideas from her so u should check it out :)

07. maybe make an aesthetics tag?

i have a tag #aesthetic (feel free to check it out!!) of images i reblog (mostly art and photography) that i can look back thru and print out to glue into my bullet journal! it’s super helpful when i don’t have any magazines to clip. i also have an #art tag on my fandom sideblogs (i’m such a nerd i can’t believe i have more than one lamoamo) and i frequently print fanart from them as well!! (just make sure to credit the artist if u post a pic involving their art i used to not do this but then i realized how disrespectful it is so i make sure to tag the artist now lol)

08. it’s okay to take a break from bullet journaling, especially if it’s becoming more of a hindrance than a help. it’s meant to help you organize your life and if it becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth, just take a break. reset. come back for the next monthly spread better than ever.

i have done this many times in the past and you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. it’s meant for you.

hope y’all enjoyed this!! again, lmk (shoot me an ask/message me/talk to me!!) if anyone would be interested in bujo compliments :) thank u for being amazing if you’re reading this i love u!!

xoxo sarah


What if Peridot fell but everyone just assumes she’s another monster? [Maybe Steven goes looking for her]

Anyway here’s a few more sketches!

[Seems like I’ll be very very busy until next week so I better post this now and leave the colored drawing for the next post! I’d rather not delay this too much if I already have the doodles ready]

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 1

I’m Negan 

Negan x Addison

[Summary: Addison finally meets the man who killed her friends, and he has an offer that she can’t refuse.] 

A/N: Hi guys :3 so  this is chapter 1 of a story I’ve been working. I’ve never posted any of my writing before, but hey there’s a first time for everything right? Hope you like it ^.^ ** chapter 2 has a lot more of Negan :) 

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Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Nothing is the same, not anymore. The people of Alexandria were going about their daily activities but there is no denying the fear in their eyes. Those bastards, they did an excellent job rattling our cage and now we were vulnerable. I hated that we were vulnerable. Losing both Glenn and Abraham put everyone in a grey area. We’re all so disconnected with each other, it’s like everything we’ve been trying so hard to fight for just slipped from our reach.

“Hey” Daryl appeared by side as I made my way back to the house. “You look like you need this” He handed me a chocolate bar, my stomach grumbled at the sight of the purple colored wrapper.

“Thanks” I took it from his hand. A shock ran through my system as I fed my hunger. “Not much luck on the run I heard”

“Nah…but I’m headin’ back out myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to find what ya need” His voice sounded hoarse. I know he must be tired.  

“Take a breather before you do anything ok?”

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(BYSOTI[D]) Drabble Suggestion: Yuuri gets a cold and needs to stay in bed for an indefinite about if time. Cue parents, skating parents, worried Russians, a caring boyfriend, and essentially the entire Japanese skating community ready to wait on him and and foot.

Katsuki Yuuri fan board (on a Japanese skating forum)

I just got off the phone with my coach.  I can’t go to Osaka for choreo because Yuuri-kun is SICK!  Everyone should send him good wishes!  I’ll be sending a get well soon card!  I’m sure Yuuri-kun would love to know we’re thinking of him!

200+ replies 


Riku thanked Shouta as she took the container of soup from his hands.  “Please thank your mother for me, Nakagawa-kun.  I’m sure that Yuuri-kun will appreciate it.  If you wait for a few minutes, I will prepare a tray for him and you can take it up.”

“Ok.  How is he?  He looked bad the other day when the nurse sent him home.”

Riku sighed.  “I think he’s been pushing himself too hard with all the things, but he’s a little better.  He has some color now, but he’s still very tired.”  She started arranging things on a tray.  “Here, you go.  Just be careful not to spill anything on the way up the stairs.  His door should be open so Vicchan can come and go without him needing to get up.”

Shouta nodded.

“And please tell him to drink as much as possible!  Fluids are important!”

“Yes, Riku-san.”  Shouta carefully started up the stairs and headed to Yuuri’s door, pressing his back against it so that he could enter without spilling anything.  “Yuuri, I have soup.”

Shouta set the tray down on Yuuri’s desk and looked at the bed.  Yuuri was sleeping under a pile of blankets, his cheeks flushed red as well as the tip of his nose.  He reached out and brushed the hair off Yuuri’s brow and then leaned in and pressed his lips to Yuuri’s forehead.

To take his temperature.


“Hmm.  I have soup.  My mother made it for you.  Want some?”

Yuuri nodded and rolled over, scooting up the bed until he was sitting.

With a smile, Shouta picked up the bowl and held out a spoonful of soup.

“Shouta, I can feed myself.”  Yuuri reached for the spoon, but Shouta moved it away, back toward the bowl.

“Let me, please?  Just a few?  And then I’ll give you the spoon.”

Yuuri rolled his eyes, but let Shouta feed him soup.


“Yuu-kun, Yakov called and gave me a list of things that I’m to check that you have since you’re sick and to check that the package arrived.”  Alexei came in carrying a disturbingly large box.  Half of it seemed to be DVDs with skaters names on them.  “He sent some of his collection of the past greats so that you don’t lose your edge while you’re convalescing.”  

Yuuri groaned.  “I’m not going to be sick for a month.”

Alexei set the box down next to the bed.  “I know, but people care.  Viktor sent some magazines.  I think he has a photo spread in all of them.  Mila sent a CD of songs she thinks you’d like to skate to.  Katya sent… I’m not quite sure… cookies maybe?  They’re black.”

Yuuri shuddered.  Katya could cook, but she could not bake at all.  No patience for the measuring.

“And Georgi sent some sort of romance novel.  It’s in Russian… which, makes it pointless, but it’s the thought that counts, right?”  Yuuri laughed, and doing so made his head spin, so he ended up groaning and falling down on his side.  Alexei ran his hand over his hair.  “Get some sleep.”



“Is that Katsudon?!”  Yuuri sat up in bed.

“Your sister arrived with it.  Took the train up with all the parts and put it together.  Said your mother knew you just wouldn’t get better without it.”  Riku smiled.

“Eat up, kid.”

“Thanks, Mari-neechan.”


Yuuri looked over at the very large box that Alexei set down next to where he was working at his desk on the work that he’d missed while he was sick.  “What are those?”

“Get well wishes.  Apparently, Minami-kun organized it all.  Lots of get well cards and letters.”  Alexei paused.  “The mailman laughed when he dropped it off.  Oh, and he says to get well soon, too.”

Yuuri groaned and let his head fall to his desk.


Anakin’s Nelvaan quest: The Clone Wars 3D + Clone Wars 2D mixed styles sketch.   

I was just curious of how might look in the 3D animation style. Is a pretty cool look :)

Also plan to do a realistic depiction later. Yeh, sketchy as always, but I can’t dedicate it much time besides it took me effort to get the proportions to keep TCW style haha. And in part… this is why I do not color often, sometimes it doesn’t end like I plan it but ok. Tho I think it would be better to save it for digital.

And I want to share this with my friend @the-far-bright-center who was more than happy to contribute with great suggestions!

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Sorry for bothering, but do you know how to get Krita to let you paint color inside lines? For example, I drew line art and now want to color it entirely purple, how do I make it so the purple doesn't go outside the line art even if my cursor does?

Do you mean you want to color your actual lines, or if you want to fill your drawing with color (like a coloring book)?

Coloring Your Lines

For coloring your actual lines, you’ll want to lock the alpha of your layer. Sounds complicated. But its actually a one button fix. It makes it so that you can only draw on parts of the layer that have already been drawn on. 

Now you should be able to color your lines any color you want to. You can fill them, use a brush, gradient, etc. 

Coloring Inside Your Lines (Fill Tool)

If you have CLEAN line art. You can actually use the Fill Tool.

(An example of clean lineart. No breaks. Clearly defined, solid lines.)

Make a layer under your lines for your color. 

You can find your fill tool on your Toolbox Docker. (Any missing dockers can be found under Settings>Dockers)

In your Tool Options, there is a setting that can make filling your line art very quick. Its called Grow Selection.

And if you set the number up till about 2 pixels, it should expand your fill tool so that it fills the line art nicely. Here’s an example of what the fill tool will do with and without the use of Grow Selection.

Now you can use the Fill Tool to click inside spaces and fill them with color. You can do each color on its own layer, if you wish. 

You may have to go in with a brush and clean up small areas that the fill tool may not have reached, but this is a nice way to quickly fill clean line art. 

You can also turn on alpha lock for color layers as well, and color inside them easily. 

Coloring Inside Your Lines (G’MIC Filter)

If you’re like me, and you use sketchy, pencily lines, or you have a lot of breaks in your line art, the fill tool probably wont work so well. But there is a filter you can use to help. 

First, create a layer under your lines like you did the last time. Now, fill in spots of the image with the color you’d like them to be. Make sure to set a color outside the lines, otherwise the filter will fill it with one of your other colors and the filter won’t work correctly. The color I used is lime green. 

Now. SAVE your file. 

Now, with your color layer selected, go to Filters>G’MIC. 

Now choose “Active and Above” for Input. This tells G’MIC to consider your color layer and your lines layer, which is above it. 

Next, in the filters list, under Black & White, choose Colorize (Comics). 

(Don’t worry too much about what the Preview looks like, here. Mine always look chaotic and messed up. The actual filter looks much better)

Now, to the right. I usually have it set so that it creates a layer for each color.

After that, hit OK to run the filter. 

Your result should look something like this. 

From here, you can delete your background color layer and do any necessary clean up.  If you want all of your colors on one layer, you can select them all by clicking on them while holding Shift, and merge them with Ctrl+E. 

Now, this extra step is optional, but since my lines can sometimes be thin and see through, I tend to do this. 

If you turn off your Line Art Layer (Its name is probably different, but it will be the layer above all the colors. You’ll see that the edges of the color are pretty sharp and not anti-aliased. 

It can look kind of gross behind thin and seethrough lines. I use the Blur filter to fix it. 

I set it to a radius of just 1 pixel. It usually does the trick. 

Hit OK and run the filter, and your results should be a lot nicer behind your lines.

For more complicated line art, sometimes I use the filter fill the entire inside with just one color, alpha lock the layer, and color it by hand with a brush tool. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

Showing You Off- Johnny Gaudreau

Originally posted by giganticism

Ok so here we have Johnny being well… Johnny… no vegetables involved, but clothes which he needs much help with as well so… enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Can you please do an imagine where you’re dating gaudreau and you’re shopping but you go into a store where a girl you used to be friends with works there and you get upset and Johnny basically shows you off to her


              “Are we almost done?” Johnny whined as he followed you into yet another store.

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More Name Analysis!!

Ok here is me, the crazed old lady in the fandom who likes to spout useless and nonsense stuff about symbolism and motifs, you know the usual :D

So not only will we have more time to wait for Vrains, we also get the names of the presumed main characters besides Yusaku:

…Yeah I get it, I was a bit dissapointed on the design too, I mean is not ugly by any means but let’s face it the last time we got such generic-looking or weird designs was GX particularly when pinned against Yusaku of all people

But after looking at their kanjis and more hidden meanings there’s something about them that might interest you. 

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Cully’s Short and Sweet Line-less Tutorial

I had heard that @martini-september was interested in going lineless for her artwork, which is exciting because line-less art work is so flexible and fun and colorful so I offered to make a tutorial on getting start with line-less.

There’s a lot of ways to do line-less art. I’m going to demonstrate a more simple, illustrative kind.

1. First you need your sketch. For this short tutorial I’ll use a sketch of Alistair and Aisling I just doodled. (I like severely struggle with drawing Alistair so pls do not judge too hard T-T). The nice thing about sketches for this kind of drawing is that they don’t need to be super clean. Just clean enough to get the general idea of where the lines are for the face and clothes and stuff.

2. Pick your brushes. Everyone has brushes that they like to use. Most of my favorite artists use Shiyoon Kim’s brushes although I personally like @kyletwebster‘s gauche set. The brushes I use from that set are below. I literally only use 2 brushes because I need to learn to branch out.

Step 3: Start painting!

This is probably the most stressful part of line-less for first timers because you’re going into this without your helpful guidelines to tell you where to color or to hide some messy coloring mistakes. I remember it being stressful for me too. Don’t panic though, I promise you won’t be going into this guessing where to color or having to constantly switch layers.

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a new layer above your line art and drop the opacity down to 80-75%. This will allow you to see what you’re drawing over without having it so light that you have no real idea what your painted piece will look like.

I try to break the piece up into shapes when I color and put each of those shapes on their own layers, the neck and head here for example are both on separate layers so that it’s easy to shade on the neck.

Try to remember to jerk the opacity of the paint layer up too 100% every once in a while and check on what you’re doing to make sure it looks right. without the line art to distract you.

5. Now that I’m relatively happy with the way that that looks I will go ahead and start doing lines.

Turn the line art back on.

I create a new layer above the neck an head and drop the opacity of both of those back down to about 80. You do lines the same way you would for line art. Line weight is just as important for line-less art as it is for line art. It’s a big part of how you convey weight and motion.

Looks good so far, now it’s time to check how it holds up without the sketch…

Ok, could use some touch ups, including that weird thing her face has going on that I missed before. Which is why it’s super important to check it against the blank background as much as you can.

And all touched up! She looks great so far. We’re almost to the end (or as far as I’m gonna go with this tutorial for now). The last thing I want to do is change the color of her lines since black isn’t the tone I want for her skin lines, eyebrows or lips.

Much better! Now she’s looking a lot more believable and colorful.

She’s obviously far from being done completely but hopefully that educated you somewhat.

Best of luck and if I have more time later I’ll come back and show you hair!

Percabeth One-Shot: Hurt

((I’m so so so so SO sorry! I absolutely suck, but here it is! It took forever and a half, and I’m not actually done with college, but I’m ignoring responsibilities for a moment to do these 😊 Hope you enjoy! I’m so sorry if this is horrible. I tried!)) 

The slam, following the sharp opening of the Athena cabin door, rattled around the crowded room, and a hush fell over the bodies surrounding the blonde on the lower bunk.

It had been a warm, droopy summer afternoon around Camp-Half Blood. Orange shirts littered the sand as campers splashed around the canon lake, and a cool breeze skipped around the camp activities littered along the grassy hills. The strawberries rested in golden streams of sunlight. A volleyball bounced around the packed court, and the relaxed mid-summer time lulled over the peace of the camp. That was, until, Percy Jackson heard that Annabeth was hurt.

“What happened? Who was watching? What-” The questions started rolling from Percy as his strides took him inside. Younger campers split like waves the grown man could control. Sand trickled over the wooden floor and water shaped his foot prints as he swooped past the doorway. He was a man on a mission, and the campers knew better than to get in his way.

“Percy-” Annabeth tried, watching his rigid form glance at the campers milling around the cabin.

“Who let this happen?”


“Was no body watching them?”


“What did Chiron say?”


“Is it-”

“Seaweed Brain!”

The nickname snapped him out of his detective mindset, and his sea green finally latched onto her grey.

“Hi there. Good to see you.” Annabeth sarcastically started, raising an eyebrow at him.

Percy’s body was at her side in seconds, a wet squish coming from his trunks smooshing onto the bed.

“And there go my sheets.” She muttered, earning a couple chuckles that never hit Percy’s ears.

“Are you ok? What happened?” Percy glanced around the room, feeling more like a soap opera than a person, “Everyone that can’t heal her magically can leave.”

The scamper of feet practically trampled over one another to get out, and a quite rumbled across the frantically emptied room. Percy’s eyes fell on a single remaining figure who took his sweet time packing up his equipment. The completely relaxed demeanor of Will Solace lingered around the large desk on the far side of the cabin. He snapped shut the little clasps of his box and finally let his eyes move to the couple on the bed as he collected his things.

“Does it feel ok now?” Will asks with a small smile, his eyes not even needing to flick to Percy’s still protective position. Dressed in shorts and a brightly colored, loose tank top, Will looked more prepared to sun bathe rather than take care of Annabeth. Not that Percy didn’t trust Will… this was just Annabeth.

“It feels much better. Thank you, Will.” Annabeth replies, equally as calm.

“You can take the brace off soon, just want to give the ambrosia a little help with the healing. Take care of yourself. Percy.” Will’s final word pulled Percy’s attention from Annabeth to him.

Percy offered the blonde a small nod. He was grateful. Despite his protection, Percy knew that Will took care of her before he knew about the accident. If there was one person Percy knew would do his job right, it was Will. Annabeth didn’t seem in pain, and Percy was more panicked about it than she was. That meant Will must have done something right… right?

The son of Poseidon’s eyes moved back to his girlfriend, his hands softly moving to her left arm. A beige arm brace covered the tan skin from her elbow to her fist, her slim fingers and fingernails poking out happily. She even wiggled them for good measure as he analyzed the scene. Percy swore he could see a bit of bruising inside the brace, but a small voice in his head deiced it was just his nerves.

“What happened?” He asked once again, his voice much more under control.

The defensive, protective boyfriend softly slipped away, and a soft concern fell over his eyes. She looked completely fine besides the arm. Her blonde curls were in a high ponytail, one or two strands out of place and hanging beside her ears. Her camp shirt had its sleeves rolled up, and her black jean shorts matched her converse. Little silver owls dangled on her ears, and her grey eyes happily looked back into his own. She looked fine, minus the arm, and that alone gave Percy some relief.

“It was a total accident, Percy,” Annabeth reassured as her good hand moved to brush across his jawline, “I was asked to help supervise some new campers on the climbing wall and, on the way down, something happened with the wiring of one girl’s gear. Luckily, I broke her fall, so she wasn’t even half as hurt as I was. It’s just a sprain. Will gave me ambrosia and the brace. I’m ok. Hey,” his eyes pulled from her brace, “I’m ok.”

Her words pushed a rush of relief through his body, and Percy let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was an accident. Just an accident. Plus! It was a sprain! Annabeth had dealt with sprains before. She easily could take a sprain. A small nod came from Percy, and the first small smile since he entered the cabin.

“As long as you’re ok. I-”

Percy was interrupted as a gentle knock came from the door. The small head of a girl popped in, and both demi-gods turned to look at her. Bulky dark brown glasses rested on her face, and the shyness on her face peaked over the lenses. Her shirt was a bit big on her, and she had a few scrapes on her arms and knees.

“Anna-Annabeth?” The girl asked, her voice matching the same softness her body leaked.

“Hi Riley, Riley, you know Percy. Percy, this is Riley. She’s the girl I helped today.” Annabeth introduced.

Percy flashed a smile at the young girl, and a hot blush went over her face. Her eyes flicked all around the cabin, and her words grew more stuttered as she continued.

“Uh, um hi Percy. I, uh, I just wanted to say thank you for today. But I-I can come back.”

Riley was out of the door before either could object, and the couple was in their own comfort once again. Percy frowned gently.

“Did I do something?” He wondered, watching the closed door with worry. He honestly wasn’t that scary.

A laugh slipped from Annabeth, and Percy raised an eyebrow as her. She shrugged gently, moving both arms lazily onto his shoulders.

“Hmm, I don’t know. It could be that you’re just really scary, or… ya know… it could be the fact you’re completely shirtless.”

The surprise registered across Percy’s face, and her glanced down at himself. Water droplet from his swim earlier rolled down his bare chest, and speckles of sand laid in patches across his chest. He let himself get wet sometime while he swam, and it was a warm enough day that he wanted the feeling of the cool water. In his rush of worry, he completely forgot the first he put on the sand by his shoes, high tailing it from the sound to the cabins. He had handled the entire situation in just a pair of dripping swim trunks and bare feet.

A sheepish grin falls across Percy’s lips, and a shrug follows close after.


Annabeth smiled back, her head leaning to let her lips meet his. They kissed a moment, their noses brushing once they parted for air.

“I love you.” Annabeth breathed, their foreheads softly touching.

“I love you too,” he muttered back with a grin.

“Now, get off of my bed and go put a shirt on.”

“ chloe’s makeup looks terrible tbh, she would look 1000x better with a nice warm brown eye look and neutral lips. her eye makeup/ lip color completely clash with the bright yellow, if she wore more neutral shades, it would look MUCH better and allow the bright yellow to really pop” 

Day 1408 - 1 November 2014


Collab with Phanchan!

Phanchan did the original sketch and I colored it \o/


kozumexe-deactivated20170204  asked:

todoroki is sick and his s/o is trying to take care of him (has this been requested yet i wonder?)

Hello again gurl!

Im so sorry I’m taking so long to answer, I swear I have so many shit to do I can’t even breathe. I’m glad for the fluff since everything I’ve been writing lately is DAMN ANGST. So yeah…

Anyways, I really loved this request! But I didn’t want to make the typical cliché of someone catching a cold and then the s/o giving them soup and more blankets and blah blah and at the end they catch the cold too and oops…so maybe it’s not as oooh so fluffy but maybe a bit more realistic? Also I can’t really imagine Todoroki catching a cold…since well, he’s a human heater XD

Your aunt, yes, THE aunt, the one who sent you those weird letters, the one who claimed to steal Todoroki from you if you ever broke up, the one who didn’t seem to know how to properly wear lipstick, the one who lived at the other end of the frikin planet…yes, THAT aunt, was getting married.

You couldn’t believe it when the letter arrived. The envelope was flashy, pink and glittery and contained not one, but two invitation cards inside. Of course it would, you had talked so much about your boyfriend to her, and she had left so many weird comments at your facebook pictures together. It was only natural for her to want to meet him…especially since she kept talking about just how sexy he was even though she was a grown woman. Who was the man who had actually agreed to marry her was beyond your knowledge or comprehension.

Anyways, it was that letter what put you two inside that plane that day. You couldn’t believe Todoroki had accepted to go in the first place, but then he said that it was his “duty as your boyfriend” to attend that wedding. You knew he just wanted to meet your crazy aunt and corroborate someone so weird was real to be honest…but you accepted his nice excuse either way.

You knew it was going to be a long flight, so during the take off you decided to take it easy and just rest and try to sleep. However, as you were trying to ignore the annoying voices of the flight attendants, there was yet another thing bothering you.

“Shoto, are you ok?” you could see he was shivering a little, and had his hand placed on top of his stomach.

“Yeah, don’t worry” he said “I’m ok, just a bit dizzy”

Your mouth frowned, not liking the sound of those words. You took his hand in yours, the left one, the one that was supposed to be hot, and your eyes widened at just how cold it was.

“Oh gosh, you are freezing!” you exclaimed, worried since the plane was already on march “you are definitely not ok” You began to rub his hand, trying to make it gain heat, but that didn’t seem to help the fact he looked as if he were about to throw up “Shoto, I’m serious, do you need…”

“No, I’m fine” he insisted, the trembling of his lips didn’t let you take his words seriously “I take lots of planes and this doesn’t happen to me regularly”

“But it’s happening now!” you turned around and tried to signal a flight attendant, but Todoroki grabbed your arm and stopped you.

“Don’t, they’ll make a fuss about it. I promise I will be ok, just…” he paused himself mid sentence and covered his mouth with his hand. You panicked.

“Here!” you swiftly handed him one of the bags the plane offered for this kind of…situation. And you sighed in relief when you realized it had been just in time. You rolled your eyes, knowing it would be a longer flight than what you had expected “yeah, you are totally ok”

Now yes, you called a flight attendant and asked them to take the bag away.

“I’m sorry” he said, as you opened another bag just in case.

“Don’t be” you were the one who was actually feeling more sorry, he looked terrible. He was very pale, his lips were purple and quivering, and his gaze was lost and dim with discomfort “but please be honest with me on how are you feeling” he nodded and you took a hand to his forehead, he didn’t seem to have a temperature, but he was heavily sweating cold. You caressed his face, noticing how he leaned at the heat of your touch, and immediately covering him with one of the blankets the plane offered.

“Thanks” he said as he curled into a ball, still shivering.

You gave him your water bottle and leaned his seat for him to rest properly. It was obvious he didn’t like people attending him, but it was even more obvious he really needed you right then. So when you noticed the guilty glance he gave you as you placed another bag next to him just in case, you quickly kissed his forehead to reassure him you didn’t mind taking care of him for a while. He took your hand and hugged it under the blanket, caressing it, absorbing it’s heat and the kindness it offered, and you noticed just how cold his body still was.

“Are you still cold?”

“A little bit” he answered honestly, yet uncomfortable “but it’s ok, don’t worry about it”

You definitely were worried about it. It wasn’t ok for him to be cold if he was sick, airplanes were usually chilly since they flew at such heights. So you took off your jacket, which was really thick and warm, and placed it on top of him carefully.

“[name], you don’t need to…”

“Yes, I need to” you shut him up “And you need to rest. Do you feel like puking again?”

“No” you could tell this time he was saying the truth “I just feel…weak”

“I know what you mean” you really did, you had been sick a thousand times and knew how it felt like “try to sleep for a little while”

He gave a long breath and closed his eyes, trying to relax. There didn’t seem to be a comfortable position to sleep at that damn plane, and it didn’t matter how many times he moved and turned, he would always feel sore somewhere. However, as in some kind of miracle he had finally managed to close his eyes and rest, a brusque movement of the plane startled him and made his stomach upset yet again.

“We seem to be experiencing some turbulence, please stay in your seats and fasten your seat belts”


Todoroki looked as if he were about to faint, he looked nervous, obviously not wanting to be sick again but clenching at the paper bag in case he needed to use it. You could see his hands trembling, his face white and his breathing forcefully paused and slow…you couldn’t stand it. He was usually so calm and firm. And there he was then, shaking under a blanket like an ill stray puppy. So you immediately tapped his arm, making him look at you, and signaled your shoulder indicating him he could rest his head there if he wanted.

He seemed uneasy, he didn’t want to gross you out with his current state…or what if he accidentally threw up on you?? He was feeling terrible, and he was afraid he’ll ruin the flight for you even more. But suddenly the plane made yet another abrupt movement, and he would have puked if it hadn’t been for the fact you had pulled him into your arms and held him still during the turbulence.

“It’s ok” you reassured, watching him clench his eyes shut and trying his best not to feel the dizziness “don’t worry, it will be over soon”

He didn’t know if it was because of the daze, the fact you were the only source of support he had at the trembling world around him, or if his body was speaking for him…but he used the little energies he had left to whisper a trembling “I love you” as he buried his face deeper onto your neck. It was really low and in a groggy, trembling tone, but you were able to understand it either way, and you couldn’t help but feel moved and hug him tighter.

“Sleep, Shoto” you said, caressing his hair and combing it away from his sweaty face “you’ll feel much better after a nap, the turbulence will be over once you wake up”

He nodded, and you could still feel his nose was cold as it rubbed against the skin of your shoulder. But he had stopped trembling, and that was definitely a progress. You continued caressing his neck and face with your thumb, smiling as you noticed his breathing turning even and calm. He had finally doze off. You looked at your cellphone and realized there were yet another six hours of trip left, so it was better for you to get some rest too. But you didn’t want to be asleep in the case Todoroki happened to wake up and need your help, so you waited for a while to make sure he was sleeping soundly and comfortably, before you permitted yourself to close your eyes and rest a little bit yourself.

You woke up by feeling a gentle tap on your cheek, and opened your eyes to the image of your smiling boyfriend. You were relieved, he was looking so much better: his expression was softer, his face had returned to its original color, and the hand he was resting on your face felt as warm as it should. You leaned to his touch, putting your hand on top of his and turning your face to sweetly peck his palm.

“The plane is about to land” he said “so I thought I should wake you up…”

“It’s ok” you stretched, your back a bit sore “how are you feeling? When did you wake up?”

“I’m fine, I woke up about half an hour ago” he began to put everything away, preparing his bag and everything to leave after the landing “I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault to be sick” you were about to help him up with the packing, but he suddenly wrapped your hand in his. When you looked at him, he was smiling awkwardly, clearly embarrassed.

“And thank you, thank you for everything. I really love you”

You tangled his fingers with yours and gave him a quick peck on the lips, deciding you didn’t mind working as a nurse if that was the kind of payment you received.

ok unpopular opinion probably,

but am I the only one who thinks that this

(The Last Revolver PV, 2010)

looks much more emotional and generally better drawn than this:

(Deadly Sins of Evil: Muzzle of Nemesis, 2017)

and it’s not because it’s colored, but I genuinely find the drawings (at least this instance) in TLR more emotionally rich?

Strangers on a train

Chapter 1: The Inked Window

Her neck hurts when she wakes and for a moment it’s the only clear sign that she’s still a living and breathing person. Everything else has faded away. Her legs have been in a cramped position for way too long. The space the train cubicle provides is just too small. The next thing Clarke realizes is the hair in her mouth. With a quick stroke of her hand she puts it behind her left ear. 

Sighing she leans her forehead against the cold glass of the window. Clarke has never been the person to just sit and do nothing but right now she’s not in the state for anything else. Yesterday she was at home and now she’s on the train to go back to work in New Port, the city she chose to live in two years ago. Clarke is feeling kind of sick. She attended a party just the day before - family meet-up and all that and she thinks it’s kind of a joke that she didn’t even have a lot to drink but probably she didn’t take the meat at barbecue well. In fact, she had vomited all night long. With an exhale, she curls into herself again, closing her eyes and trying to get some sleep. It doesn’t work, so she reaches for her books.

Her books and drawings are all over the place. It’s a weird mix of personal belongings she has gathered around her. From her tablet to a book on drawings for beginners in French (she’s been trying to start her painting from the bottom again and improving her French also seemed important when she bought the worn-out version in a second-hand bookstore). Things are all over the place and she can’t seem to make any sense of it. Without any pattern, she goes from one book to the next. There’s Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, there’s her tablet with Charles Dickens Great Expectations (a free version from the 80s). Clarke likes to reread parts of the book and when she swipes the screensaver away, the page with her favourite quote pops up:

“Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape.”

Clarke doesn’t know when but she falls asleep with the pen in her hand. Suddenly the sunlight from outside gets into her vision. It’s weird, normally the sun doesn’t shine so strongly when they are moving forward. It’s only then she realizes the train has stopped.

– Mid East – the sign says.

The train is getting fuller and fuller. People are passing by, pushing their suitcases through the narrow aisle. For a moment, she hopes that no one will sit next to her. Sighing she leans her head against the window again, her hand resting on the air duct just beneath, her finger tips getting colder and colder.

When she turns, there is a girl standing next to the seat, looking left and right, trying to figure out where to sit.

The first thing she realizes when the girl looks at her, is that she is wearing a black coat and the nicest smile Clarke has ever seen.

 “I don’t think the situation will get any better to be honest” the girl says “Can I sit here?”


Clarke quickly collects the colorful mix of belongings around her. They are all over the place: in the seat next to her, in the little net on the back of the seat in front of her, on her lap.

“Sorry, I just fell asleep” Clarke say.

When she raises her eyes, the girl is looking at her, the smile still playing around the corners of her mouth.

“Don’t worry” she says and takes the seat.

Clarke looks down on her lap, the beginners coloring book in French standing out from the books in darker tones and the black tablet.

She sighs and wipes her hand across her face, swiping back hair. She still feels uncomfortably nauseous, as if waves were colliding in the pit of her stomach. Clarke really hopes this girl won’t talk too much.

She turns her head slightly to the right to look out of the window and just in this moment she hears the girl pipe up:

“Where are you going to?”

Ok, so it’s a talkative one.

Clarke turns to the left to get a better look at her. She has taken off her coat, still wearing a woolen beanie, slightly discarded and lopsided on her head. Green eyes are fixating her.

“New Port” she says. Thinking about it for a second she then asks: “How about you?”

“Me too” the girl says.

Clarke puts her stuff in the net of the backseat in front of her when the girl asks: “And where are you coming from?”

Well, whatever, Clarke thinks, so she’s going to talk to her. How rude not to.

“I got on this train in Narrandemeus” she says. “It’s the first station of this train and yeah, I’m going to the last stop”.

creepylupaboi  asked:

Hello, I have a male betta fish, named Blue. I have no other tank mates for him, yet, but may wish to get a sand for his ten gallon tank that I have him in. Do you know if white sand is safe if I plan on getting marimo plants? Or should I keep the gravel I have now. He's been in the tank alone for three months now since I've had him, and hes much better since the cup he came home in. Do you recommend sand, tank mates, or marimo plants? I hope to upgrade his home and am slightly nervous.

Hey there @creepylupaboi ! :D

Do you know if white sand is safe if I plan on getting marimo plants?
White sand is safe for any plants, fish, inverts, etc. As long as its made for aquariums, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything leaching into the water :p I hear you can also use blasting sand and pool filter sand but I haven’t personally used either. I have the Imagitarium brand sand in 2 of my tanks (black and white) and I like it so far :) Sometimes when I roll my marimos over or move them around the tank, they pick up a little bit of sand, but the sand I have doesn’t stick to them if I shake them off :p

Or should I keep the gravel I have now.

Marimos can be kept on any substrate ^-^ gravel, large stones, small stones, river rocks, sand, shells (don’t put real shells in a betta aquarium tho), or barebottom :p

Do you recommend sand, 
Substrate is a matter of personal preference! Pick whatever you think looks good :) Some fish require sand or bare bottom tanks (like cories or goldfish), but bettas do well with any substrate :)

tank mates,
I personally think that a tank with just one betta looks a little empty (personal preference, nothing wrong with a 1-betta-only tank :D) so I put snails in all of my betta tanks ^-^ Shrimp and snails are the best choices for smaller betta setups, but in a 10-20+ gallon tank you could do some fish as well if you wanted to, and since you mentioned you wanted to upgrade your bettas home, I’d say you could definitely have 1-2 schools/shoals of fish if your betta is chill and doesn’t becomes stressed in a community-tank type setting :D Here’s an excerpt from my betta care guide regarding tankmates:

I’ll preface this section by stating that bettas don’t need tankmates! :) Tankmates are more for you than for your fish, and should be chosen carefully.

Tankmates in General:
-please remember to make sure that your tank is suitable for the tank mates you wish to house; you wouldn’t keep your betta in a 1 gallon unfiltered/unheated tank, so don’t do the equivalent to your betta’s tankmates  your fish are all equal, so please, please, please make sure that you put in the same amount of research and care for the tankmates that you do for your betta! make sure your tank mates have the same requirements are your betta, and their temperament won’t put your betta at risk.
-always have a backup plan in case your tankmates don’t get along with your betta, or your betta doesn’t get along with his tankmates
-a 20 gallon is the best minimum choice for a community-style betta tank, as it opens up more options and gives your betta and his/her tankmates plenty of space!
-be prepared to separate/rehome/etc. “problem fish” or a “problem betta”. if your betta isn’t really the community type, don’t try to force him/her to be; it won’t work out well for anyone. Get that betta an individual setup as soon as possible, or if your tank is large enough, divide it so that your betta has his/her own space.

shoaling, 6+ to a group - keeping them in groups smaller than this will stress them to death…literally sometimes
10+ gallons (dwarf/pygmy), 20+ gallons (regular)
tropical, lots of species to choose from
sand/barebottom is a MUST - p they have soft bellies and sensitive barbels, and gravel can scratch up their bellies (which leads to stress or infection) or damage their barbels o.o also, they sift through sand to find little bits of food naturally, so sand lets them display this natural behavior and you get to see it too!

schooling, 6+ to a school – keeping them in schools smaller than this will stress out the fish
10-20+ gallons – depending on the species
tropical, lots of species to choose from
note: “galaxy rasboras” are NOT rasboras (true rasboras belong to the boraras genus). Galaxy rasboras are actually a species of danio (other common name: celestial pearl danio) and are not tropical.

under 10 gallons: nerites, ramshorns, horned nerites, and other small snails
10+ gallons: mystery snails & other snails listed above – mystery snails get quite large and have a bioload as large, if not larger, than your betta’s, so a mystery snail is more suited to living in a 10 gallon tank than in something smaller

not all bettas are “shrimp-safe”, meaning that if you want to try shrimp, you should be prepared for the worst case scenario: your betta eats them! if youre okay with the possibility that you may lose some shrimp, then i suggest starting out with a few shrimp.
Amano shrimp are larger, great for algae, should be kept in groups of at least 3-5
cherry shrimp (and other neocardinia sp.) are hardy, but small (most likely to be a tasty snack). They are super colorful/many variations to choose from tho!
ghost shrimp can actually be nippy, so I’d recommend against them, even though they’re pretty cheap~
putting shrimp in a 2.5 gallon tank is doable, but a 5 gallon tank would be much better since it would give you more space to provide lots of hiding places for the shrimp :)

do best in groups, 3+ - they’re not traditional shoaling or schooling fish, but are still social
20+ gallons - otos are sensitive to water quality
if your tank doesn’t have a ton of algae for them to eat, then I suggest supplementing their diet with cucumbers/zucchini/algae wafers/etc.  

tank size depends completely on the species your considering, there are a ton!! Even the smaller species of pleco have minimums of 30-40+ gallons, so keep that in mind :) I suggest supplementing their diet with cucumbers/zucchini/algae wafers/etc.

ember tetras:
schooling, 6+ to a school – keeping the in schools smaller than this will stress out the fish
10+ gallons – they do ok in a 10, but would prefer a 15 (long) or a 20 gallon! 

or marimo plants?
I love marimos! I have a TON :D I definitely recommend them ^-^ when looking for places to buy from, though, do your best to purchase healthy ones~ I’m not too good at reviving/saving the ones that have started to brown, so I try to look for ones with little to no brown spots and a bright green color :D

I hope to upgrade his home and am slightly nervous.

It’s great that you’re looking to upgrade and I’m glad that Blue is doing much better since he’s come home with you! :D Don’t be nervous about upgrading, it’s a good thing! <3 Just make sure to add more hides/plants/decor when you upgrade so that your betta (and possible future tankmates) don’t feel insecure in a larger space :p

/* If anyone has any changes/corrections/suggestions to make, feel free to reblog/comment/let me know :) */