ok they are beautiful


Here take a shitty bass cover of Novocaine by Fall Out Boy

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You still doing the 'make me choose' thing? May I humbly ask for my beardy favs then and say Duncan or Blackwall? Only if you feel like it of course, your art is just so beautiful 😍

Aha ok! just so you know, beards are a pain to draw! but i was motivated! i’ve never drawn him before so i gave it a try.

Make me choose between two characters and I’ll draw the winner: Blackwall or Duncan


My SWCV Merch *heart eyes* that sticker set omg SO worth it! ..sort of disappointed that i didnt find Onewrang…she was there T_T giving out Onew stuff.. i would have been so starstruck to meet her! But its ok i LOVE the stuff i got! This POSTER OMG SO BEAUTIFUL

On a trip to the cinema. Had sushi for lunch and waffles for dinner… it’s ok it was Sunday.
Beauty and the Beast was pretty great, I really enjoyed it.

Top, tights, bag, choker and big badge are all @cherrycheezy
Little badges are @zombieunicornjewelry
Longer necklace is risu_rose
(hairband is claire’s lol)

My sock lace greyed noooo it looks worse in the picture than it does in person but it’s still not great. Will need to buy more, these shoes rub if I don’t wear socks so I had to make do.

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SAME DUDE SAME, but I still respect all ships no matter what. All ships are awesome, but I just prefer Klance if anything, you know what I mean?


Ok I know I was gonna stop posting BatB drawings after I saw the movie but I CANT RESIST!! THE MOVIE WAS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO NOT DRAW AT LEAST A FEW THINGS!! Anyway I’m gonna colour it later so look forward to it😊( ps also super excited for @crappyartforyou s upcoming underfell BatB fanfic! If you love BatB and undertale stuff check them out, there just starting the story✌️

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hun can I just ask from what you know is it worth sticking with Robron?? I read they do stay together. I heard a twist is coming I hope it's a good one. Thank you. Xxxx

yeah whatever happens robron are gonna be together, but really it depends on how you feel about what happens if you’re gonna be ok with it or not, ya know? CAN WE GO BACK TO THE BEAUTIFUL ICONIC WEDDING NOW PLEASE