ok there was barely any translating but it was so good

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Boku No Hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

Commence Study Groups!

そろそろの勉強会: Chapter 1, Part 2 [click here for part 1] [Part 3]

(t/n: for some reason I found this quite hard to translate, but it was a quick short part before they switched back to yaomomo and gang, nonetheless enjoy the bakushima! p.s dont forget to read part 1!!! ^_^)

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Expedition to Sol2487-3 Pt.4

“This is the weirdest ride of my life” noted Xato Nexgrra. I could only consent him. Our platoon of eleven, sitting in a CARDBOX, big enough it could have been a scouting ship, attending to our incapacitated member while being carried by a foreign race’s pup, which had the size of a legitimate skyscraper, stomping through the endless plains. Each step of the tremendous creature echoed in our heads and brought us dozens of IFPS standard steps ahead. With our improvised vessel in one and the smaller vicious gazing beast - a cat, as Dr. Proaxl could tell us after touching the giant pup’s mind - in the other hand, the giant crossed the lands in an astonishing swift manner.

“So exactly how is this giant going to help us?” I asked Dr. Proaxl.
The doc, while easing Loxxar Kraes’ pain by mental attendance as best as she could, answered to me.
“It’s taking us to its home, where we will find shelter, food, medical equipment and - so all your religious deities are at our side - the support of its family. For this it would be great if we all could communicate with them. Mindtouching is really tiresome and I don’t want to translate between you as our leader and this world’s inhabitants the whole time, so… Üprrkl, how’s it going?”
The annoying Pjörecian scientist had gone silent for a while now and hatched on the task Dr. Proaxl had ordered him.
A brilliant move of her, both shutting him up and giving his undoubtedly enormous brain something better to do than analysing the non-existing chances of our survival.
“Not bad, the data you collected from the pup’s mind are feeding our intercom’s translation codes. They are fragmentary, and at first glance I would say this specimen does not understand its own language’s grammatic rules quite well - or those rules are so broken and arbitrary I for myself can’t wrap my brain around their structure - but its quite the basis. Some rudimentary communication with natives should be possible at least, until you are able to widen the database by mindtouching a - let’s say more experienced - specimen.”
“OK, then let’s try it” I said and formed with my forelimbs a funnel before my mouth. “Hey! You!” I yelled towards our ride.
“It’s name is Max” filled Dr. Proaxl me in.
“Hey! Max! Can you understand me?!”
“YE… I… UN… U…!” The roaring voice echoed in our whole bodies and stressed the intercom’s abilities.
“Maybe I should build in a filter that pitches the tune up and the volume down” suggested Üprrkl. “Wait a moment.” He manipulated his own intercom and shared the changes to the others. “Now.”
“I’ll try again, Max!” I shouted again. “We couldn’t understand you! Say something, please!”
We flinched under the noise.
“You aren’t too quit, you are too loud! Volume down, please!”
“Oh, sorry. Better?”
“That’s it. Good work, Üprrkl. Ok, Max, we can understand you now. How far is it to your home?”
“Why? We’re here!”

Due to the sunset and the speed, we hadn’t even noticed the sudden difference in the scenery. We entered some gigantic building and the reddish yellow light of the sun changed to the cold blue shining of electric lights. Of course this building had to be gigantic, given the fact the giant carrying us - Max – was only a pup, the house of its family must have been astronomic to our standards. It was just reasonable. But nevertheless we were struck speechless, for this building was for real taller as you could see.
Max brought us in through a huge gate – or was it a simple door? It was archaic, moving around a pivot without any means of electromotoric assistance. Then he brought us upwards by stairs into his room. Beside the electric lights there were no proofs of advanced technologies. At least those giants seemed to be far away from space travel and so they posed no threat for the IFPS for now.
“Wait here, I’ll get some food and medicine. What do you need?” asked Max, the giant.
“Something to prevent inflammation and a narcotic against pain” answered Dr. Proaxl. As a bodyless being, it was only natural for here to ignore the offered food.
So I added to her request: “Some water and something filling and easy to swallow, please.”
Max showed quite the troubled face, but nevertheless left us alone in his room. Thank Xaleates he took that “cat” with him, wouldn’t have wanted to be left alone with that.

After a short while we heard those gigantic steps approaching again, but this time it seemed to be four legs.
“Please Mom”, we heard Max’ voice from behind the door, “just promise me you don’t freak out!”
“Maxwell, I dare you, if you took in a spider or a snake, you’ll sleep in the garage tonight!”
The door swung open and a way taller giant came in, the head covered in lots and lots of those swirly filaments nearly every living thing here had – hair, as Dr. Proaxl told us.
The bigger giant glimpsed at us.
“Quick!” insisted Dr. Proaxl, “Wave one of your forelimps and bare your fangs! It’s a gesture of greetings.”
We did as she told us – but…
My eyesight went blank, my hearing broke down, my intercom went sparkling and – I admit it with disgust – I had lost control of some of my digestive organs for a moment. When I regained my senses, I found more than half of my men on the ground, struggling for breath. And even Dr. Proaxl, whose nebulous body usually shimmered in a sparkling yellow white, now smouldered in a nauseous looking green.
My hearing was still burrowed under a constant screaming noise, but I registered the muffled rough roar coming from the gate. And through my limbs I felt the tremors of a vast approaching third giant.
Just when would this superlative end? The third one was even taller than the second, by at least two heads. And I mean their heads, not mine. It gestured to the second, the second to Max, and Max gestured to us. And all of them made those annoying roaring noises. My head went numb.
Then finally, the biggest one made a wide gesture and the noises stopped. I remember the face of that giant coming nearer and nearer until it filled all of my field of vision. Then my mind went black.

When I came to my senses again, the biggest giant was talking to a still green shimmering Dr. Proaxl, but I couldn’t follow their talking, so I interrupted them.
“How long have I…?”
“Just seconds, captain. Don’t worry.”
“Oh, you are the captain?” asked the gigantic giant. He oppressed his voice with one of his limbs and tried to be as quiet as he could. Plenty of noise still, nevertheless. “Nice to meet you.”
“This is Captain Bcao Kjuk Mrra, Leading Officer of our expedition ship, and this here is Dr. Smith, Max’ father and biologist of this planet the natives call “Earth”” introduced Dr. Proaxl.
“I apologize in behalf of my wife” began the giant. “Our voices must have quite the destructive force to your bodies. We intended no harm to you, we were just… overwhelmed by your appearance. I mean, it’s just natural, that someday, eventually, someone from out there… I mean now, that after all this time finally…” The giant began quiet, but unknowingly it got louder and louder, like a little boy who couldn’t hide his joy about a new toy. Then Dr. Smith coughed slightly and got quiet again. “Ahem… my apologies. Let’s concentrate at the task at hand. Max said, one of your group is injured?”
“Yes, Loxxar Kraes. He got wounded by a … hamster is what Max mind called it” answered Dr. Proaxl.
“Oh you encountered a field hamster? God, you’re lucky the crop’s plenty. In spring, when it’s their season and the food resources are scarce, they go savage for any intruder in their yard. Some fairly random facts the least of my people knew, but for someone in your… position… it would have been crucial intel. Ok, I see. That breastplate absorbed most of the impact. Some sturdy material you got there. The wound is… what’s that?”
“A force field to keep the wound steril” answered the misty Doc.
“Fascinating” mumbled the giant Doc.
Two in their element. I decided to leave them be. Then the giant Doc asked.
“How do you stand alcohol?”
“For disinfecting? Isopropanol should do…”
“No, no, I mean, how do you stand drinking ethanol?”
Did that monster just say “Drinking ethanol”?!?!

Hitchhiking Space Fae, Part 1

***This story is written from the perspective of an alien, trying to contend with a hitchhiking Terran. Certain terms used are translated into their Terran equivalents for clarity’s sake.*** 

Part 1: The Hitch-hiking Space Australian

I had thought refueling the ship and off-loading the cargo would be the biggest things I would have to deal with this cycle. I was wrong. In the midst of checking the manifest for nitrogen scrubbers, I felt heavy footsteps behind me.

“Excuse me, but where is this ship going?” A voice asked, in almost perfect Durvian, my native  language.

A chill went down my spine, all the way to my tail-tip. Terran. It couldn’t be anything else. I spoke over 50 different languages and had a translator for the rest, but very few knew my native language, let alone a perfect stranger. Let alone a Terran.

Steeling myself, I turned to meet the terrifying creature head on.

“S-Sol 236a…Why do ask?” I said trying to keep the shiver out of my voice.

The Terran bared its teeth, “Oh! Perfect! That’s just where I wanted to go! Thanks!”

The Terran then handed me a few Platinum credit chips, before making their way on board. No one questioned why there was a Terran on board- Ok A LOT of people questioned, but never while the Terran was around. My response was always the same: “You’ve seen what they can do! Are YOU going to tell them to leave?!”

To my people, and to most of the Galactic Federation, humans were scary. They came from a world on the border of Galactic Space, known as Terra, or more commonly: Earth. Even though my species comes from a planet of similar climate, I still consider their planet, a Death World; a genetic crucible, that every day, forges new and exciting ways to kill them. Yet for as bad as their planet was, the “humans” (as they were sometimes known) seemed worse!

Their skin was a veritable disease factory, their bones healed stronger after breaking, and instead of special coagulating chemicals in their blood to prevent infections, they had a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms that ATE the infectors. They drank poisons…for FUN. If they had a medical issue that removed a limb, they either created a mechanical version (usually with a weapon installed) or they edited their genetic code, to be able to regrow it. FULLY. In fact, editing your DNA was fashionable for many Terrans!

On top of that, no one in the Federation knew how their “magic” worked. This species had only barely achieved spaceflight 100 years ago, (almost as primitive now as it was then), and yet somehow, they had the ability create fire with a word, speak any language in an instant, and even change their forms at will, without any obvious technology aiding them. It was as if even the Universe was at their beck and call.

In response, the Federation created a simple set of rules to follow when interacting with Terrans:

- Limit conversations, as they might enchant you with their words.

- Avoid angering them. They are capable of destructive acts beyond imagination.

- Do not consume Terran food or media (videos, music, art, etc.), or you’ll never be satisfied with anything from your home world.

- Avoid direct contact with Terran skin, as they can carry any number of unknown diseases on them at any time.

- Do not let them take you to ANY of their colonies without a non-Terran way off world.


Most of the Federation lived by these rules almost religiously, and while a spark of curiosity burned within me, I knew there were VERY good reasons why the Rules existed. Those before us had found out the hard way, and the survivors wrote them to keep the rest of us safe.

It was 21 days until Sol 236a, and the rest of the crew was terrified. This was going to be a long three weeks…

Part 2: Part 2

Part 3: Part 3

Author’s Notes: Big thanks to @sixthousandbees, @thecommrade, @radioactivepeasant, @snowwolf1118 and @humans-are-seriously-weird for inspiration and for story elements. I have not felt this inspired to write a Sci-Fantasy story in a LONG time. Thank you all SO much.

Edit: Changed the name to “Space Fae.” Makes more sense with where I’m going with it. 

in honor of my favorite boy’s birthday being today, have a fic of a history of jack and shooting stars

also on ao3!

birthday wishes

“Maman,” Jack whispers, tugging hard on the hem of his Alicia’s skirt. She is standing in the kitchen, a spatula in one hand a tub of Betty Crocker chocolate icing in another. “Les gens sont ici.”

“Oui, mon petit étoile,” his mother says, finishing the cake with one last streak of icing across the side. She steps back and takes a look, sighing when she sees how lopsided it is from this angle. She reaches down and lifts Jack up, setting her on her hip. He’s definitely boarding on too old for this; Jack’s turning 6 today, and has never been, well… a slender boy, to say the least.

But Alicia loves her son, so whenever he tugs on her skirt and calls her name, she picks him up and lets him rest his head on her chest. She remembers how her mother used to do it for her, and just how comforting it had been. She can’t imagine the day she stops allowing this for Jack.

“Où est papa?” Jack asks, his breath warm on her neck.

“He will be back soon,” Alicia says, slipping back into English. “Do you want to go say hi to your friends?”

Jack furrows his brow and looks down at where his hand is fisted in the fabric of Alicia’s shirt. He nods his head, slowly, like he’s not quite sure.

“Hey, mon petit étoile. You listen to me,” she says, leaning back so she can look into her son’s eyes– bright blue, a mirror image of her own. “Papa and I love you very much. And so do all your friends, and your family, and everyone here. It’s your big day, Jack. Now go on. I will be out in a minute.”

Jack, placated by Alicia’s promise to follow him out, nods once before climbing down and running through the kitchen doors to the living room.

The party goes over well. Bob gets home a few minutes later with a brand new pair of hockey skates in tow– they one present Jack had asked for. His friends from school are all nice, and Jack spends plenty of time with them, but Alicia can’t help but notice how, even now, Jack seems a bit like the odd one out.

The kids’ parents come to pick them up, and by 7 it’s just Jack, Alicia and Bob, sitting together in the living room, the windows left open to let in the cool august night breeze. Jack sits between them, two action figures Alicia doesn’t recognize clutched in his hands. Jack is talking quietly to himself and acting out the roles. He’s is a warm and comforting weight against her side, and when Alicia catches her husband’s eye over their son’s head, the smile she gets in return is blinding. The warmth spreads through her, blooming in her chest and reaching all the way to her fingers and toes.

It’s when they’re putting Jack to bed a few hours later, Alicia with a storybook in hand and Bob pulling back the covers, that Jack gasps, jumping out of bed. He runs to the window and throws back the curtains.

“Maman! Papa! Regardez!” Jack shouts, pointing out the window. Both Alicia and Bob move next to their son, and only when following the direction of Jack’s hand does Alicia see the shooting star, gliding across the sky.

“Mon petite étoile,” Alicia whispers into Jack’s hair, kissing him there. “Did you know that if you make a wish when you see one of those, it will come true?”

Jack gaped at Alicia, his eyes wide. “Really?”

“Really,” Bob chimed in, his voice bright with laughter and affection. “Go on, then. Make your wish.”

Jack nodded at his parents and turned towards the window, closing his eyes and scrunching up his nose, and whispered his wish under his breath.

Climbing back into bed, Alicia asked, “What did you wish for?”

Jack giggled, “If I tell you it won’t come true, Maman!”

“Alright,” Alicia smiled, smoothing back her son’s hair. She leaned down and kissed his forehead once, then the tip of his nose. “Goodnight, birthday boy.”

On Jack’s 12th birthday he is alone in his room, the clock slowly ticking away till’ morning. He hasn’t been able to sleep once yet, dreading the day of classmates and family and hockey-family and… everything.

He sees a shooting star.

He wishes for quiet.

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Riza and Ed’s conversation from FMA: To the Promised Day

Here’s the full translation of one of the Free Event scenes you can unlock in Fullmetal Alchemist: Yakusoku no Hi (PSP game, untranslated), which I summarized here along with other RoyAi content from the game.

In this mini drama, Riza talks to Ed about his father, alchemy, and her relationship with Roy. It’s both heartbreaking and touching. Make sure you have your tissues ready for Riza and Ed’s daddy issues! (Trust me, after reading this, there’ll be no doubt in your mind that Riza will make a good mother someday. I was seriously crying after re-reading the entire conversation.)

Please credit/mention my blog when you use my summary/translation for your works. Thanks <3


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anonymous asked:

Your parkour fic is beautiful and perfectly captures how adorably lovesick Shiro and Keith are. My crops are watered from Matt's hilarious commentary.

lol god… here’s part two. i had to step away from the computer at least four times while writing this. i genuinely feel bad. i didn’t mean to just post crack this week but here we go.

sheith parkour au part 2: a frank discussion about uniform kinks or whatever

[part 1]

Dear Katie,

It got worse. It got so much worse.


Everything is peachy-keen for a solid two days.

Shiro washes the bloody tank top and starts to regain some of Matt’s respect and trust. They don’t see any sign of Parkour Boy. Not in the mess, not in the halls, not in the library. It’s a double edged blade, but if Shiro spends double the usual amount of time haunting the gym and an abnormal and disquieting share of his spare time staring out windows, that’s fine. Everyone has their cross to bear.

Matt only catches him watching parkour videos on his phone once. The tinny dubstep is a dead give away, but maybe it’ll help him figure out that real parkour doesn’t actually involve that much tripping or blood or soulful gazing. (It doesn’t involve… any of that.)

And then, two days after the Incident, Shiro gets a new fixation. They both do, because on Tuesday someone destroys the simulator.


Like, they didn’t literally destroy it, but you know how Dad is always going off about Shiro’s scores? Obliterated. Total fatality.


“You messed up the coding,” Montgomery sighs.

No, Matt did not. And Katie checked it, so he’s double, triple sure. They tweaked it to make it harder. Whoever this kid is, they’re either a world class programmer with a lot of extra time and tech on their hands or they’re not fully human.

“I’m sorry Sir, and I hope you don’t think this is out of line, but we really did check it. I had Shiro test it four times. It should…” Matt lets his eyebrows quirk up in a look of gentle, innocent assurance. “It should check out.”

Montgomery sighs again. “Fine, Holt. We’ll bring the cadet back in and retest him.”

We’ll bRing the caDet back in and reTeSt hiM, Matt mocks in his head.

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BTS When You’re Mexican

“ May I request a BTS reaction to their S/O being Mexican pretty please? ✨✨ ”

— ok i actually have mexican roots so this won’t be too hard and i won’t have to use google translate for any words lmao. also these are short scenarios instead of reactions, sorrysorrysorry —



“tu novio es muy guapo, mija.” your mom says, sending your wide shouldered boyfriend a smile. You chuckle, nodding in agreement. Jin sees you laughing and begins to do the same. “what’d she say?” he whispers towards you. “she said you were handsome.” Jin ‘oh’s and smiles back at your mother. “gracias.” he thanks her. Though, Jin being Jin, didn’t hesitate to send both of your parents an air kiss. “Oh my god..” you mutter. They laugh, telling you how funny he was. “also, can you tell your mom that her tortillas are delicious? I think I may be addicted.” (if your mom buys pre made tortillas..just pretend that she doesn’t.)


“Okay, bye pa.” You hang up the phone and turn back to Yoongi. “Sorry, what were you saying?” He had a cute smile on his face, staring at you intently with his face in his hands. “Oh, nothing.” Your eyebrow quirks up, giving him a look. “So you’re not mad that I stopped our conversation to talk with my dad?” you ask. “Of course not, I like it when you speak Spanish. It’s hot.” Laughing, you slap him jokingly. “Callate.” Yoongi grabs your shoulders, pulling you closer. “I don’t know what you said, but I liked it.” A laugh escapes your lips. “I just told you to shut up.” He pulls back from you, eyebrows raised. “Make me.”


Throwing your bag down, you entered your home and went looking for Namjoon. Your bones were sore and you needed a good cuddle from him. You saw him in your room in front of a mirror and you were about to approach him but stopped when you heard him say Spanish words. “Hola me llamo Namjoon..te quiero.” You watched in amusement, trying not to burst into a fit of giggles from his barely noticeable pronunciation. “Tambien te quiero yo.” Namjoon turns around, looking shocked to see you. “Oh, hi.” You laugh, waving at him. “Learning a new language I see?” He nods. “I really want to interact with international army’s,” You smile at his sweet gesture. “That’s sweet. I could teach you some phrases.” He hugs you, head on your shoulder. “Really? That’d be helpful.”


You had ended a call with your mother, setting your phone down beside you. Hobi sat beside you, sending heart eyes your way. You smile at him, “what’re you smiling about?” He shrugs. “Y/N, can you say something to me in Spanish?” You give your boyfriend a weird look. “I mean, sure but- why?” Hoseok pouts. “I like your voice when you speak Spanish, it changes.Also, I can’t speak it so..” You smile and run your fingers through his hair. “Okay. Te quiero, eres muy lindo y precioso.” His brown hues stare into your soul innocently, smiling his beautiful smile. “What does that mean?” Hoseok asks you. “I love you, you’re very cute and precious.” His smile widens. “Aw, that’s cute! You’re cute. I love you too, Y/N.” He rests his head on your lap, your fingers in his hair calming him.


As you’re cooking dinner, you feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist. “It smells good. What’re you making?” Jimin asks you. His lips brush against your neck, causing a wave of warmth pass through you. “Posole.” you answer. “Oh, español.” he says in a weird voice. You laugh, turning around to face him. “Si. Quieres probar?” You spoke in Spanish, teasing him since he didn’t fully understand you. “I only know that you said yes.” Grabbing a spoon, you scoop up some of the posole and put it in front of his mouth. “Oh..do I want to try?” You nod. Jimin takes the spoon into his mouth and gives it back. “That’s..good. What’s the little white thing that looks like a tooth?” Your face scrunches up at his description. “Maiz?” you giggle. “Yeah, that. It’s good.” Setting the spoon down, you go over to grab some bowls. “I’m glad, because when you meet my parents they’re likely to feed that to you.”


Your mom laughed at Taehyung, telling you things about how handsome he was or how you found yourself a keeper. All in all, both your parents liked Tae’s open personality. “Sabes español?” your dad asks. Taehyung stops being care free and gets nervous, knowing how much you meant to your dad. He didn’t know what he’d said, but he agreed. “Si..” Under the table, you felt Taehyung’s hand squeeze yours tightly. “You do, Tae?” you ask him. His head turns towards you. “I what?” he whispers to you. “My dad asked if you knew Spanish.” After you answered him, Tae shook his head. “Solo..solo poquito. No.. tell them I’m not fluent, babe.” “Dise que no sabe mucho.” Both your parents nod and tell him it’s fine, complimenting him on what he did know. “I like your family. They’re nice. I also like this food.” You smile at your boyfriend, watching as he spoke with your siblings like if they were his own. You weren’t the only one smiling at him, as your parents were doing the same.


You laid on your back in bed, eyes boring into the cieling. It wasn’t until Jungkook entered your bedroom that you sat up. “Oh, hey. What’s up?” He lays beside you, pulling you into him. “Guess what I did today?” Jungkook asks you. You position yourself comfortably against him before responding. “I learned a phrase in Spanish.” As you look st him, Jungkook had a proud smirk plastered on his face. It made you laugh, how competitive he could get. “What? Aren’t you happy?” “Yes, Kook I’m glad. It’s just funny how competitive you are,” He pouts. “Callate.” he says. “You learned that?” you ask, trying to control your giggles. “Yes, and I also learned how to say I love you but since you’re bullying me..” Jungkook turns away from you, but his arms were still around your frame. “You know I love you.” you tease. He looks back at you and smiles. “También te quiero.”

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Summary: After confessing your feelings for each other, you and Bill discuss pet names for each other. 

Words: 1416

Paring: Bill x Reader

Warnings: Swearing. Suggestive dialogue. Mentions of sexual activity but nothing explicit. Fluff. Like barf inducing fluff. Bad Swedish. Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. 

I originally wrote this for my main blog with a different pairing. This will by far be my most polished fic, which I know is not saying much. 

Originally posted by beverlysmarsh

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K ~ Four Seasons of K: Like flowers in a storm

Thanks to the wonderful blueseraphima who I can never thank enough, I have the texts of GoRa’s currently ongoing series of short stories 4 Seasons of K, subtitled ~Seasonal short stories that might have happened~ and published monthly. This is the third story of the series, about Homura’s flower viewing experience.

Like Flowers in a Storm [*] by Azano Kouhei

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anonymous asked:

Ok I know you're only answering emergency asks, but I don't want to forget this ask. I was wondering if you can do some Daddy!Lotor (or him finding out s/o is pregnant) headcannons because I just found out that I'm 3 months pregnant and I'm scared to tell my husband because he doesn't want kids right now. I get it if you feel uncomfortable doing it or if you've already done it with Lotor. You don't have to of course. I'm just trying to make myself less scared and your writing helps me w/that

asdfghjgf omg congrats?! I mean, but idk if I should say congrats?? I know this may not be in my position to say, but I really hope you and your husband will work things out, and may happiness come to you soon 💕

Also, it’s super humbling that my writing gives you comfort and please, feel free to just list this as an emergency ask if you need to next time!

more daddy!Lotor goodness under the cut cause this got looong

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so for the remaining Top Five ask meme posts, i’ve decided to consolidate into a series of three huge posts instead of destroying people’s dashes with replies.  for a series of fun, ridiculous headcanons, follow the readmore!

  1. Playboy Nikiforov will cheat on Yuuri with the entire Russian Hockey team, and Yuuri will come crying to him and eat katsudon piroshky in his bed and Yurio will be allowed to brush the bangs out of his eyes as they lay facing each other, knees knocking together.  “You can stay as long as you want,” Yurio would say.  (Except Victor is incredibly devoted to Yuuri, and the Russian hockey team only has eyes for Yuuri anyway.)
  2. Victor dies from a Terrible Disease.  In his last conscious moments, he grabs Yurio by the hand.  “Take care of Yuuri,” he says. “He’s always loved you.”  “I will,” Yurio responds, unplugging the life support.
  3. “Yurio, the way you landed that quintuple axel jump after only two weeks of practicing, despite it being physically improbable makes me super hot,” Yuuri says, pushing him against the rough edge of the lockers.  “Please, take me now, take me now and wrap your well-toned and physically superior legs around me.”
  4. Victor Nikiforov decides to make a deal with an angel to see a reality where he’s never been born, where Yurio and Katsudon got together instead, and he sees how happy Katsudon is to be constantly challenged and sexually satisfied by Yurio he completely fades from existence.
  5. Yuuri showing up at his hotel room at three in the morning. His eyes are red.  His smile is shy, but real.  “Yuri,” he says, and the way that Yuuri says his name, his real name, is so open and meaningful.  “You’ve always been—I’ve always—“ Yuuri in his mind has said, but never finished.  Yuri’s never let it get past that.  It hurts too much.

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anonymous asked:

Ok so YES I love the long distance internet friends au but consider! Long distance wrong number au

honestly anon, thank you so much for this tonight. 

i took long distance and made it loooooong distance to the point where it probably doesn’t make sense, but ~~suspension of disbelief~~

texts between adrien and the mystery person (wow i wonder who) are in italics because theyre in french. also i didnt want to bother anyone so ‘numéro inconnu’ is from google translate so im sorry for….that

finally i tried to streamline how i do texts for this just because the way i do texts is usually a lot clunkier? so it looks more like wanna chat but isnt in like….the contact names are still what the other person would see? like when it says pretty boy thats ninos contact name for adrien and—

frick just tell me if its too confusing and tell me how to fix it im really tired

[on ao3 in case the read more is a butt and wont open]

2:51 PM
unknown number: Did this work?????
unknown number: a;slkdfjadj its me btw
unknown number: I mean duh its me who else would it be
unknown number: If you screenshot this conversation al I swear to go d Ill kill you

Adrien squints at his phone. Not only does he not know this number, but the text are in French. That’s…unusual. He thinks that it’s a lucky coincidence that his father is from France and insisted he learned the language before replying.

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You Can Be So Cruel - Part 3

Field trip, my ass

(Pietro Maximoff x Overweight!Reader)

You used to think no one could hate you as much as you hated yourself, until you meet the speedster with a seeming desire to break you.

Words: 1922  Warnings: Anxiety, body issues, bullying, language,

An: sorry this is late 💜

Translations: Haide/Come on

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

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Any other day you would start training in a vain attempt at placating him. Today, you were too exhausted. You couldn’t bring yourself to bother. You toss your bag onto the bench and drop down beside it, leaning back against the cool wall and closing your eyes. The bright lighting of the gym not helping your pounding headache, your whole body ached with over excursion and lack of sleep.

Why should you try when it gets you nowhere? For someone that treats you like nothing?

You hear the click of the door and open your eyes as Pietro walks in smiling down at his phone. He’s so effortlessly handsome. His hair all messy, sweatpants hung low on his hips and the vest top he wore barely covered his chest, his arms glistening under the lights.

You have to tear your eyes away, your thoughts going back to last night. You stand up, pulling your sleeve down self consciously and avoid his eyes, waiting for his first instruction. Feeling as small as you did on that first day, ironic really. He looks up from his phone and raises an eyebrow.

“Wow, did you get any sleep?”

Of course, he had to point it out. Without thinking you reach up to brush some hair out of your face and tug down your t-shirt.


Pietro narrows his eyes and before you can blink he’s in front of you, backing you into the wall. He takes hold of your wrist and drags your sleeve down, inspecting the bandage covering your knuckles, the dark red still seeping through.

“So the mirror just fell over yes?” he asks accusingly and you draw your hand away, covering it with your sleeve again.

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anonymous asked:

instead of doing your laundry how about you walk me through zico's tattoos and their meaning (with hd pictures.....) ok thnaks

Now this is straight up dirty talk to me

Right side rib: Bees that has the date 131013. This was the day Block B got their very first on music show with Very Good. It had to be one of the most emotional days for Block B and BBCs. (video)

Left side rib: IX XCII XIV which is his birthday. FYI this nugget has it tattooed upside down and my brother heard me say This bitch ass when I found out.

Chest Piece: 

John the Apostle which John is his Catholic name.

Mother’s portrait. He got a younger photo mom tattoo on his left pec where the heart is. 

He preached in Caesarea but went to prison for 2 years. He preached again in Rome and went to prison for another 2 years. Even though he went to prison twice he kept on preaching. He was arrested for a second time in Rome and was beheaded under the insane Emperor Nero. Nero personally knew Paul too. This is where I think where ‘God Save Paulus’ (Paul) comes in because Paul was trying to spread the word of God and was killed for it. Paul is among the most famous intelligent and influential of the apostles. St. Paul wrote 14 books for new testament…something like that. Some places are telling me 14 of 27 and then over here being told 13 books for the new testament. I’m trying Jiho I am. 

Middle Torso: A large cross. No one knows the meaning of it as of right now.

Right bicep: 

It’s a tattoo of Saint Veronica. A lot of people mistake it for the Virgin Mary. The story goes like this, Veronica, a woman from Jerusalem, wiped the blood and sweat from Christ’s face when he was carrying the cross up Mt. Calvary. When she later looked at the cloth that wiped his sweat and blood, the cloth had been impressed with Christ’s face. In Greek, ‘Veronica’ means ‘she who brings victory’. Not only that but it is the baptismal name of the grandmother who took care of me when I was younger, so it holds importance to me in many ways. (source)

Left forearm: 

禹. It’s a Chinese symbol for Zico’s last name. The translation it means emperor. (source)

King Sejong the Great. King that made hangul and did loads of other things for the country (Link with more proper information on the king)

Rose of Sharon it the national flower of South Korea

Back: ???????? !!!!!!!! 

He did hint at a back piece “I barely have time to get tattoos, there’s just the shape of Virgin Mary on my back” -  말해 yes or no

Updated: I believe the left side (his side) is of a women with wings (like an angel) sitting on a tree branch. The other side isn’t clear sadly. I can be wrong this is just my guess.

Not of any help just to show how pretty large the tattoo is and to make me sweat like a hoe in church! 

Tu Es Beau

This is a fanfiction inspired by a headcanon I sent to @writergrump, which morphed into a full thing. This is the first time I’ve ever written a fanfiction, so if you have anything you want to point out to help me in the future, feel free to message me! It has a really rushed ending I guess, but I tried.
Dan’s eyes glossed over the screen of the television. They had just finished recording more episodes than usual, given the fact that they would both be gone for a month for a well needed vacation. Dan turned to his friend, who was rubbing his eyes as he turned off the capture and microphones.

They’d known each other for a very long time now. Dan knew that he had feelings for the other man that were…not the way normal friends thought of each other. He realized this a few months ago, freaked out, and poured his heart out to Brian, who was more than happy to listen. He talked it out with Suzy, who even encouraged it. But he was terrified of confessing. He didn’t know how it even happened-maybe the flirting got to him? All he knew was that everytime he thought of his co-host, he thought of that beautiful body, his amazing face and wonderful personality. Lately it felt like all he could do during sessions was stare at Arin and take every single drop of him in, staring at his lips, resisting the urge to lean in and kids him with all his might-

“You okay there, buddy?” Arin lifted up an eyebrow and looked at Dan, his voice concerned but laced with amusement.

“I’m fine,” he replied, giving him a lopsided smile. “Just tired. These sessions have been really exhausting me lately.”

“Well, our vacation is coming up, so you have that to look forward to.” Arin stood up and stretched, his shirt lifting up barely enough to see his stomach. Dan gazed at him lovingly.

“Tu es beau.”


Dan blinked. What did he just say? Why did he say it in French? Did he just call Arin beautiful….infront of the man himself? What was wrong with him?

“I…what? I’m sorry, I wasn’t-it’s nothing.” Dan put on a convincing smile.

Arin shot Dan a look. “Alright, ‘Mr. French, ’ let’s wrap things up.” Dan’s face heated at the nickname.


Day lay on top of the bed, hands pressing hard on his eyes. He was so stupid, as if he could be more subtle about his gigantic crush on his best friend. At least Arin couldn’t understand him. He really needed to work on not saying shit out loud.


They were taking a lunch break, sitting down at the table across from each other. Arin, noticing Dan hadn’t said anything in the past half hour, looked up, staring at Dan. He was in dreamland, looking down at the table, smiling sheepishly, supposedly at nothing.

“Dan?” He called. Dan’s smile disappeared and he looked up.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

Arin continued staring. He could swear he saw a red tint appear on Dan’s face, but he quickly looked back down.

“I’m…worried. About you,” he started, choosing his words carefully. Dan was the type to insist he was fine on the worst days, the type that didn’t want anyone making any fuss about him.

“What about me?” Dan looked back up, his curls bouncing at the quick movement, chewing on his sandwhich.

“I don’t know, dude. You’ve been spacing out a lot, is all. Is everything alright? You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“Well…” Dan started, his mind screaming in protest. “It’s just that…I can’t explain it,” he lied. “Or, I, erm, rather not talk about it, I mean.” Whew. Close one. His brain-to-mouth filter almost stopped working there.

“Okay. Now I’m worried even more.” Arin reached his hand across the small table, danced his fingers up Dan’s hand, and laced their fingers together. Dan searched Arin’s eyes-pure worry.

“I’m just extremely exhausted, dude. I seriously can’t think straight.” That was certainly true (of course he can’t think straight).

“I’m working you too hard,” Arin frowned, still holding Dan’s hand. He stood up, pulled Dan’s arm. Dan started to protest as Arin walked him over to the couch, sitting down, gesturing for Dan to do the same.

“Come on. You need to rest, dude.” Arin say sideways, legs spread, and pulled Dan down, to where he was in the middle of Arin’s lap. He grabbed his shoulders, pulling them down, so Dan’s back was on his chest. He snaked an arm around his waist.
“You’re my snuggleman, and I want to snuggle anyways, so you have to cuddle with me.” Dan looked up, his face flushed, and gave a weak smile.
It wasn’t until 20 minutes later, when Arin assumed Dan was asleep, that he heard mumbling. He looked down, saw Dan’s mouth moving. He could barely make out what he was saying.

“Je pense toujours à toi…tu me rends heureux.”

He must be dreaming, Arin thought to himself. Dan didn’t seem that he was aware he was even talking right now. Poor guy. Either that, or he was just extremely delusional, given the fact he was mumbling things in French. God damn, Dan was adorable. Everything he did made Arin love him more.

“Arin.” His thoughts were interrupted, his eyes gazing down. Dan looked up and met his eyes. He broke into a smile. He was obviously still very tired. It seemed like he didn’t even know what he was saying.

“Je veux être avec toi.”

“I, uh, can’t really understand you, buddy.”

Dan’s eyes widened and he froze. He turned completely around and slowly brought his hands up to Arin’s chest, and lifted himself up.

“I feel really sick, Arin. Can I go home?” He asked as he sat up. Arin’s brows knitted together.


“I have to go, Arin. I’m sorry. We’ll get a head start on tomorrow’s session, I promise. Shit. I’m sorry,” he stuttered. As Dan collected his things and left, all arin could think about was that phrase.


“Jeh…voo..eh..treh..aveh..twah?” Arin spoke into the microphone. Dammit. He was sure he was missing a word or two. While the search results loaded, Arin thought about what made Dan suddenly tense. He looked back at his phone screen, and he could swear his heart stopped beating for a good ten seconds.

‘Translating: Identified language: French to: English. I want to be with you.

He swallowed. Dan didn’t mean that, right? He scrolled down, looking for another result. That couldn’t be it-Dan was mister heterosexual, the man who used to constantly remind everyone that he was straight. Arin stopped and his fingers rested on a website: '10 Loving Phrases In French.’

He clicked. He swiped down, and as he read the  phrases, he swore he’d heard them before. His eyes stopped on one.

'Tu es beau (masc.)- you are beautiful.’ He remembered.


Dan walked into the office the next day, his mind set on not having the conversation about why he left so suddenly yesterday. He approached Arin’s desk, and told him he would be waiting in the recording room. Arin grabbed ahold of his hand, and stood up.

“Anata to issho ni itai desu.” He stuttered, his face turning red. Dan gaped, what was he saying? Arin looked up, and a smirk appeared on his face.

“I-I turned the tables on you. Can you guess what that means, lover boy?”

Dan, realizing what Arin had said, practically melted into his arms. He wrapped his arms around his waist and burrowed his face into his neck.

“How long?” Arin asked, bringing his hands up to Dan’s hair.

“Months, Arin. God, so many months,” came a muffled response.

“Well, you could’ve just told me! I had to search frantically all over the internet just to get a clue of what you were talking about!” Arin chuckled.

“I was scared. I’m sorry.” Dan lifted his head.

“Well, I’m here now, so no need to be scared.” Arin cupped his cheek and leaned in, pausing and asking “is this okay?”

“This is more than okay, mon amour.” Dan said, gasping as their lips met. When they parted, they returned to their previous position, cuddling each other while standing in the middle of the office.

From that day on, they would always whisper sweet nothings in their second familiar language. When they were in bed together, chests bare, Dan tracing his name on Arin’s stomach, he would praise Arin and tell him how beautiful he was and how happy he made him in French. Arin always comforted Dan and would tell him that everything was going to be ok (in Japanese) on the worst days.

 Four years later, after a dinner at a high-end restaurant, Dan dropped on one knee, and asked the question he thought, never in a million years, he would never be able to ask.

“Veux-tu m'épouser?”

Arin nodded frantically, practically shrieking “Yes! Yes!” as tears spilled. They kissed and held each other.

Arin was caught up in the moment, but he could swear he heard Dan whisper that amazing phrase that started it all.

“Tu es beau.”

“You are beautiful.”

SVT Performance Unit Reaction: Fluent French~

request; Hiiii! Can I get a seventeen reaction to their girlfriend always walking around the house singing to and mumbling to herself in french? It’s not her first language tho, but she’s fluent. Lmao thank you doll💞

thank you so much for requesting @baby-baby-boo​ !! i decided to add some more scenarios too like being outside and stuff, if that’s ok!!
maybe i should start learning french again
this is also going to be in units!!!



-so jun 

-master of the martial arts that looks like it hurts

-yes i did have to watch the weekly idol episode to get that

-did i continue to watch the episode?



-when you were out with friends

-jun was at home cause dancing tired him out and he didn’t have anything else to do that day 

-and what does any bored person at home do? 

-pick up a book and start to read it

but of course…………….he had a nap before so his mind was still a little groggy yaknow?

-so he decided to pick up a book from the table

-your book

-on french history 

-in french 

-”y/n does french? i didn’t know that…”

-so he started to read it

-and then he became tired again


-so when you got home

-from wherever you went

-you noticed jun 

-asleep on the couch 

-with the book on his face

-you couldn’t help but smile because 

-1. awwww the bf did a snooze bless


-2. i got the perfect blackmail material yES

-but you saw him wake up so you walked over and took the book off him

-”learn anything interesting?”

-”no……but the pictures were cool!”

-”of course they were :)”







-so perf unit had a new upcoming choreo for a vlive 

-and for a concert too wow o wow

-but it wasn’t a song that they made


-the choreographer was really excited with this song

-since it was becoming to become mega popular in the charts again 

-it was….also in french

-get outta here despacito

-you got a new sheriff in town

-and it’s name is….

-Sur Ma Route by Black M

-”ok it’s a good song just bare with me”

-and when it comes to soonyoung he needs to know what the song is about 

-so boy went ahead and downloaded it

-and was just listening to it at home 

-when he went to sleep you saw what he was listening to and you smiled because that’s so cute awwwwWWW wait that was the song you were translating for someone

-and you know soonyoung’s thing with dancing and music

-kill two birds with one stone

-don’t actually but you translate the song for him too!

-so you messaged him the translation while you were at home and he was on his way to the studio

-”hey i saw you were listening to that one song so i translated it for you! you can’t really trust google translate sometimes so why not trust your own little translator aka the one you love the most aka me”

-”that’s so cute thanks y/n!”

-he was proper smiling then thought wait a second when the hell did y/n learn french

-”wait a second how do you know french?”

-”………..i study french at college”

-”oh yeah so that’s what you do pfft i kn–”

-”you didn’t know did you”

-”no but that’s what makes you so mysterious i’m finding more things about you everyday i love you i’m not ready to die bYE”


-ah young love


-b-boy master of the world


-so you and minghao were on a little date doing stuff

-like cute couple things 

-the cutest things

-and since you were both hungry you two decided to head to get lunch/dinner

-so you mentioned that there was a new french patisserie/bakery open and you really wanted to check it out

-so minghao agreed 

-you two got to the patisserie 

-and already minghao found a problem

-while you two were looking at the cakes and stuff

-there weren’t any…..translations….or anything……of any food

-but what he didn’t know was that he had his own little translator!! 


-so you ordered the food

-extra brownie points to you because you did it in french and you had a decent conversation with the barista in french good on you

-and minghao…heard everything



-you came over with the little cakes and stuff and minghao was just there like

-”how do????? how?? hOw?? HoW?? HOW DO??”

-he just looks to you like he’s a lost puppy 

-”did you just…talk to that girl in french?”


-”you speak french?”


-”……………………………..did we go here just so you could practice french?”





Originally posted by minghaio

-someone help my boy 

-no seriously help him

-he’s stuck 

-as in he doesn’t know what to do 



-you and chan agree to go meet up at the station to go to the cinemas as a little date

-you however chose the worst station to make him wait at…

-since rush hour was borderline stampedes of people

-okay they were stampedes of people

-and tourists too

-oh god here we go

-so chan lovely little but not so little chan 

-was waiting outside the station for you 

-when all of a sudden

-a group of french students stood beside him 

-he didn’t think much 

-but uhh…..

-one of the people on the tour came up to him

-since the group was lost 

-chan took out his headphones and heard what the person was saying

-but didn’t understand a word at all

-so when the tour person asked him a bunch of questions he couldn’t answer them

-he was stuck 

-help him


-you come up to chan and the tour group

-”chan what’s up?”

-”the group are asking for directions somewhere….and i don’t know what place they need…”

-you overhear the tour guide 

-and you were like

-”this is my time to shine!! bby lemme handle this”

-so chan was just left there in awe since 1. he didn’t know you could speak french

-2. you looked happy when you were speaking it

-3. you looked really cute wooooOOOOOOOOW

-you said goodbye to the group and came back to chan and he was still a little bit awestruck

-”that was amazing….!”

-”it was nothing really…”

-you say with a smile before holding his hand and going to the cinema with him like the love up kids you are now excuse me i need to sleep for 5 billion years by e

Toshiya’s creativity Vol 04 “Touch” 2/3

An approach to the private and personal side of Toshiya, Dir en grey’s bassist. The fourth theme of these series is “Touch”.  Focusing in things he touches every day, we asked him about them. We also took pictures of him with his personal effects, talked about memories and his current state. We explored touch and the feeling related to some things that  are in Toshiya’s heart.

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