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I meant to make this post a few months ago, but something happened and I forgot about it, or it was posted and then lost. So, trying again.

Lately, across a few blogs, but noticeably on @officialmereelskirata I’ve been using the tag #kairkiyc

“What is kairkiyc?”

Kairkiyc — desperate heart; a feeling, to love something or someone with such desperation or so intensely that to be without them for even a moment causes intense distress, or physical pain

The construction as follows: it’s a blend of aikiyc, meaning desperate, and kar'ta, for heart. 

It is like a heart pain, or a pang in one’s chest. It is the physical pain one might feel when feeling intense love. It is not necessarily romantic love and shouldn’t be used only for that (I’ve seen how fandom tends to lean heavily towards romantic usage for otherwise full spectrum affectionate terms, and this is not one of those terms that should be romantic exclusive, so please don’t bring it there and only there)

Personally, I’ve been using it more towards how a parent and uncle/aunt might feel for their child, and generally tagging children or sweet-but-painful moments as kairkiyc.

meanwhile, in my corner, I still pine for a chance for a polyship w/Sharr,,

Looking for blogs

Ok so I’m looking for blogs to follow, so if your blog is about one of these fandoms, reblog/like this post or send me a message so I can follow you ! I’m looking for aesthetics, funny posts, fanarts, fanfictions, gif, with or witouth smut, with or without fluff, anything related to :

- 2 Broke Girls
- A Very Potter Musical / Sequel / Senior Year
- Batman : The Dark Knight Trilogy
- Breaking Bad
- Doctor Who
- Disneys (all)
- Friends
- Game Of Thrones
- Glee
- Harry Potter
- Hunger Games
- Jessica Jones
- Lucifer
- Once Upon A Time
- Sherlock (please without S4 Hate :( )
- Stranger Things
- Supernatural
- The Hobbit
- The Lord Of The Ring
- The Mortal Instruments (not Shadowhunters, I don’t really like the show, sorry :/ ) 
- The Walking Dead
- The 100
- Young and Hungry


- Ed Sheeran
- Fall Out Boy
- Green Day
- Joan Jett
- Kaleo
- Kansas
- My Chemical Romance
- Nickelback
- Panic! At The Disco
- Scorpions
- The Pretty Reckless
- Twenty One Pilots
- Two Steps From Hell
- Queen


- AmazingPhil
- Danisnotonfire
- Golden Moustache
- Studio Bagel
- The Hillywood Show


- Well, everything that is already in the “tv shows /movies” part, and anything you think that I should read !

victuuri4ever  asked:

Can you recommend exclusively YOI blogs that don't post Otayuri other than the blog Victuuri? Everytime I follow a YOI blog I find out they ship Yurio/Adults and that makes me so grossed out. Can you recommend any blogs that don't post Yurio/Adults?

ok so these are some blogs I follow but I have otayuri blacklisted so you should take a look at them for yourself, ok? I searched the tags to see if they had any of the ship names used for otayuri. also I did scroll through them a little before checking to be safe but always check :3 

if any of the blogs i’m tagging ship otayuri i m  so  s o r r y to them if it makes them feel awkward expecially bc i’m just tagging them out of nowhere even though i hate it and to you especially bc i love ur blog tbh

Again, I’m not sure if they ship it but from posting and tagging what i can see seems ok I guess c: i’m sorry btw like I didn’t do this last night bc I was scared this is scary don’t attack me lol pls 


this is like a small amount and it barely scrapes the surface;; especially of ask blogs ((oh,,, my god)) and art blogs!!!

I just went through like, two pages of the blogs I’m following ((bc I’m lazy smh sorry)) so it makes sense you wouldn’t see much but yea c: If you want another with more ask and art blogs I can do more, and ask Clair too if you like! 

✿ have a lovely day ✿

I don’t think people get why i’m angry. They keep saying stuff like ‘Now Trump’s president he has to be more disciplined, he can’t just do whatever he wants, the system doesn’t allow it. So stop worrying and be positive.’ But that’s not what i’m worried about. Im upset because the people of America saw what Trump was about. They saw how sexually assaulted women, forcibly removed muslims from his rallies. They saw how he insulted mexicans and got endorsed by the kkk and they liked it. They saw his sexist, racist, bigot ways and that’s what they wanted. 

Im not scared of Donald Tump. Screw Donald Trump.
Im scared of the american people. Im scared of their state of mind and what they might do in the future. Even though Trump is a powerful man, he is still only one person. Where as the huge amount of people who voted for him, who are for this kind of backward thinking, they are a force to be reckoned with and should be taken very seriously.