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so i've kinda been stalking your blog and i read somewhere that you said you could sing? would you mind maybe giving us something to listen to???

OK so am so grateful for the awesome person that you are?!?! I have never been stalked before cause I’m not that interesting so I feel so blessed rn! Than you for taking the time out of your day to look through this crappy blog and having actual interest in me and what I have to say!

OK…so I have discussed with my tumblr wife @abbirae99 and we have decided that I will put out a video.

So I’m gonna go film something rn and I’ll post it in a second. Just fyi I won’t actually be in the video (just black or the wall?) and there’s gonna be no background music but that doesn’t really matter.

So…stay tuned I guess??? If anyone wants to be tagged (Abbi you’re already on the list) send me asks right now so I can tag you all before uploading (pretty sure no one wants to be tagged but whatevs). Here goes nothing!

REQUEST 83 ~ Accidentally filmed (smut)

A/N: I have been really crappy at getting requests out, i sincerely apologise for that. 

Side note: This is the first time i am writing about thigh riding, so don’t hurt me if it sucks! Also i want a bit ott, on the smut.

“Ok i think we should end it there for this video.” Dan laughed as he held his stomach from laughing too hard. I nodded in agreement, laughter preventing me to speak. 

Dan had come to me earlier on that day asking if i would be up to doing a challenge tag with him for his channel. Even though i still felt nervous on camera i agreed to it. He had decided that we should do the body part challenge, both of us knew that it would definitely be a hit with his viewers.

The only problem being that it would build up the sexual tension that had been stirring between us. We hadn’t had sex in a few days due to Dan being incredibly busy with filming and planning for the Australian tour. For most people that wouldn’t have been a problem but for us it was. Both Dan and I had a bad habit of ‘accidental teasing’, whether it was a small grind from me in the morning as i get out of bed, or one of us wearing an outfit that was very intriguing. 

As Dan said he usual end for his videos i sat patiently on his bed waiting for him to press the stop button and hopefully relieve the tension. 

Dan reached up and pressed a button on the camera, i took my opportunity to snake my arms around is torso and pulling him back down onto the bed with me. A small high pitched shriek escaped his lips as he landed. His eyes were wide and he looked fairly confused until i made my first move. 

I placed my legs either side of his thighs, pretty much straddling him. His hands gripped my hips as i slowly rotated them, bringing a small but pleasurable amount of friction. Dan’s breathing sped up a fraction.

“Baby, is this what you have been wanting all week?” He asked sweetly and he guided my hips on his thighs.  I nodded and closed my eyes, the friction increasing with each movement. Dan decided to take this to his advantage as he sat up and pulled me closer to him. His lips found their way to my neck and he began to bite and suck on the skin. I couldn’t conceal my moans anymore as i allowed one to slip. 

He smirked against my neck as his hand slipped up into my shirt and began to massage one of my breasts. The feeling was amazing, from the pleasure of the grinding on my pussy to the attention on my breasts, i could feel myself getting more aroused by the second. 

As soon as he gave a light smack to my ass i groaned, i needed him. I pushed his back down on the mattress and began work on undoing his jeans. Luckily for me i was wearing bottoms that could be removed swiftly, saving time in the long run. Once my fingers had managed the oddly difficult task i practically ripped the fabric off his legs.  

He laughed a bit at my eagerness, but at this rate i just needed to get relief. His boxers trapped him, providing a temporary ‘cock block’. That soon was fixed, but this time by Dan himself. He grabbed hold of my waist and switched positions, me laying on my back and him standing over me at the end of the bed. 

“Fuck, y/n, your so eager.” Dan mused as he traced the waist band of my trousers. I nudged him lightly with my foot, indicating for him to ‘get the fuck on with it!’ He smirked and swiftly removed my bottoms, my underwear soon disappearing with them. 

I was almost becoming a soppy mess as i watched Dan teasingly stroke himself in front of me. “Please Dan!” i begged. 

“What do you want me to do?” He asked, acting innocent. Bastard.

“UGH, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!” i groaned. He nodded and stepped forward, taking my legs in either hands and spreading them further away from each other. 

The feeling of him sliding into me made me want to cry and scream with happiness. Finally, i was going to get the satisfaction i had been craving. He didn’t leave me to get adjusted, knowing that i would have just gotten frustrated. He thrusted into me, gaining force with each one. His moans and breaths filling my ears and matching mine. 

He continued on until we both reached our peaks. Bodies stuttering and thriving with the pleasure of release. 

Dan collapsed onto the bed beside me and joined me as we both attempted to regain our breaths. 

After a few minutes of quietness, a small beep rang though the room. I pulled my brows together in confusion as i looked over at Dan whose face had gone slightly pale.

“What was that?”

“Um.” He sat up and grabbed the camera on the tripod. Shit.

“It was, um..” Shit, SHit!

“No.” i choked.

He nodded smiling sadly at me.

I closed my eyes, “How much did it film?”

“…The whole thing..” 

I began tearing up slightly, fuck. I was camera shy enough, but now adding an accidental sex tape to the mix. SHIT, FUCK.

“NO, Don’t cry, it will be ok. I’ll edit it out and then delete the clip. It will be fine.” Dan cooed as he gathered me up in his slightly sweaty arms. 

“Oh god, we should have checked the camera was off before we did that, well before i jumped you.” I scoffed lightly, i felt relieved that it was still possible to be removed. 

“Yeah….But hey, now you are officially the Kim to my Kanye.” I groaned and pushed him away. Cracking a small smile as he smiled.

Make an accidental sex tape. Check. That’s off the fuck it list.

also i can’t talk decently ahahah my pc’s audio sucks :(


1)thanks for whatching! i love you guys
2) in this post i will talk about my project!

I need you help like i said in the video ahahah  i would like to create a BIG fan video for mr. Thomas and his staff!
i need videos from you ( 10 to 15 max seconds!! maybe 20 it’s ok coff), in these videos, i would like you to talk about our beloved show: Miraculous Ladybug!
what do you think about it, what’s this show for you, what you like the most about it!

i want you to spread your love for our lovely heroes!

if you have any question,feel free to send it to my ask or in the tumblr chat!
also, if you wanna send your videos, you can do it at this e-mail


please. PLEASE 

help me with my little project miraculers! Reblog here on tumblr or twitter this idea, so more people would like to partecipate!

EVERYONE CAN DO A VIDEO! in solo, in group, in cosplay or just as your normal self also if you don’t wanna talk in the video, you can use cardboards!

thank you for reading,
love you
ps. i noticed that i’m moving a LOT in this video ahah sorry!

real talk
How the fuck do people record speedpaints
I don’t know what recording program to use and last time I ended up downloading a really crappy trial thing and having to stop recording every 15 minutes to export it to my video editor.
How do.


Ok so that last one was Faust but not Jackson doing the second bit in the video but I just couldn’t resist!

A lot of new viewers (me included) found out about Thrilling Intent through jelloapocalypse’s YouTube comments part 2 vid. Now after looking back at that video knowing what I know now, I just had to make not-so-great edits with quotes of really stupid YouTube comments. Hearing Matt say the line about the aunt and the will just killed me! I just about fell to the floor laughing!