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I don't know if you take prompts or not but I'll try anyway XD Can you write a short fic where Dean and Cas are turned into kids and Sam has to take care of them? I've read one with Sam being a toddler and I think it would be funny to have something with Dean and Cas as kids. Thanks!

(I’ve already written something like that, so here you go :)  This is a part from my multi chapter fic but you can read it as stand alone fic too. P.S They have Crowley captured and he’s in the bunker. )

Sam Winchester never thought that he could hate witches this much. There had been some occasions when he’d even felt sympathy for them – ‘til his older brother stabbed them to death, that is.

That day Sam, Dean, and Castiel go to investigate a case with a witch. Her tracks lead them to an abandoned warehouse. The boys decide to split up so she can’t escape: Dean and Cas would go inside while Sam would watch the door.

The younger Winchester is getting anxious, as minutes pass and nothing seems to change. He’s been checking his watch every ten seconds when a bloodcurdling scream sounds from the inside, followed by Dean’s yelling.

Sam forgets about everything else and just rushes into the building. The first thing he sees is a dead woman’s body. She’s stabbed in the heart, knife still in the wound. The younger Winchester stops calling his brother’s and Castiel’s names when there are no answers and decides to search for them. He’s made only a few steps when his gaze falls onto the pile of clothes near a broken window. Sam’s breath hitches when he recognizes the clothes: they belong to his brother and Cas.

He’s ready to shout in despair and grab his head when the piles move and two pairs of scared eyes looks at him.

“What the hell?” Sam parts the pile of clothes and gasps in shock.

Tiny Dean and Castiel look at him. They are about 3 years old, frightened and naked.

“Sammy?” Dean squeaks. “What’s happening?”

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