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What kind of blogs do you think the girls would have? I think maki would def run an aesthetic blog

Oooh interesting question anon!

Maki: Omg I could see her as an aesthetic blogger! That or she would be one of those black and white blogs that reblogs pictures with sad quotes on them like “she never loved me” even tho she’s never been in a relationship. She’s just being a gay angsty teenager about her crush on Nico

Rin: Ok Rin would be tumblr famous. She made her internet debut on vine, and the second people heard she had a tumblr, she gained like 10K followers. She mostly shitposts and uploads her vines, but she also just reblogs a lot of random funny posts that make her laugh.

Hanayo: Pana would have a blog completely devoted to cute animals. Like it’s so pure that her friends are actually uncomfortable. The rest of the group are fixated on the idea that Pana has some secret porn blog and one day they learn that Pana has a sideblog. It’s a porn blog, but a food porn blog. It’s all rice too. 

Honoka: She’s a fandom blogger. She doesn’t actually contribute much original content like art/fic, but she will reblog a lot of stuff from her fandoms, and she’ll occasionally make text posts about w/e she’s into. She also liveblogs which pisses Umi off cause her dash gets flooded with text posts that just say things like “omg!” with the tag “liveblog” 

Kotori: Definitely a fashion blogger. She reblogs a lot from Nico actually because their interests align. She also posts a lot of her original designs, and she manages to get quite a large following? It’s a source of great happiness for Kotori. She rly enjoys being able to share the things she’s passionate about.

Umi: She’s a nature blogger. Umi is very outdoorsy. She doesn’t get to go out into nature as much as she wants, so she settles for reblogging pics of mountains and stuff. When she does manage to get out somewhere, she’ll bring a camera and take pics of everything so she can post em on her blog when she gets home.

Nico: She would be a pastel/kawaii blogger. Like it would all be cutesy pink shit. Anything that could remotely be considered “kawaii” would be on her blog. Nico loves it cause it’s basically her aesthetic, but Maki thinks it’s the scariest thing ever, and it took forever for Nico to convince Maki to follow her. Maki only followed out of thirst tbqh.

Nozomi: She would be an astrology blog, but no one would be sure if she was actually serious about it or not cause she would have actual legit posts like “each zodiac sign under pressure” and “compatibility between aries/cancer” but then right after she would have a post that’s like “the zodiac signs as different types of shoes.”  

Eli: She would be that one blog that has like 2 posts cause she doesn’t understand how tumblr works. The first post is of something completely random that Nozomi reblogged in an attempt to show Eli how it worked, and the second post is a text post that says “Am I doing this right, Nozomi?”