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Take a Shot

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Summary: In which you confess your hidden love for your best friend of six years one day, and he’s licking alcohol off of your body in three. 

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Rating: Bestfriend!Jimin, Rated M

Word Count: 4.3k 

A/N: Ok but this pic sucked the life out of me wth, but this was for @wo0jins who is a hardcore Jimin enthusiast. Ty for always screaming with me about BTS at 2 in the morning <3

Living with Park Jimin was not as easy at it seemed, but you wouldn’t have it any other way- or at least that would have been your answer if you were asked in any other day but today.

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I’ve been following Perfume for so long, they are one of the best things that has happened to me. Today, it just hit me that I feel content with everything that they’ve done already and I’m ready to let Perfume go. I was so shocked when I heard about Star Train because it was giving me the feeling that they were going to disband and I’m scared, but yeah, as I said, I think I’m ready to let go now. They’re the very first group that I fell in love with; I’ve never experienced my favourite group disbanding before…


Rob’s 6 hour surgery lasted almost 10 hours. He hurts but it’s not terrible. He walked (ok shuffled using a walker BUT STILL) twice today. In five days we find out if the suspected bacterial infection is there. Fingers crossed that it’s not because that’s a whole new nightmare. I cannot thank you guys enough for all the love and support while I was having a bit of a breakdown. I swear I will thank every single one of you but it may take a while. I’ve now been up for 32 hours straight and honestly I’m surprised I’m this coherent.


I Promise.. Ceremony Part 2

@clydetherabbitgreen   Teigan. 

 I was never promised happiness. I was never promised an easy life. I was never promised love. I lived my whole life thinking it was okay to not make promises. Because they were always broken. 

 But the day I met you, every fiber of my being changed. The first and only promise I ever made to myself, was to give you the world. And to you, my love, the world is only a small fraction of what you deserve. 

 I love you. I love you cannot really, ever truly describe what my feelings are for you. Without you, there is no air. Without you, there is no light. Without you.. there is not me. You have given me life, and without you the world we’ve created in my mind and heart stops spinning. This feeling was unknown to me; to feel completely and totally infused with another person. I question what life was before I met you, because now it feels as though you have been a part of me my whole life. 

 You are my soul mate and yet you the biggest punk I know. But I swear, there is nobody I could ever see myself standing here with today. This day was made for you. I was put on this earth to make you happy, and I will do that til my last breath. 

 You already know what family means to me.. -tear falls down face- .. So for you to want to be my family.. -cries heavier- Man.. 

This is really it. I feel complete. Today, we start our lives anew, as one. Our family. 

 I love you Teigan. Forever and for always.


It’s ok babe.. -wiping your tears away- I’ll be man enough for both of us, as always..

These were honestly the hardest words I’ve ever had to think of because there are no words in the history of mankind that can help me express the love I have for you. To anyone looking in, it will seem that we are crazy for taking things so fast in a short space of time but, I was once told that a bond has no time requirement, when you know.. You know. 

Never would I have thought I’d find someone I couldn’t be without. Someone who loves me just the way I am, flaws and all. Someone that makes me hurt when you’re not near. Everything I lack, you make up for ten times over. You give me courage and hope, even when you don’t see it yourself. You take my breath away and restore it, all at the same time.. -tears starts to fall down my face- You make it worth it to wake up every morning. And I promise to show you how much I love you and thank you for being a part of me, for the rest of our lives..    -cries and takes a pause-.. 

I promise to be there through all of life challenges, so you never have to face them alone ever again. I will give you the love you so deserve.

So despite the age difference -laughs- I now know. You are the one, the only one, for me. It was written from the beginning, it just took us time to find the page. 

Clyde you are forever my King. I’ll love you in this life and next. You are stuck with me punk. I love you.


Overwatch Modern AU: The Tailor

Taking place in my Modern AU world (aka “Coexisting”)
Originally I had no intention of continuing but in light of a certain comic coming out….

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Amelie didn’t mean to panic.

But she did. 

The voice on the other end barely had time to reply before she shouted,”Where are you?! Are you ok? You didn’t show up to our usual place and I swear to God if you-”

“Whoa whoa whoaaaa easy luv, relax I’m ok I just…got a little held up at work” 

Amelie immediately slowed her pace, she was taking long strides towards the small coffee shop with the intention of turning it upside down if it meant finding Lena but luckily that didn’t need to be the case. Her cheeks burned at her impulsiveness, “….right of course…”

Lena giggled, her playful tone instantly bringing a smile to her face though she fought it, “Aw….you worried about me?”

“Hmph, just making sure you’re not running off with another girl. I just finished burying the last one” 

“What can I say? That tip jar needs filling. Besides….I don’t think I’m going to run today” 

At this she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the sidewalk, “…I’m sorry what” 

“Ah…yeah I just…it’s stupid but I’m ok I swear, I just don’t want to today” 

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  • Sailor Moon Fandom: I hope Crystal doesn't have any fat jokes like the 90's anime did.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: * After eight episodes,no fat joke been spoken. Had a opportunity to do so in act 7 with Usa eating but didn't.*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom : * crickets*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: I hope Crystal doesn't have god awful "pantie shots".
  • Sailor Moon Crystal : *No "pantie shots" while the girls transform. No form of fanservice what so ever.*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: * crickets*
  • Me: Is it certain things that Crystal has done right fandom?
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: NO! Everything is wrong.
  • Me: ok....