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People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


you just close your eyes, and count to ten / breath in twice, and open them

you know where to go you have been there before in your heart

rb (me talking under cut)

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stilishstilinskis  asked:

You wouldn't have any headcanons about Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez, would you?

Thanks for sending an ask!!! I’m always happy to take requests, so I wrote some headcanons for you!! :) I hope you like them!

  • Clarisse is very overprotective of Chris
  • And by that I mean that if anyone mentions the fact that Chris was on Kronos’s side in a way that blames him, or brings it up against him, she will not be happy 
  • Chris feels constantly guilty for the fact he went over to Luke’s side initially, and he’s told Clarisse that 
  • Everyone’s quite surprised by their relationship? Like constantly?
  • When they first start going out everyone makes bets on how long they’re going to last
  • Everyone loses, because no one thought they’d be going so strong after all this time 
  • They go to Phoenix together for university, and Clarisse hides it, but she’s super, super excited
  • She finally gets the chance to be normal and be with her boyfriend and it’s everything she wasn’t sure she’d get
  • Needless to say, Chris balances her in any social situation 
  • He makes sure she’s not too aggressive, but she also makes sure he doesn’t remain too shy, because a lot of the time Chris isn’t great at introducing himself to new people
  • One of the things that surprises people the most is how unfazed Chris is whenever Clarisse gets angry or basically starts acting like a typical Ares kid, loud and brash
  • Chris doesn’t even react, but he’s also a match for Clarisse (that’s one of the reasons they work so well together) 
  • Clarisse doesn’t like to share her insecurities, so she doesn’t tell anyone she hates the big house, hates going there now
  • It all stems from that time when Chris was insane, and she had to look after him in there… going to that room brings it all back
  • Chris never says anything, but he notices, and he’ll try and make sure they avoid the big house as much as possible 
  • Every year, in the summer, comes the anniversary of Silena’s death. Clarisse always gets super moody and temperamental at these times, trying to deal with her emotions, and it’s only Chris who can calm her down
  • They have a spot in the woods where they kissed for the first time, some time after Dionysus cured Chris of his madness
  • It becomes their favourite spot, and the best thing about it is that no one knows about it (or at least, that’s what they think. Don’t tell them that one time Percy Jackson saw them holding hands there.)
  • Chris wants to become a better fighter, and Clarisse agrees to teach him
  • Chris actually becomes pretty good 
  • Every so often when they’re placed on opposite teams for capture the flag, things become intense
  • They both want to win, and so they’ll try their hardest, just because, why not? 
  • Clarisse usually comes out on top due to the fact that she’s got the might of the Ares cabin behind her
  • But one time Chris spends ages planning the ultimate strategy (he had Annabeth’s help, but don’t tell anyone), and trains for weeks 
  • Sure enough, he wins, and he personally disarms her 
  • He winks at her 
  • “Don’t take it too personally,” he says. “I learnt from the best” 
  • That’s the moment Clarisse realises how much she loves this idiot 

Feel free to send a request for a fic/headcanons!! :D

anonymous asked:

Senpai help this poor soul, I love your art and my greatest desire is to learn to draw, but I do not know how to start, i pprobably too old for this now


- Since I’m a digital artist I can only give advice on digital stuff so first you should pick a tablet that you like? If u can afford the $2000 cintiq then good for you but if not there’re cheaper options. Please check this website. Intuous comic is what I’m using. 

- Choose your drawing programs. Medibang or Clip Studio Paint are the cheaper options to photoshop, though my personal favourite of all time is Paint tool SAI. However clip studio paint has 3D models and all the manga tones and backgrounds so if you can get used to it it’s the better choice. 

- And then comes the practice so here’s pose reference, hand reference, foot reference 

- I haven’t been able to find a decent coloring tutorial anywhere so tbh my best bet is to watch speed paint videos on youtube.

- Tbh if you want to get into the comic/manga stuff just, read your favourite mangas and see how they do panel transitions it’s really important since it affects the flow of your story I’m still crying over it everyday I hate paneling. 

- There’s no harm in copying your favourite artist’s art style at first for practice until you find your own preferred drawing style (tho don’t put it up online it’s plagiarism jfc).

- Draw things you love, not things other people love. 

quicky since i have class later, and finished right before the power went out haha! anyway, here’s that first page i said i’d try of the twin keith royal au thing

I have stuff on this AU you can read here since it’s applicable to this page lol.

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