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When new fans try to tell me that skydive is B.A.P’s greatest song

[TRANSLATION] 170219 pledis_17jp’s Twitter Update

#Saythename #SEVENTEEN

It’s the last day in Kobe!!!
Let’s be fine!!!
#Saythename #SEVENTEEN

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Baby Changeling Anon stuff [3/3] 

(context - these anons [1],[2])

Messin’ around with shapeshifting, anything humanoid comes out as a low-poly mix between odo and [target humanoid]. Quark is offended because his lobes are definitely bigger than that…

Also I feel a bit ripped off that when odo shapeshifts into animals they always look “right”, where are all the weird janky cats and stuff? Right here!

6/9/2017 Edit - I edited the bejeesus out of this but I like it more now :-)

6/4/2017 Edit - Upon rereading this, warning there is hella OOC ahead. Gives me the urge to delete this but there are parts that I like so it hasn’t happened yet. 

4/23/2017 Edit - Wanted to clarify that I was picturing 10-RANKAI’s before the massacre version of kid Sasuke while I wrote up the dialogue. I also tagged this as the kid Sasuke moves in with kid Naruto before Team 7 AU.

[ AU where kid Sasuke makes friends with kid Naruto after the massacre because it’s really lonely ]

H-hey, do you you want to play with me?

Uh. S-sure, what do you want to to play?

Um- how ‘bout ninjas?

Yeah! Ninjas are strong! I want to be strong.

Hey, me too!

Awesome, let’s get strong together!

Okay! Come with me!

So, what do we do?

Let’s practice shuriken!

(Kids shouting when they get excited lol)

Hey it’s getting dark, don’t you need to go home?

There’s- no one at home anymore.

What happened?

They died. My brother- he killed them.

That’s terrible! Who takes care of you?


That’s like me! Well- except I never knew my parents and the old man checks up on me sometimes.

Old man?

They call him Hokage, I just call him old man though.

The Hokage checks up on you? He lets you call him old man?

Sometimes, he’s really busy. Hey, want to come over?

Is that ok?

Yeah! No one is at my house either. That way we don’t have to be alone!

I- I don’t want to be alone. Let me get my stuff.


Hey, let’s go then, come with me.

Oh! Yeah, ok!

(At Sasuke’s house.)

Got it!

Do you think that’s everything?

Maybe. Can I stay longer?

I don’t see what not. We can play every day!

Yeah! Ok, that’s everything! You take this.


Yeah, we need to eat vegetables!

You sure?

Yeah, my mom said so! We don’t want to be short forever.

I don’t have a mom so ok, I’ll trust your mom.

(On the way to Naruto’s apartment.)

It’s scary when it gets dark.

Yeah, let’s be quiet so they don’t catch us.

(At Naruto’s apartment.)

Is this your house?

Yeah, I have the whole place to myself.

I don’t like my house anymore. It’s too big.

Yeah, it was really big. You know, you can just stay here with me.


Yeah! No one tells me what to do so we can live here together. I mean, if you are ok with that.

I’m ok with that. You’d really let me?


Thanks! Uh.


Thanks Naruto.

Hey that’s right, what your name?

Sasuke. I’m Sasuke Uchiha.

Nice to meetcha, Sasuke Uchiha. I’m Naruto Uzumaki.

Can we be friends?

I never had a friend before.

Then you can be my best friend!

You want me to be your best friend? Wow. That’s- yeah! Are you my best friend too?

Yeah! If you want me to be I mean.

Yeah! Sa- what was your name again?


What’s my name?


Wow, you’re good with names. I’ll keep practicing. Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke!

I’m hungry.

Yeah, me too. Let’s make ramen.


Do we really have to eat vegetables?

You said you trust my mom.

I did, yeah ok, I’ll eat it. I better get taller when I grow up or I’m blaming you.

No worries, we will definitely get taller! My mom never lies.

Sounds good. Was your mom pretty?

Yeah! She was the prettiest!

I wonder if my mom was pretty?

Hmm. She must be. People used to tell me I looked more like my mom than my dad. If you look like your mom, then she was pretty too.

No one ever mentioned my parents.

Maybe your dad was pretty too?

You think so?

It’s possible. Maybe you have two pretty parents. Hmm…Yeah, my mom was the pretty one.

What’s wrong with your dad?

I don’t know what was wrong, but he wasn’t pretty like mom. Actually, he was kind of mean, he made me feel bad but I know he loved me too.

That's​ really lucky they loved you.

Yeah, I miss them.

I miss my parents too but I don’t know if they miss me.

They definitely miss you. Every parent misses their kid. Maybe they are dead too?

I think so. Why else wouldn’t they be around right?

Right! They definitely loved you, every parent loves their kid!

Thanks Sasuke.

Hey, you remembered my name!

I practiced remember!

(The older years.)

Hey, Naruto.


Why did you kiss me?

Oh shi- You were awake?

What do you mean I was awake? Of course I was awake stupid.

I- I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have-

Wait, did you kiss me when I was asleep? When did you do that?

When we went camping last time. It only happened once, I swear! When were you talking about?

When we were kids! You took advantage of me when I was asleep? Wtf was wrong with you.

I don’t know- I liked you ok?

No, not ok, you don’t kiss people when they are asleep. That's​ fucking creepy.

I’m sorry! Hey- Stop that. What?

You still haven’t answered my question.

It was an accident! Some kid pushed me and I fell over.

What. Why didn’t anyone tell me that?

Wait, you thought I did it on purpose the whole time?

I thought you had a crush on me like all the other kids!

Well, I didn’t!

Why did you chase after me?

I already told, you bastard.

No, did you like me and that’s why you came after me?

Of course I liked you, why would I chase after you forever and be willing to die with you if I didn’t?

You moron.


I liked you.

I liked you too.

Do you still like me now?

Yeah… I’m going to keep liking you Sasuke.

…Thanks Naruto.

So…we good?

I guess. Hey Naruto?


I like you too.

Thanks Sasuke. It would suck if this was one-sided.

Do you want to get ramen?

When does Naruto Uzumaki ever turn down ramen?

I don’t know, have you?

I don’t think so. 


I just thought of something.


Is this a date?

Do you want it to be?

Yeah, I’ve never been on a date before.

Huh. Me neither.

So this will be our first date, huh?

I guess.

Our first kiss before our first date. Moved kinda fast, didn’t we?


Thanks for asking me out.

Yeah. And…thanks for saying yes.

Who could say no to the great Sasuke Uchiha?

I would.

You’re tough. Can’t even meet your own standards.

I’m not my type.

But I am, yeah?

Now you’re just bragging.

Hey, you’re my type too! I can’t imagine you with blond hair and blue eyes.

I don’t want to imagine you with black hair and black eyes. You know it’s not just looks?

Of course not. We’re literally soulmates. We find each other each time.

You’re such a sap.

I think it sounds ridiculously romantic too. You’re just lucky my brand of awesome comes in this sexy package too.

Do you hear yourself talk?

I didn’t say you weren’t good looking too. Don’t worry, Sasuke, I think you’re sexy.


How could you ever think you were less than hot? People fall over themselves for you.

It wasn’t important and I never told them to.

Which probably made you cooler in their eyes. Sasuke was too cool for school., that’s why you ran away right?

Shut up.

Too soon?

anonymous asked:

yo cuervo. was the guy she was dating particularly rude or did you just not want your sister to date a mortal? because if he was a jerk then yeah ok that's one thing but if this is just a matter of "ew he's a mortal" then you're entirely to blame here and should face punishment. also paloma you may have gone a little bit too far w that last comment. let's just. stay civil here and let the complete obliteration come after we hear his side of the story


alchemist-rising  asked:

what is trickster anime? those gifs are so pretty (and u tagged it as guilty pleasures so im v curious what that includes hahaha) thx!!

i’m tagging it “trickster anime” because it’s actually called Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori but that is a mouthful (it’s also so hard to search for it on tumblr because everyone is tagging it so many different things aw jeeze)

trigger warnings: failed suicide attempts, limb dismemberment, and a dog dies in episode 1

there hasn’t been anything phenomenal about it yet but it’s got these guilty pleasures of mine:

  • detective club
  • snarky other main character that beat up a thug by breakdancing and is the exact opposite of the main protag and makes outrageous promises (spoiler)
  • troubled white haired anime protag who is Suffering Alone 
  • immortal who doesn’t want to live anymore and shows the different attempts that fail because He Is Immortal
  • trouble white haired immortal wears clothes that are Too Big For Him
  • a super damn cool ass way to explain the immortality and isolation as some weird barrier power that can’t be controlled forcing the poor kid to be a certain distance from anything or anyone lest they be sliced in half
  • and such extremely pretty starry night skies oh my goodness

anonymous asked:

ok but "MY MOM KNITTED YOU A JUMPER" in my mind modern au aurora would so be one of those moms that's like "oh that clarke is so nice and pretty bellamy why aren't you dating her your biological clock is ticking" or along those lines and would totally make that nice clarke a sweater

A|N: Okay, last Christmas-themed fic before I launch into my fics for the S4 countdown, I swEAR (also, prompt is slightly tweaked!)


All things considered, Bellamy should have really seen this coming.

“You’re joking.” He gapes, unrolling the bundle of fabric his sister had unceremoniously dropped into his lap minutes ago. “You’re not— you can’t expect me to give this to her.”

Octavia blinks over at him, tilting her chin in her best doe-eyed impression. She’s not that great at it considering how he can still spot the edges of a smirk lingering on her lips. “Why not? I think she’ll love it.”

“I can’t give Clarke a jumper that has Blake on it.” He scowls, cheeks heating involuntarily. “That sends a wrong message, okay?”

That gets a eye-roll out of her accompanied by a light smack to his arm. “Oh, I’m sorry- isn’t the message still-” then, lowering her voice in what he supposes is a terrible approximation of his- “I have a big crush on Clarke but I have no idea how to show it?”

“Not in those exact words.” He mumbles, folding his arms across his chest.

(He has to admit that she’s definitely got the gist of it, at least.)

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if youre cis and someone, especially a trans person, tells you what youre doing/saying is transphobic, you need to listen instead of immediately trying to defend yourself. let the trans person explain why what youre saying is harmful. ask what you can do better. apologize and acknowledge that you made a mistake. take some time to educate yourself further. thats the simplest, easiest, and most basic way to be a decent cis ally. 

Hi! So I’m not dead just working on my finals and my piece for @giveyourbacktome-zine. Thought I’d share some of my references and bits of my sketch for it; also bonus Andrew panel to appease all the people upset over Andrew in my New Years piece (hopefully this makes up for the tears, sorry). 

Last chance to put input on Fox pjs if you want… I think I fever dreamed Kevin’s shirt design because I couldn’t refind my sources for it at all… There was one with an orange and green sleeve I swear!

Ok bye! *crawls back into art hidey hole until May*


so like…hi. new year new jeannie except not really and you have no idea wHO THE HELL I AM thats ok

i didn’t want to post fics on my main blog so here i am wowie anyways.

summary: dan breaks off his “thing” with phil and literally regrets it 2 seconds later.
song!fic sorta following the lyrics of fallout by marianas trench oops.

i can’t do summaries.

warnings: swearing??? i guess. also my AMERICANNESS so sorry. and a random OC boyf who literally has no description i just needed a dude’s name sorry. 


an empty room, i’m empty too
and everything reminds me of you


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sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so💯 thats what im talking about right thereright there(chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Accidental fetishist

Big fan of your work.  So this involves a long ass relationship I’ve had thats essentially friends with benefits.   About 2 years ago I came to the conclusion that I wanted to move on from this.  For the sake of painting a picture im 26 at the time and shes 30.  She’s exceptionally clingy so I figured it’s best if she thinks its her idea to end things.  Now again for context, I’m a large man, about 6'2" and heavy.  Shes like five even and maybe a hundred pounds, tiny thing.  I’ve always worked to not accidentally hurt her and I assumed that if I suggested s&m she’d not be down with it and that would be that.

  Unfortunately,  she reveals that it’s something shes wanted for years and has been afraid to let anyone know…….so know thats a thing and we do this, her being all about it now and I’m just to the point where I’m annoyed at tying her up and playing along with whatever weird shit shes into suddenly.

  Naturally I double down.  Telling her I want a committed relationship of dd/lg.  Because she has a career, and a college education and some self respect I assumed shed draw the line.

  Well I’m writing you this so you can probably see where this goes.  And I find myself tying this chick up, hanging her from the ceiling, caning her while we have sex and her calling me daddy.  I emphasize enough that I’m into none of this, but now I’m curious how far she’ll go with this shit.

    For months I just started going more and more weird with these fetishes till shit didn’t even make sense.  I’m talking and this is no joke, anytime shes home she wears nothing but a tail plug and ears, sleeps in a cage, eats off bowls on the floor, asks for permission to do anything from eating, using the bathroom,  getting dressed, etc.

    This shits bananas and I’m fully aware of all this as its happening.   I’m at the point where I wake up in the middle of the night wondering where my life has gotten to.  Theres more to this but on the vagelue tiny chance she ever sees this I don’t want her to realize its her.  The final straw came when she started getting brave enough to start suggesting shit herself,  most of which I go along with out of morbid curiosity.   And I swear to all things holy and demonic I’m not into this.

Again in cant press that enough. 

The last time we spoke she brought up bringing in someone she called a friend into our relationship,  to which again I ok.  Day of, its her at the time underage cousin.  I realize the reason shes not ending this is because shes batshit.  So I finally do what I needed to do months before that point and end things myself, telling her I was confused about my sexuality and thought I was gay.

And thats how I was an accidental fetishist

that sounds like the plot of a seinfeld episode

[ lmao hi!! it’s been a while, and i’ve had some time to think things over. an update’s in order!

(also homestuck’s ending can u BELIEVE)

the first thing i (half) regret to tell you all:

This blog is ending.


okay thats the first and last swear you’ll see on this blog :^) but that’s what you’re thinking, yes?


to tell you the truth: I’ve lost motivation in Undertale. i milked myself out too much. i also hyperfixate on interests and while UT was nice enough to keep me company while my main interests were on hiatus, it’s gone overboard and i’m dry. aren’t there like 20 sans AUs whats goin on anymore


it is for me!! unless you want me to continue this blog half assed with little to no motivation at all!!

ok, sorry. THAT was the last swear.


nah, i love it. i’m just dry. think of how i used to draw little shop of horrors art everyday on my main and i just stopped. that kind of thing. interests come and go with me. and i’ve gone over the plot of this blog over and over so many times i got sick of my own story (what the HECK mon)


HECK what made you think that!!! i’m finishing it and working on panels as we speak. i owe you guys at LEAST that much.


we move on, i move on, do what you wanna do, you’re FREE


i never said i didn’t plan more than six (whoops secret’s out) but yeah, it’ll stop eventually. i have 4 left, not 3, silly. wink


make your own au blog and draw for it!!! heck!!


unfortunately commissions are….not open yet LMAO i should fix that


same thing i’ve been doing while it was on hiatus. drawing other stuff. ive also been watching osomatsu san, its nice


ok ya sure ]