ok that sounds racist but still~

what probably went down
  • BBC: so what's the plan for Doctor Who this year
  • Moffat: I'm gonna give the gays everything they want and deserve and it's gonna be great
  • BBC: uh
  • Moffat: firstly, black lesbian companion with an awesome afro, whole first episode about her crush on this girl transcending time and space BUT I PROMISE IT ONLY COMES UP WHEN ITS RELEVANT
  • BBC: her being gay looks like it comes up in 6 out of the first 7 episodes
  • Moffat: RELEVANT also Twelve had a gay romance with an emperor made of algae
  • BBC: ... ok but what about the plot
  • Moffat: Mondasian Cybermen! and the Master! and a racist gets punched in the face by the Doctor!
  • BBC: ok that's... sounding good?
  • Moffat: got to keep catering to the gays, though, so I'm thinking we give Missy a PIANO, everyone looks good next to a piano, and we know that gay ladies love Michelle, so when we release the stills of Michelle with the piano, everyone will just lose their shit over how beautiful she is
  • BBC: but the plot, Steven -
  • Moffat: trust me she's in a vault with the piano, it's a whole thing, it'll be fine, don't worry, I got this

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Yo that last ask about whether black folk can be racist in America. I think it's worth mentioning that they totally can, just not against white people. Racism against white people is def all those white dudes cared about, but still worth noting. Nobody gets a free pass when participating in the oppression of other marginalized people.

OK, sounds good.

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Ok but @ your post about the cupcake video, i dont think Carolina was necessarily being racist??? She seemed like she was trying to mimic Anjali's accent (considering she also mimiced Lucie too), but I can see where you are coming from. I agree that she shouldn't of mimicked Anjali because it sounded a little rude, just my opinion on it.

theres a difference between mimicing a german accent and an inidan accent holy shit…. and like she didnt say “opening your cupcake like a good sweidsh girl” to lucie…. plus even if she didnt do the accent she still did this mess


They’ve been watching american movies together

Aomine caught a cold and his mum won’t let him out of the house

Submitted by: loli-kirara

ok, but: kagami shopping for aomine’s porny magazines and bringing them to him when he’s sick. the ultimate bro.

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I'm writing a story in a fictional world in which one of the major countries is loosely based on Japan. I have tried my best to give all my characters names that don't exist in real life, but that still sound like a specific culture, usually by taking an existing name and changing it a bit - I've done this with French and Slavic names (i'm Slavic myself), but am hesitant to do it with Japanese names. Would having Japanese-sounding names, which aren't actually Japanese, be too carricature-y?

Characters with “Japanese-Sounding” names

So this isn’t in my lane, not being Japanese, but as an East Asian, there are already a lot of misconceptions about non-Western cultures, so while names that are French-sounding or Slavic-sounding might be OK (and that’s a very big might), that’s because most of the world is more familiar with those cultures than, say, East Asian ones. And we live in a time where ridiculously inaccurate operas like The Mikado are still going on despite the racist/cultural appropriative themes, so while you may not intend to perpetuate said themes, using non-Japanese names that sound Japanese falls a bit into those departments. 


If you’re basing something on an existing country, loosely or otherwise (and be careful with that loosely so it doesn’t fall into cultural misappropriation), actually using names from the culture is a fine way to code. 

We invite Japanese followers to share their opinions.


Ok that suicide forest movie still pisses me off

it’s so fucking racist

seriously, if they made a horror movie about nine eleven victims haunting ground zero, you can bet your ass millions would complain, they’d make some goddamn boycott posters and go complain to their cousins cousins.

But Japanese people kill themselves in this forest?

Wow sounds like a great horror movie, just like the grudge, because Japanese people killing themselves and becoming evil spirits, how spooky lets do it