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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 

Days of the week: Monday (smut)

words: 1575

Days of the week l Monday - Jin Days of the week: Tuesday

Warning: This part contains smut!. Gif is not mine

Reader X All the members - Jin

  It wasn’t just a Monday. It was the Monday. The day you were expecting so much finally had come. The day you would be fucked by one of the boys. I must have freaked out, you thought. You still could not believe in that. You were going to meet Jin. You were just a few minutes to be fucking him. Oh ma fucking god.  

 You got dressed with your best pair of shirt and shorts. You didn’t want to put something hard to take off. Sooner your clothes were off sooner the fun would really start. You made your hair and wore some make up. You were kinda beautiful. I’m ready.

 You said goodbye to your roommate, not saying much about where you were going and got into your car. Checking the information once more, you left. When you arrived in the hotel, you didn’t know exactly what to do. You were about to talk to the receptionist when you saw that man. The bodyguard. You walked toward him trying to act confident.

“Good afternoon, milady. Follow me” He said politely. For one second you got shy. Did he know why and what for you were there? Did the boys always do that on their tours? Oh…

 You both got into the elevator. Of course they were in the penthouse. Where else would they be? The doors snapped open and you stopped in front of the room’s door.

 “I gotta check you again, milady” the man said.

“Oh, sure” you answered and let him do his job. When he finished and let you go inside, your legs didn’t want to move. You got nervous. Of course, you wouldn’t give up, but come on; you were going to fuck Jin.

“Any problem?” the bodyguard asked.

“N-no. Huh… Thank you. Bye” you said quickly and got inside the room.

And what a room.

That wasn’t a room. It was bigger than your dorm. There were four more doors inside there, probably bathrooms or beds. The second thing you noticed was that not all the boys were there.

“Hello, Y/N” Namjoon greeted you, “don’t worry. We are not staying or something, actually we were about to leave. Have fun” he said and hugged you before walking to the door, “the others are not here, they left sooner”.

“You are beautiful. I wish I was the one fucking you today” Hoseok said and you blushed, looking away. That was so weird to hear from him, because he was so… cute.

 “Thank you Hobi, huh. You’ll have your turn” you said.

“I know” he said and followed Namjoon.

Jin was standing a few centimeters away from you, he hadn’t said a word yet, maybe he was nervous too. I doubt. He was looking straight at you, making you be more nervous than you already were.

“You need something?” Namjoon asked.

 You signaled a “no” shyly and give him a smile, which he gave you back.

 There you were. Alone. With Jin. In a dorm. Jesus. He didn’t say anything at first, just stayed there looking you up and down as if you were a prey.

“You are really beautiful, Y/N” He said. Ah, mamma Jin. Always so polite.

“Thank you. You are really beautiful too, as always” you said, face reddening. He walked towards you as your legs started getting weak. He stopped in front of you, his body just a few centimeters away from yours.

“Can I?” he said, approaching his hand to your face. You nodded, closing your eyes when his fingertips brushed your cheek. His simple touch was so soft, “your lips are really inviting” He said before leaning in and placed his lips on yours, pecking it. That moment you felt your body melting, your heart rushing its pace and your brain screaming at you. You had just pecked Kim Seokjin’s lips. Oh my fucking God.

“Don’t be nervous. I’ll be gentle. And you can give up If you want” he said looking into your eyes, probably noticing your body’s reaction. Give up? No.

 In a sudden fullness of courage, you leaned in and placed your lips on his. This time neither you pulled away, instead of that, your lips started moving against each other’s, matching instantly.  His hands flew to your waist, pulling you closer softly.

His care with you was so cute. But you were already expecting that. You wouldn’t bet he was the most pervert. That title was reserved to Namjoon. You let yourself enjoy the moment, letting your hands touch his hair, his neck, his back; feeling him. Feeling Jin.

“You wanna go to my bed?” he asked. You nodded shyly and he pulled you up, entangling your legs around his hips and carrying you probably towards his bed. He let you fall onto the mattress, fixing himself over you. He kissed you again, letting his hand explore your body. His tongue was dancing with yours in a sexy pace. His hand flew down, squeezing your breasts over you shirt, his touch starting to make you wet.

 His lips were now on your neck, sucking at it, but so softly you were sure it wouldn’t leave marks. He started to take off your shirt, and when he did, he tried to take off your bra.

When he did, he attacked your breasts, licking your nipple and massaging the other. You let out an unintentional moan, and you could feel his smile against your skin. He started to suck the other nipple and his hand traveled down, caressing your pussy over your short. He kissed your belly, and when his mouth found your short, he pulled away from you.

 He took off his shirt, showing you his perfect cute belly – giving you a heart attack too – and your short.  Once you were only on your underwear, he scanned your body. You got shy again and tried to cover yourself but he stopped you.

“Don’t, Jagi. You are wonderful. I can’t wait to fuck you already”. Cute Jin just said that?  You smiled and he let your hands go. He took off your panties and opened your legs.

“Hum… wet already. I like it” he said. Suddenly, he slipped one finger inside you, making you jump and moan by the intrusion, “don’t even need lube. Good girl” he said. He pumped his finger in and out slowly, teasingly slow. Finally, he put his mouth on your clit. Pleasure hit you; you threw your head back and let out a deep sigh. His tongue was soft against your throbbing clit. His fingers started to thrust harder and deeper and faster, wet sounds filling up the room. You felt your walls clenching, and before you could cum, he stopped moving.

“No, please” you whimpered. He smirked.

“Don’t worry, Jagi. I just want to finish it using my cock” he said.

He took off his clothes completely, and you almost gagged with the sight of his cock standing proud and red. Shit, you just wanted to suck him.

“Open your legs for me, kitten” he said.

You did as he said and he positioned himself. He placed his tip on your entrance, but didn’t thrust. He kept teasing you.

“For God sakes, Jin! Do something” You begged. You needed to feel him.

Finally, he pushed in. He let you adjust and when you nodded, he started moving in and out. His thrusts were soft, but deep. He was stretching you good. He kissed you, sucking on your bottom lip as his hands were playing with your clit, adding pleasure.

It didn’t take long for you both become a moan mess.

 “Do you like it, huh?” he asked. You just moaned in answer, pulling him closer by his back.

 He stopped moving and turned you. Your back was now in front of him. You lifted up your butt a little and he positioned himself over you again, letting his cock enter inside you. The new position made him hit a new sweet, hot spot. You moaned against the pillow, squeezing the bed sheet.

 His thrusts became rough, his thigh slapping against yours, making the sound mix with your moans.

“Oh, my God” you said. He leaned in and kissed the gap between your shoulder and neck, your body shivering and melting under his touch.

He was pushing in really rudely, the feeling of his dick stretching you driving you insane.

“Cum for me, baby girl” he said. It didn’t take long for your walls to clench around his thick cock, and when it did, he did cum inside you, the sensation making you cum soon after.  Thanks God I remembered to take the pill.

 He pulled off and did lay beside you. He pulled you against him, your head resting on his chest. His heart was beating fast.

Your head was blowing. You had just had sex with Jin. Oh my Gosh.  And you would fuck one of them for the rest of the week. That was one of the greatest things that could happen.

“You ok?” he asked, his accent was so cute.

“I’m fine. How about you?” you asked shyly.

 He hugged you tighter, caressing your head. “I am fine Jagi” he said, “Did you like it?”

Of course I did.

“Yes, Jin. It was wonderful. You were so cute and soft, I really liked it”.

He placed a kiss on your head and sighed

“Are you ready for the rest of the week?”  he asked.

My North Star (pt 11)

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Genre: Angst, angst, some more angst. Oh I guess some fluff?

Pairing: Jin x Reader (ft. Hoseok)

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when a new girls comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart?

Jin’s business trip was going by incredibly slow. Every second, he wished he could go back to being by your side. Although he knew better, he still woke up every day thinking that was the day you would wake up….and it killed him knowing he couldn’t be there in case you did miraculously wake up. 

When his trip did end, however, he rushed back to the hospital. But much to his surprise, he found your bed empty. He immediately thought of the worst case scenario, but one of the nurses quickly assured him that you had in fact woken up and that you were discharged a few days before. 

Jin couldn’t contain his happiness and even forgot about why he wasn’t notified beforehand. All his prayers were getting answered, and now he had his chance to make you his for the rest of his life. 

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♥ "Don't go", Sterek.

For you, my dear, I had planned to write some bottom Derek smut, but all my ideas for this had feelings all over them. So I wrote them all instead of picking one. I hope you enjoy it!

Four times Stiles and Derek say “Don’t go,” and two times they are exactly where they want to be (for @pale-silver-comb)

Derek’s voice is sleep roughened but edged with a practiced concerned awareness, gained from too many late night emergency phone calls, “Stiles? What’s wro-”

“Derek!” Sites interrupts with his usual exuberance, tinged with the softened slur of unaccustomed drunkenness, and Derek relaxes marginally as Stiles continues. “How are you man? I haven’ seen you in like- wha’ time izzit?” Stiles whips his phone away from his ear to check the time, but he’s too intoxicated to fight his own momentum and ends up twirling after the arc of his arm, stumbling. He barely manages to catch himself before he falls to the ground, but Derek is on his feet and getting dressed as soon as he hears the muttered “Oh, shit.”

Before he can yell for the human, he hears an honest to god giggle through the tiny speaker, and he relaxes ever so slightly. He can hear the indistinct baseline of something irritating and popular distantly playing in the background, the sound of the wind a low whistle through the phone line, and Stiles, laughing.

“Stiles, where are you?” Derek is grabbing his keys and toeing on shoes as he prepares to collect the human before he can get into trouble. Beacon Hills is relatively safe, if you don’t count the supernatural threats, but a good looking and clearly intoxicated seventeen year old shouldn’t be out wanting the streets at one thirty in the morning.

“I wuzzat a party with Scott. But he left with this girl, an’ he said I shouldn’ stay long, but he was ‘sposed to be my ride, and Der’k, I’m drunk,” he finishes seriously. “I’m drunk, an’ I can’t call my dad, and you’re like, my bes’ friend, an’ your car is awesome, an’ i-“

Derek is caught off guard by the sincerity in Stiles’ voice, but he focuses on the rising panic and cuts him off with a gentle, “Hey, just tell me where you are, I’ll be right there.”

Stiles slurs through his location, and Derek is relieved to hear it’s only a few minutes away. He keeps Stiles talking as he speeds to close the distance faster, and the wave of pure relief that washes over him at the sight of Stiles slumped against a lamppost is like an electric shock.

Stiles pours himself into the passenger seat with more grace than he usually possesses and flashes Derek a grateful smile. He’s more tired and regretful drunk than boisterous drunk now, and he lets his head rest heavily against the seat as Derek drives at a much slower speed toward the Stilinski house.

“Thank you for coming to get me, Der,” Stiles’ voice is clearer, but small sounding, his words not quite their usual crispness. “I’m glad it’s you, because I don’t have to worry about not saying how burning hot Derek is, or how I want him to push me up against a wall and kiss me, because you’re not him, and, oh fuck! You’re you!” he says accusingly, as if Derek had forgotten who he was talking to, and not the other way around.

Derek can feel the hot blush color his ears and flash down his neck at the image Stiles paints with his accidental confession.

“Stiles,” he begins, gently, but Stiles doesn’t let him finish.

“Derek, can we please blame the alcohol and forget that pretty much this whole night happened?”

Derek considers it. Stiles is clearly embarrassed, his scent gone sour and his heartbeat unsteady. It would be easy to ignore it, he’s had plenty of practice ignoring his feelings. But if Stiles wants him, and he doesn’t have to pretend he doesn’t want him back- why should he? “What if I don’t want to?”

Stiles gasps, and it sends a shiver down Derek’s spine. “You- what?”

“We’ll talk when you’re-recovered. Alright?”

“Yeah, sure,” Stiles doesn’t sound convinced

After a brief internal argument, Derek reaches over and takes hold of Stiles’ hand and gives a reassuring squeeze. He’s immeasurably gratified when Stiles sighs happily and the tension melts out of him, his scent spiking sharply with contentment, fingers wriggling slightly to settle between Derek’s. Derek can hardly suppress the echoing sigh from his own chest.

Stiles careens back to drunken rambling quick enough to make Derek’s head spin, but since Stiles is now using their clasped hands to gesture as he speaks, he lets a fond smile curl his lips as a steady stream of mostly nonsense tumbles from Stiles’ lips.

As they reach the Stilinski house, Stiles speech has slowed and gone heavy with sleep, Derek tries and fails to not find it endearing, especially in combination with the lazy drag of Stiles’ thumb along the back of his hand. Derek opens the passenger door to assist Stiles in exiting the car, both of them making small surprised sounds when Stiles stumbles and crashes into Derek’s chest. Derek steps back reluctantly, draping Stiles’ arm over his shoulders and holding his waist. Stiles leans heavily against him, murmurs things like “You’re so strong,” and “All that scruff and you’re so soft under the grrr,” as he draws a finger along Derek’s jaw and stares through barely opened eyes gone hazy with sleep and liquor.

Derek manages to get Stiles upstairs and into his bedroom, settles him on the bed and kneels to remove his shoes. Stiles groans above him and something that sounds an awful lot like “Not fair you’re on your knees and I’m too wasted…” and Derek can feel the rush of blood through his entire body as he catches the meaning. By the time Derek is done with Stiles’ shoes, Stiles is flailing above him, half trapped in the sleeves of his shirt. Derek is torn between watching him struggle and helping him, but the strained, frustrated sound Stiles makes pushes him to help. He very pointedly does not look when the overshirt catches his t-shirt, lifting it to reveal a tantalizing strip of creamy pale skin and a hint of hair leading into the waistband of Stiles’ jeans.

As Stiles falls back into the bed, Derek helps to guide him onto the pillow, wrestles the covers from under him and tucks them gently around the sprawling form of Stiles’ body. He can’t help but smooth Stiles’ hair away from his forehead, the gesture hopelessly fond, and Derek is fairly certain he’s never done it so easily before.

Derek turns to leave the room, return to his own bed to try to sleep, knowing the clock will mock him and that all he’ll be able to do is hear Stiles’ drunken declarations on repeat in his head. As he makes to step away from the bed, his feet gone heavy and uncooperative with reluctance, he feels the brush of clumsy fingers at his wrist, wrapping around it in a loose grasp and sending a pleasant tingle through Derek’s arm, settling warmly in his belly.

Stiles’ voice is sleep soft, but steady, the words cutting through Derek painfully, “Don’t go. Please? I don’t want to be alone, I’m always- please. Don’t go.”

In the face of Stiles’ plea, Derek finds himself not only powerless, but having absolutely zero desire to turn back toward the door. The relieved whimper that Stiles releases as Derek drops gently onto the edge of the bed and turns his hand so their palms meet, threading their fingers back together, is like a punch and an embrace all at once.

They wake in the morning wrapped around each other, and it’s shockingly easy to smile at each other as they untangle their twined limbs.


When Derek is visiting Cora, his phone rings, and he smiles at the ridiculous picture Stiles set as his profile. “Hey, you,” he answers fondly, voice going soft and light like it always did now that he and Stiles were DerekandStiles. It quickly bleeds into panic tinged concern at the hitch in Stiles’ breath; the realization that Stiles has been fighting tears, has a reason to be, is a painful weight in Derek’s chest. “What’s wrong, Stiles. What is it?” His urgency is a palpable thing, an uncomfortable sizzle under his skin.

Stiles releases a shuddering breath, “God, I will never not appreciate how the sound of your voice makes everything feel better.” Derek’s worry is ameliorated slightly by the knowledge that he’s a comfort for the hyperactive human he calls his mate.

“I’m glad to hear that, babe, but what’s going on?”

“You’re going to hate it,” Stiles is hesitant, his voice is tinged with uncertainty, and Derek wishes he were there to wrap his arms around Stiles, to hold him and reassure. He makes an affirmative, encouraging sound, “Try me,” he says with more enthusiasm than he feels.

“So, there’s this… thing. Some kind of monster. We haven’t figured it out yet…” Stiles goes on, details a truly horrible plan, one that relies heavily on Scott’s frankly laughable leadership and Stiles as some kind of glorified bait. It’s a shit plan, and Derek does in fact hate it. Hates it so much he’s growling, actually, and it takes Stiles’ pleading “Der, please,” to break him out of it, to wash the red tinge from his vision.

All Derek can do is choke out a pained “Don’t go!” He knows it’s desperate and can’t bring himself to care, “Stiles, please. Please don’t go. This plan is fucking terrible. You know it is. I will get on a plane, I will be there tomorrow morning, just wait. Don’t go, any of you, but you can’t. Please?” He’s begging, and will continue to beg until Stiles agrees, “I can’t lose you. Don’t go. Remember, the night we started this? You asked me the same thing, please, Stiles.”

“Ok, Der, ok, ok. I won’t go. Please, don’t cry. I won’t go.”

Derek takes a deep breath, it catches in his chest, but he pushes past it, “Thank you. Thank you thank you, thank god.”

Derek is on a plane two hours later. Twelve hours after that, Stiles is in his arms; unruly hair sweet smelling and tickling his nose, wide, smiling lips pressed into his own.


When Derek needs to leave Beacon Hills, Stiles understands, he really, truly does. But it also feels like he’s being slowly pulled apart.

They stand quietly in Derek’s loft, silently embracing, Stiles still in his dressy graduation clothes, intermittent tears running down both their faces, until Stiles grips the front of Derek’s shirt tightly, hauls him impossibly close to devour his mouth in a desperate kiss. Their teeth clack, and their tongues swirl together in practiced rhythm, lips dragging slick and wet together. A great, sob of a moan tears out of Stiles’ throat and he buries his face in Derek’s neck.

“I can’t ask you, I know I can’t, but I want to, Der. I want to ask you to stay with me. I want to beg you. To scream ‘Don’t go!’ But I won’t. You deserve to go, to be ha- to find happiness, even if-”

Derek feels his heart breaking; hurting Stiles is killing him. He can’t bear the ache in Stiles’ voice, the sorrow laced through his scent. “Come with me,” rushes past his lips with force and sincerity, and he can’t believe he hadn’t thought of it before.

Stiles looks at him, hopeful but unsure, so he kisses the confusion off his face, cradles his jaw with careful hands. “I mean it, Stiles. It’s summer, you don’t start school for months. Come with me. Please?”

The smile that breaks over Stiles’ face is bright and honest, it’s everything Derek loves about the boy.

“Yeah. Ok, yeah, let’s go,” Stiles replies eagerly, peppering Derek’s face with kisses, hands restlessly petting as thigh assuring himself Derek is still there.

Derek laughs lightly, “I thought maybe we’d have a last go in a real bed, before it’s all motel rooms and truck stops for a while. And you know, pack, first.”

Stiles makes a considering sound, “Both good things. I’m especially interested in the first part,” he grins as he grabs Derek’s hands, walking backwards toward the bed.


Two and a half incredible months later, they’re laying naked in a motel bed, tangled together and still catching their breath, trailing gentle fingertips over one another’s faces, cataloging details. Preparing for time apart.

Stiles’ half packed suitcase sits on a luggage stand across the room, taunting them with the short time they have left measured out in clean and dirty socks.

Derek traces the curve of Stiles’ mouth, their eyes searching, but unwilling to leave the others gaze for more than a second or two. “You know-” the words are stuck in his throat, heavy on his tongue, he clears them away with a hard swallow, “I want to ask you. I guess it’s my turn to know better, huh?” He laughs without a traces of humor, and Stiles kisses his furrowed brow, smooths it with a long finger.

“You’re not ready to not be moving, and Berkley is pretty stationary, babe,” Stiles answers easily, his voice tinged with regret. “I understand,”he says, quieter than the rest, but without a stutter in his heartbeat, and Derek would know it’s true even without the added senses. Because Stiles understands Derek probably better than Derek does, and the loss of his constant presence is already aching dully in his chest.

“I’m going to have to say it. Just once. It’s practically tradition, now,” Derek attempts to joke, but the truth is it feels like the words are tearing at his throat.

Stiles kisses him, long and slow, as if to cool the burn of the things he can’t say. It almost works. They part reluctantly, hands and lips both clinging together, and it breaks out of him with a sob, “Don’t go.”

Stiles gathers him close, let’s Derek bury his face in his chest, strokes his back in soothing circles and holds his neck. “I have to,” he says simply, pressing kisses to Derek’s head. “But I promise I’ll always come back to you, wherever you are, until you’re ready.”

When they wake some time later, Stiles has to leave. Derek drives him to the bus station, because Stiles wouldn’t let him set a foot in California until he was ready to. Derek isn’t sure he will be, but he wishes he was now so he could steal those last miles with him.


They wake to cool morning light filtered through the curtains, and the muted sound of a cell phone ringing in the other room.

It’s been six months since they last got to wake up together, and it feels indulgent and surreal all at once. Video chats and constant phone calls and texts are an ok way to bridge the distance, but there is nothing so wonderful as waking up like this. Sleep warm skin and muscled limbs tangled together, warm breath on the back of his neck. Stiles is afraid it’s a dream.

Derek wakes, runs his nose along Stiles neck and places a long, hot kiss there. “Morning,” he says sleepily, arms tightening briefly before he shifts in the bed. Stiles panics, grabs Derek’s forearms in suddenly shaking hands, “Don-.”

Before he can finish, Derek is wrapping himself around him again, “Not going anywhere, babe. You’re not either.”

Stiles takes a deep breath, calms his heartbeat. “Sounds perfect, because I have plans for us that don’t involve leaving this bed unless it’s to hydrate or pee.”

Derek laughs into Stiles’ shoulder, the sound rich and deep, the rumble in his chest echoes through Stiles’ chest pleasantly. “I like the sound of that.”


A small cry pierces the predawn quiet, and Stiles and Derek startle awake at the same time. They blink tiredly at one another for a moment, taking time to acclimate and assess.

Stiles smiles at Derek, notices the slight greying of his still artful stubble, the lines starting to show around his eyes that he knows are from laughter instead of worry.

Derek smiles back, taking in the defined jawline, and the more beard than stubble that his husband has favored these last few years.

They say in unison “I’ll go,” and then laugh, kiss. Let it linger just a moment until the baby reminds them why they’re awake so early. Stiles places a quick kiss on Derek’s cheek, runs his thumb over his jaw briefly.

“You got her down last time, it’s my turn. Go back t’ sleep.” Derek makes a sound that Stiles takes as agreement, and he heads to the nursery across the hall, scooping up the small, unhappy bundle from the crib and settling her against his chest.

When Derek stumbles in moments later, Stiles is in the rocking chair, cradling their daughter and dozing slightly. Derek crosses the distance with a few long strides and moves to take the baby from her current Daddy shaped pillow and back to her own bed, intending to do the same with Stiles after, when he feels familiar fingertips against his wrist.

He looks down to where Stiles is holding him, turns his palm so their fingers thread together with the ease of years of practice. They smile at one another for long moments, until the sun starts to rise and add a warm glow to the soft lilac walls.

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hi this might be a weird question, and you dont have to at all. but do you think you could post a comparison of your art when you started drawing digitally, and now? i'm finding it really distressing because nothing's turning out right and it can get a girl down y'know? i love your art sm thank you 💗💗💗💗

lemme see, from when I got my tablet… hmmm…

Let’s go down memory lane lmao; the beginning was shit like oh my god, I saw it and cried a bit look at this shit

This is from 2011 like… wow. Ok, let’s just…
I don’t have a lot on my computer now (from my old drawings) but this next one is from… 2013 I think/? I don’t really know

it’s from right before I left for uni, if I remember correctly? I drew my room… I have one with m room from my foundation year too, look;

It looks bigger in the drawing cuz im shit with backgrounds but yeah :’D

And then in 2014 I tried drawing in this kind of a style:

With this being one of the good outcomes :’D

there’s this too which looks really cool, I should redraw this one day damn

But moving on, then I started with the BTS fanart and if you look WAY back, I think these are like, the first things I posted here related to BTS?

eyyy namjin :’D

And at some point I drew these sketches where I used a hard and consistent lie and it was like my eyes just opened and I discovered the kind of line that I want in my art

So I went on with that and stuff like these happened:

As well as the Yoonmin Bingo comic series ayy

And then I played around for like hours and hours in Photoshop just trying out things and we got to the kind of drawings I make today :D


My prompt list

1. “Things didn’t have to end like this.”

“But we always knew they would, didn’t we?”

2. “I don’t want to just survive, I want to live”

3. “We spend so much time running away”

4. “I will never forgive you for this. Ever.

5. "You have about five seconds to explain what the hell is going on”

6. “You killed my mother… I can’t let you get away with that.”

7. “You really know how to pick ‘em, huh?”

8. “I just punched you, take that as a sign that I most definitely do not like you.”

9. “You could’ve at least pretended to be interested in what I have to say.”

10. “Maybe I love you as more than a friend, and maybe I didn’t tell you because i knew this is how you’d react.”

11. “I kill people because I want to bring them peace. No one deserves to live in such a horrific world.”

12. “What? Is it too much?”

13. “Am I on fire? Like, literal fire?”

14. “You look like hell.”

“I’ve just got back.”

15. “I thought you were dead.”

“I was.”

16. “Please can you just stop and listen to me for a second!”

17. “I would do anything for you”

18. “This might sound crazy but I’m here from the future and if you don’t come with me you’re going to die.“

19. “I’m not a bitch. Ok, I’m lying, obviously.”

20. “This isn’t the real housewives of Kansas!”

21. “No one is going to hurt you while I’m around.”

22. “Stop it, please, you’re hurting me.”

23. “Can you get that gun out of my face please?”

24. “Everything will end up the way it should.”

25. “Did you really think we wouldn’t track you down?”

26. “Are you ok?”

“Me? Oh, I’m fine. I’m just crying because It seemed like fun.”

27. “I don’t scare easily, you evil bitch.”

28. “You can take everything away from me, but please leave ____ alone!”

29. “My heart might be cold, broken and damaged. But it is strong enough to know that I deserve better than you.”

30. “If you walk away, that’s it, that’s the end of us. I mean it this time… I’m tired of being left, I won’t let you get away with it for much longer.”

31. “I always blame others for my mistakes. Just kidding, I don’t make mistakes.”

32. “I’m not a kid anymore, you don’t need to babysit me. I can take care of myself.”

33. “I always dream about her, and I love it because it feels so real. But, when I wake up, I realise that she’s gone and I can never hold her again. It feels like a lose her all over again, and it’s just as painful every time.”

34. “Some couples dance under the stars, some go on romantic vacations. We, however, walk into dangerous traps on purpose that were set out by monsters who want to kill us. Happy anniversary.”

35. “Me? Unhealthy? Yes.”

36. “Why did you leave without saying goodbye?”

37. “Next time you wanna go in a murder spree, remind me not to wear white. I will never get this blood out of my dress, thanks to you.”

38. “I lit some candles yesterday and accidentally summoned a demon into my home and I don’t want to be mean and kick him out because he said he likes my hair.”

39. “Life is so rare and beautiful, it’s only meant to be lived once. Being brought back, it ruins the beauty and specialty of it all.”

40. “I really wish that for once you would just tell me the truth.”

41. “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you.”

42. “I just saved your life, the least you could say is thank you.”

“There’s nothing to be thankful for, I now owe you a favour.”

43. “Maybe, sometimes, I’m not so proud of who I am.”

44. “I don’t know how you got to look like that, but damn, God did right by you.”

45. “Please tell me that I’m wrong, I don’t want this to be true.”

46. “This human is mine, do not touch.”

47. “It’s ok, I’m here. You’re safe now.”

48. “What are you doing?”

“Just remember to bring me back.”

“No! Please don’t do this.”

49. “I’m not talking to you.”

“Then I’m not talking to you.”

“Well, that’s the way it would work.”

50. “How do you know this will work?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

magnificentgardenlover  asked:

Hi! Your writing is bomb as heck and I was wondering if you could do a Shiro x Reader where they're both really insecure about their bodies (Shiro's scars and Reader's kinda chubby) and it's just them being fluffy and supportive of each other. Thanks💙

Ok? But like??? I feel like this was wayyyy too serious? Like it’s 1:30AM and I’m crying rn I put too much of my feels into this.

also, if any of you ever feel this way. I want you to know that you are beautiful, inside and out and you always will be even if your thoughts don’t think so. you’re loved, and you’re amazing and you’re strong and ily. if you have stretch marks, just think of them as strikes of lightning because maybe you are a Demi-God! Or even a full out God/goddess! if you have scars, remember you went through things that not many can, and you made it through and you survived. A victory not many can get to. Try not to make thing apart of you into curses, and try making them into memories, or victories, or gifts.

Seeing yourself in a mirror was heartbreaking to you. Your body was the way it was, and there wasn’t much you could do about it. You would hear of the standards set for the average, beautiful body type while on Earth, and everyday you wished you could just scream. Scream until your throat was dry and your tears had run gone.

Looking at yourself now? Still, no difference. The way your skin was bumped in most spots, not smooth like those you’ve wished you could have become. The way your stretch marks ran up parts of your body normally visible to the human eye, that you forced into hiding under your clothing. The way your proportions seemed wrong, how the place between your hip and your leg didn’t meet properly, a ‘muffin-top’ known to those who resided on Earth.

You couldn’t do anything about this. It didn’t seem to go away. You tried to stop eating, yet once again. You were being punished.

Shiro felt this way. The way his arm has been marred during his battles with gladiators. Ugly, in his eyes. Gross, to what could’ve been passerby on Earth. The way his scars seemed to shine an ugly, dirty pink. Why, they ran up at least every part of his body. His knees were not proportional as they were before. Having broken one.

His other, non cyborg-galactic arm, looked as if a bone was on it’s way to tear through his skin. But that arm had broken a while ago, as well. No matter what people would say to him; ‘I don’t get it! You’re brave, and you have these scars for a reason’ ‘you’re strong’. They’d never understand the burden they bring with them. Those scars were the equivalent to an infection, sticking to his body like duct tape, a golden string leading to a giant anchor. Carrying all the load with it.

He couldn’t do anything about this. They were these forever, and would never go away.

The two of you, both suffered a great deal, when it came to your bodies. But, nonetheless, when one looked at the other? All they saw was beauty. Beauty, perfection, strength. Shiro thought, no, he knew, that you were a goddess. He was blessed to the heavens to hell and back, just to be able to look upon you. And to you? Shiro was the most courageous man you’ve ever met. Having been taken from Earth for so long and suffer through the turmoil of what could only be torture and war. He left, and was back for less than a day, only to be sucked back into the infinite hole of space. With no way of knowing he could ever, return.

He loved you. And you loved him. That’s all it would ever be, even if you did do something to change yourself, or if he did something to change himself as well. As long as you, or he, was happy.

“I think you’re gorgeous. Nah, I know, you’re gorgeous.” He whispered into your ear, after approaching you from behind in the mirror and startling you. Gently wrapping his arms around your waist and rubbing your belly with his thumbs. His face was gentle as he lay it on your head, looking at you in the mirror. He was placid.

“Thank you.” You would murmur, coming to accept the fact that firing back and degrading yourself wouldn’t work, it was no use when Shiro was genuine and kind to you. He’d shut you down quick with his words if you said such a thing. Trying to reassure that you, are in fact, beautiful.

This was the same when it was Shiro’s insecurity as well. Whenever patching up simple wounds after a mission, he’d basically sulk, sitting on his bed, slouched, dismissing the guaze he had to run his fingers over the scars on his stomach, chest, and arm. You’d be laying behind him, your hand rubbing up and down his back as you admired him silently. You’d push yourself forward a bit, and look at the look of sorrow and disgust on his face.

“I love you.” You would almost come to tears as you’d see the tear escape his eyes and land on his leg. You would sit up, bringing him to you by pulling on his human arm. He would flop into your lap and sob.

“There’s nothing wrong with what you’ve got. The only thing you’ve become is strong. Mentally and physically. I’ve never met someone as strong as you. You go through the same thoughts everyday and I don’t know how you can do it and actually get through the day. You crack at least one smile, I can barely even crack one.” You pushed the white tuft of hair back, rubbing your hands against the side of his face and trying your hardest to hold in your tears. He’d look up at you, and smile sadly.

“You do the same, Y/n. Everyday I see you look in that mirror and I see the look on your face, and I understand. We have the same one. I look up to you too, you’re strong, and you’re beautiful. And I love you.” He’d sit up, and pull you in for a kiss on the cheek while the both of your tears would mix together and become one.

anonymous asked:

Ok so embarrassing thing I was one day watching TV and for something in it I tell my mom "God thank you for not give me more siblings". She look at me deadpanned and then I remember she had two abortions after me and I wanted to fucking die.

i wonder if she regrets not aborting you now

Ruined My Lip Gloss- Elias Lindholm

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

Ok I like how this one turned out despite writing it at 3 am! Oh well! So I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you thought!

Warning: none?

Anon Request: Can you write one about jeff skinner and elias lindholm being your friends but elias has a crush on you but doesn’t want to turn things weird in your friendship or something like this… i don’t know if you’ll understand kkk… sorry the poor english


              “Just tell her” Jeff said. You stopped in the hallway, listening.

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Pass me the controller part 2

Here is the second part of this imagine, I hope you enjoy, this one was certainly a lot more fun to write. Again, let me know if you want to see a part 3 xo


After failing at FIFA for an hour or so and drinking much more than I planned I actually remember why I was there in the first place. I was having so much fun with Jack that I had completely forgotten about all the drama with my ex. It was only when my phone lit up with another phone call from him that I remembered.

“Is that him?” Jack asks, slightly slurrring.

“Yeah just ignore it. He’ll only try giving me all the excuses he can think of but they’re not going to work this time!” My vision is a little blurry and my hand is shaking as I try to flip over my phone. I can’t even remember how much I’ve had to drink.

Before I can react Jack has picked up my phone, “hey jackass.” He shouts. My heart pounds. “If you know what’s good for you then you’re never going to call y/n again. Don’t text her, don’t try and find her, just leave her alone because you’re a fucking douchebag ok!” And with that he hangs up grinning proudly.

“Oh my god.” Is all I can get out.

“That should do the trick”

We both burst out laughing, “I can’t believe you just did that! Thank you!” I throw my arms around him and give him a huge hug. As soon as he wraps his arms around my waist I feel the atmosphere change. He’s nuzzled his head into my neck and his arms are wrapped around my waist.

I don’t know if it’s the alcohol but I swear I feel him smell my hair. I pull away from the embrace, unsure of how to react. His beautiful big blue eyes are staring into mine, trying to read my expression. My mind wanders back to what he was saying earlier about the girl he liked. Surely he wouldn’t hug me like that if there was another girl he was interested. Or maybe I’m just going crazy. 

“I should probably head home.” I mutter, not totally convinced that’s the right this to say. 

“You’re not in any condition to go anywhere y/n." 

"I can’t stay here. I don’t have anything with me" 

"You can have one of my t-shirts and you can sleep in my bed, come on,” he takes me by the hand and pulls me up. My heart flutters at his touch. I can’t believe it. Not only am I falling for Jack but I’m flaking for him when he admits to me he’s in love with another girl. I am such an idiot. 

“No honestly I’m ok. I’ll sleep on the couch maybe” I pull my hand away from him and he looks hurt. 

“Y/n I’m trying to help you. You’re clearly hurting but you can’t be mad at every guy, we’re not all like your ex, especially me, as much as you don’t believe it.” He look on his face is breaking my heart. I’ve gone from hating Jack’s arrogant guts to wanting him to hold me like he did before in a matter of a couple of hours. It’s almost making me feel sick. 
Actually I feel really sick. 

I think I’m going to throw up. 

I run to the bathroom and hear Jack call out after me.
My eyes go white and I start uncontrollably vomiting into the toilet. My eyes water and my face goes bright red. 

“It’s ok, let it out” I think I hear Jack behind me. 

As I come to I realise he’s right next to me, one hand holding my up and the other holding my hair. As I sit up he wipes my face with a towel and finger combs my hair smooth. I’m so embarrassed, “thank you” I manage to get out. 

“Don’t worry about it babe” he holds my face in his hands, “you’re definitely not going anywhere tonight. You look gross.” It takes all the energy I have but I manage to punch him in the arm and he giggles, “come on let’s brush your teeth ” He scoops me up in his arms and carries me through the door way and into the bathroom.

“You don’t have to do this Jack, I can walk” I wriggle out of him arms and immediately fall to the floor. Not only am I still drunk but I am also exhausted from crying and vomiting up he entire contents of my stomach. Great.

“Y/n! Just trust me ok?”

“You’re incredible.” I blurt out. I meant to say that in my head.

“If you can look me in the eye and say that to me again when you’re sober I’ll believe you” he walks over to me with a shirt, “put this on ok? I’ll be back in a minute with some water for you.”

He vanishes from the rooms and I successfully manage to brush my teeth but taking my dress off proves to be a little harder than anticipated due to a ridiculous amount of zips and buttons.

After what feels like an hour of trying to get out of my dress I hear jacks footsteps coming back up the hallway. He laughs as soon as he sees me.

“Help me” I ask pathetically.

He puts the water down, grabs his shirt and comes over. I turn my back to him so he can undo my dress but he hesitates, “it’s not that complicated” I tell him.

“No it’s not that,” his voice almost quivers. I can see in the corner of my eye that his hands are hovering just above my dress. He catches me looking and snaps himself out of whatever he was doing. After two zip and buttons my dress completely falls down before I can catch it.

I feel my cheeks redden again and reach for the shirt in jacks hands but he’s not paying attention. His eyes are fixated on me. Taking in every inch of me in my bra and underwear. His eyes flick to mine and he has a lust in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. He comes towards me, still holding the shirt in his hand. He stands inches from my face and looks from my eyes to my lips back and forth.

I lean in and press my lips on his. It’s like I have no self control. My heart is beating to fast I can barely breathe. He puts his hand to the back of my neck and I feel myself soften. He pulls me in closer, my body against his and kisses me deeper. I let out a little moan as he kisses down my neck, sending chills down my spine. His hands are all over me, touching every inch of my body like it’s the only chance he’ll get. I clumsily try to lift his shift up and thankfully he pulls it over his own head. He’s so much more muscular than I ever knew. He’s so warm and so loving, kissing me all over. He pulls away from my lips for only a moment as he picks me up and carries me to his bedroom, pushing me back onto the bed, crawling on top and locking lips again. Hes messy and rough, leaving marks on my neck and chest. I start to run and the bulge building in his pants. “Y/n” he whispers, almost out of breath. The way he says my name sends me into overdrive, “y/n” he says again, a little more impatient this time. He pulls away from me, “Conor’s home”

College!AU Seokjin
  • major: broadcasting 
  • minor: hospitality and tourism management 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: cooking club, on campus news channel + interns at the actual city news channel 
  • it is important to point out that the only person out of his crew of friends aka bts he is the only one with a car and all the members keep fighting over who seokjin is going to let borrow his car for the weekend and most of the time seokjin is like this is a Headache and gives it to hoseok because hoseok is nice and also jungkook can’t double park and namjoon drives at a snails pace
  • but yeah he has a car mostly because he has to drive to get to the city news headquarters that is like way too far from campus and the cars like a hand-me-down from his family so it’s kinda old but seokjin always keeps it clean and freshly painted and he has those cute like air fresheners that hang from his mirror because god only knows what the members do in this poor car when he’s not around
  • but seokjin’s car is not the point of this au moving on he’s a broadcasting major and hopes to have a job in news when he’s older, preferably as an anchor at a news station even (a famous one would be even better) and everyone thinks that honestly he’s a perfect fit for the job
  • a) because he’s handsome b) because he has a good voice and c) did i mention he’s drop dead handsome? like imagine waking up, turning on the tv, and there’s seokjin telling you it’s gonna be a sunny day and that the government royally screwed up again. wow. a Dream
  • seokjin’s original major was hospitality and tourism management because he had wanted to go to culinary school but thought that that was way too much of a stretch so maybe working in at a hotel or as an event planner was kind of similar to cooking for many people in a restaurant, but after a while he made it his minor because someone had suggested he should be on TV with those good looks
  • and being an actor was just as a far off as being a chef so he was like what else is on TV? the news
  • and seokjin’s like pretty well informed too, like he enjoys reading the paper and listening to political podcasts (which jungkook and taehyung always whine about in the car if seokjin is driving them all into the city they’re always like “hyUNG this is so sad and the words are so boring let’s listen to something more funnnn” and seokjin’s like “how does radio disney sound for you kids?” and they’re like h Y U N g and seokjin’s like no we’re not listening to any of those songs w swear words in them and yoongi in the passenger seat beside jin is like oh my god seokjin we are all in C O L L E G E 
  • but yeah he like does the weather reporting and reads of the news that goes on on campus but he’s also fascinated by journalism and when he’s at his internship he’s always mingling w the interns that aren’t doing broadcasting but the ones who’re working under the journalists and sources because they’re so cool and know so much and ok some of the stuff they tell him he’s not supposed to know but seokjin is so charming that he could get mr. krabs to tell him the secret to the krabby patty. 
  • not interested in sports broadcasting even though every season the baseball coach sends over half the team to get jin to show up and broadcast live through the university’s athletic channel stream and seokjin’s like no thanks but the coach is like bribe him. tell him he’s pretty. and the team tries but seokjin is like listen i know your coach just wants more people to watch the show for my great face and not the game so im not gonna do it. and the teams like sigh ok but also seokjin is right that’s exactly why the coach wants him to broadcast
  • seokjin is also on the tennis team and everytime he practices the court is full of girls and boys pressed against the fence around the net trying to take photos of him and he’s like flattered but also like !!! be careful you guys i have a very strong swing i dont want any balls going over the fence and hurting anyone!!! 
  • when they play doubles seokjin’s teammate sandeul is always whining about how another fan of seokjins had asked him to get her seokjin’s signature and he’s like seokjin pls im so tired of this someone stole my racket last week thinking it was yours
  • and seokjin’s like im sorry buddy but im cursed with this Beautiful Face what can i do…..
  • sandeuls like let me whack you with this ra- and jin’s like i will end you 
  • and so one day you’re actually featured on the campus new channel because you won an award in your major and it’s nothing hUGE but it’s something so you get an invite to be on the morning segment and you kinda want to turn it down because cameras,,,the whole student body watching you,,,ahhhhhhh no
  • but like your friends are like what nO do  i  t and also they’re like “you’ll get to do it with seokjin, and you know everyone loves seokjin!!! you can’t let this chance go!!!!”
  • and you’re like well like you know who seokjin is but you’re like even if i do this interview it’s not like he’s going to magically fall in love w me or something (Lmao little do you know)
  • so you’re just like fine whatever and you try to wear something nice and you show up and it’s obvious you’re worried because you keep fiddling with your phone
  • until you hear a sweet voice go; “don’t worry. it’s not like this is cable television or anything.”
  • and you look up to see THE seokjin standing beside you with a kind smile on his face and his signature pink tie on and ok wow he’s super handsome up close are his eyes sparkling?? ok wait not the point
  • and you’re like ahHA it’s easy for you you do this every morning and seokjin’s like chuckling like you’re not wrong but seriously don’t sweat it
  • and he like ruffles your hair and goes to sit in front of the camera and you’re like 
  • well one your heart is beating because ok,,,,ruffling your hair?? what is this some romance comic but two; holy shit you’re on in two minutes
  • and the minute seokjin is introducing your name and the award you’ve won you can feel your palms getting sweaty but it’s like somehow you catch a gentle, encouraging smile that seokjin passes on to you and suddenly your throats just a little less dry and you manage to stutter out a little speech about the award and not make a fool out of yourself
  • and all in all the segment with you is only 7 minutes long, but you can’t leave the set till seokjin is done talking and right at the end you notice that seokjin’s sweating a lot and that he keeps trying to move his fingers casually toward the cue cards that are beside you but are too far away and if he just grabs them everyone will see it in the shot
  • and you’re like wait shit did he forget the headlines??? and you can hear seokjin’s lines wavering a bit and he clears his throat right after the weather report and you’re like oh no and seokijn is like “now for more headlines, the real information about campus life and activities, the headlines…”
  • like it’s obvious he’s stalling and the crew is panicking and so you casually put your award down on the table and slip the cue cards into your lap so the camera cant see and without looking at him, you drop the cards in jin’s lap under the table you two are sitting on and like
  • he just needs one glance down to remember the first couple of words and BAM everything comes back to him and he’s making the announcements smoothly and the crew is like thANK GOD the main cameraman even needs someone to like dab the sweat off his forehead for him because that was close
  • can you believe this drama at the on campus news channel like wOW 
  • but yes everything ends and the seokjin turns to you and you’re like !!! good job and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,listen i owe you my life
  • and you’re like ok chill not your life it’s just a show but seokjin is like no no ive never messed up on a broadcast and idk whats happening with me today maybe i was too distracted but really you saved me
  • and you blush like oh,,,,it was nothing quick thinking you know!! and you like get your award and jump off your chair like well!!!! this was interesting and nerve wracking!!! thanks for having me
  • and you do a bow to all the film + broadcasting students and you’re like oh no class is in fifteen
  • and you run off before seokjin can flag you down and give you his number because hey you wanna know why he was distracted?
  • because you were so damn cute
  • ALSO because you see him the next day in the pharmacy off campus buying flu medicine and he’s got tissues sticking out of his pockets and like a neck warmer on and you’re like
  • …….. he forgot his lines because he was also getting sick……..
  • and you walk over like hey!! and he’s like o H and hides behind the cap he’s wearing because he’s like  don’t look at me im usually a 10 but today im an 8 because i look horrible
  • and you’re like no no you’re still like above a 10 don’t worry
  • and seokjin peeks from under his baseball cap like ,,,,,,why thank you *commence a long string of sneezes*
  • and you’re like hey, you should try this tea my mom gave me when she was helping me pack for this semester. whenever i get a cold it always works and im good the next day! and seokjin is like a one day cure for the cold? ill take it i have the morning news to do tomorrow
  • and you’re like cool!!! ill bring some over to your dorm and seokjin’s like ok!! thank you ill pay you back with some good food and you’re like no no you’re sick and he’s like yEs im sick im not dying i can still make some kimchi fried rice.
  • and so you show up to the dorm with your tea bags and seokjin still has his messy hair under his baseball cap and a big sweater on and some sweats and it’s kind of a shock because you’re used to him being all spiffy and well kept when you see him on the campus channel
  • but now he looks like you know,,,,,,like every other sick and stressed kid in college
  • and like seokjin has got his ricecooker on and he’s got all these containers of sidedishes that he’s made and you’re like making him tea
  • and like you barely know each other but somehow it’s very serene and domestic
  • and when you’re done and seokjin drinks like 3 cups of your tea and you eat like 3 portions of his rice 
  • seokjin is seeing you to the door and he’s like
  • *cough* “is it ok *sneeze* *blow nose* if one day when im *cough again* better i can take you out for *blow nose and cough at same time, apologize* dinner as a thank you?”
  • and you’re like a thank you for??? and he’s like for that time you saved me and you’re putting your hands up like wAH no no it’s fine
  • but seokjin is like no i must i must and even though he sounds like he’s dying and he’s sneezing all over the place, he’s stubborn till the end until you agree
  • as you’re walking to your own dorm though you’re like
  • wait………….
  • did i just score a date with the handsomest guy on campus????
  • and yes. yes you did
  • when you text your friends about it they nearly sprints their way down to your dorm like W H  A T WE NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR A DATe outFiT and you’re like i can just wear that- and they’re like nO this is SEOKJIn the FACE OF Our schoOL you are going to have to look GUD
  • and you’re like oh my
  • so the date turns out to be at this pretty fancy place in the city that you’ve heard about and you’re like is seokjin,,,,,the son of some guy with a company or something how can he afford this place
  • and like you see him coming down the street and he’s in like a suit and looking like a+ like yall about to attend a wedding or something and hes got his hair back and you’re like oh,,,,,,,this is so,,,,,,Fancy
  • and you’re like hi!! and seokjin’s like “you look amazing.” and you’re like “you look even better!!” and seokjin laughs like “for the first time, i have to disagree - you’re stunning.”
  • and he offers you his elbow like we’re back in the fifties or something and you go inside and like ,,,, you get this nice table and you’re the youngest ones there and you’re like um seokjin how did you,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,get us seats here? Are you rich? Are you the prime ministers secret son you can tell me i will keep it a secre-
  • but seokjin is like no no i know the chef of this place, he gave a talk on campus for one of the classes in my minor. we kind of clicked you know and he’s always calling me over to have a taste of his food. his names kidoh.
  • and you’re like ……kidoh? and seokjin’s like “interesting, right? he’s seoul’s youngest chef.”
  • and you’re like looking at seokjin like this guys life is just…..full of surprises isn’t it
  • but over dinner like you and seokjin end up bonding so much over the things you guys like and care about and seokjin always seems to unapproachable because he looks like he’s so far above others, but in reality he’s just a dude who loves to cook and make corny jokes and in a lot of ways he’s really just……normal
  • he does admit that he’s really careful about his appearance but he’s like how can i not be when that’s all people see me for
  • and you get a hint of the sadness behind that statement, the fact that people forget that there’s a person with feelings under his breathtaking smiles
  • and you don’t expect it but seokjin’s like let me drive you home and you’re like you have a car??
  • and seokjin’s like yes i just didn’t want to park it out here because it’s pretty old and i thought it might be embarrassing but once you see it you’re like seokjin this car looks new and he’s like that’s because i break my back cleaning it all the time
  • and while he’s driving you he tells you the stories of what jimin, yoongi, and taehyung have all done to his precious car and you’re laughing like nO way and seokjin’s like nO Im telling the truth it’s like im friends with a bunch of five year olds sometimes
  • and you’re like seokjin i love the way you nag about them it’s hilarious and he’s like heY i do not NAG. i woRRY and you’re like hehe it’s cute!!!!
  • and it is cute he’s concerned for the people he loves. this softie
  • and like when you get dropped off youre like hey seokjin wanna hear a secret
  • and he’s like ooo ok and you’re like leaning over like “i liked your kimchi fried rice more than the food at the restaurant. don’t tell your friend!” and when you lean back giggling into your hand seokjin just
  • he just gently takes your wrist and pulls you back to him and kisses the side of your lips with a whispered thank you
  • and like you sit in the car looking at each other in the like moonlight and it’s cute you wanna kiss him again but like it’s enough for the first date and seokjin watches as you go inside just to make sure you’re safe
  • and ofc he sends you a good night text because like seokjin is the best man on this planet he is so soft and caring and wow ok im getting off topic
  • but yes after that you and seokjin meetup more often on campus, sometimes in the area where the news channel is filmed because seokjin is always studying lines during lunch and you’re honestly just fine watching him all concentrated as you munch on his homemade snacks
  • you also listen to him do a mock announcement and then clap and he’s like the aplause is not necessary and you’re like why not you’re so cool seokjin
  • and he’s like trying to hide the smile but he can’t
  • sometimes you’ll go over to his dorm and you two will look up recipes on youtube or online to try and make
  • most of the time you both end up with the ingredients all over your faces and fingertips and when you reach up to put some avocado paste on seokjin’s cheek he chases you until he gets you in a backhug and kisses at the spot behind your ear that he knows is sensative
  • it’s cute you guys make dinner for his friends and jungkook is like “hyung. i think you two should just get married and adopt us all as your kids so you can both cook for us everynight.” and seokjin is like jungKOOK and you’re like skhfldngseifw and yoongi is like “no no the little twerp is right.” and jungkook’s like im like 5 inches taller than you yoongi i have been for like two years and yoongi with his mouth full of noodles “you’re still a twerp jungkook.”
  • you go to see seokjin play tennis and like it’s not a competition so you come out onto the court and seokjin helps you learn how to hold the racquet and whatnot
  • when he puts his hands around your waist to keep you steady you can literally hear sandeul from the other court whistling like GET IT SEOKJIN and seokjin is “i repeat. everyone im friends with is five.”
  • you and seokjin doing little face masks together because he gets you into them and you’re like “did i put this on right?” the first time and he’s like “no it’s upside down come here.”
  • when you had to go away for couple of days for a trip with your class seokjin sent you videos of him eating for a straight thirty minutes not saying anything until the end. he affectionately called these videos “eat jin”
  • you responded by doing the same and naming them “eating without jin” and seokjin was just like yEAH but you wish i was there
  • seokjin is tall and he owns a lot of like long sleeved shirts that you love wearing because they’re big in the shoulders and seokjin is like “…..hey listen you have your own clothes…..did you get a stain on this sweater? come here i will kill yo-” and you’re like “SORRY but they’re nice and they smell clean like you” and seokjin is like “if you weren’t so cute- i sWEAR.”
  • you start watching the school news everyday now lmao all your friends are like “i thought you didn’t care about campus news?” and you’re like “ofc i do. especially if my cute as heck boyfriend is reporting it to me. btw did you know i got him another pink tie for our anniversary and look he’s wearing it-”
  • and one day seokjin and you come to his dorm after going to his tennis practice together and seokjin is gets a call and he’s listening to the other person for a longtime and you can’t really read his face but you’re like ???? and when he hangs up after saying thank you one hundred times you’re like “what is it??” and seokjin’s like “you know the place i intern at?” and you’re like “the big news channel right?” and he’s like “yeah.” and you’re like taking his hands in yours like “well???? what???” and he looks at you and he’s like “they’re officially hiring me. they’re officially hiring me to help report the news.” and you’re like ……..HOLY SHIt and you jump up and down and just grab his cheeks and kiss him like one hundred times
  • and seokjin is like ,,,,,,,,this is fOR real this isn’t just the free news channel for the uni this is,,,,,actual television and you’re like oh MY GOD im so pROUd and you lean in to kiss him again but this time seokjin kisses back
  • and he’s usually very tender with kisses but this one is full of adrenaline and like you’re both already kinda sweaty because you came back from tennis but like what the frick ever you like go down right there on the floor of the kitchen
  • and like seokjin pulls you ontop and is just like
  • well you know there goes his tennis uniform and all that woooo
  • and you two are lucky yoongi doesn’t walk in on the dorm but like seokjin is just holding you close and his forehead is against yours and he’s like
  • “this is a miracle.” and you’re like whaT no you’re destined to be on the TV screen and he’s like no no well yes the job is a miracle but the real miracle he was talking about is ofc……you
  • and it’s cute you and seokjin are two glowing flowers two sweet and kindhearted for this world
  • afterwords you try to get taehyung, jimin, and namjoon to help you make a special cake for seokjin but like with those three all you get is a bunch of icing everywhere so you’re like baking cookies with seokjin’s face on it instead sounds easier
  • you throw a party for him and seokjin is just so surprised because honestly not a lot of people show him they appreciate him a lot but ever since you’ve been around he actually feels loved like really REALLY loved
  • and it’s cute he spins you around in a hug while jungkook is trying to sneak one of the seokjin cookies off your tray and you’re like heY don’t those are seokjin’s present 
  • and yoongi wiggling his eyebrows @ you 2 like “i think seokjin already got his present~~~” and taehyung’s like GOOD ONE BRO
  • and you’re like “seokjin.” and seokjin with his face in your neck like “hmm?” you’re like “i think you were right. your friends are all five year olds.”
  • lmaO you excitedly gather everyone in the study hall to crowd around your laptop to watch seokjin’s first day on the job and you’re like lOOK At him. my professional baby 

find all of college!bangtan (here) & all of college!vixx (here)
please look forward to college!seventeen soon ^^
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29 - Kai Parker

[Can you do an imagine where the reader and Kai are in love with each other but they both don’t know that. And then the reader is almost dead and Kai is crying and tells her that he loves her. And the reader tells him that too. She will survive because a spell. Thank you 💗]


“Y/N!” I scream, my hand flying backwards. “Ow.”

I look back and laugh. “Kai?”

He rubs his cheek that I slapped by mistake. “Hello to you too.”

“In my defence you scared me.” I say, spinning around in my chair. I was playing Sims until Kai appeared. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Well there’s nothing to do and you’re fun to annoy.”

I give him a fake smile. “I’m touched.”

Kai smiles and lays down on my bed. I shrug, spinning around to my screen. Usually Kai just randomly shows up, its because I’m only friend.

I don’t mind, Kai’s my best friend, we’ve known each for years. You see I’m a vampire and my brother, Stefan, and I stayed in Portland for a while and I met Kai.

The two of us just clicked straightaway and I was so upset when he got put in a prison world. My humanity went off and I killed a lot of people. It wasn’t a good time for me.

But Kai is back and now we’re practically joined by the hip, he’s my idiotic friend. Sure, he’s killed a lot of people, including his family, and is a vampire witch werewolf thing.

He’s still my friend.


“That’s my name.” I say, turning around. Kai rolls his eyes.

“I’m bored.”

“I’m Y/N.”

He frowns. “Don’t do that, you know I hate it.”

I stick my tongue out at him with a smile. “Well do you want to go to the woods?”

The woods is where Kai and I officially met, I was burying a body from a woman I drank from and he caught me. I was actually going to kill Kai, I was in a bad mood that day, but he talked his way out of it.

“And do what?”

“I don’t know whatever, sing, dance, scream.” I shrug. Kai hums.

“Ok, let’s go.”


“Remember the time we nearly slept together?” Kai asks me, I cringe and he laughs as I hide my face with my hands.

I move my hands and look at him. “Never remind me. Thank god, Damon came in.”

Kai smiles, nudging my arm. “Y/N, I can’t be that bad.”

“Kai, its just that…” I trail off and look away from him to the sky.

We’ve been in the woods for hours, laying down on the ground and staring at the sky. “I’m what Y/N?” Kai asks, raising a brow.

“You.” I say and he gasps. I laugh. “Not in that way but its just we’ve been friends for like ever and it’d be awkward if we did that.”

“But we kissed once.”

“You tricked me.”

Kai told me he hasn’t kissed anyone and I felt bad so I kissed him, but it turns out he lied. Kai smiles and I roll my eyes. “That was pretty smart.”

I shrug. “Kind of.”


“Am interrupting something?” I look over and sigh, seeing Julian there. “Y/N, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Hey.” I wave, I don’t like this guy. No one does.

“And Malachai Parker.”

“Kai.” He corrects. “But hi.”

“What are you two doing here?”

“Nothing much, what about you?”

“I was actually looking for you.” Julian says. “You see your brothers killed Lily.”

I shrug. I never really saw Lily as my mother, she left before I was older enough to realise. “And…”

“Well I think that this is only fair.”

“What-” My question is answered when I feel something stabbed my chest.

“Y/N!” I hear Kai exclaim as I gasp, seeing it’s a stake of wood.

Julian laughs. “My Lily dies so you die.”

I gasp, black spots forming in my vision. I hear Kai curse and a neck snap. “Y/N.” Kai says, picking me up in my arms.

He pulls out the wood and I cry out, seeing my hand getting grey. “K-Kai.” I splutter.

“No, no, no.” Kai says, sounding broken. “Y/N, Y/N, no.”

“I-I-its o-ok.” I struggle to say, forcing a small smile.

Kai has tears in his eyes and down his cheeks. “No, Y/N. You can’t die.”

I reach for his hand. “Ok, yo-you’ll be ok.”

He shakes his head. “I won’t.” Kai says, his face red from the tears. “Y/N.”

I smile, nodding and my eye lids drop. “Y/N, please no!” Kai cries. “Y/N, don’t go. I love you.”

I hate that I can’t speak because my mind slips away. Kai continues to ramble on more things.

As soon as my mind completely switches off, I gasp and open my eyes. The pain and wood has gone and I look at Kai.

He smiles. “How-” Kai interrupts me with a kiss. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Never did on me again.” Kai says. I hum and peck his lips.

“Never but how did you do that?”

“A spell, I didn’t want to lose you Y/N.”

I smile, hugging him. “I love you.”

“What?” I laugh and look at Kai’s shocked face. “What did you say?”

“I love you.” I repeat. “I never realised until I heard you say it.”

Kai smiles. “I love you too, Y/N.” He replies, kissing me once more.


[End of imagine, hope you enjoyed it and no more parts. Requests are open]

After the April Fools Day DLC
  • Someone: hey you want an omelette?
  • Me: -gasp- a what?!
  • Someone: an omelette. I just cooked some
  • Me: oh haha....suree..
  • Someone: are you ok? You're pale
  • Me: oh haha..im ok its just--
  • Someone: ok its probably your hormones
  • Me: -inside- OH THANK GOD
  • Someone: hey remember that project about cardboards? That was so weird
  • Me: cardboards?!
  • Someone: what is with you today?
  • Me: ah its nothing
  • Me: -inside- WTF IS GOING ON
That ending tho {TVD 8x13 Review}

Hey guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time which means if I make a mistake in the beginning it may be fixed by the end. In this review there will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline sentiments, probable mentions of misogynoir, anti-blackness and racism, possible mentions of other TV shows, if you do not like it do not read. I did this on my phone so bear with me. OK ready? Let’s go!

1. Seriously, Cade seems like a really petty devil though. “Kill 100 people or your brother’s girl” like … why? Don’t you have some world domination plans going on or…? Like why the interest in Stefan and Damon, what about either of them are particularly special to the devil? It doesn’t make sense to me. At least with Supernatural, everything from season 1 was leading up to Dean and Sam being vessels for Michael and Lucifer, like every season, every plot point fed into that so it made sense, this is just fucking random.

2. I’m legit taking this opportunity to tell people to watch Goblin because it is so much more intriguing than whatever the hell TVD has become. You can watch it on: Drama Fever, Box Asian, Drama 4 U Viki, like so many sites, guys. I mean, I’m just saying, if you want a show that’ll make you cry and keep you in suspense and make you fall in love with characters then that’s it.

3. Yeah Bonnie’s scream of pain totally could’ve been better.
Why do I care about Matt again? His family made a bell that could kill sirens? Or witches? And that somehow makes him important?

4. Everyone is having like such lowkey reactions to things. Damon’s reaction to Bonnie telling him that Stefan is human is like “Oh. Damn. OK.” LIKE? Bonnie crying over Enzo is like … I mean I guess. I remember when she cried over Jeremy, that shit looked painful.

5. “Stefan, thank God” sound even less enthused, Caroline.

6. Seriously Candice has NO conviction in her voice.

7. Why are there never any cars on the roads they drive on?

8. Alaric and Matt, the two characters I care about the least in one room.

9. “I don’t think this is just colonial bling” did they seriously make Dorian say that? UGH. Also who says bling anymore? Are we in the early 00s?

10. Why are we acting like this history wouldn’t include the enslaved or First Nations populations?

11. Why is Damon acting like he didn’t kill Tyler? I find this actually unbelievably fascinating. He can stand there and lecture Caroline about how Bonnie wouldn’t answer her calls when he killed Tyler who was supposed to be Caroline’s first love and her childhood friend? LIKE THIS WRITING.
I don’t understand this, Stefan is human so he can’t be immortal anymore and therefore is out of the contract so Cade will kill him? Can’t he just make Stefan an immortal human? Like why does he have to be a vampire? He can kill people without biting them, there’s always good old fashioned weaponry. Like what powers does Cade actually have?

12. Cade, why can’t you just get the book yourself? You’re supposed to be the freaking devil.

13. So the cops knew all of these people Stefan killed over two months and we’re just now seeing their presence?

14. How did Abby get to where Bonnie is so quickly?

15. “But don’t worry, Damon’s on it” yeah that isn’t a sentence that inspires confidence, Caroline. Shit.


17. Damon’s hair is stupid.

18. Seriously Damon, it was that easy for Alaric to kill you? Why are you terrible at everything?

19. I’m sorry this “funeral” for Enzo is kind of ridiculous.

20. Like there are no side effects to turning human? You’re just human and that’s it. You don’t feel slower, weaker, you can just operate normally?

21. Damon is ANNOYING. Like I’m sorry but his “zingy” one liners just make me want to punch him. SHUT UP.

22. I also don’t get a sense of urgency at all. Everything is moving so slowly.

23. These costumes are TERRIBLE. We’re flashing back to the Maxwell and Bennett ancestors, Zach is playing his ancestor and this black woman is playing the Bonnie’s ancestor and the acting is just done so poorly.

24. Sybil does look good in period clothing though. Even if the period clothing is awful.

25. Lol Caroline and Stefan are so bad at being together.

26. I can’t believe I’m only 20 minutes.

27. “You know him by another name, the devil.” Guys, if people knew him as “the” devil, then they would know him also as Satan and Lucifer or any other religious name for the devil, you can’t just pretend like religion isn’t a factor.

28. Why would Sybil tell Ethan what the bell would do?

29. So Bonnie opened the door to hell with her scream, yeah this is Supernatural.

30. Wait, why does the cure make a human reject vampire blood? How does that work?

31. “Sirened to ring the bell” it’s just compulsion.

32. These flashbacks are actually so fucking awful.

33. Matt just die of a heart attack.

34. How can vampire blood cure a heart attack but not cancer?

35. Caroline’s “you’re going to live” speech is SO WEAK.

36. All they had to do was photocopy the fucking book to know how to kill Cade.

37. Seriously Caroline and Stefan just feel like really close roommates.

38. OH SHUT UP ABOUT HOW BONNIE IS BEING SO STRONG, let her CRY, let her GRIEVE, let her just fucking FEEL.

39. Matt kissing Bonnie on the forehead looks really weird.

40. And seriously he’s not even going to STAY with her? The supposed love of her life died and no one is going to just BE with her? Remember when I said she would grieve alone?

41. “Thank you for saving my life.” “Oh that, I do that because it’s Tuesday.” LMFAO OK, DAMON.

42. KAI KAI KAI KAI OMG IT’S KAI KAIAKAIAIoisno oaf oafn oang og osg ! And he shows up like a BOSS.

Yeah this episode wasn’t the worst episode of the season but it was still entirely boring. I wish we could’ve seen Stefan’s apology to Bonnie and also where are the twins, who would Alaric entrust to keep them safe when the last person he trusted was a siren who kidnapped them? Does Caroline know Alaric is back? Does she get regular updates on her kids? But whatever because KAI IS BACK AND I’M SUPER FUCKING EXCITED DESPITE MY BETTER JUDGEMENT.

Happy birthday @adorablecrab!!!! As we bonded over jehantaire i felt it was only RIGHT that I write you a healthy helping for your birthday!! love you!

“Fuck ok I thought I had more cash. Ok leave the coke off. Oh god I’m so sorry”

Grantaire’s heart was racing as he rifled through his wallet.

He felt a soft hand on his shoulder accompanied “Don’t worry! I’m sorry I’m late I’ll pay for you darling!”

Grantaire frowned. He didn’t remember asking anyone to meet him. He didn’t remember anyone who called him ‘darling’. He didn’t recognise the voice.

But the embarrassing, panic inducing situation had been diffused and not everyone was looking at him anymore, so he just muttered ‘thank you’ as the stranger paid.

Grantaire followed the stranger in silence until they were suitably away from people.

“I’m sorry do I know you?”

The stranger beamed and held out their hand. “No! I’m Jehan. They/them. I recognised the signs of a panic attack from miles away, honey. You are far too handsome to have a frown on your face.”

Grantaire looked at them dazedly as they rattled on. He took Jehan’s hand to shake but ended up holding onto it and blushing as Jehan complimented them.

“Um. Thanks I guess. I’m Grantaire. Um you’re really pretty too. I think. Or handsome. Or whatever. Good. Um I’m gonna go watch my movie.”

Jehan laughed and it was such a sound of joy Grantaire found it entirely contagious. “I’m sorry I was behind you in the queue for tickets. We’re seeing the same movie. Come on.”

Grantaire, having not let go of Jehan’s hand, was dragged along as Jehan practically skipped towards the movie screen.

When Jehan decided to sit next to him and hold his hand for the rest of the movie he can’t say he complained.

birdsalwaysflyaway  asked:

11, 20 and 21

11) How effective of a spy do you think Feyre will be, really?

I honestly think she will be successful. This is a smart, smart girl you know. I mean anyone that can teach themselves to hunt at 14 years old just by observing others is someone who is hella adaptable. She also knows the ins and outs of the Spring Court very well. I do think there will be a turning point though where she won’t be able to take it any longer (like for example finding wings?) and then she’ll let up the performance

20) Amren: what is she, really? Would you be ok if she got to go home?

Ugh no idea, a dragon? a valg princess? For a while I thought she could be an offspring of the Valg and the Blueblood witches, which I think would be awesome. But she’s already awesome so whatever creature she actually is probably won’t matter. Yes, send that gal home

21) Jurian or the King of Hybern or Ianthe: who needs to die more?

I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember Jurian or the King that well (thank god I’m rereading the series so I know). But Ianthe has been the one to sick in my head the most so I’m going to she her… I’m not a fan


Characters: Benny, Reader

Warnings: Benny’s past ( which is enough to rip me to shreds) other than that nothing.

A/N: Ok folks this is e popping my Fanfic cherry here. I am an absolute Benny girl so who better to start with right? I found the list of Dating Benny would Include and the one about the nightmares wrecked me in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!!! And that is how this was born. It is trash I know but go easy guys, its my first. Please send feed back. Also, thanks so so so much for @the-queen-unitato for the undying support and endless gifs of Benny….and @castihelloboys for re-blogging that beautiful list…also @melwritesshit for the original..I tried to find them to ask for permission but couldn’t…ok so…yeah here ya’ll go

Benny snarled like a furious animal. Thrashing against the hold of the vampires that held him down. “ Now, now Benjamin.” The Old Man crept closer, bending over Benny’s face, “ You have only yourself to blame.” The bastard leaned forward, close enough that only Benny could hear him. “ Thou shall have no other god before me. Remember?”. With that, he reared back and punched Benny in the gut, making the strong man grimace but he didn’t take his eyes off his maker. 

“Ya not a god, ya bastard,” Benny snarled, “ ya just a monsta like the rest ‘ah us.”

The ancient vampire dropped his smug expression. He stretched himself up to his full height and looked down at the blindly enraged Cajun on the floor.  Benny’s cap had been knocked off in the struggle and his jacket was torn. He noticed the henchman holding his left leg had loosened his grip just enough…

Benny swung his leg around, knocking two men over in their shock. His actions had made the women holding his arms let go and scamper into corners for safety. Benny stood, ready to attack The Old Man. He let his fangs protrude further from his gums, ready to battle it out with his Maker. That’s when the sight caught him. He wasn’t in the Old Man’s mansion like he’d thought he was. He wasn’t in his camper back in Louisiana, either. The walls were covered in books, the metal stairway leading up to the door. He breathed in, under the scents of the other vampires and old books, he could pick up the scents he’d become familiar  with since he’d rode Sam out of Purgatory. 

The leather and whiskey of Dean, the other world smell of Cas and the ink and earthy musk Sam carried around with him. He was in the Bunker, the library. That’s when the new scent hit him and blood ran ice cold.

Sweet. Sweeter than any flower he’d smelled in his human life or after. It carried the memory of sunlight and innocence with just the edge of something spicy and addictive. 

Benny started to panic. No, Nononononono. This wasn’t happening. NO!

“Ah, I see you can smell our guest of honor.” The Old Man spoke behind him and Benny turned. The Old Man had (Y/N) in his grasp, his hand tangled in her hair to hold her head at an angle to reveal her neck. Her eyes were round and frightened as they met Benny’s. Benny felt the fear cloud his mind, “ Don’t…please.” He’d beg, he’d plead. He’d even take her place. “Benny?” Y/n’s voice was full of fear, mixed with confusion. Benny felt the tears well in his as he tried to smile, “ Its alrigh’  Sunshine. J-Jus leave it ta ol’ Benny. Kay?” 

Y/N whimpered when The Old Man tightened his grip on her hair, “ You betrayed me, Benjamin. Traitors must be punished.”

“Please don’t. I’ll do anythin’.” Benny hit his knees to beg. The last thing he saw was Y/N’s throat being ripped out.

Benny sat up in bed, his skin soaking the sheets with cold sweat. His hands shook as he wiped them across his eyes, discovering them leaking tears. He took a shaking breath and looked next to him. Y/N lay there, sound asleep with her hand curled by her cheek. Her lips were parted a little, her soft breathing the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard in both his lives. He reached out hesitantly, terrified this would be just another dream, and stroked the hair that lay on the pillow. When she didn’t dissolve, Benny touched her cheek, traced her nose, felt the tickle of her lashes as he ran the tip of his finger over them. 

 He sunk back to the mattress and did the only thing that calmed him when the nightmares overtook him. He slid a strong hand underneath her and manuvered her so that her chest was pressed close to his ear. The soft cotton of the shirt she wore caught on his scruff and her scent enveloped him so that it was the only air he ever wanted to breath. He pressed his ear to her and closed his eyes. Buh bum…buh bum…

The sound was so beautiful it brought tears to his eyes again. Ever since he’d met her when Sam brought him back from Purgatory ( completely against Benny’s better judgement) the old vampirate had taken an immediate liking to the sassy huntress Dean had taken under his wing when her family had been killed by a Shifter. She was the only one who’d made sure he felt welcomed and was comfortable during the transition. They had quickly fallen head over heels for one another. Everything seemed perfect..until Benny tried to sleep. 

Nightmares of his life when he was newly changed, especially of the night he thought Andrea had died, haunted him when the lights went out. Only now, it was Y/n’s face that was distorted in pain, her eyes going dim with death, her blood drenching the floor….

“Benny?” Y/n’s soft hands ran through his short hair and cupped his damp cheek. “ Did you have a bad dream?” her sleepy voice was so cute he had to chuckel. “ Its nothin’ cher. Go back to sleep, Sunshine.” But she moved so that she was facing him, Y/e/c eyes meeting those baby blues. “ Its ok, Benny. I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.” she soothed him  as she stroked his broad back. Benny closed his eyes to the rush of emotion once more. “ I just don’t wanna hurt ya, mon ange.” 

Y/N pressed her lips to his in a soft kiss, “ Living without you would hurt more than any death, Benny. I love you.”

The huge Cajun wrapped his large arms around the tiny woman by his side and kissed her back gently “ I love you too, cher.” 


“George Martin wanted to give us stuff he knew would be more successful. He gave us a song called How Do You Do It? that had been written by guys from Tin Pan Alley. We did a version of it, took it back up to Liverpool and like all our mates just laughed.

“We realised then that, ‘OK, we’ve got to better that other stuff.’”
[Paul, Eight Days A Week]

“One of the magic moments of the Beatles. […] I remember that moment so vivid that thank God we stood up for ourselves.

“We just wanted to do Lennon and McCartney songs. We actually looked him in the eye which was very heavy for those days because he was the producer and we were the lads.

“He took a chance on us – he joined in.”
[Ringo, Eight Days A Week]

Pics: The Beatles recording How Do You Do It on Sept. 4th 1962. (Reluctantly).

anonymous asked:

i was literally in northern vietnam yesterday😢😢😢 tbh i was so lost for half the day lol idek how i got back to my hotel

Ok, old quarter can be a pain in the ass because its so complicate to remember the street. If any of you ever travel to Hanoi, vietnam northern city, just mess me via tumblr I might be able to help!
Thank god u find the hotel at last, first time in old quarter I cant find my way home eventhough Im a Vietnamese…