ok tbh it's more than sometimes

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Do you have any advices for beginning writers?

man i’m still a beginning writer tho but um

write. thats the biggest thing. it can be really hard sometimes but JUST DO IT ok just do it

dont be afraid to do research on topics or themes that your story might have? depending on your characters, it doesn’t have to be extensive, but stories always turn out better when the author knows exactly what they are talking about i guess?

tbh write what you love tho its no fun to write something you don’t enjoy writing about.

to me, characters are more important than plot. a good idea can suffer if the characters suck. so my advice there would be make sure you understand their personalities and motives and document their growth (whether it be good or bad) throughout the story. not having a handle on your characters can result in out of whack and ooc interactions and it throws the reader off.

READ. read everything.

thats p much it. literally just write tho that’s the only way you’re ever going to get things done.