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One(?) gifset per episode || 21 Trial of the Take: Part 4

(…) the rakshasa fled through a tunnel underneath its room into a long subterranean tunnel fraught with traps that were set to protect it. The party managed to avoid these rather deftly until the steady decline of the hallway, combined with the increasing moisture and scent of refuse, caused a slick surface and our fantastic cleric, (…) Kashaw, slipped and fell down. Two party members (…) joined him at the bottom of the tunnel (…). Upon splashing down (…) the party pulled themselves up [and] began to hear skittering and screeching sounds throughout the room, hundreds of small ones, while two large thorny tentacles jettisoned out of this dung heap and pulled itself to the surface with its central body full of teeth, one giant toothy maw.

friendly reminder that it’s okay to take a mental health day. last semester i was taking 8am classes monday through friday and sometimes it was a little overwhelming waking up early and sitting in class for hours, and then spending my weekends organizing and doing assignments for those classes. i was getting more sleep midday, between classes, than i was at night, losing weight (stress, no time to eat, etc.), and i was starting to lose my sense of self. i slept through one of my classes a thursday morning and decided to take the whole day (friday too) off. it was amazing. i went for a walk, and treated myself to a milkshake (really two lol), and some fudge, and desert waffles, and a lot of other junk food. and i listened to music i like. and it felt good. i recharged, took a nap (really i slept for like 14 hours on friday), and i felt a lot better.

tldr; missing class isn’t the end of the world, and sometimes it’s necessary. be alone with yourself sometimes. eat junk food. “forget” to go to the gym on leg day. pet a dog (ask the owner first). 

A Explosive Final Blow

Context: Slightly Steampunk twist on the usual D&D world. The party is facing off against a skeletal Priest in the middle of a castle of a town that’s been taken over by ice and Blights. The fight is not going well, as the boss just downed our Cleric and Bard/Rogue. My Dragonborn Ranger has had some dynamite sticks and hadn’t yet had a good opportunity to use them. What follows was also not a good opportunity, but it’s what happened(slightly condensed).

Me, OOC, after being asked what I’m doing: OK, I already know I’m gonna get screamed at for this, but if someone’s Unconscious and takes damage, all that does is make them fail one of their Death Saving throws, right?

DM, knowing what I have and knowing what I’m thinking: I mean, yeah, but… If you’re thinking what I think you are, there’s gonna be some other penalties…

Me, considering amidst other discussion: Ok…. I take two sticks of dynamite, light them, and throw them at the feet of the big bone guy. But, like, on the other side of him from {our Cleric and Bard/Rogue}.

DM: Ok, roll a couple Dex Checks to throw them…

Me: (Rolls) Oh. Shit, that’s a nat 1. (Rolls Again) And another nat 1.

Entire Party, including DM to a certain extent: (Loses Their Shit)

Long story short, the Cleric was saved due to some Divine Intervention from her deity, but the Bard Rogue lost both legs up to over halfway up the thigh and an eye.

Plus side, we got back home and after a month’s rest(wherein my Ranger promptly vanished into the surrounding city due to yet another heap of guilt), and the Bard/Rogue got a pair of cybernetic legs and an eye, so overall, we came out with a profit…

Something happened about “8 or 9” minutes ago…

A facken’ Earthquake here?! Everything’s facken’ swaying left to right, oh gosh i hope this won’t get any worse!!!
Before a facken’ Volcano erupted & now another earthquake?!

I STILL WANNA LIVE!! (even thou i really wanna die) BUT I STILL HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO LIVE FOR!!! *ahem* stop should stop this drama… hope no one gets hurt… there is still some after shocks right now but i dun give a Fack? Maybe? Lol!!! *dabs out* Was facken’ overreacting about this shi– didn’t i?  ̄ε  ̄

i had this friend. loud, vivacious, and brimming with energy and colour. her sun-bright smile drew others to her like moths to flame; and yet she could always pick me out from the crowd effortlessly. i wondered how she did that, why she’d pick me over many. 

she was the kind of person you could never look away from for long, but i saw her better from my peripherals. when she lifted her chin, her face would become awash with glowing light; and then she’d laugh about her pale skin, and the ruddy cheeks and dark freckles would appear again, as if they’d momentarily blanked out. when she grew protective, her blue eyes would spark dangerously and burn white; and then she’d blink, and the glint of her glasses would stand in with explanation. 

but i saw her best from the back. when she’d run, her fire-bright curls would flare out behind her like wings.

as flighty as she was, she always came back to me. i wondered why. 

she told me, once. 

one day, before class had started, when i was in the middle of falling asleep in the sunbeam warming my desk, she turned around in her seat to talk to me. she spoke with her whole body, from her waving hands to her bouncing shoulders. 

then she petered off, and settled into stillness. watchfulness. despite all the eyes on her, she only saw me. 

“hey,” she said. “could you look at me for a sec?” 

and when i lifted my head to look at her straight on, she smiled as if she’d found the answer. 

“look at that,” she murmured. “your eyes have halos in them too.” 

when you’ve been questioning your gender for 6 years but still dont know what you are other than “not a girl”.


Wait (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Request:  Hi!! I am in love with your blog like oh my gosh. Can you write me a fan fiction where you just start dating Zach and he’s a couple years older than you (like he’s a senior and you’re a sophomore) and he wants to be your first? if not it’s alright. Thanks beautiful 😘

Word Count: 889


Warnings: Slightly smutt maybe? I don’t even know what this is ! 

A/N: So I write this and I really hope I didn’t disappoint anyone, or just i hope you like it. Let me know :) 

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wanted to draw something colorful for pride so here have an oku


More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.