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the boy who stole sweaters

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i see a lot of posts going around about how the process of making art is essentially just tears and experiencing The Struggle™ and while those are ALL TRUE i would also like to point out the GOOD THINGS about making art!!!!!! 

  • when u finally find that ONE PERFECT SHADE OF COLOR
  • experimenting with different art styles 
  • those tiny mindless doodles u make on the corner of the page
  • flipping ur canvas and seeing that ur drawing isnt TOO asymmetrical 
  • [picks brush u dont often use] why the HECK dont i use this more often??? 
  • putting ur music on shuffle and a song that fits the scene of what ure drawing comes on 
  • turning off ur lineart layer and having a good laugh over how ur color layer looks like a melting ice cream
  • drawing something u’ve never tried and realizing that u LIKE IT 
  • when ur friend does the compliment thing. thank u friend 
  • drawing a curvy line and GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY
  • overlay. thats it 
  • blushies!!!
  • spacing out in the middle of sketching/lining/coloring and 5 mins later going like o HEY COOL i can draw
  • that tiny pop when u stretch ur back after hours of arting 
  • seeing the final result and thinking goddamn!!!!!!
  • I Did That!!!!
  • wow!!!!!!
  • i really love art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

@ninthfeather @sapphireswimming @draconiform-algeeee @ anyone else who can spread the love and/or WATCH THIS SHOW


i did a bunch of yoi sketches so i’m dumping them all here

Also, Victor would have a Ditto I will fight over this

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@invisibleblueowl He doesn’t even wear short sleeves… hes going to get a cold and I wont allow it. not today!


if you watch all of this i am sorry for the minute and a half of your life you will never get back


Whether your specialty is AU’s, fluff, smut, ect., thank you for sharing your work with all of the world. I know that writing can be hard and beyond frustrating at times, You can’t always put the scene playing out in your head into words. But you make the courageous decision to share the finished product anyway. Speaking as a writer and a reader, I praise all of you who take the time out of your day to write. You make us laugh. You make us cry. You turn us on. But most of all, you make us feel.

it’s that time of the year and i just wanted to make this to appreciate all my followers and mutuals and people that i love ♥



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now i just wanna say a few words about some of my fave people or people who influenced me to stay on here:

amazerunnersok wow megan so ur literally one of the sweetest people on here and ur so funny and cute and i remember something shitty had happened so i posted a read more and u responded and i wasnt following u yet (bc im trash and dont check new followers) and u were so sweet and i was like im in love with this girl and you say uwu all the time but its so cute ok ily *inserts heart emojis*

newmasgINGer ok so i think tbh you were my first friend on here ? you are the sweetest person ever and we talked for a while in spanish haha but now we talk in english ?? but ur so cute ginger and i seriously love you a lot even tho u r a hardcore newmas shipper and i “breath and live thominho”

newtjpgalexandra !!! you were also like my first friend on here ok and i had rly wanted to talk to you but i was scared to but then i did and u were so amazing ok ugh !! i love you so much ok ur so sweet and cute and nice and we started talking about percy jackson and solangelo and just wowow ur so amazing u deserve everything

thominhomads wow ur so cool and great and i always feel like im annoying u everytime i talk to u lmao bc ur so k00l and im not !!! but ur super cute and chill and u cry thominho tears and idk how i got a follow from you tbh ?? i think i mightve asked u to check out my blog ?? but u were a big tmr blog and i was so small so ur basically the reason i decided to keep this tumblr ok so iDK bUt ur cool and i love you

wintergladerria !!! youre the coolest person i know !! (after me lmao) no but okay youre so sweet honestly ?? i love you so much and ur super super cool and u told me u liked my name and i was like aw :’)) and u sent me like 20 asks one day and i died but i still love you with all my heart ily !!! and just everything about you is amazing ok everytime u talk to me i smile ur perfect ok bye

okay so all of you guys are so amazing and all my followers, i love you so much. everyone here is the reason why i love this blog so much! merry christmas! (if you dont celebrate christmas, then happy holidays/break!)

“keep fighting, keep running, don’t stop
i know how you’re feeling, but you have got to keep going
i gave up, and believe me, it wasn’t worth it
never stop fighting
never stop running”

Dan from howellslester’s fic, HGF, comforts a depressed and suicidal Gerard Way.