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@mutuals stop and think before you reblog a post that has the word “lgbtia+” in it. advice from your friendly intersex mutual, archy: STOP dragging intersex ppl into the lgbt community. idc if you think aces/aros are lgbt just stop dragging other ppl into this. stop putting a fucking i in the acronym. intersex isn’t a gender OR a sexuality- it’s a medical condition. we have time and time again asked for you guys to recognize this, time and time again asked for you guys to stay out of our issues, but you continue to misgender us and use us as props for your arguments. your “lgbtia+ positivity” isn’t nice, it’s hurtful, it literally makes me so dysphoric because i’m basically being told that my genitals and chromosomes somehow make me inherently nonbinary. i’m not lgbt because i’m intersex, i’m lgbt because i’m trans and gay. y'all aren’t being “inclusive” or “recognizing our issues,” most of the time y'all don’t even know what intersex means and it’s obvious when you group it in with genders and sexualities. by dragging us into the lgbt community you are misgendering so many people and intersexist as fuck.


Its has been a pretty harsh week for me, I need more loving Jumin as father on my dash :P Will update this AU once in a while

Also if anyone confuse, Junha is my OC , daughter of Jumin and MC. && I believe Jumin will spoil his daughter (rotten)

More on this series:
Junha AU - Birth
Junha AU - Father’s Day

and another boxer!lexa~


so after what like 18 years of me obsessing over @thearcanagame I finally manage to design my baby boy Roh ??

So there was only one SOT Kyman fic that was completed so I literally jumped on it and couldn’t put down my tablet for the next day and cried when they finally got married, first time they tried getting married it backfired bcs cartman is LITERALLY THE WORST  but they did it 

IT WAS A GOOD FIC U GUYS , for once the characterization was actually pretty nice despite having some flaws in it but didn’t break my immersion or suspension of disbelief so i enjoyed it immensely sadfsh



“There stood the famous detective in his long Belstaff, holding tightly onto the little pathologist in her white lab coat. Her feet continued to dangle some inches above the ground as he held her in place. Neither of their faces were clearly visible, as they were both pressed into the other’s neck. Not that it even mattered. Faces clear or not, it wasn’t exactly a mystery as to what they were feeling in that moment.”

I Told You So, Chapter 12; by writingwife83

Done! I hope you like it! Had fun drawing this! <3

i really just kinda miss tøp

You Get What You Give (Constant Variables)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,869

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff?

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chuuya holding dazai’s face in his hands, very little proximity between them as he whispers white lies and untold secrets against his lips.
“battre les œufs, puis incorporer en fouettant la farine et le sel….” his words are like silk laced with gold, both taunting and soothing dazai.
chuuya’s lashes bat and he barely pecks dazai’s lips after singing, “verser le lait petit à petit tout en continuant à fouetter.”
“god, chuuya…” dazai sighs, feeling his face flush.
“faire chauffer l'huile dans une crêpière.”
dazai pauses, staring up at chuuya. chuuya’s complexion cracks and he feels himself sweat.
“crêpière?” dazai puts the pieces together and jerks forward, breaking from chuuya’s grasp while sitting up, “is that crepe? were you reading me a french recipe this entire time?”

Otp Prompt #26

A and B are lounging around their house on a Sunday morning. A is sipping their morning coffee/tea and B is on their phone. Out of no where B starts giggling. “What are you laughing at?” A asks, leaning over to look at B’s phone. “Nothing!” B says, defensively pulling their phone away. A and B end up wrestling on the couch over the phone.

“B, let me see.”

“No thanks!”


“It’s nothing A, I swear.”

“Give me the phone!!”

A ends up getting ahold of B’s phone and looks at what’s on it. Uncomfortably they look up at B and say:

“Are…are you reading Warrior Cats fan fiction?”

I’m feeling conflicted. 

All these years our mission has been to get NU’EST first win. I really thought love paint would be it, but i didn’t realize then their sales were so low it wouldnt ever happen then.

Now this time I thought we would win with Hello- great right? they can win with an OT5 song- but we if we are nominated next week we’ll be up against BP and Mamamoo (don’t get me wrong i dunno whos nom for next week we still have a chance keep streaming!)

On the other side, I don’t want to wait another 1.5 years yrs for 1st win when they will be almost 7 years old. 

They are selling out everywhere, but Canvas and Q IS sales compared to other groups are still very very low. I know everyone and their mom in Korea is hyping NU’EST rn but I’m really praying to God it translates to album downloads and sales! 

I can’t move on until NU’EST get their first win THIS YEAR WITH THEIR NEW COMEBACK (if they don’t get it with hello now). Literally we’ve waited 5 years at this point its just embarrassing and depressing if they don’t get 1st win after getting so famous from PD101. I’m sorry for being negative I really need to see all the Korean and int. pd101 stans who said they are NU’EST fans now TO SHOW IT. 

All my hope for NU’EST is for their next comeback. I know its sad having 1st win without Minhyun BUT DAMMIT WE NEED IT.