ok srsly guys i mean it


Happy birthday to @danisnotonfire and @cryaotic! have some delicious meme breads/pastries of all sorts. hope your birthdays are filled with joy and good food. you guys mean a lot to me, and i hope ya’ll know that! Cheers to another year on planet earth!!

again, happy bday! *hugs you guys*

one of my fav parts of caspars new vlog had to be when all three of them were talking about football im sorry but 

look!! how!! smol!! joe is so tiny and it fuels my very being (big guy?? i’m like half your height- joe to caspar, ok joe i get it srsly let me liVE)  
also, joes heart eyes, also, josh’s hand on caspars arm what more could you want???

this has to be one of my fav pics ever because i think it pretty much sums up the relationship between these three which is that josh and caspar are both in love obsessed with joe (whats their ship name?? joeshpar? jaspua? its too hard) i mean they had they whole bit where they were randomly teasing joe about his last name (SUGG ATTACK) and come on it was only because they wanted to see him get all embarrassed and blushy and cute im so done with these three

Hinata Drunk Texts

Requested by anon!

Who would Hinata text whilst drunk, and what would she say?

1. To Naruto

“You r SERSLY so dense”

2. To Naruto

“It was SO OBVIOUS that i liked u”

3. To Naruto

“I just wanted sum of dat Naruto booty ok do u understand?”

4. To Naruto

“no i am NOT drunk y do u ask?”

5. To Sakura

“back off”

6. To Sakura

“No srsly back off Narootu is mine”

7. To Sakura

“Go back to lusting after ur emo boyfriend”

8. To Kiba


9. To Kiba

“no really u are. I mean you talk to doggos??? I wanna do that”

10. To Kiba

“OMG tell Akamaruuu I say hi back!!!!”

11. To Ino

“R my boobs bigger than urs? Pretty sure they are”

12. To Ino

“No reason 4 asking I just wanted to make sure im still the alpha”

13. To Pein

“You were SUCH a douchebug”

14. To Pein

“***douchebag sorry i spelled that wrong”

15. To Pein

“haha but ur a bug too because u seriously BUGGED me HAHAHA”

16. To Neji

“someones I pretend you’re still alivee”

17. To Neji

“I talk to the photo I hav of u. Can u hear me when I talk?”

18. To Neji

“Ur phone keeps going off next to me but im tryin to ignore it”

19. To Neji

“I really miss u”

20. To Tobi

“wen i first saw u I thought you were a pumpkin lol”