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watch out, she has a gun in her bag

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Bendy Inside the Little Miracles Station

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Of Perps and Proposals

Also posted on AO3

Derek and Stiles sit in an unmarked squad car on a routine stakeout hoping to catch the person who has been knocking over various warehouses around town. By the fourth uneventful hour, they’ve played nearly every game known to man in order to keep some semblance of sanity, when the speaker squawks.

“What about ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ because you guys are killing me with your boredom. By the way, your push button is broken which means I’ve heard everything. I need to go bleach my ears after hearing Stiles’ enthusiastic rendition of ‘Hello’.” Scott’s voice echoes through the radio.

Stiles huffs at that, but what else do they have but time and sore asses, for the most unremarkable reasons, too. Shame.

“Alright how about….”  Derek closes his eyes as he attempts to drum up some names, fingers tapping thoughtfully on his thigh before opening his eyes, catching his reflection in the side mirror and smirking. “Scott, Parrish, and Me.”

Stiles snorts and turns so he’s facing Derek, “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?”

Derek shrugs up a shoulder and nods his head, urging Stiles on. 

Stiles squints his eyes and nibbles on his lip as he mulls it over. Derek sighs, “This isn’t Jeopardy, Stiles.”

Stiles’ squint becomes a half-hearted glare. “Fine. Fuck Scott. No seriously, fuck you, bro. My singing is on point. Angels wept.” Stiles screeches into the radio.

“They’re not the only ones who wept. Just so you know I’m flipping you off so hard right now. Also the suspect in question was spotted in your vicinity. ETA on your location is 5 minutes.” Scott responds.

“Roger. Eyes wide open. Ok so on to Parrish. Hmmm. Kill Parrish mostly because I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Would he just come for himself then? You know because of the whole,” Stiles gestures to his body, mimicking being engulfed in flames, “Hellhound situation?”

Scott chokes out a laugh while Derek’s glare becomes contemplative before movement coming from the warehouse has him bounding out of the car with one hand on his walkie.

“Perp on scene. Pursuing on foot.”

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Em… a witchy nerd???

Hi guys, Ive received a few messages asking me how I’ve been. I know I’ve been MIA ever since my surgery so I’m so sorry about that. I’m forever thankful that the everything went OK and that my tumor turn out to be benign, but this surgery turned my life upside down. I came up with shingles, and multiple cold and respiratory infections. I’m vitamin D and C deficient, and anemic. I refuse to take hrt because of the high risk of developing breast cancer in the future. I feel exhausted, sleepy, and the hot flashes are bad. Other than that, I would say I’ve been OK. (I gained all  my weight back because I’m hungry all the time, is unbelievable how hungry I get).

Thanks to everyone who’s messaged me.  A new year resolution is definitely coming back to my blog and see if that, along with all your wonderful posts, motivates me to start eating healthy once again.

Happy Belated New Year’s Evryone

In Love

Hello I spent the past few hours writing this. It is a jemily fanfic. I would really appreciate feedback!! I’m tagging @fallin-on-your-knees and @trishica4evah bc you guys said you would read it! If people actually like this I might write more but last time I wrote a jemily fic it had like two notes and one was me. Anyways enjoy. Pretty much just fluffy.

“Will said he was calling it. I asked why when work hadn’t even been that bad recently, but he said he was calling it on our marriage, not work. So I guess we are divorcing.” JJ sat in the now empty bullpen talking to her best friend. What should have been impossible words to say were instead almost a relief and came out nonchalantly.

“Oh Jayge I’m so sorry…” Emily replied. She had stopped by to see what JJ was still doing there on her way out, but she hadn’t expected this.

“No, no it’s ok. We weren’t in love. I’m not sure if I ever was… I loved him but I don’t think I was in love.” What JJ failed to mention, and maybe even truly realize, was that she was in love with someone, other than Will, and that person was sitting right in front of her.

“I’m not really phased by it too much, but I’m worried for the boys. He said we’d figure it out. He has them right now at the house which he said he was taking. I understand that, it was his before we married but I’m just not really sure where that puts me. He said one of us could sleep in the guest room for a few nights until I figured something out.”

“You could stay with me?” Emily suggested. She not only felt bad for her best friend but also couldn’t think of something better than having her over. Her house always felt large and empty and she knew that JJ’s warmth could fill the whole place. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Emily knew that her intentions weren’t just based on friendship, but she pushed that away. She felt even the thought could ruin her friendship.

“That sounds… great.” JJ hesitated not knowing how much of herself she could hide if she were staying in the same house as her more than best friend.

“I mean of course you don’t have to! I just thought staying at your house in the guest room just wouldn’t be ideal.” Emily sensed JJ’s hesitation but she also felt something else from the woman. Almost a nervous giddyness and she wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“No. Thank you. I would love to stay with you. You have wine, right?” JJ added to lighten the slight tension that seemed to hang in the room.

“You act like you don’t know me… of course there’s wine.” And with that the two women left the bull pen. In the elevator, they agreed to meet at Emily’s. On the way JJ would pick up food for the both of them from their favorite Chinese restaurant and Emily would head home and shower and get the wine ready.


The food was made significantly faster than usual meaning JJ got to Emily’s sooner than either of them expected. Because of the nature of their lives, JJ had a key to Emily’s in case of some emergency, so she just let herself in. When she walked in she saw Emily pouring wine, dancing, and, yes, it was what she thought she heard, singing. It was obviously Emily hadn’t noticed her walk in, but JJ decided not to make her presence apparent yet. She stood listening to what she thought might be the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. It brought her more joy than she had felt in what seemed like years. It warmed her heart and for a minute she thought about what she might be feeling but decided to shake it off and reveal herself.

“I didn’t know you could sing?”

JJ startled Emily which she kind of expected would happen

“Jayge. I could have spilled the wine.” Emily said have serious half joking.

“Well good thing you didn’t because I would have taken this food and left.” JJ said with a smile setting down the chinese on the counter.

“But back to your voice. Why are you even in the FBI? You could have been a professional singer!”

“Stop JJ” Emily laughed, “I can carry a tune but that’s about it.” She avoided eye contact after JJ’s compliment by getting the food out of the bag and giving JJ her food and setting her own in front of her. She always felt awkward when being complimented but JJ’s words lit her up inside.

“That’s not what I heard, but if you say so…” JJ wanted to argue with her and tell her that her voice was just as beautiful as her, but she didn’t want to freak her friend out. So she just went about eating her food and drinking her wine.

They made there normal best friend talk while eating and when they finished they went to the couch.

“What do you want to watch? A movie? A tv show?” Emily asked.

“I don’t really care. Whatever you wanna watch. I don’t even know what’s on.” JJ really didn’t care, she was just glad to be with her person. She could also feel herself getting tired, but she wasn’t ready to go to sleep yet.

Emily ended up turning on Project Runway which they half-heartedly watched. They were both tired so they were just enjoying some relaxation. JJ kept falling asleep and jerking back awake. Emily was going to tell her she could go to the guest room but she was just enjoying watching her sleepy and confused. JJ mostly asleep ended up cuddling up to Emily. She was laying right on her boobs, making Emily feel awkward and slightly hot, but she didn’t have the heart to wake her. Instead in her tired daze, she ended up playing with JJ’s hair until she too was almost asleep. That’s when she felt JJ start to wake up.

“Oh my gosh Emily I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize I fell asleep on you, how long have I been on you” JJ felt flustered. She didn’t mind the idea of sleeping with Emily at some point but this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

“You’re fine Jennifer.” Emily only used her first name when she wanted her to calm down, “don’t worry about it. You just needed a pillow and I could handle that job. Also you looked too beautiful to wake up.” Emily didn’t realize what she was saying until she had already said it. Her face immediately turned a bright shade of red. She had no clue how to get herself out of this.

Based on what Emily had said and how red she had turned, JJ was now pretty sure how Emily felt. She decided that she would go for it. Risk it all.

“Not as beautiful as you do, right now, all flustered.” With that, JJ brought herself closer to Emily. Mere inches from her face, but not closing the space.

“Jennifer Jareau, may I kiss you?”

JJ thought that was about the nerdiest thing Emily could say at that moment, but she was her nerd, so she closed the space between them. The kiss held more passion than all the years JJ was married to Will.

“Wow” was all Emily could say when they first pulled away. Emily knew how she had felt deep down for years but it now felt that maybe JJ had also felt that. Kisses like that were built on years of buried feelings.

“You know that I’ve always been in love with you.”

Those words made Emily’s heart sing. “I can’t picture my life without being in love with you.” Emily said before sitting all the way up so she could get closer to her best friend, the love of her life, her Jennifer. She then leaned JJ back and hovered over her, joining their lips, to show her how in love she was with her. JJ grabbed Emily’s waist and pulled her down to bring them to where they were meant to be.

When they separated for air JJ said “I’m glad you invited me to stay.”

Emily finally felt that her home and heart were full. “I hope you never leave.”

nopaville-deactivated20170107  asked:

10 or 24! Love late night talks!! Gracias Lena :)

24.          “Hey you called this number at like 3AM and we talked about some pretty heavy shit do you remember any of that?”

A/N: I got little creative about phone numbers… run with it.

Viernes 3 AM

The insistent ring of her phone woke her up and her hand stumbled upon her bedside table until she found her phone and connected the call. She didn’t even have time to talk when the voice on the other side started to ramble.

“Do you ever wonder how much you can fuck up in your life? Or if there is ever a chance to even make it right? Or that you are just trying to make it right but then you end up fucking it up even more and more until each fuck up is bigger than the other and you are standing small, contemplating the major bloody failure that is your life wondering when it all went wrong?” The raspy, dark voice had a distinct accent and lilting tone.

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“Hey y/n,” Gally said approaching you. You were fixing a trellis in the corner of the gardens. You grinned sheepishly, Gally gave you the creeps lately. He was always trying to come on to you, and it made you quite uncomfortable. He flicked his nose, trying to be smooth like he always did.
“Oh, hi Gally,” you turned back around.
“Lookin’ good today,” he whistled.
“Ya covered in sweat and dirt,” you brushed it off.
“It looks sexy on you.”
“Thank you?” You turned around to grab a hedge clipper but he slammed his arm right next to, growing closer.
A mere inch was the only distance between you and you could feel his hot, steamy breath.
“I was thinking that maybe we could hang out sometime,” he said in a deep voice.
“Um…I’m a little busy…gotta keep up the garden, you know?”
“Surely you don’t have to do that all the time. Come one let’s have a little fun!” He placed a hand on your hip, which made you even more sceeved out.
“Leave her alone!!” A sweet accent called from behind Gally. It was newt. “Get your hand off my girlfriend!”
“Girlfriend?” Gally scoffed turning around and marching up to Newt.
Girlfriend?! You thought. You felt your cheeks flush, and your whole body grew extremely warm. Your head starting getting a little dizzy but you shook it off. You have liked Newt for a long time now, but the only time you talked was about picking ripe tomatoes or figuring out when food would spoil.
“You heard me! If I ever catch you looking at her in anyway shape or form, I will personally feed you to the Grievers. If you ever lay a single finger on her, I will push you off the cliff myself! Do I make myself clear?!”
Gally rolled his eyes and nodded.
“Get lost shuck face! Your lucky I don’t tell Alby.”
Gally sauntered off, not daring to look back, knowing Newt was serious.
“Are you ok?” He said after a few moments of silence.
“Ya, thank you, boyfriend” you teased.
A smile broke on his face, “Well ya, I don’t know but it just came out. Doesn’t mean I want to date you. Im not Gally. I’m sorry if I offended you.” He said defensively, walking away.
“I never said that was a bad thing,” you voice wavered, you were crushed.
“Pardon?” He turned around questioningly.
“I said it wouldn’t be a bad thing…but I guess it would be to you, I get it.”
“To be your boyfriend? Wait, do you like me?” He perked up.
“Ya, I guess.”
“Y/N, I’ve liked you for a while now…”
“Ever since I saw Gally flirting with you for the first time, I couldn’t help but get really jealous…”
“So basically when he opened the box?” You laughed.
“Basically. I have a question.”
“What Newt?”
“Will you be my girlfriend?”

the signs locked in a closet together

aries: ok i know how we can get out of here. *everyone listens* wait never mind i forgot.
taurus: my claustrophobia is so real rn. *almost faints*
gemini: only talk if you’re holding the talking stick!!! *is holding a random stick that came out of no where*
cancer: *curled into a tiny ball on the floor* this is it. we’re all going to die in here.
leo: someone bust down the door. *makes no effort to try themselves*
virgo: we’ll be fine! help is probably on it’s way. just everybody stay calm. *has a panic attack*
libra: maybe we should all introduce ourselves and get to know each other! *notices no one is listening to them* ok never mind.
scorpio: am i the only one that’s turned on right now? *bites lip*
sagittarius: *can’t be still and keeps elbowing people* sorry. sorry! omg sorry. my bad. sorry!
capricorn: is this what hell is like? *glares at everyone and impatiently taps their foot*
aquarius: wait what if we’re all part of a social science experiment right now? *looks for hidden cameras*
pisces: can we play like truth or dare or something i’m bored. *rests arm on someone’s shoulder*

lunaraven0  asked:

Hi, I'm new to your blog, and I'm glad you're ok. I love your art, it's amazing, and If anyone says that it's awful, they are lying.

Thanks, lovely. I’m sorry ya came at such a bad time. Hopefully I’ll be getting more art out soon

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Someone said something they didn’t mean and feelings got hurt “You know what, maybe this isn’t for us” Marvin whispers turning to the door “maybe we’re not..” - “You shut your mouth!” Jackie grabs and pulls him into a hug, “you shut your beautiful mouth, right now!” he cries to his hair “I love you, we are stronger than a stupid argument.. please” – “ok” Marvin grips his shirt and presses his ear closer to the hero’s heart, “ok. I love you, I'm sorry". AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Sorry I know that was bad but I couldn’t picture them breaking up either and that’s the first thing that came to mind… one of them saying it and the other one just telling them to STFU and work things out.

Okay but they honestly would tho?? No relationship is perfect, so of course they’re going to have their occasional disagreements and arguments and bad days. They’d do everything in their power to get past the bumps and dips and edges, though, and it would make their relationship and their love for each other even stronger!

anonymous asked:

I think i’ll get a 30 from this really important math exam i had today. I’ve been getting awful headaches that cause me to blackout (not fully but like, i wont be aware of wtf is going on) and it happened in the middle of it and i could only do the 40 points of it in the correct mindset, then i came back to it when the teacher said 5 minutes were left and completed the rest in a hurry. The worst is that math is the most important subject to me and my parents and it will suck if i really get 30

oh man i’m so sorry that happened? first of all are you okay? like is your head ok? and have you explained to the teacher what happened that might help out (also might wanna tell your parents). and lastly i think you’ll be ok, although it will suck if you get a bad grade you need to focus on your health too!!! i really hope things work out!!!

For some reason I was tagged  to do a writing challenge thing. Thanks for your confidence @steves-winter-boobear!  

Rules: Use five minutes, and only five minutes, to write a drabble. No re-reading, no editing. Tag ten followers afterward.

Loosely inspired by this amazing ask

Chris will never understand why everyone decided that he, out of the six of them, was going to be ‘the handsome one’.

Why he out of what was probably the best-looking crew NASA has ever put together, has to be the one getting the embarrassing ‘Dr McDreamy’ line every time they do an interview.

Why not Commander Lewis with her perfect bone structure? Or Johanssen with her nerdy charm? Martinez has a lovely smile and clearly knows how to use it, and Vogel’s eyes are the bluest and most beautiful Chris has ever seen. And what about Watney’s broad shoulders, why aren’t they talking about those?

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Grievers - Newt Imagine

Rating: PG-13, cuz I’m paranoid

Warnings: mentions of griever-induced nightmares, experiences, and hallucinations.

Summary: Newt and you used to be best friends. However, after you were almost stung by a Griever and trapped in the maze, you isolated yourself. However, when nightmares and demons of the past keep haunting you, you need help. 

Word Count: 1295

It was so long ago. However, you could still remember the cursed day so vividly.

Maybe that’s why you kept seeing the maze and it horrors everywhere. As you were heading to the Homestead, the light blinded you for a second. Suddenly, you saw metal walls surrounding you, trapping you in.

You held your breath and closed your eyes tightly. When you opened them, you were met with the green grass of the Glade.

You sighed. Throughout the day, you kept seeing odd things. You saw your ripped sweater that was caught by a Griever. Slime from a Griever covered parts of the grass. Your lost pack of supplies was covered in blood and laid in your hand. Your ears were acting up, too. You heard the whirring of the maze close. You heard the squelching and clanking noises of Grievers. Worst of all, you heard the screams of the one the Runners you had lost.

That day wasn’t going so great. You were jumpy and paranoid. You dropped things on the way to work. You constantly gasped and squealed at nothing. Some Gladers thought you were going crazy. You didn’t blame them. It certainly felt like it.

Even when you lay down for sleep, you were plagued by these your demons. Soon, you finally dozed off.

It wasn’t much better.

You had to relive the day you quit being a Runner, all over again.

You were running. The heat radiated off your entire body. Sweat rolled down your face. You were running. The heat radiated off your entire body. Sweat rolled down your face.

You kept telling yourself to listen. You knew what was about to happen. However, you couldn’t stop your body from moving closer to the next turn.

Suddenly, you were faced with the monster. The Griever grew in size, towering over you. It’s mechanical arms slowly reached out for you.

You screamed. You sprinted throughout the maze. The Griever was on your tail, forever a few inches from you. Your sides began to ache. The pain stabbed you in the gut. Your sweat fell even faster than before. Your eyebrows and eyelashes did nothing to help. Your hair whipped around, distracting you and your sense from the monster behind you.

Your heart pumped harder. Every step echoed throughout the maze. Your shadow grew longer. The sunlight disappeared. Darkness fell upon you. You slammed into the walls. The Griever always got so close to you. Its tendrils and drills nearly stung you.

Hope arrived. You were so close to the doors. You could see it! You could reach out and touch it.

That was not the case.

The closing doors seemed so far from you. You kept getting farther and farther from your safe haven. The doors creaked. The sound never faded from your ears.

You tripped. The Griever was upon you. The demon screeched, gears whirring and scratching. The scream spilt your eardrums. Death was upon you.

You gasped. You sat upright. You fell from your hammock and groaned from the pain that came with it. You rubbed your head, trying to ease the pain.

Then, you heard it. The Grievers, they were screeching again. They were so close. Your eyes flew open. The only thing that your mind registered was run.

That’s exactly what you did. You bolted for the forest.

The Griever’s cries kept on echoing throughout your mind. It seemed to get louder and louder each time. You covered your ears and fell to the forest floor. You grit your teeth. However, the Grievers just kept plaguing your mind. You groaned and cried in pain. You were sure that you screamed a few times. They just wouldn’t go away!

You gave up. It was too much. You hugged your knees to your chest, burying your head in your arms, and sobbed. It wouldn’t stop. The worst part was that you didn’t think it would ever stop.

Pain registered. Something must’ve fallen on your leg. You flinched away, bringing your outstretched leg to your chest.


That voice sounded so soft in comparison to the wails of the Grievers. You barely heard it.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n), look at me.”

The voice became clearer, but the Grievers were still upon you. Warmth hugged your hand. Heaving, you peered up from your arms. It was Newt, the second-in-command. You two were friends, best friends, actually. That was, until you were nearly killed by a Griever. After that, you isolated yourself.

“(Y/n),” Newt gasped. He rubbed patterns on your hand in an attempt to comfort you. “Did you sleep?”

You sniffed. “What time is it?”

Newt blinked. “(Y/n), the maze opened about an hour ago. Were you here? The entire night?”

You knew the logical answer was yes. Instead, you just shrugged.

Newt sighed. “(Y/n), you need to sleep.”

You shook your head frantically. Sleep just meant more nightmares. It meant uncertainty. It meant fear.

Newt smiled a little. “Hey, you’ll be fine. I’ll stay with you, ok?” You brushed the hair away from your eyes. “I get nightmares, too.” He held out his hand for you to take.

You stared at his offer for a few seconds. Then, you took his hand. The two of you walked to the hammocks, his arm wrapped protectively around your shoulder. It was quite odd for you. Your demons started to fade. You paid attention to Newt’s slow and calm breathing.

By the time you arrived, your Grievers were gone. “Newt, what about work?”

“Shuck that. No work for you. You had no sleep, and I can’t be a good second-in-command if one of the best of the Glade didn’t get any sleep.” Newt brushed your hair as you tried to fall asleep as best you could.

Time passed, and nothing was working. Your demons slowly came back. You covered your ears, squirming in your hammock.

“(Y/n). (Y/n)!”

You took a deep breath, gazing at Newt. “Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for.” He smiled. “All of us had had bad nightmares. Even I did.” Your friend brushed the hair out of your eyes. “I’m right here, ok? Nothing’s gonna hurt while I’m here.”

You nodded. You clasped his hand and sighed at the contact.

Time passed, and you still couldn’t sleep. You gazed at Newt.

“You ok?”

You shrugged.

Newt licked his lips. “May I, um, may I try something?”

You nodded, unsure what he was suggesting.

Newt shifted a bit, getting off of his chair. “Just… tell me if you want me to, um, stop. Ok?”

You nodded, still curious about what he had in mind.

Newt pursed his lips. He slid carefully into the hammock with you. Both of you stiffened, not really used to such close proximity. Newt held you comfortingly, not pulling you towards him. He just rested his arms around you.

You longed for more. You snuggled up into his chest. You sighed, the warmth calmed you down. His heartbeat was your lullaby. You closed your eyes, your hands grasping his shirt, and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Newt smiled. He actually liked the feeling of you in his arms. You looked so calm. He had never seen you like that in such a long time. He missed that. He hugged you closer to him. Newt missed you. He kissed the top of your head and held you close.

If there was one thing that Newt knew, it was that he would help you. He didn’t want you to get hurt or feel bad. He knew what that was like. Newt knew from experience how it felt to be out casted because of what you have done or acted like. He hated it.

Newt was going to help you get rid of your Grievers. He was determined to do so.

EEEKKKK!!! Newt is my ultimate favorite character from the Maze Runner. He’s so sweet and nice and amazing!!!! I still have a big grudge against the third book because of the torture he was put through… I hate that book <– see, grudge.

Anyway, I hope it’s ok for my first Newt Imagine. I am an imagine writer, so I really strive to keep them in character. Anyway, comments, questions, concerns? Please send them in!

Hope you guys have a great night!

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1, 8 and 11 for the ask meme, please 💖💖

Ok Oh my godd Im so sorry I took forever answering this, and even worse, that it came out so. damn. long. You don’t even have to read it tbh I just…kind of got carried away OTL

TW for drugs and abuse mention

1) Describe your current paracosm/daydream

Alright, so, my current paracosm focuses around my two main paras, Mason and Lucien, and their very dysfunctional, Very Bad Not Good relationship. So it’s a little awkward to talk about, because my daydreams are never anywhere near PC, but I’ll mostly stick to the general details of it.

It takes place on Earth, on our current time, everything is the same, except, supernatural creatures exist and are totally real. The general public doesn’t know about them though, or more like, it’s a lot like it is in the real world: some people believe in the supernatural, some people don’t. So there’s people who are involved with the supernatural world, and there’s people who are completely oblivious to its existence, or simply just think it’s all a myth.

The two main supernatural creatures that my story focuses on are demons and angels. Yep. This is one of those kinds of stories lmao

My main para, and the protagonist, is named Mason, a trans person with no real defined gender, who prefers he/him pronouns, but accepts she/her and they/them as well. He’s human, and a witch, and in his 20’s, and comes from a very abusive family and basically has a lot of very tragic, traumatic stuff in his past. Like, this boy is Not Alright, let me tell you. He’s very involved in the world of the supernatural, but it did not start out as a choice, rather, his family got him involved against his will.

My second main para, and kind of the antagonist though not exactly??, is Lucien, full name Lucien Cillian Fer and he…is a demon. And not just any ol’ demon. He is. Literally. The Devil. But, um.

See, in my world, demons and angels are organized in very specific ways and are kind of different from what you’d expect. They’re more like…creatures you can become after death. And they’re supposed to represent all of these really outdated psychology concepts, like, the demons are basically the Id unleashed, without any restraints, and angels are like the superego, and this is all honestly super pretentious and not that deep tbh so I’ll just stop lol

I have the entire thing thought out and planned, like the rules of how someone can become either an angel, a demon, a ghost, or just move on into the afterlife, after death. But it’s all very long and complicated and boring, so I’ll just stick to what’s relevant. Lucien lives on Earth but is, technically, from another dimension/universe/thingy.

In my daydream, the demons of Earth are organized very much like the American-Scicilian mafia. So The Devil in this case isn’t an entity per se, it is actually a position, something like The Godfather or capo di tutti capi. Yeah I had to do actual research for this lmao

So basically Lucien is a supernatural crime Lord, and he and his “Family” (not his actual blood family, but like, his crime family) are the ones that run the world. And that means not only the supernatural world, but the human world as well. Humans just aren’t aware of this, and the ones who are, are treated like they’re insane.

And, well, Mason and Lucien…are married. As to how that happens, is really long and complicated, and involves Mason’s demon hunting family, but to keep it short, it was an accident. Their relationship eventually becomes genuine, though it’s…not good at all.

Also they have three kids lmao

And basically, the whole daydream itself involves so many things, like there’s past lives, prophecies, curses, sins of ancestors, demons fighting each other, demons at war with angels, a bunch of psychological stuff involved, symbolism, magic, it’s kind of crazy, but the main focus of the story is their relationship, how great it seems but how bad it truly is, and how Mason just never learned to deal with any of his trauma and how that fact affects his life.

There’s…so much more and I could talk about this forever but this is already SO long Im SO sorry

8) List your five favorite moments that have happened in your daydream

To make up for the length of the first question, I’ll keep these brief. In no particular order:

A) Lucien rapping to the entirety of Monster by Kanye, complete with hand gestures and acting, while driving, just to piss Mason off because he knows Mason hates that song by now.

B) Anytime they’re cute to each other and Lucien calls him “sweetie” in a genuine way, rather than when he’s being condescending.

C) This one isn’t completely canon but one time they got completely fucked up on drugs, crashed a party, and sang a duet cover of Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six while making everyone incredibly uncomfortable. They wrecked the place afterwards.

D) When Mason made everyone in the family pick a tarot card at random and that card was supposed to represent each of them and who they were. Man that was such a good scene and I loved coming up with everyone’s cards and the meaning behind it. (Mason got The Fool, reversed, Strength, reversed, and The High Priestess; Lucien got The Devil (lol), The Emperor, and Judgement, which was reversed.)

E) Honestly my favorite moments are never the very few and far between action sequences, or the plot relevant moments or anyhing, really, my favorite moments are always just them being cute together, or being a happy family when things are good, or doing silly shit together, like quoting Mason’s favorite shows back and forth, just because Lucien likes playing along sometimes to make him happy. One example of this, in order to help Mason with his anxiety at an event they were at, Lucien started quoting Rick and Morty at him because he knew it’d make Mason feel better, and they basically just reenacted the whole scene and it was honestly so adorable. Sigh. Why did I have to make them into such horrible people lmao

So much for keeping it brief smh

11) What would completely break your para/parame?

Mason has two sisters, losing either of them would break him. Also, if anything happened to his children. And, sadly, losing Lucien would also completely devastate him :(

Lucien doesn’t break easily, I’m not sure what exactly it would take to do so, since he’s already gone through so much crap he’s pretty much immune to that kind of thing. Though I think if something happened to his children he’d be deeply affected by it, and he’d let the world know, and if he were to lose Mason, well. It’d also be pretty bad. For everyone.

Im sorry this came out so long holy shit. I tried keeping it short, lord knows I tried, but I got like waaayyy too into it OTL

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i was on the same plane to florida as andy and juliet, about 3 rows behind them. i was exited when i saw him and wanted to say hi and maybe get a hug but then i saw her and knew it wasn't a good idea but went for it anyway. she told me to go away and andy look so angry at her. i went back to my seat and started doodling in my sketchbook (i take it everywhere) about 20 mins later he came over to me, gave me a hug and asked if i was ok. hes a good guy caught up w/ a nasty girl. i feel bad for him

Wow, I’m sorry you had to deal with her. At least it worked out in the end

“Come on, baby.” Luke whispered into your ear, his lips brushing against your ear, making you smile softly in your half asleep state. “Where we’goin?” You asked sleepily, lifting your head from his shoulder and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. You looked around at the people surrounding the round table as you stretched. You had Ash and Bryana, Cal, Michael, Luke’s brothers, and one of your best friends from college. As you were grinning sleepily at Michael you felt Luke press a soft kiss to your temple. “I’m taking you home.” Luke mumbled against your skin, making you shiver and laugh lightly. You pouted and turned to look at Luke with furrowed eyebrows. You looked into his shining blue eyes and almost lost your train of thought. “But, babe. Everyone’s still here.” You complained, gesturing to the others surrounding the table you had been sat at for the past few hours at your favorite restaurant.

Luke chuckled and grabbed your hand, standing and pulling you out of your seat. “Babe, you just fell asleep on my shoulder for 20 minutes. I think you’re a bit tired.” You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “I was not sleeping. I was resting my eyes.” You pointed out, hoping he’d buy it. Luke simply shook his head, his eyes alight with amusement. “Dude, there’s drool on my shirt.” Luke said, pointing at the wet spot on his nice black button down. You simply huffed and groaned, knowing Luke won this round. The fact that you drooled on Luke didn’t even affect you. You had been together long enough that that kind of stuff didn’t matter anymore.

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