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Marichat May (The Baton)

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Watering the plants

Tension had be high ever since Pidge’s headphones were broken and no one owned up to it.
Everyone was in a bad mood, not talking or trusting each other.
Allura saw only one solution.
To abandon the Paladins on a forest planet without their armour or bayards with only emergency supplies.

“Well this sucks” Lance moaned looking through the bag of supplies finding only one large blanket between the five of them and only enough food to last two days if they rationed.
“It could be worse, at least the planet doesn’t seem hostile.” Shiro shrugged from where him and Pidge were building a makeshift shelter.
“I only hope they remembered to pack my meds.” Lance sighed continuing his rooting.
All the others stopped in their tasks.
It had been a couple weeks since the garden incident and everyone had been tip toeing around the subject of Lance and his episodes.
Well everyone but Hunk “don’t worry Buddy I got them here.” He produced the full orange plastic container from his pocket and gave it a little shake causing the pills to rattle around.
“Thanks Hunk.” Lance sighed standing up and joining him building a fire.

By time night fell Keith had returned from hunting with a few alien rabbits that Hunk cooked while everyone else sat round the fire.
“You know for a survival bonding trip, this is actually kinda nice.” Lance sighed leaning back against a tree while the others nodded in agreement.
For a moment everything was peaceful.
Then that moment passed and the ground collapsed beneath them.

The sudden earthquake had caused the thin piece of rock they had set up camp on to fall into a cave network.
Lance sat up rubbing his head as he looked around the dark cavern he had fallen into.
His arm hurt but didn’t feel broken so that was good.
The problem was he couldn’t see any of the others.
His voice echoed throughout the empty space.
“Guys? Hunk? Shiro? Pidge?… Keith?”
Nothing no reply.
Lance stretched his hands out in front of him hitting the cold stone wall.
He was trapped in a small cavern only about a arms width in diameter. He felt around and found what could be the bottom of a ledge but was just out of his reach.
Lance sighed, didn’t look like he was getting out of here anytime soon.
He slid down to the wet floor drawing his knees close to his chest as he waited and listened.
At some point he must of fallen asleep because when he woke he heard someone yelling.
“Hello?” Lance called.
“Lance?” The voice replied.
A head suddenly appeared over the ledge holding a small light.
Lance realised it was Keith.
“Holy quiznark, I’ve never been so glad to see you Mullet.”
“Likewise.” He smirked offering down a hand to pull him up.
Lance tried to lift his hand high enough but a jolt of pain reminded him of his injured arm.
Keith noticed the look of pain and lowered his light slightly to see the blood stained limb.
“Language” Lance chuckled.
“I don’t know how I’m going to get you out of there…” Keith sighed. “Guess we just have to hope one of the others gets out and calls Allura.”
“Don’t worry I’m sure Pidge has gotten out by now. That little gremlin practically lives in the vents so I’m sure a little underground cave system is nothing.” Lance chuckled glad to see a small smile forcing its way onto Keith’s face.
A small beeping noise came from Lance’s watch causing the blue paladin to pale. “I don’t suppose you found my meds after you fell… did you?”
Keith’s eyes widened “shit Lance… what do I do? How do I keep you here I-”
“Keith buddy calm down. Missing a dosage just makes it more likely something will happen. It’s not a definite. And if you keep talking to me it may work out fine.”
Keith seemed to calm down slightly at this but still seemed consumed by worry, not able to forget the sight of Lance standing over the plants bleeding from cuts in his wrists.
“Ok…ok, so what do you want to talk about?” Keith asked taking a shaky breath.
Lance shrugged in response causing Keith to groan in frustration.
“Ok what about the ocean? Your always talking how much you miss it.”
A fond look came across Lance’s face “I really do. I miss swimming against the current and the feeling of wet sand beneath my feet. I miss collecting sea glass and shell with my little brother and sister.”
Lance rambled on about the ocean for about 20 minutes before Keith noticed Lance had the same far away look he had last time he had slipped away.
“L-Lance? You still with me?”
“Mmhm” Lance hummed his expression suddenly turning to panic. “Keith! The water its rising! Get me out!” He yelled frantically clawing at the walls.
“Lance you need to calm down there’s no water.” Keith tried to explain.
“No there is! Its getting higher! Please pull me up! I don’t want to drown!” He yelled scrapping his finger nails so hard against the rock that one came off and the others were split and bleeding.
Keith knew this was bad. Lance could seriously hurt himself if this kept up. His thoughts turned to Hunk explaining that the best way to deal with situation was to try and calm Lance down and talk him out of what he’s doing.
Keith tried to swallow the lump in his throat. “Lance..erm you can swim remember. You just need to swim up with the water.”
Lance seemed to calm down slightly as he began to move his arms in what would a comical fashion if not for the circumstances. “Good buddy j-just concentrate on treading water and you’ll be just fine.”
“Lance? Keith?”
Shiro’s voice called from above as he scaled down the rock on a line.
“Here Shiro!” Keith called back.
Shiro landed next to him. “You ok? Where’s Lance?” He asked before following where Keith gestured to see Lance frantically moving his arms with tears falling down his face.
Shiro cursed softly under his breath. “I knew coming here was a bad idea.”
He dropped a line down to Lance and after a bit of coaxing was able to get him to the surface.
He was sedated and placed into the pods for an hour to heal the damage done to his hands. When he came out and saw all the worried faces of his friends Lance broke down sobbing.
“It happened again! I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’m such a useless paladin.”
“You have nothing to apologise for Lance. This is my fault for sending you all on this bonding exercise. I never dreamed the planet would be unstable.” Allura said as she wrapped him up in a hug.
Hunk stepped forward joining the hug"it’s not your fault princess it’s mine.“ He added guiltily “I had his meds, if I had just given them to him before the earthquake then it wouldn’t of happened.
"I should of gotten out and called for help quicker instead of waisting time looking for everyone.” Pidge mumbled throwing her arms around Lance’s torso.
“I’m the leader, looking after my team is responsibility, I’m so so sorry Lance.” Shiro placed a hand on Lance’s shoulder.
“No… its my fault I couldn’t keep you here, I let slip off.” Keith grumbled too awkward to join the hug.
After a few moment Lance looked up “let’s just move on ok? No point in feeling guilty…”

After that it was decided that every paladin would carry a small bottle of Lance’s medication on them when they went out on missions just in case.
Lance pretended it didn’t bother him, but it felt like with his team constantly monitoring him they were just admitting to something Lance had known since day one.
That he was the weakest link.

——————————————part 1: https://langsty-mc-langstface.tumblr.com/post/159802129425/watering-the-plants
Of Perps and Proposals

Also posted on AO3

Derek and Stiles sit in an unmarked squad car on a routine stakeout hoping to catch the person who has been knocking over various warehouses around town. By the fourth uneventful hour, they’ve played nearly every game known to man in order to keep some semblance of sanity, when the speaker squawks.

“What about ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ because you guys are killing me with your boredom. By the way, your push button is broken which means I’ve heard everything. I need to go bleach my ears after hearing Stiles’ enthusiastic rendition of ‘Hello’.” Scott’s voice echoes through the radio.

Stiles huffs at that, but what else do they have but time and sore asses, for the most unremarkable reasons, too. Shame.

“Alright how about….”  Derek closes his eyes as he attempts to drum up some names, fingers tapping thoughtfully on his thigh before opening his eyes, catching his reflection in the side mirror and smirking. “Scott, Parrish, and Me.”

Stiles snorts and turns so he’s facing Derek, “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?”

Derek shrugs up a shoulder and nods his head, urging Stiles on. 

Stiles squints his eyes and nibbles on his lip as he mulls it over. Derek sighs, “This isn’t Jeopardy, Stiles.”

Stiles’ squint becomes a half-hearted glare. “Fine. Fuck Scott. No seriously, fuck you, bro. My singing is on point. Angels wept.” Stiles screeches into the radio.

“They’re not the only ones who wept. Just so you know I’m flipping you off so hard right now. Also the suspect in question was spotted in your vicinity. ETA on your location is 5 minutes.” Scott responds.

“Roger. Eyes wide open. Ok so on to Parrish. Hmmm. Kill Parrish mostly because I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Would he just come for himself then? You know because of the whole,” Stiles gestures to his body, mimicking being engulfed in flames, “Hellhound situation?”

Scott chokes out a laugh while Derek’s glare becomes contemplative before movement coming from the warehouse has him bounding out of the car with one hand on his walkie.

“Perp on scene. Pursuing on foot.”

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supercorp and 13. or 14. or 06. this list is a lot, i'm sorry i want them all.

ok you’re getting #13: stroking hair


It starts out like any other weekend. They’re sitting on Kara’s couch, because Kara has the night off from everything, Supergirl included. There was brunch, and then coffee, and then Lena mentioned that she’d never seen an episode of Friends and Kara’s not even from this planet and she’s seen every single one.

“This show’s not bad,” Lena mutters thoughtfully.

“Not bad?” Kara says. “This show is iconic. I mean, I didn’t really get to watch it while it was on TV, but when I first came to stay with my family, it was in reruns all the time.”

Lena frowns, the way she always does when Kara mentions her past. Kara still hasn’t found the right balance of half-truths yet, when it comes to talking about her childhood in front of Lena. The sadness in Lena’s eyes tells Kara that she’s probably assuming the worst. She nudges Lena’s side, trying to change the subject. “I was such a dork, I wanted to get Rachel’s haircut for like a month before Alex talked me out of it.”

Lena tugs at the ends of Kara’s hair, playfully. “I think you could rock a Rachel, if you wanted.”

Kara hears herself laugh in an out-of-body sort of way, too loud and too big. “Yeah, eight years too late.”

“Nevertheless,” Lena says, laughingly. She reaches up and trails her fingertips along Kara’s hairline, then drags them across her scalp and over, combing through.

Kara’s response is instinctive: she shudders into her touch, eyes fluttering closed and it takes every last bit of her self-control to keep herself from sighing. Kryptonite may be her one weakness, but this is a close second.

When Kara opens her eyes, Lena’s watching her with a thoughtful look on her face. She cards through Kara’s hair once more, taking extra care to scratch a little at her scalp, and Kara feels like her whole body shivers. Having her hair played with always makes her so - she doesn’t even know the right word. It’s not sexual or anything like that but it’s intimate, making her feel soft and calm in a way she can’t quite articulate. Melty, like a popsicle on a hot day, like she could just fuse right with the couch if Lena kept playing with her hair like that.

“Sorry,” Kara whispers. “I’m really, um. Sensitive.”

She smiles, like it’s normal. Like she feels normal, and not dreamy and content and really connected to Lena. But then - gosh - Lena smiles back. “You know, as much as I loved Lex, he was terrible for working on my hairdressing skills.”

Lena gestures to the space on the floor in front of her, and Kara sits, settling her back against Lena’s crossed ankles. Lena braids her hair, twisting and combing out and twisting, over and over. Kara listens to Ross and Rachel bicker on the TV, and lets herself float away to the feel of Lena’s touch.

Bambam Smut - Soaked Wet

Genre: Smut

Pairings: Bambam x You

Words: 2274

Warnings: Dirty Talking, Cum Play, Fingering

Summary: Your argue with Bambam turns into something more interesting.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t a request or anything, I just have a lack of posts about GOT7 and decided to write a smut since I had some time.


You just finished your work on your laptop, after spending almost 5 hours straight in front of the screen. You were tired and sick of so many effort put in just a school work, and you were internally screamming at how hard life was. But on the outside you seemed just normal. At least that was what your boyfriend thought as he was laied on the sofa next to you, cuddling with his long legs tangled on your short ones, as you finally finished your boring duty. You were both really silent, and the only audible sound in the room was your typing on the keybord and the movie playing that was playing on the television, which Bambam was paying close atention to.

You sighed as you closed your laptop, Bambam looked instantly up to you.

-Are you done? - He asks interlocking his fingers with yours as he reached for your hand, laying his arm over your waist.

- Thank God, yes I am. - You got up, leaving the heat of his embrance, making him look at you in disaproval.

- Where are you going? - He asked, following you with his eyes as you walked to the kitchen.

- I am going to get us something to eat, aren’t you hungry? - You asked from the kitchen.

He hummed in response. You took some food out of the fridge as you started to walk in circles on the kitchen, prepairing the meal for both of you. Then you notice your boyfriend didn’t took out the trash as you kindly asked him to. You left the dish you were holding on the sink to rub your eyes with both hands. You were too stressed and exausted, and there was still some trash to take out.

- Bambam, didn’t I ask you to go take out the trash? I know it’s your day off but I have been working like crazy too and you haven’t been helping to keep the house! I clean, I cook and once I ask you to do just one simple job, you ignore me and left it undone. - You went to your room to get some shoes and to put on a bigger sweater. It was a really cold night outside. 

You came back to the kitchen and grabbed the bag to go dump it in the nearest trash can. You noticed as you left your house that it was starting to rain, and it seemed like it was getting worse at every step you took. When you were trying to fit the key in the whole to get in again, after dumping the bag, you were already dripping wet and freezing. Your hands were so cold that you could not even complete the simple task of opening the door.

After a little bit of struggling, the door opens, not because you managed to fit the key, but because your boyfriend noticed your struggle from inside and came to help you.

Bambam looked at you with big eyes, as he was not expecting to see you wet and freesing like that. The movie caught his attention while you were out and he didn’t even noticed it was rainning outside, so he felt really bad seeing you like that.

You pushed him away and entered, going straight to your room, still mad at Bambam for not helping you with the house and complainning that it was the worst day of your life.

- Jagi, wait! I am sorry, I didn’t knew it was rainning, are you ok? - He went after you and knocked softly on the door, feeling guilty for what just happened to you.

- No. - You respond from inside, taking the soaked sweater from you and tying your messy and wet hair into a bun.

Bambam opened the door and stepped in, swallowing the apologetic words he was about to say as he noticed you were just in your underwear.

He bit his lip and gave you a smirk as he followed every curve of your body with his hugry eyes.

- I am going to take a shower. - You left him in the room, watching you walk from behind as you made your way to the bathroom, not having any of his shit.

- I don’t think so. - He grabbed your wrist as you were about to close the bathroom’s door and pulled you to him, placing his warm hands on your wet waist as he looked at you with intensely eyes. - Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?

- Not now. I am tired, I am stressed and it’s cold as fuck. - You tried to pull him away, but it turned out a failed attempt since he gripped your hips even more strongly.

He then leaned, without a warning, for a kiss, a slow but really hot kiss. Even though he was fully dressed, you could feel the heat comming from his body, pressed to your almost naked one.

- You are just giving me more reasons, let me help you relax and warm you. - Your boyfriend twisted you around and started to kiss your neck as he slowly massaged your boobs with his needy and desperate hands.

You knew when he was acting like this, horny like this, you couldn’t do anything about it, just enjoy. Bambam started to run one of his hand down your body, as the other kept giving love to one of your boobs and his mouth whispering dirty things in your ear, causing your breath to lose control. 

-Spread your legs, baby. - He wispered leaving wet kisses in your neck making you start moaning softly as he got his hand closer to your womanhood.

As you didn’t obey, Bambam left your boob and placed it between your thighs, spreading them gently to givve him more room to work with. He sneaked his hand inside of your panties and started to caress your folds causing your moans to be more frequent as you arched your back to his touch, accidentaly touching his crotch with your but. He left a little grunt as he entered two fingers in you, punishing you for what you did.

- Don’t try to tease me, Jagi. You know I’ll win. - He smirked as he bit your earlobe, making you shiver.

-No, not now… - You whined as he started to finger fuck you slow and good, begging for him to stop but holding his arm to keep doing it.

Your moans increased volume as he sped up the rythim, and he giggled secrely at how loud you were getting by him just using his fingers.

-Your moans are so sexy. - He bit his lip as he pulled you closer to him with one hand in your waist, to calm his thirst for you. - I want to see you when you are doing those beautiful sounds. - Bambam twisted you around again and gave you a more rough kiss as he was still shoving his fingers inside of you.

He then stopped, making you cry a little at the sudden stop, leaving you hot and bothered and looking at him in the eyes to understand what was going on.

He smirked at you and slapped your ass winking at you. Then he started walking to your bedroom, never leaving his eyes off of you.

-We are not going to do it in the hallway, are we? -Bambam laied in bed, looking at you with lust on his eyes as you made your way to him, hovering over him and straddling him as you enjoyed one of the best kisses you have ever shared.

He grabbed your but with both hands and you started to grind on his lap to tease him, but your little action ended up getting you two even more turned on.

He raised one hand to your nape feeling your wet hair from the rain.

-You are soaked wet. - He laughed between kisses.

-It’s because you made me go outside when it was rainning. - You complained stopping the kiss.

- No, it’s because your body wants mine. - He changed his voice into a super husky one, sending stimulations through your nerves as you kissed him again, in hurry this time, managing to rip Bambam’s shirt out of him.

He flipped you both, so you were now under him as he took off his shoes and pants fast as he could, so he could go back to kissing you. Bambam positioned himself between your legs, making you moan when you felt his member, still covered by his boxers, pocking at your enterance as he leaned to kiss you.

He started to kiss the parts of your boobs that your bra didn’t cover, and then unhook it with you help, to start massaging them one more time and kissing them softly. 

He couldn’t take anymore foreplay so he slid down to your body, leaving kisses on your stomach and then in your thighs, finally taking off your panties.

-Do you miss my fingers? - He winked as he looked at you from between your legs. - I can make you forget about them with something better.

He took off his underpants and started to rub his dick in your pussy, who was already really lubricated from your wetness, helping to him slide it really easily.

-If you keep on being like this I will lose control… - He sighed closing his eyes and laying his head back.

You moaned his name when you felt him entering you, not too fast but not too slow either, amazing as your boyfriend always made sure to do it.

You supported your legs around his waist, putting some preassure on his back to make him go deeper on you, and making it more pleasurable for both of you.

-You…are perfect… - He struggled to say by the amount of pleasure he was feeling and the sounds that you were making that were sending him over the edge.

He then took your legs off his back and spread them open entering you again, faster this time. And it felt three times better, somehow, at every hump he always make it feel even better then the last one. You were now both sweaty and you were screaming his name like crazy next to his ear as he left more hickeys and love bites on your neck.

-Baby… if you keep moaning that loud the neighbours will complain… - He wispered, never stopping his rhythm.

-Fuck the neighbours. - You respond as you pulled him away and made him lay on his back, getting on top of him.

He looked at you in the eyes, surprised by your sudden wish in dominating him, since he was always on top. He smiled, and looked up and down at his perfect sight right in front of him. You grabbed his dick making him let out a whimper, and positioned the top of it in your entrance has you slid down, taking him all really slowly.

-Y/N… you are making me go insane. - He started to hump you faster, since your teasing rhythm was too much for him.

You wanted to keep your dominance so you put both hands on his stomach, getting support from there and making him stay still, unable to move as you rode him and swing your hips around his pulsating member. By this time the neighbours had enough reasons to complain about.

-I am…I am… - You tried to explain it to your boyfriend but the pleasure was so intense that you couldn’t say more then two words without starting to moan again.

You sped up, jumping more roughly on him as you felt yourself closer, the moans turned into screams of his name, you noticed he wasn’t too far away as well, since he was now a moaning mess like you.

- Baby… - You came all around him as you went to heaven and got back into your room in a matter of seconds

You couldn’t do anything but smile at how good your day ended, and how good Bambam made you feel. But he wasn’t finished so you got off of him and positioned yourself between his legs as you slid your hands up and down his cock, licking and sucking his tip.

- Y/N … stop…I will… - He tried to push your head away as he felt himself close, but you kept going, you were still hungry as you didn’t finished cooking, so you decided to wait for your boyfriend’s meal.

Bambam groaned and laid his back down, his chest coming up and down in exhaustion as you took all of his cum in your mouth.

- You know you are the best, right? - He pulled you up, next to him, and covered you both with the warm blanket as he brought you closer to him, to feel your skin touching his, smiling as he played with your hair.

-Yes I know. I just caught a cold because you forgot to take out the trash and I will most likely struggle tomorrow hidding all of the marks you just left on me. I am really the best. - He laughed at your sudden sarcasm and gave you a soft peck.

- I love you so much Y/N… I am sorry if I am not always the perfect boyfriend, I know I don’t deserve you but I promise tomorrow I will go shopping for the house. - He made a cute pinky promise.

- You are the perfect boyfriend. Sometimes I am just too demanding…- You caressed his cheek.

- No you are not. You are the best girlfirend anyone could ask for. - He kissed your forhead and grabbed you thightly. - I wish we could stay like this forever.

You both just fell asleep right there not that long after, and woke up the same way, in the arms of each other.


Hope you liked it ! It’s so hard to write this stuff about your biases, I feel like dying right now :P

If you want to send me some requests I write for EXO, BTS, B.A.P, GOT7, Monsta X and Infinite of whatever you’d wish (reactions, smuts, mtl’s, scenarios, fluff, ships etc.)



BTS reaction to there s/o flinching during an argument

Hey there!~ Thanks for requesting vuv 
I kept it gender neutral just for the sake of everyone but i hope you enjoy~~
This was really heart breaking/hard to write tbh ;u; but a lovely in end hhh i tried my best <3 
- Adminnie

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster
You rarely ever argued with one another, but when you did… Boy did it get bad. You and Joon had been in a shouting match for what felt like hours over something you couldnt even remember at this point- 
Everything you said was making him angry and everything he said in response was simply infuriating, it brought you to the point where you finally yelled a threat to break it off when he stepped closer to you grabbing your shoulder-
Your eyes squeezed shut and you jerked back slightly in response, catching him a bit off guard..

“Y/N-ah I-I Im sorry did i hurt you?”
“No Joon… Just- its nothing”
“You can tell me, im really sorry….”
“Just my past experiences and arguments weren’t the best in the end..”
You stepped back from him, this impulsively made him hug you tightly, stroking your hair….

“I get it youre sorry and i forgive- But dont think you are off the hook mister”
“yeah yeah”

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Kim Seokjin/Jin
Like Namjoon you and Seokjin barely fought, you were both grown enough to have the sense to understand each other. And when it came to you two bickering it was more like an old married couple arguing than a shouting match.
It started when he came home late from the studio, he was sweaty and taired, you noticed he seemed to be a bit upset so you confronted him a bout it. He immediately denied being tired or angry, telling you not to worry or stress- The same old same old, you were tired of him telling you not to worry,

“Jin how am i supposed to not worry, you come home, sleep, go back to work- dont you think you are working a bit too hard?”
He raised his voice in protest, turning swiftly to you.

You wrenched your eyes shut, hands coming up to protect your face-
This sparked confusion in his eyes, “What are you doing?” He would question, walking closer to you, moving your hands.. You would explain to him about your past relationship ad he would feel a bit guilty in the end, proposing he takes the day of tomorrow and you both relax sex it up 

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Min Yoongi/Suga
When you and Yoongs argue, he says few words. He lets you yell out your feelings before saying his peace, trying to keep things as neutral as possible, knowing he has a temper and he needs to control it. In this particular time you had been feeling a bit neglected. Shouting at him about putting his career before your life together-
“At this point its me or the music”

When he looked at you with a certain gaze and pulled you into a hug, your body tensed, shoulders raising, eyes squeezing tightly shut. 

“Y/N are you ok? I-I I’ll try to spend more time with you im sorry”
You shook your head, explaining to him why you seemed to cringe at his touch, he would just hug you for a moment, telling you how he will never treat you like that and he will try his best to spend more time with you. 

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope
Fights with Hobi would be extremely emotional  both of you sobbing intensely as you screamed at him for god knows what. He would be so angry by the time you finally stopped yelling he would turn suddenly-
You would flinch, stumbling backwards at his action.

“What- Are you ok? Why did you flinch? Did i really hurt you” *sniffle sniffle, im sobbing*

As if he wasnt crying enough hes so soft when he questioned why you would be hesitant to tell him and when you finally did you would just cry together for a while, eventually falling asleep where ever you were.

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Park Jimin/Jimin
Fighting? With Jimin? What is this trechery? 
On the 1 and a Million chance that you and Jimin fought, he would be so heartbroken to see you angry at him-
”Im sorry y/n” *sobbing like a 5 year old bc you yelled at him for leaving the milk out and it went bad*
He would lunge to hug you, causing you to whimper and fall back a bit- He would question your actions, taking your hands in his, listening to everything you said extremely carefully.

”Ah- My bad Y/N.. Im sorry i angered you, and im sorry for scarying you- i didnt know”
”Aishhh Its ok you big softie”

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Kim Taehyung/V
You and Taehyung are young, you are bound to fight sometimes- 
Growing together is hard to do at times so when he came home angry you knew at some point you would argue… 

”Christ Y/N can you get off my back for 1 second???”
“I asked what was wrong Taehyung”
“Nothing is wrong!”
‘nOtHinG iS wRoNg’ 

He huffed throwing his bag from practice on the ground, the thud causing you to nearly jump out of your skin, his gaze making you physically cringe, nose wrinkling and eyes squeezing shut as you sunk back into yourself. 
He nearly forgot about your past in this moment, his face dropped to one of guilt, walking over to you to plant a kiss on the top of your head. An apologetic grin sprawled on his face as he brought you to his chest-

”Lets just forget about this, ok? Wanna cuddle or something?”

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Jeon Jeong-guk/Jungkook
Like Taehyung, you and Jungkook are extremely young and equal parts dumb (jk <3)
 Sometimes you two would annoy eachother just make one another mad- This night you were working his last nerve, nitpicking, just egging him on for the hell of it..
He shouted at you, rubbing the bridge of his nose before placing his hands of his face, at his yell you stumbled at bit, and when he stood to look at you, frustration clear on his face you instinctively shook and backed away. 
He cocked an eyebrow at your reaction, his head shaking slightly like he always did when he was unsure.
You let out a long sigh when he questioned you hours later-

“My past is so good Kook- you scared me is all”
“Im sorry Y/N, i wont be so careless next time”
“Its not just your fault- im sorry too i took it too far”
He would hug you tightly, a hum in his throat loving the moment of open emotion.

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Hiruzen had to get the bell test from somewhere right? So I’m willing to bet Tobirama came up with it and can you imagine Tobirama doing this bell test shit with his students. No mercy. He had these kids out here on the brink of death. Shit must have lasted a week. Hashirama probably came out to the field one day like “Tobirama, the parents are wondering where their children are—” 




“Tobirama-sensei, can we take a break? We’re starving.”

And he just looks at them. “Are there still two bells in my hand?”


“Then no. Don’t ask again.”

HE PROBABLY HAD THEM CHASING A CLONE THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE HE WAS AT HOME RELAXING. THESE KIDS ALMOST DIED FROM EXHAUSTION. fucking Tobirama this is why Hiruzen was such a lenient sensei Tobirama put him through hell 

The Other Allen - Winn Schott Drabble

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Request: (By @smurryheartbeatz) Could you write a Drabble where reader is Barry allens sister but she fell in love with Winn and moved to the other earth to be with him, and she’s homesick?

Words: 935

A/N: Ok, so this got a wee bit angsty, but not too bad. 

“Hey, are you okay?” Your boyfriend came and sat next to you on the couch.

You had been staring out of your apartment window all morning as you let the mug of coffee in your hands grow cold.

“What? Oh, yeah, I’m sorry.” You sighed. “I guess my mind’s somewhere else today.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Winn draped his arm around your shoulders.

You put your mug on the coffee table and leaned back into his embrace. His arms tighten around you as you tucked your feet up under yourself and rested your head on his shoulder. The sound of the rain against the window lulled you into a nostalgic state.

“I was just thinking about this one time after Joe took us in, we were playing in the park and it just opened up and started pouring down rain. So, he yells for us to come back to the car before we get soaked, but he went from having one kid to three pretty much overnight and he just doesn’t have a handle on it yet.” You chuckled, “Now Iris and Barry are good kids, so they come when they’re told, but me, being a rambunctious six-year-old, I’m not done playing yet. So, cut to a Benny Hill style montage of Joe chasing me around the park, slipping in the mud, while Barry and Iris are watching from the car and making bets on who will outlast the other. It must’ve looked ridiculous, because when he finally dragged me back to the car, Barry was the happiest I’d seen him since what happened with our parents.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that you were always this much of a handful, huh?” He gave your arm a squeeze as he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” You smiled up at him.

You sighed heavily, causing him to instinctively begin playing with your hair, which began to soothe you.

“It all seems like so long ago. When did our lives become so chaotic?” You pondered.

“I would say probably when we started hanging out with superheroes.” He chuckled to himself.

“Yeah, probably.” You laughed similarly. 

Despite his calming touch, you couldn’t help but feel a wave of sadness washing over you. Perhaps it was the cold and the gloomy sky the rain brought with it.

“I honestly don’t know how Barry does it all.” You shook your head. “He went years with people not believing him about Thawne, and then he gets these powers and has to save the city constantly, and then Zoom…”

You felt a lump in your throat that you tried to swallow. “God, he had to watch as that monster shoved his hand through our father’s heart. He had to watch both our parents die…”

“I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what that must have been like.” Winn was apologetic and somber. “But he’s strong and I think a majority of that strength comes from others. I think most of it comes from you.”

“Yeah? Some pillar of strength I turned out to be?” You muttered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s just… sometimes I feel like I abandoned him.” You could sense Winn wanting to protest, but he waited for you to finish. “He’s always facing off against some bad guy and the moment he’s finally happy and things are quiet, when we can finally spend some quality family time together, I leave. I just up and leave for some parallel universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love being here, but I feel like I turned my back on my family to do so.”

“That’s bull and you know it. Nobody forced you to come here and more importantly, nobody forced you to stay there. Your family knew the risks and the rewards. They knew what would make you happy and they let you go. They love you and would do anything for you,” his slightly agitated tone softened to a more loving one, “including letting you run off to a parallel dimension with some nerdy computer programmer.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, who could blame them? He is pretty hot.”

“He thinks you’re pretty hot, too.” He playfully rolled his eyes.

You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“So then, why don’t you call Barry using that, uh, inter-dimensional extrapolator that Cisco made you?”

“The communication function is busted.”

“Oh, well let me take a look at it and see what I can do.” He offered. “In the meantime, you can still use it to make a breach and go visit him.”

“I don’t know. He’s probably really busy fighting some new big bad. I swear, there’s always someone.” You rolled your eyes. “Besides, I’ll probably just get in the way. Or get myself captured because I don’t know what I’m walking into.”

Or, hear me out here, you could spend a nice weekend with your brother.” He waved a hand. “If I’ve learned anything from working with Kara, it’s that there is never going to truly be a quiet time. There is always going to be some bad guy to fight or some kitten to save. There’s never going to be some ideal time to live your life. You have to live it in the here and now. You have to make your own happy moments, not wait for them to magically appear. So go, visit your brother. And if it’s a bad time, make the best of it.”

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the smartest man I know?” You smirked. “And I know a lot of smart men.”

Misunderstanding? 6/?

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Genre: Angst/Fluff?
Pairing: ReaderxYoongi
Part 6/?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

‘Y/N… Let’s talk in the kitchen?’  I hear Yoongi say and just nod.

We walk to the kitchen and he asks me if I want to drink something. How can he be this calm? I look up at the clock: 5AM. Nice. I will look terrible tomorrow. My gaze wanders to the cup in front if me, which I left here earlier, and then continues to Yoongi who is looking at me as well.

'So? Do you want something? Maybe Ice Tea, we-’
'I still have some, thanks.’ I say and take a sip from it.
'Ah, I see..Uhm’

He ruffles through his hair. He always does that when he is unsure or nervous.

'Y/N..’ he says, obviously struggling. 'I don’t know where to start. I-’
'How about this: Who is this girl? Why was she in your room -no- in your bed?’

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was mad, sad, just done with this.

'Why were you embracing her like that? Why were you with her and not with me?’
'WHY..Why did you lie to me… Work? Do you call this work?’

'Y/N, let me expla-’

'Did you work on your physical condition or what kind of work is this Yoongi??? Maybe you can start ex-’


I stopped and looked at him. Tears, which cannot be stopped anymore, are rolling down my cheeks. He looks desperate. How terrible do I look, I wonder?

'Y/N… please listen. Let me explain. It was really a misunderstanding. Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing!’

I calm down a little and look at him, still crying.

'Ugh..Ok. Ok, listen. Do you know how I told you about that classmate meeting a couple of weeks ago?’

I remember something. He continues talking.

'That was yesterday evening. I went there thinking our midnight date is tomorrow, well today. I got the dates mixed up so I went there to meet old friends. That woman in my bed? She is an old classmate of mine. We were all out together drinking and talking and she got like super drunk. Everyone left one by one and then we were only like 4 people left, I don’t really remember, but the point is that no one knew where she lives. Everyone else was also super drunk and they all have a wife at home so they can’t take her in.’

'So you just brought her here? A dorm with 7 guys?’

'Well, I had no other choice, it was getting late and I was so tired so I just brought her here’

'And to sleep with her in the same bed? Good move, very smooth’ I laughed at him. This is ridicilous.

'It wasn’t like that! Just listen for a second please, god. So, like I said before I brought her here yes, but I left her in the living room on the couch to sleep. She was wearing your slippers because that was the first thing she grabbed… I tried to take them away but it didn’t work, I am really sorry for all of that.’

'But how the hell did she end up in your bed Yoongi? Mind to explain that?’

'To be honest I am not to sure either. I went to the kitchen, drank some water, brought her everything she needed to sleep and went to sleep myself. I was so tired I fell asleep right away and since you didn’t answer I thought it would be fine. I never thought that you would come. I woke up and realised that she was sleeping in my bed and I woke her up right away and send her home. Then I saw all your things on the floor and guessed what happened… I swear to god Y/N, nothing, absolutely NOTHING happened, please believe me.. How could I ever cheat on you? You’re an angel, I love you, please don’t leave me’

He looked at me with sad and desperate eyes. Is this all true?
Hell, how stupid I feel right now. But there’s still something bothering me.

'Why did you lie to me that you were working?’

'I was afraid that you would get all of this wrong… and you would still come if I said I forgot about it so I thought working would be the best choice because you know how sensitive I am when it comes to my work…’

I am so stupid. He knows me better than I do know myself. So in the end it was all an misunderstanding? Was I really so stupid to just assume that he cheated on me without him explaining anything? Yoongi? Actual angel on earth? I feel so dumb right now.

'Yoongi… Is this all the truth though?’

'Of course! You can call all of them, please, do it if you need to! I will give you all the numbers but please believe me. Don’t leave me, I don’t know what I would do. I was so worried when you didn’t answer and I wanted to run out right away but Hoseok stopped me, please Y/N I am sorry for hurting you like this, making you feel like this. I am not worth it but please just-’


He looked at me with tears in his eyes. Holy shit.

'I feel so dumb right now. Oh my god, I am so stupid. Can you slap me please?’

His eyes got wider. 'What..Y/N? What are you saying?’

'Can you just?? Like? I don’t deserve anything less. Oh my god I still can’t believe it’

I look at his face, now in shock. How stupid of me. I hurt him so much with my assumtions. Tears start rolling down my cheeks again making me look down. Got he made me so soft, I feel so sorry.

'Y/N, why are you crying? Please don’t cry? Do you not believe me? Are you hurt somewhere? Please talk to me I-’

'I am so sorry, Yoongi.’ I say, now looking him in the face again. 'I am SO SORRY’
'I must have make you feel like shit, assuming that you cheated on me without any real evidence.. and also not letting you explain before I thought of the worst. God I am so stupid..’

Silence surrounded us once again. The tension is gone. Yoongi looks at me with eyes wide open.

'Y/N,no. No, no, no! You have the right to think that way to feel that way.. I was the one being thoughtless. I am so sorry. I will never do something so naiv and stupid, so please… Don’t leave me like this EVER again..’

How come anything he says makes me want to hug him and never let him go again?

'I will not… I am so sorry, Yoongs.’ I said smiling, still with tears in my eyes.
Yoongi looks at me and stands up going around the table we were sitting at. He stops right in front of me and hugs me.

'Thank you, Y/N. Thank you so much’ he whispers in my ear.

I hug him back. How come I have someone so pure and angel like as my boyfriend?

'I am so sorry, Yoongi. Can you forgive me?’

'Oh my god- YES! Please stop apologising, I feel so stupid..’

'I am the stupid one… I love you, Yoongi.’

He stops hugging me to look me in the eyes. He scans my whole face, every inch of it.

'I love you even more, Y/N, my world, my everything.’ he says and kisses my forhead.

I can’t help but smile. He is still a romantic guy deep down. But I can’t hold myself back. It has do be done.

'Ew, getting cheesy here.Better stop it or we will slip’

'Even now… you’ve learned well. But it’s ok, I will catch you if you fall.’

'Well I had the best teacher’ I winked at him 'but… seriously, who thought you to be so smooth and cheesy?’

'That was probably me!’ I hear a voice saying from the back.

'Ah, Hoseok.’

'Are you guys done? Everything’s setteled?’
We both look at each other and then nod.
'GOOD! Can we like eat sth now? I am super hungry, I couln’t eat anything when I came home..because of a CERTAIN person-’

Gosh, he knows how to make you feel bad.

'I am… sorry? Ok, wait right here I’ll just order something? What do you want to eat?’

'Chicken please. You bag is in the living room, go get it if you need it’ he said while walking up to Yoongi.

I stand up and make my way out of the kitchen not without turning around once again to see Hoseok and Yoongi talking.

Not long after Yoongi joins me in the living room, looking relieved. 

'What did Hoseok tell you’ I asked what caused him to laugh out loud.

'He said: If you ever hurt her like this again or really cheat on her consider yourself a dead man.’
'Holy shit. What did you do to him? Where is he? Is he still alive??’

'I just smacked his head very lightly? He was not wrong after all. I guess he went to his room. He said he will be back after changing’

'I see. Poor baby, he’s probably crying right now’ We both laughed.
'But honestly. Don’t ever do this again, or I’ll smack you tiny perfect ass.’

'I love you too, Y/N.’

20 minutes passed and Hoseok is still not back. What is him taking so long?

'I’ll go look for Hope, he takes way too long. Our food will arrive soon’ Yoongi says. It feels like he can read my mind, what a connection we have.

'Don’t worry, we can finish it without him’ I answer. He stares at me.

'Well, you’re not wrong. Still gotta go look for him. Be right back’ he says and leaves.

I lean my head over the edge of the couch. So it really was a misunderstanding. It seems like even shit days like those have a happy ending right? 

Part 6 of ‘Misunderstanding?’ !
I hope you guys like it ♥
Idk if I’ll finish it here or continue, that’s why there’s still a question mark haha

I would be happy about feedback and comments ^-^

Food Poisoning - Auston Matthews (#10)

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Two imagines, one day!!! I just thought this was a really cute idea and I kind of just ran with it!  Also I absolutely love this gif of Aus but he looks ridiculous, but in the best way possible you know?? Anyways, much love pals!! <3

Word count: 461

Warnings: throwing up (I personally hate puke hahaha)

Request: “Hi, so I’m stuck at home with food posioning and would love an imagine to read about Auston Matthews taking care of his sick girlfriend? Thank youuu” @jessicaa1994


You shuffled out of the bathroom, making your way back into your cozy bed.  You had gotten food poisoning from some bad chicken you had eaten at lunch and had been throwing up for the past couple hours.  You hated being sick, it was one thing to just have a cold but you absolutely hated throwing up the contents of your stomach.

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Going through my activity feed, and I see this post I was mentioned in, and I realized my week’s disappearance has been delaying the request so I typed up a fic ASAP (on my iPad on a bus so please ignore the errors) ~970 words.

“What are you doing?” Chris said as he entered the room, and saw Darren on their bed, once again on his laptop.

“Oh..I’m…just checking my email…” Darren said, looking past his laptop screen right at Chris and giving him one of those classic smiles that could stop Chris’ heart. “Yeah?”

“Nothing. It’s just that you checked it two minutes ago,”

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii love you blog! I was wondering if you knew of any fics where Stiles knows how to defend himself (with a gun/knife or has some awesome magic skills) and everyone in the pack is shocked? And Derek thinks it's super hot?

i know there are a bunch but I’m so bad at recc’ing stuff omg but check out @theofficialstereklibrary​ they have a giant list of tags and if not you can ask them if they know fics about a certain trope/topic BUT I’m gonna try my hand at this and write a little thing i hope its ok and doesn’t totally suck hope you like this my friend 

also on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10558532

Derek was half-asleep when his phone rang.

“Hello?” he croaked out.

“Sorry to disturb your beauty-sleep big guy but we got a situation,” Stiles’ voice came through the phone, and he sounded about as awake as Derek was.

“Where do I need to be?” he asked as he rolled out of bed, rummaging through his closet for some clean clothes.

“The tree with that creepy marking right at the edge of the town.”

“Ok. Do you need me to pick you up?” he asked.

“No I’m already on my way there.”

Derek hung up, deciding running there would be faster before he closed his front door and took off running.

He arrived at the same time as the rest of the pack, most of them still trying to shake away the sleep.

Stiles arrived moments later, jumping out of the car and running towards the rest of the pack.

“Large witch coven- half a mile from here – gotta catch them now,” he panted out.

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Age Is Just A Number

Here’s the Imagine as requested (hopefully :) )

I tried my best to write it as it was suggested, so I hope you all enjoy it.

“So, Y/N, how are things with Jared?”, your BFF asked you hoping for some details about your and Jared’s relationship. You were not as open to share much information about the two of you, since Jared was so popular and it was best if everybody knew as little as possible. 

“Great, we’re having the best time when we’re together. He’s so charming, funny, handsome and great to be around.I swear the last date flew by so fast I felt we were out for 15 minutes, when we spent almost 6 hours together.”

“Are you gonna see him today as well?”, your BFF was so curious.

“I think so. He said he’ll text me when he’s done with the recording for today. Which should probably be any minute. It’s really late. They’re wrapping up with the new album so he’s pretty busy these days.”

Buzz, buzz

Wow, speak of the Devil”, you said and smiled as you glanced at your phone.

We have to talk. Can you come over to my place?”, it was Jared and you immediately felt a pit in your stomach.

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Imagine...You And Sam Picking Up Where You Left Off

Characters: Y/n, Sam, Dean

Pairing: Sam x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, sweetness, flirting, awkward blushy Sam, just adorableness, hinted smut at the end

Word count: 944

Summary: When you realize something’s haunting the wildlife park, you call in the Winchesters. Seeing Sam is a big plus. 

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- MaleReader x Sam. Being an inch or so taller then Sam, being a Ex-hunter who now works at a wildlife park. The boys have a case there and two bump into him during his nightly rounds near his watch tower. Sexy or Fluffy, I’m fine with either. Love your works! Thank you. Ok, so didn’t mention height and sorta changed it a little. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

Tagged peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @greyravenvixen @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @unknown-chronicles @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick @straightestgay-voice @deantheotherkingofkinks @50shadesofyes @lucis-unicorn @kumaartz @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @atc74 @mogaruke @aiaranradnay @totalwhovian  


Your stomach was fluttering at the thought of seeing Sam again.

It’d been almost a decade since you’d stopped hunting.

Your dad died. And while you had a few friends who were hunters, you weren’t a big name like the Winchesters.

You hadn’t made any grudges as far as you knew.

So retiring was easy.

Sure, you were only 22 at the time.

But the younger you stopped, the longer you had for a normal life.

But Sam Winchester was the one person from your old life who was always on your mind.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fluffy hcs because I just almost got in 2 separate car crashes and then my mom yelled at me for overreacting because I had a panic attack and now I'm all shaken up...-this is fire anon, I don't have my phone and I don't want to figure out how to add emojis on my laptop

Is Tythan ok? I hope you’re alright and if you need emotional support I’m here. I’m so so sorry and sending all my love, please stay safe ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖

• Tyler cuddling Ethan so closely that Mark comes into their bedroom in the morning, looking for Eth. Turns out Eth was literally intertwined with Ty but he’s so smol and Tyler covers up a lot of him so Mark couldn’t even see the blue boy when he came in

• Ethan almost burning himself cooking and it scares him really bad so he cries a lil and doesn’t want Tyler so see but Ty does see so he wraps Eth up in a hug and kisses him comfortingly and rocks him back and forth. And Tyler agrees to do the cooking for the next couple days because Eth is wary of the stove after that (but it’s nothing a romantic night of cooking together can’t fix).

• Overprotective Tyler who gets super concerned when Ethan so much as stubs his toe or whacks his head accidentally and Ethan always insists he’s fine but Tyler always wants to look at his “injury” and make sure. He also probably makes Ethan cuddle afterwards and tries to justify it as some way to help healing but they both know that’s bullshit.

• Dip kisses. Like, Tyler sweeping Eth off his feet and bending down so far Ethan would have fallen on the ground if not for Tyler’s grip. Then super romantic gaze from Tyler and a long kiss, Ty loosens his grip by accident and Eth squeals “Don’t drop me!”

• Ethan almost hurts himself doing gymnastics tricks in the living room and then Tyler forbids him from doing flips and stuff for a week because it scares him a lot and no amount of kisses will convince him otherwise.

How I Fell For You

A/N: This is a short little fluff for my friend @minahraven !!! I hope you like it! It’s short and cute!

Originally posted by perssphone

Walking into the Big Hit building, you had a coffee tray full for all of the managers, producers, and employees in general. You were an intern and so your job in the morning was to get everyone’s energy. Running a bit late, you hurried down the hallway and passed out the beverages in the order that you found them. Having one left, you couldn’t find the last employee.

“I think he ran into studio 4,” one of the producers told you. Thanking him quickly, you ran in that direction and prayed he was there. At this point his drink was getting cold.

Turning the knob of the wooden door and throwing it open, you didn’t anticipate what happened next. With full force, your rammed into someone, knocking the cup out of your hand and causing it to spill all over the unlucky guy. You got a few drops but he got the rest of the whole drink.

Stumbling backward, you gasped in surprise and had to grab onto the door frame to keep from falling. That didn’t stop your foot from slipping and a terrible pain shot up your leg from your ankle. The one day you were forced to wear heels, of course something like this happens.

“Oh. My. God! What did you do?!” the guy exclaimed as he took in his now stained white t-shirt.

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Fan A: omg I love diabolik lovers. I’m in so many diahells right now lmao *insert character stereotypes that basically reduce them down to nothing* omfg the drama cds are so funny!!!

Fan B: Ikr!! I like *insert seiyuu’s name* cause he also voiced *insert another character by same VA* and they are both so sexy!! I want to listen to their moans and groans all the time!!

Rejet: Hello, please do not pirate our CDs. Our voice actors worked very hard to make them and they are paid by how much of our CDs we sell. We recieved reports everyday about this issue and it’s getting so out of hand that even our manager had to tweet about it and design visual aids to help people understand how negatively this impacts us. Even if you did not upload the CD, please do not distribute links to piracy sites. Please try to buy our CDs if you can, or save up some money if you can’t right now. There are ways to buy them from Japan too for oversea fans.

Fan A: ……..yah ok ok we get it, it’s bad. Moving on. *reblogs more posts of full situational drama CDs and songs*

Fan B: Hey why does my fav guy sound different in this new game/CD that came out?

Rejet: We had to hire a different voice actor because we couldn’t afford to pay the same wages as before due to illegal downloads which means less sales income.

Fan A: Hey it’s been a long time, where’s the next game/CD/content??

Rejet: I’m sorry, we can no longer continue this series because our profits are no longer able to cover the cost of making new content. For now, we will focus on our other games. 

Fan A and B: What??? So it’s over?? That’s so stupid!! It was so popular why would you drop your cash cow!! Omg! Do those guys know nothing about how businesses work!?

Barry Allen- I always choose you

Requested by anon: Hi can you write an imagine were Iris tries to break the reader’s and Barry’s relationship cause she has feelings for Barry but Barry loves the reader

Words: 718

A/N: Thank you for the request. Hope you like it. I looked through my imagines and saw that like 90% is Barry. Not that I mind XD

Y/F/M: Your favorite movie

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