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Tom Holland Laughing


when i don’t know what to say

on the way home (wonwoo)

+ summary: wherein she notices that quiet boy who falls asleep on the bus everyday +

{a/n: unedited bc I feel sick and shitty, but wonwoo’s still cute af and I was bored so idk ight here u go?? I apologize in advance}


Long, tedious bus rides felt ordinary to her. 

Every morning was the same routine– which meant her begrudgingly waking up an hour earlier than she needed to, simply because she was sadly the first (and furthest) stop from school. Being the first stop consequently meant the shitty feeling of morning dew at its peak– when the sun hadn’t even risen and nothing moved outside except for the empty yellow school bus approaching her usual stop at the intersection. Morning bus rides were boring, and she often found herself too sleepy to stay awake even before she reached the next stop. She’d only wake up last-minute, with a panicked jump, when the bus finally came to a halting stop in front of school.

Bus rides in the afternoon, however, were a completely different story. The trips on the way home bustled with noise; friends chattered about, teenagers played rap on blast speakers, and people would obnoxiously laugh at some joke that a goofy guy sitting in the back row (his name was Soonyoung, she believed?) would crack every now and then.

Yet, arguably the most noticeable difference during these afternoon bus rides was the presence of a quiet, black-haired boy seated directly across from her.

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If you ever feel sad just remember that Niall still keeps a big framed photo of ot5 in his living room

Steal My Girl - Narry Version (i’m sorry i just think that son fits them perfectly, so I just had to do this)

“he’s been my king since we were 16”

“we want the same things, we dream the same dreams, alright”

“I got it all, cause he is the one”

“his mum calls me ‘love’ his dad calls me 'special friend' alright”

“but i know, i know, i know for sure that everybody wanna steal my boy, everbody wanna take his heart away”
“couple billion in the whole wide world”

“find another one, cause he belongs to me”


“Kisses like queen”

“his walk is so mean”

“and every jaw drops when he’s in those jeans”