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So I heard Keith’s the original silver child and I died OTL | Redbubble


  • Mako: You know that time when we went out after seeing your friend's terrible band and you ordered french fries, and I ate all of them because I was wasted? When I think of myself doing that I am… That was so selfish of me. And I'm sorry.
  • Asami: Wow, I'm really glad you reached out about that.
  • Mako: You are?
  • Asami: No, I don't remember that at all, but I will take your french fry apology and apply it to other stuff.

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prompt: the party is slowly drifting away, not from each other, but from Will. And Will can tell bc he's not dumb. He can tell that the tension in the air becomes thick when he walks in on them talking bc the Party is always nervous they'll say something bc Will is 'fragile' He noticed that El has kind of taken his spot as his player in D&D. He's just so lonely. But one day when they do ask him to hang out he's says no bc Richie has already asked him to do something and they all low key fight.

this is gonna be a heartbreaker but lets make this kickass, shall we~?

send in some prompts, bbs! 

It started out as small things.

Sorry, Will. Tonight’s no good. U-uh, mom wants me to clean up my room and such.”

“I’m grounded.”

“I don’t feel well.”

Will had never questioned any of it, instead deciding to give a kind smile and wish the best for his friends. Because that’s all he wanted in the end for them; nothing but the very best.

And so he remained happy and optimistic, knowing that there was always another time; knowing that his friends were still there and that it would be okay.

Except… it wouldn’t be.

Not really.

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The only reason I'd ship pheaker is if it's an Au where George ain't an asshole and they're kind to each other and Phillip doesn't die.

you see, that’s what i used to say, but i think butchering characters (even if they are assholes) for the sake of a ship is not cool? i mean.. you said it yourself. “an au where george ain’t an asshole”. he.. killed philip, you know? and yes, i know i drew them. and, yes, i was wrong to have done so, and, yes, i will be the first to admit it.

personally, i don’t like aus where personalities are changed (unless it’s everyone like that one au by either ray or hui; i don’t have it on hand) but i mean.. if you’re going to change a character a bunch, why not just make an oc? ocs are fun and, yeah, you won’t get as many notes and stuff, but you also won’t be completely changing a character that wasn’t yours to begin with. also- i, myself, just don’t want anything to do with a ship in which the characters “hate each other but make out”. that’s.. yikes! on its own.

ship whatever you want. i’m not gonna fight you (i mean i have friends who ship pheaker. just bc i don’t like it, doesn’t mean i hate you or anyone else, but please don’t send me stuff about them). personally, i’d really rather just steer clear of the ship in general. i won’t delete my art of them (though i am tempted, i know they’ll still float around regardless). i, also, will not be drawing them anymore and you won’t see eacker in 2nd gen college au series on ao3. sorry if you’re following me just for them, but you’ll have to look elsewhere! 

I would like to formally apologize to the world for being a fool

I realized how shitty calling out “Rad Likes Robots” is since it has a really serious message. Rad longs for attention and the second he got it from Shannon, his heart jumped because someone called what he was doing good and gave him attention (also she saved his life). And this was all because of Shannon malfunctioning. As this post states, it’d be really poor gay representation if Raymond was in Shannon’s place. Plus, if you’re really hooked on wanting Radmond to be cannon, there’s still future episodes and Rad’s still single again. (But hey maybe please chill?? It’s getting a little out of hand.) 

Anyways sorry for being a dick and saying the episode was bad. I realized it’s actually really fucking good and has a pretty important message!!


Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 1,392

A/N: First fic on here. Hope y'all enjoy!

“Hey, Verge?” Roman popped into existence next to Virgil’s bed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, looking almost worried.

After a quick internal battle of whether or not to ignore the fanciful side (and also wondering why Roman was using his actual nickname instead of something that he came up with), Virgil glanced over, one hand coming up to pull off his headphones. “What.”

“So, you know how you wear your eyeshadow?” Roman was definitely here to ask him to do something. Virgil wasn’t excited, but maybe the other wouldn’t bother him for a while if he complied.

“Cut to the chase, what do you want?” Looking at Roman’s stance and attitude, he did seem uncharacteristically… anxious. Maybe it was just Virgil’s room affecting him. Or maybe he was actually nervous about a request.

“Let me do your makeup? Please?” The words were rushed. Virgil knew that style of speaking. Trying to say something when you were afraid of the reaction. It almost made him a bit more compassionate towards the prince. But not compassionate enough to make Virgil ok with someone else doing his makeup.

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hi omg i love your minhyun scenarios so much!! cld u do one where you're both idols dating secretly but the public finds out and ships it? make it long please😘😘😘😘tyty

hi, thank you kind anon!! haha I tried making it long, and i’m sorry about the long wait! This will be in the same setting as the WGM!AU, so please read that if you haven’t yet! Enjoy!!!! xx

Originally posted by panwink

  • soooo Minhyun and you have been dating secretly ever since the WGM break up 
  • But one day you get a casting call to be the 2nd female lead in an upcoming drama
  • you’re really excited and you tell Minhyun about it
  • and he’s like wait, is this for this drama??
  • and you’re like yeah! wait how did you know?
  • And he’s like, I was going to tell you tonight but I got cast as the 2nd male lead!
  • and you’re both like omg
  • you’re going to be working together
  • what’s great is that even the public are like omfg my faves from wgm are going to be reunited on this drama
  • and everyone’s so excited because it’s been a couple of years since youve publicly interacted
  • and you know everyone kinda goes crazy when former wgm couples even so much as walk past each other or make eye contact
  • so the fact you’re both going to be acting together as a couple is a big deal

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“No don’t take him!” Annabeth yelled. Percy’s face was gaunt and chalk white as two Laistrygonian giants pulled him away. He struggled and kicked before finally realizing it was worthless. Gaea’s voice echoed off the walls of Tartarus, “There’s nothing you can do Annabeth Chase.”

She knew Gaea was right, she was weak and tired from fighting. Everything that she had worked for in her life…gone. It was all gone. And she couldn’t even save the one she loved.

She woke up to someone shaking her shoulders.

“Annabeth! Annabeth, wake up!”

It was Percy.

Without thinking she wrapped her arms around his neck, and started to cry.

“They were trying to take you…” she mumbled into his neck.

“Annabeth, it was just a dream. I’m right here.”

They were in Annabeth’s cabin in the Argo 2. She focused on the lurch of the ship, back and forth, back and forth.

Were they flying, or in the ocean? She thought.

“I get them to,” Percy said, interrupting the awkward silence. “I have those dreams to. Gaea’s servants taking you away…and there’s nothing I can do.”

She sobbed more, than a second later, asked:

“Um…Percy,” she mumbled with her face still against his neck, “why are you in my room?”

“Because you were screaming…and I thought you were being attacked.”

She let out a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Thanks,” she said “for coming.”

After another minute or two she pulled away and examined her surroundings. There were architectural designs she had worked on pinned all over the wall. Along with a couple of projects from Daedalus’ laptop, the last ones she had managed to get. The thought of the laptop dropping into the pit of Tartarus made her shiver. Then she imagined her and Percy, falling into the unknown. She closed her eyes, trying to let the image escape from her mind.

When she opened them again she looked at Percy, just noticing that he only wore boxers. Her face grew hot, Percy looked down, probably just realizing he was only wearing his underwear as well. His face turned a dark red, and Annabeth couldn’t help but giggle a bit.

Wait. Annabeth looked down at herself, she wore only a long shirt with underwear.

“Um…” Percy said staring at her.

“Let’s go change,” Annabeth replied quickly.

“Erm…oh, yeah.” He said rushing out of the room, his face flustered.

Percy was back in the room in half a second, luckily Annabeth changed quickly. She threw on some shorts, Percy did too, but he was still shirtless.

“You want to…like put on a shirt?” Annabeth asked.

“Nah, it’s hot in here.”

Annabeth felt like saying, Well it did get 10 degrees hotter when you walked in, but she kept her mouth shut.

Her heart was beating so fast she thought it was going to pop out of her chest.

“So…like, what time is it?” She asked casually, trying to ignore the fact that Percy was shirtless.

“I don’t know…like 2:00, 3:00 a.m.? Yeah, something like that.” Percy said with a yawn, “I just can’t get any sleep.”

"Nightmares?” Annabeth asked.

“Yeah,” Percy said sighing. “You want to go above deck?”


The night air was chilly compared to her cabin. She shivered, Percy must have noticed because he wrapped his arm around her.

She felt his bare skin. It was warm and smooth, but in some places covered with battle scars. She put her arm around his lower back, then accidentally, touched his weak point, his Achilles spot. He shuttered.

“Sorry, I forgot.” she apologized. She felt more like saying, “Sorry, I forgot you’re invincible because you dipped in the Styx”

“It’s ok,” he said.

They walked over to the left side of the deck, and looked over.

Ok, they were floating in the water.

Without warning Percy dived in, splashing water all over Annabeth.

“Gods! Percy, you i̱líthios!” Annabeth cursed in Ancient Greek.

He laughed.

“C’mon, get in!” He yelled back at her.

“Fine. But no funny business!” She replied.

“What type of funny business?” Percy asked with a smirk.

Her face turned dark red, “Gods…Percy, not that kind.”

Annabeth looked around the ship, but not really sure what she was looking for. Then she jumped in.

The water was freezing cold, and before long her body was numb. She searched the water frantically, looking for Percy.

A body grabbed her and she kicked him hard in the groin on instinct.

“Ow!” Percy yelled.

“Sorry, you scared me!”

“Why’d you have to kick me there?” He asked, grimacing from pain.

“It was a battle reflex!”

“Yeah, but you knew I was in the water!”

“You scared me though…” Annabeth replied grinning slightly.

“You did that on purpose!” Percy yelled tackling her, and pushing her underwater.

She tried breaking toward the surface, but Percy willed the waves down. She saw an air bubble forming around the both of them, and they sunk to the bottom of the ocean. 

“Hmm…this looks familiar…” Percy said stupidly.

“Shut up.” She said, lightly punching him in the arm.

“You know…Coach Hedge would kill us if he found out we were alone together. But Coach Hedge isn’t here so…”

“What are you suggesting, Percy?” Annabeth asked.

“That we, um…” His faced turned blood red.

“What?” She asked, obviously confused. She racked her brain to try and make sense of what he was saying. Then it occurred to her.

“Oh.” She said in a very “Percy Jackson” sort of way. Which meant, very stupidly.

“Annabeth…its just, I’ve been really stressed out lately. And I really want to experience life…before it goes away.”

Her heart sank. She knew he had a point. Even if it was ridiculous. Or maybe it wasn’t…her brain felt like a big blur. What was she supposed to say to that?

He turned his head, observing the sea. She saw his face deeply flushed, he was trying to hide his embarrassment.

She leaned over and hugged him, surprising Percy. His body stood stiff for a moment, then he relaxed, wrapping his arms around her too.

Annabeth wanted to let him know that she felt the same way, but talking was just going to be more of a challenge at the moment. So hopefully he understood what the hug meant.

He hugged her tighter, then let go.

They stared into each others eyes, their lips only inches apart. Annabeth’s stomach was fluttering with a strange wanting.

Then, with a flick of his wrist, Percy made the air bubble smaller.

Their lips touched together, they fit perfectly.

With their lips still touching Annabeth grinned slightly and said, “I love you Seaweed Brain.”

Life With Namjoon (03. Hiccups)

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A/N: Here’s the third installment~ I’m thankful a lot of you seem to be liking this series ^^ It’s actually quite enjoyable to write for me too~

Not to mention, this story shows how soft I really am compared to all the smut I write OTL;;

Words: 2,513

03. Hiccups

For the most part, Namjoon’s home is your apartment, and, thankfully—for the most part—the boys and BigHit staff are accepting of that. Of course, at first Namjoon’s manager had laid down ground rules—don’t go out in public together, and if that can’t be avoided, then no PDA. No spending the night (that rule had quickly been broken)—which then lead to “no unprotected sex” at which Namjoon had blushed bright red and quietly told his manager that “I’m a 22 year old idol. I know what I’m doing, have a little faith in me.”

Those rules and boundaries had been set in place quite a while ago, and since then you’d grown on everyone. Not that you’d been trying to butter them up or anything! (Though you had only on desperate occasions) But…you’d just been yourself. And over time the staff had warmed up to you.

So had the boys. They’d all needed a bit of time to get used to the idea of their leader dating someone. They worried about rumors, angry fans, if it might distract Namjoon from their dream as idols, etc. It was…tough, so both you and Namjoon had promised to not deter the group from their current goals. You had seriously sworn to them that BTS as a whole is important to you, and that the last thing you would ever want is to get in Namjoon’s way or theirs.

They believed you, a bit shocked by your resolve, and from that day forward had opened up their hearts to you little by little. Now those hearts are open so wide they’ll never be able to shut you out—but they’ll probably never tell you that to your face. It’s kind of embarrassing, after all.

“Oh? Noona?” Jungkook questions in surprise when he pulls open the door to their dorm. The boy is dressed in a black tank and a pair of dark gray sweats, a backwards baseball cap hiding his newly dyed blond hair.

“Hey there,” you smile, scooting around him and playfully poking at his showing bicep, which is hard to the touch. “Wow, hello to you too,” you say jokingly to the muscle, and Jungkook’s ears turn pink.

“Ahh~ Stop teasing. You know we’ve got a comeback soon!”

“I know~,” you laugh in response, and Jungkook cracks a smile.

“That’s why you’re here, right?” Yoongi’s voice pops in, and you look up to see the entire gang, minus Namjoon, heading towards you. “To watch your destructive boyfriend?”

Jin laughs when you sigh. “He hasn’t been hurt in a while, so we can’t stay too mad. Doctor says he’ll be ready to start practicing again in the next week or so.”

“But rest is important~,” Taehyung chimes in, looping his arm around your shoulder and squeezing you into his side gently, his version of a casual hug. You laugh quietly.

“The rest of you better not get hurt at practice today.”

“You’re damn right,” Hoseok mumbles somewhat jokingly as he pulls on a pair of shoes. “As the dance leader I can’t have any more of my men dropping out!”

“This isn’t the army, hyung,” Jungkook comments, eyebrow cocked with amusement. Hoseok then stands up and jumps at the maknae, clinging onto him as he jokingly beats the boy down, both lost in their own fit of laughter.

“Ahh~! Guys let Y/N in already!” Namjoon’s voice whines from the other room, and Jin rolls his eyes.

“He’s been restless the last couple days, so he’s glad you’re here. Keep him company while we’re gone, ok?”

“Can do,” you assure him with a smile, and he kindly smiles back.

Stepping to the side, you allow the boys some space as they all pull on their shoes and jackets, shuffling out of the dorm in order to head to the dance studio. They exit with multiple dismissive farewells, and only once the door is shut and their voices quietly migrate down the hall do you turn and finally head into the dorm.

“Took you long enough,” Namjoon mumbles when he sees you. Love immediately fills your heart at the sight of him—despite the fact that he’s currently lying back-down on the couch, his foot propped up on a pillow.

“I don’t know how you managed to break your fucking 4th toe, of all things,” you grumble, smiling despite yourself. Namjoon rolls his eyes, grabbing your hand once you’re stood next to him.

“Kiss?” he questions, pursing his lips innocently. You stare down at him, entwining your fingers and swinging your hands back and forth slightly.

“Have you earned it?”

“I’m injured—are you really going to talk to me as if I’m your sub?”

“Does asking if you’ve earned it constitute dom/sub speak?”

Namjoon blinks. “I mean I’ve asked you that question before, haven’t I?”

You drop your gaze blankly to the fabric of his shirt, contemplating. On multiple occasions you can recall him asking you a question like that—what an asshole. He always makes you beg.

“You enjoy being a dom too much,” you grumble, and Namjoon chuckles, tugging on your hand. You easily give in, bracing one of your knees on the couch cushions as you lean over and kiss him slowly. He hums contently against your lips.

“You enjoy me being a dom too much too~”

You feeling him smirk, and with a small huff you pull back, smacking his chest lightly. His grin only widens endearingly when he sees your slightly embarrassed face.

“Stop~,” you whine, nuzzling your face against his chest. Typically you don’t get embarrassed talking about your and Namjoon’s sex life, but when he teases you like that—gosh, you can’t help it. Especially when his words immediately cause memories to flood to your mind. And you know he’s right—you do love it. God, he’s so good to you…

“Is your mind in the gutter? You haven’t moved in a quick minute,” Namjoon asks, and when you look up at him his eyebrow is raised in question. You hum, rubbing you cheek against his chest, and he pets his hand over your hair.


“Well…we are here alone,” he says, eyes trailing you as you sit up, pushing back to your feet.

“True, but—you’re injured, remember?” you grin, lifting his hand to kiss his fingers, and then release him. Namjoon sighs regretfully, reaching over to grab his phone off the coffee table as you head into the kitchen.

“It’s a broken fuckin’ toe,” you hear him grumbling, and you snicker. “My dick ain’t broken…”

“Debatable!” you call back, laughing brightly at the “Yah!” he shouts in return.

Opening the fridge, you peek around, pulling out a few left over carry-out containers. There’s also a few scraps from Jin’s home-cooked meals, which you’re sure would be delicious, but you know Namjoon is picky sometimes.

“Hey, what time is it?”

“An acceptable time for food, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Namjoon calls back, and you glance around the corner to find him taking cheesy selfies to post on Twitter. Smiling, you quickly run up and kneel on the ground beside the couch, shoving your cheek against his.

“Yah,” he says, but immediately laughs, his eyes creasing happily as he lifts his phone back up and snaps a few shots of you both. The final photo he takes is of you pressing your lips to his cheek, eyelashes fluttering prettily, and he can’t help but stare at the selfie for a good minute before he pulls his phone close to his face and begins pressing some buttons on screen.

“We look too cute—that’s my new home screen,” he whispers to no one in particular, and, nuzzling your nose against his shoulder, fondness strikes your heart.

“So left overs or order out?”

“Can we order pizza?” he asks. “I know it’s bad since the comeback is soon, but… I’ve been craving it so bad…”

“We’ll get a small then, with some breadsticks. I don’t want Jin or your manager beating my ass,” you say, and Namjoon rolls his eyes.

“They wouldn’t dare.”

You roll your eyes as well, smiling a little.

“Our regular, right?”


Grunting in affirmation, you slide into the kitchen and dig up the number for the pizza place, pressing the number into your phone. The restaurant picks up after the third ring, and you greet them kindly, requesting an order for delivery.

“Yes, can I please have a small pizza with Pepperoni and—*hic*…,” the hiccup catches you by surprise, and you pause, biting your lip as dread fills you. Dammit! Why while you’re on the phone trying to sound good, of all times!

“Sorry! Uhh…yep—small pepperoni and cheese with a side of *hic* breadsticks. Yeah, the 5 piece is *hic* fine. We’ll pay at arrival. Yep, thank *hic* you!”

You hope the worker on the other end doesn’t immediately start laughing at you as soon as you end the call—but you bet they do, just like Namjoon is now cackling with glee from the other room.

“Stop!!” you groan, stomping into the living room. Namjoon’s got his arm thrown over his face, his entire body shaking as dorky laughter erupts from his mouth. You part your lips to scold him more, face feeling a little warm, but as soon as you do another hiccup jumps out instead, and Namjoon’s dying laughter renews.

“You’re such an ass…,” you grumble, walking over and smacking his chest. He jolts, surprised, and quickly reaches for you, grabbing your wrist to stop you from getting too far.

“I’m sorry, babe, I just…It was cute, ok? I’m sorry.”

“I hate hiccups…,” you grumble, immediately relaxing at his apology. Namjoon hums, tugging on your wrist a little until you’re on the couch above him, your knees straddling either side of his torso. Turning your head, you rest it against his chest, eyes sliding shut as you listen to his steady heartbeat. However—

Hiccup! “UggHHHHH–!”

“Gosh, you’re cute.”

“Hush,” you sigh, sitting up and pressing your hands against his flat pecs. Your brow is furrowed, lips turned down into a pout. “There are two things that work: swallowing air and distracting myself with something else.”

“So–,” Namjoon begins, but shuts up as you open your mouth and begin attempting to swallow air. You look like a guppy, struggling to swallow something that isn’t quite meant to be swallowed.

For a whole minute you continue to swallow air, turning your head away from Namjoon when you see him watching you with an amused smile. Finally, once you’re sure you’ve done enough, you stop.

“Did it work?” Namjoon asks, and you wait a few more seconds before answering, a curious silence descending upon the room.

“Yeah, I think it—*hic*–,” you freeze immediately, and Namjoon sees your face contorting with childish anger.

“NooooO!!” you groan, covering your face with your hands. Namjoon chuckles, reaching up and attempting to pry your hands away.

“Hey,” he says, tongue poking out to wet his slightly chapped lips. “I know how to distract you, though.”

“…should I trust you?” you ask skeptically. He stares at you, a certain light to his dark eyes.

“I think you should.”

You nod, giving into whatever Namjoon has in mind, and immediately he tugs on your hands, guiding you down until your palms are pressed against the couch on either side of his neck.

“C’mere,” he grumbles, moving one hand to thread through the hair on your nape, and you allow him to pull you closer. Your own hands move to play in his hair as Namjoon kisses you, his lips soft, yet determined as they mold against yours. He nips at your bottom lip, head angling to deepen the kiss, and you groan softly, his tongue slipping into your mouth.

Eyes fluttering shut, you allow Namjoon to steal your breath away, fingernails lightly digging into his scalp, and his hands moving to caress your ass through your jeans. The move has you subconsciously grinding your hips down against his, and Namjoon groans at the feeling, his fingers giving your butt a squeeze.

“I thought you said I was injured,” he mumbles, voice already husky and his breaths a little short. You stare at him, lips cherry red, and immediately Namjoon wants to eat you up again.

“You are, but—you started this,” you say, leaning down to press an open mouthed kiss to his defined jaw, and you feel his chest rumble beneath you. Fuck, you would never trade this man for anyone else in the world.

God,” he groans quietly, one of his hands leaving your ass to caress your cheek. He quickly guides you back to his lips, making you moan around his tongue before he begins pressing heated kisses to your cheek and jaw, moving until his lips are open against the sensitive skin on your neck. You can’t help but shiver as he nips and sucks at the flesh, your body helplessly reacting to every one of his touches.

“Joon–,” you begin to groan, hips meeting his once more, but at that moment there’s a knock at the dorm door, and you both freeze.

“Fuck,” Namjoon sighs, his head dropping back against his pillow, and you quickly slide off of him, making sure your clothes are still in place. Suddenly you’re a little regretful that you had ordered takeout.


“There’s some in my wallet near the door,” Namjoon tells you, giving your ass a little smack as you walk past him and towards the door. You shoot him a jokingly angry look over your shoulder, hurrying to answer the door when they knock again.

“Sorry about that!” you say once you finally pull it open. Having snatched a 20 from Namjoon’s wallet, you hand it to the delivery boy and thank him kindly before shutting the door and padding back into the living room.

“Are you supposed to be walking?” you ask when you see Namjoon lightly hobble back into the room, two cups and a 2-liter in his grasp.

“Carefully,” is his response, and you laugh, shaking your head. The two of you then set up camp on the couch, Namjoon’s head leaned against your shoulder as you surf through channels, a slice of pizza in his hand.

“Thank you for coming over. I missed you,” he says suddenly, head turning to press a gentle kiss against your shoulder. You smile, turning your head to nuzzle against his hair fondly.

“You’re welcome. And I’ll always be here for you when you need me. But! Promise to try not to get hurt.”

Namjoon chuckles. “I promise.”

“OH!” Namjoon screams 10 minutes later, startling you. He breaks out into a happy grin. “I got your hiccups to go away!!”

You pause, lips parting in surprise.

“Well…fuck. You’re right. Dammit.”

“Yes! I did it! Me, Kim Namjoon—!”

“Oh my god.”

“Hiccup be gone extraordinaire~ Just come to me for all your hiccup needs~”

At that you laugh. “Actually, I don’t think I have a problem with that.”

Eyes That Know

Summary: The reader is a rock star with heavy addiction issues.  Sam is a former rocker who has been to rehab and been sober for a number of years.  When the two meet at a party sparks fly and they fall into a romance.  After losing one girlfriend to addiction, Sam can’t do it again and makes the reader choose between him and her drugs.  

Author: revwinchester

Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Adam Milligan, Jimmy Novak, Ruby, Amelia Richardson

Word Count: 5697, including lyrics (which are italicized throughout)

Warnings: talk and use of soft and hard drugs, implied prostitution, cocaine overdose, major character deaths, mention of minor character death, mental illness - specifically addiction, anxiety, and depression, all the angst.  Also, one of the character deaths could be read as suicide - though it’s not intended to be one - and the song lyrics mention the historical suicide of Vincent Van Gogh.

A/N: This ended up being for two challenges and it is the angstiest thing I have ever written.  I cried while I wrote it.  First, @nichelle-my-belle is hosting Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge and my prompt was “if you kill all my demons, my angels might die too.”  I was looking for a song to frame the fic when @thing-you-do-with-that-thing announced the SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge and I saw one of the prompts was “Josh Groban - Starry Night,” which is a cover of Don McLean’s “Vincent,” a song I absolutely love.  You can bet I snapped that one up real quick! Click on each of the links to head to youtube for two different versions of the song.  They are so different but each are beautiful in their own right (though, if you’ve never heard it before, I recommend you start with the original).

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Roommates Pt 1

Short series, so there will be another chapter coming up. slightly mature. A lot of drama. Justin moves in with Y/N, it causes complications.

“Yeah, its no problem!”

“Thank you Y/N, i’m sorry for asking last minute, it’s just cause you’re living close by and i really didn’t know who to ask and you were the first person that came to min-

“It’s fine Jaz” I say again.

“Ok. I love you. I promise we’ll catch up later.”

“Yeah bye Jaz.”

I hang up the phone. I let out a well deserved sigh. When your best friend of nearly 10 years calls, whines and cries like a little 5 year old, asking desperately for a favour, you just can’t say no. Jazmyn’s younger brother suddenly needs a place to stay for a while because he ‘accidentally’ got kicked out by his roommates. I mean there had to be a good reason for you to get kicked out. I just hope he isn’t a handful to look after. I hope he isn’t that messy roommate who doesn’t pay rent, eats all the food and comes home at 3 in the morning. I really liked having a small home to myself and wasn’t really looking for a roommate just yet. But I guess I can’t really do anything now. I guess Justin could stay here for a while, just until he could get back on his feet. 

I’ve known Justin for 10 years as well. Justin, Jazmyn and I use to run around their house and play together when we were young, like I was the third sibling. But I haven’t seen him since he was 15. I really no idea if he had changed or not. I just hope that he hasn’t like they say he has. Apparently he was a massive playboy, an arrogant immature ‘jerk’. 

“Knock, knock.” 

A sudden knock at the door appears. I didn’t really expect a friend today, so I’m guessing it was Justin’s arrival. I quickly walk up to open the door. Wow he really did change. He was tall, muscular and his hair was a dirty blonde. He wasn’t the little floppy haired boy i remembered. 

“Hey Y/N” he says cheerfully. 

He had a backpack on and a duffle bag along with him and not to mention a huge smile on his face. 

“Wow, you look really different Y/N” He smiles cheekily at me. 

“I could say the same about you.” 

I giggly jump at him, wrapping my arms around his structured frame, with his left arm still holding onto his luggage. He really did grow up nicely. Well what did i expect, he’s 20 years old now, we all change overtime but this boy definitely changed a lot in the 5 year span. 

“Uhh, Y/N” he slightly coughs out. 

I didn’t realise how tight I was hugging him. I quickly jump back, ripping my body away from his. He still had his white sneakers on, his backpack on and heavy luggage in his hand. 

“Oh sorry. I’ll show you your room. Follow me.” 

I lead us to the spare room which is next to mine. 


I dramatically wave my arms towards pretty empty room. I mean it had a bed, closet, side table and a clear desk for him. Jazmyn had left this room last year and i haven’t had anyone stay here since so it was pretty new beside a few decorations she left behind. 

“I hope this is ok” I clutch my hands together tightly, nervous that he wouldn’t like it or something. 

“Uhh make yourself at home. you can change it if you want to. I don’t mind. It’s just that Jazmyn left all her fake cactus plants here because she didn’t want the vase to crack while moving the-“ 

“Y/N” he speaks, knocking me out of my rambling mess. 

I look up to meet his brown pupils. He looks back at me. I didn’t even realise how light his eyes were. He had such nice eyes. The colour was a perfect honey brown. His skin was even nicer. It was a perfect light tan, it was so smooth, not a blemish in sight. 

“Uhh…Y/N. I’ll just settle in now.” 

I snap of my eye candying.

I quickly look down to hide the warmth quickly approaching my face. Gosh what was I thinking. I quickly turn around and walk out the door a bit faster than normal. I smack myself mentally. He had been here for 5 minutes and you’ve already made him feel uncomfortable. Get yourself together! I march pass his room and to my room. Frankly still mad at my past actions. This was not how you greet your guests! I needed to find my wallet and phone. I had to meet my boyfriend at 12pm and only had 5 minutes left. I quickly rip off my pj’s and change. I kneel down to my bedside table, grabbing my belongings. 

“Justin! I’m going out for a while.” 

I call out his name in a hurry, slipping on my white converse shoes. I jump up and peck my head at his door, wondering if he had heard me. He was slumped on his bed, clicking on his phone. He peers up at me. 


“Ok, see ya, don’t hesitate to call me. I have to meet someone in 5 minutes or –else we could definitely hang out.” 

I quickly smile before rushing out the door.                                                                          

“Sorry.” I quickly apologize before slipping into the opposite seat from my boyfriend. 

“Seriously, Y/N. Why are you always late.” 

He narrows his eyes at me, disappointment written all over his face. 


“Stop saying sorry, you were like freaking 1 hour late. what the fuck were you even doing.” 

“Uh, I had to-“ 

“Whatever Y/N.” 

He waves his hand in front my my face, almost like shooing a fly away and rolls his eyes. He grips his drink and sips his coffee, ignoring me completely. 

“I said I’m sorry, ok?” 

I hated when Andrew was like this. He always would hold grudges over the smallest things. 

“Whatever. Ok Y/N. Just order something and we’ll go home.” He says emotionless, eyes not leaving his phone screen. 

Not being able to stand him anymore, I stand up and pace myself out of the shop. We were suppose to finally have a date, after weeks, he finally agreed to go out with me on a ‘date’ to ‘enjoy’ each other’s company for what felt like freaking 10 years. We had been together over 1 year now. Andrew was not like his the first months of dating but now he acts so harshly towards me, almost treating me like a stupid damn dog, even a dog would get better treatment. 

“C'mon! stop being a dramatic bitch and come here Y/N!” 

I spin my body around, fire igniting all over. We were standing outside a coffee shop and were going to have an argument again. This situation was so familiar. I did not want to put up with this again. I scoff at him and think about stupid we looked as a couple. I stomp into my car and drive back home, desperately needing to shut myself in my room, blast my music so loud until the neighbours make a complaint. 

I march into my house, slamming the door before slipping off my sneakers and walk to get a cold drink of juice. I grab the whole carton and take a big gulp. The cold beverage felt so relaxing. 

“Ughh” I sigh out loud appreciation. 

I see why this juice was slightly pricier than the others. It’s promised ‘refreshing’ taste was definitely refreshing. I spot Justin walking out of his room. 


“Hey Y/N. Did you just get back?” 

He walks towards the couch, plopping himself down. I take a seat on the kitchen stool. 

“Well, have you settled in fine?” 

“Yeah, I know where everything is. I didn’t know i get my own bathroom.”

 “Yeah, you do. It’s more convenient that it’s linked to your room right?” 

He stands up and re seats himself across the marbled counter top. He plops his hands under his face. His face was only a centimeter away from mine, his breathing warm, flattering against mine. 

“You look nice today.” He says casually. 

I wore a long sleeve crop and a cute skirt, nothing really special. 

“Were you on a date or..?” He speaks again. 

Wow his face was too close for my liking. I nervously inch away from him, a little scared i make a stupid mistake, especially when i was in this state. 

“Not really.” I say, ignoring the fact i was lying, I did not call that a ‘date’. 

The door flies open, revealing a Angry Andrew. 

“What is going on Y/N.” 

He quickly eyes between you two, eyes still blazing with fire from the earlier argument. He storms in and yells at you, totally ignoring the fact their was a guest in the room. 

“He’s my roommate. Jazmyn’s brother.” 

“When the fuck did you get a roommate?!” He raises his voice, angry at the fact you didn’t tell him. 

Well I’ve been trying to tell you, idiot. 

“Why didn’t you tell me! When did Jazmyn get a brother? Why didn’t you discuss this with me first?!” He continues to fire ridiculous questions at me. 

“I’ll just go..” Justin finally speaks, his voice reminding me he was still here. 

“ok, sorry for-“ I try to apologize for Andrew’s unwelcoming outburst. 

“Y/N. Come here. Now.” 

Andrew deathly eyes out his instruction, voice loud and serious, ignoring the fact I was trying to apologise to Justin, ignoring the fact we were not alone. He made me look so weak and pathetic. I hated this feeling. I felt like crawling under a rock at this point. Andrew was always demanding, angry and controlling. But he did not need to do this in front of Justin. 

“Fucking come here!” He yells even louder, his voice rising a hundred times more. I quickly stand up and walk towards him. He yanks my arm harshly, pulling me towards him. 

“Can we do this outside.” 


I drag him into my room, away from Justin. I shut the door before spinning on my heels. I didn’t know how to start this conversation suddenly, not really having any energy to keep up with him. 


“He’s Jazmyn’s brother, he’s in college. He just moved in this afternoon.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Y/N you know I want to know what’s going on in your life!” 

He clutches my hands, bringing them together. I sigh softly, completely drained from fighting. 

“Don’t worry ok? I love you. Only you.” 

I wrap my arms around his waist, wanting to wrap this conversation up. 

“Sorry Y/N” He says as he wraps his arms around my neck. 

I mentally sigh. I prayed this wouldn’t happen again, even though i knew it would definitely happen again.

I finally reach home after a long day at work. Gosh my ankles hurt. I couldn’t wait till I take a warm shower and freaking sleep! I needed sleep! I open the door, slinging my bag onto the couch. I groan at the comfy couch beneath me. Maybe I shouldn’t have a shower and should just fall asleep now. 

Justin suddenly walks out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He casually walks into the kitchen, completely unaware of Y/N coming home. 

I hear sudden footsteps. I see Justin freaking half naked, his bare structured torso glistening. He was too much. This was too much. Before I could escape, he spots me. 

“Oh hey Y/N.” 

I smile briefly at him. 

Keep your eyes up. Keep your eyes up. Be normal. I mean I’ve seen many guys half naked, i didn’t know why this was any different. 

“I just came back from the gym and decide to take a shower.” 

He lightly chuckles, reaching up to run his fingers through his damp hair. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stand up completely. 

“Uhhh- I’ll just take a quick shower too.” 

I keep my head down, unable to look anywhere but the ground. I didn’t trust myself. I quickly pace myself to the shower.

“Can we catch a movie today?” 

“Y/N I’m busy today, how about tomorrow?” 

“You always say that.” 

“C’mon babe dont be like that. You know i’m busy at work. I promise tomorrow ok?” 


I hang up before mumbling a bye. I put on a random movie. After a while i was starting to get bored and cold. 

“Justin!” I yell for him from the living room. 

After a moment he stumbles out of his room, looking groggy. He wore a black hoodie and grey shorts. Wow he looked like a model even though he just woke up. Why did he even stay in school, he should’ve just went out and became a model. This kid. 

“Mhmm, what is it?” 

His voice rough and deep, making my insides jump a little. On the other hand he looked as if we wanted to drop dead, his eyes were barely open, his hair ruffled and messy. 

“Can you keep me company?” 

I really missed Andrew and he was never around. I haven’t seen him in nearly a week! I mean Justin and I did get closer the past week, even though i always went work and he was always at college or out with friends. I just secretly hoped I wasn’t pushing the boundaries right now or made him feel uncomfortable. Was I asking for too much? 


His facial expression were hard to make out, not really knowing what he was thinking. Did i seem desperate? 

He shuffles onto the couch and lays his head on my lap, completely closing his eyes instantly. I smile, grateful that he was willing to keep me company even though under all the circumstances. It was 1am and it was so cold. I slowly drift off to sleep, my mind flying away.

“What is happening here?!” 

Andrew’s loud voice knocks me out of my dream, his voice was loud it’ll probably knock a dead person alive from it’s grave. I get up from Justin and I’s position. First thing I do was obviously explain that it was not what it looked like. 

“Andrew, we were ju-” 


I hard fucking slap to my left cheek, so hard it made me stumble back a few steps. 

Tears instantly spill from my eyes. I tightly clutch onto the heated slap. It burned so bad. It not only burned but the embarrassment that came with it. I sparely glance my eyes at Justin. He looked just as surprised as I was. He was now definitely completely awake and aware of what just happened. I rush out of the door, grabbing my keys and running to my car. I’m over this. 

“Come back here!” I hear Andrew’s voice. I ignore it. I keep walking. I walk a little faster, not sparing a second to look back. 

“Y/N” Andrew grips my wrists and spins me around at once. 

“Look at me Y/N. How could you do this? Fucking explain cause i really want to know. W-was it him? Did he seduce you?” 

“Its over Andrew.” 


I don’t reply for a moment. I had no breath left. He repeats his question again, still not believing his ears. 

“You heard me.” 

He scoffs loudly at me. I turn away, out of his grip and continue to walk to my car. 

“You fucking bitch. I can’t believe you’ll cheat on me like this. Now you’re walk away from me?! Seriously? All because that stupid kid appeared in your house two weeks ago.” 

I ignore him, especially his last comment.

“Cheers to being single!” 

You raise your what felt like 100th shot in the air, clinking glasses with a few of your workmates. You gurgle the stinging liquid down your throat. Gosh this felt relaxing. You felt out of this world. You felt the sadness fade away completely.

“Another one!” 

After a couple more hours, everyone insisted we finish up. You hazily stumble your way to the car. After a hell of a car ride you walk to the door. You were so glad you didn’t get hit and extra glad you didn’t hit anyone. You pound repeatedly onto the door, being too lazy to find the key and open it yourself. 


You let my body clash against his, allowing your whole body weight to be supported by his. 

“Woah woah, slow down Y/N. Are you drunk?” 

He holds me up, examining you with a worried expression. You wore a tight black dress, done your hair and makeup, surely you looked nice. You confidently make a move. 

“Let’s have some fun today.” 

As seductively as you could, you touch down his chest through his white tee. You bite my lip in anticipation as you feel his muscles through the thin fabric. He really did get hot in the past five years. You glance down eagerly, wanting to see what was under these clothes already. You could hear his breathing getting heavy, which was a good sign to carry on. You slip your hands under his shirt, feeling his warm smooth skin. You could hear his breath hitch. You push him against the wall before dropping to your knees. He stands still, his breath unsteady and shaky. 


You palm him through his sweatpants. 


You peer your eyes up at him. 

“Please just stop this.” 

He grabs your wrists away from his hardening crotch. He was getting harder by the second, even by look at the sight of you being on your knees in front of him. He glances down at you, your eyes seductive as ever, hair blown out as ever and dress sexier than ever. Fuck, this was harder than he thought. 

“Does Justin not like me?” 

You pout your lips out. Justin scoffs mentally, you did not know how much he wanted you. 

“Just stop.” 

Justin almost begs you stop torturing him. You were drunk. He didn’t want you to make a mistake. He forcefully walks away with all the self control he had left and stomps to his room to take care of his now current problem.

You wake up to a pounding headache. Wow what even happened last night? Not a blink of what happened yesterday travels back. You slump out of bed. You glance down to notice you were still in yesterday’s dress. 

You sigh in disappointment. You remembered you went out to drink with your workmates, no wonder you had a nasty hangover. You wriggle out of your dress and take a fresh shower to clean off your dead body. 

Almost zombie like, you slump your way to the kitchen. You spot justin eating his colourful fruit loops. Justin takes another bite despite aware of your presence. He tries to ignore you. 

“Justin, morning.” 

You hazily greet him. 

Justin recognizes the fact you were so normal, your voice steady like usual. You didn’t remember yesterday. But Justin on the other hand remembered it all too clearly. 

“Y/N, do you remember yesterday?”