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How to be a Hero like Captain Hook ProTip #47:
Even on epic quests, always take time to stop and smell the rosé.

I hate it when you tell people that you are bored and looking for tv shows to fill your time because you are too fatigued to do anything else.  And their response is to argue that you are bored because you are wasting time and you should be more productive.

Take a class!  Engage in a hobby!  Earn money!

Like can you stop trying to make me feel badly about myself for 5 seconds and listen to what I’m saying?  I’m too fatigued to create the new neural pathways needed to actually learn something new.  And I’m too fatigued to make my body work correctly.

But that’s ok because you feel better about yourself for putting me in my place, so at least I’m good for something right?


A/N: Anon requested an extra fluffy seatmate!Seokmin scenario so here it is! I tried writing this in paragraph form but soon realize that I’m much comfortable writing in bullet points. So I hope it’s okay, Anon ;_; I hope you all enjoy!

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  • Seokmin is the class clown ok we all saw it coming
  • He’s so funny and l o u d and it’s borderline annoying but the fact that he’s so nice and friendly made him into everybody’s good book 
  • Everyone agrees that the day Seokmin was born was the day the sun shone a little bit brighter 
  • Talks back to the teacher but never gets into trouble because he’s actually funny and never offensive also because they think he’s hilarious
  • Random dance offs with Senior!Soonyoung during breaks in the school yard
  • Got into detention once for suddenly dancing on the cafeteria table as part of the dance off 
  • Had a good chase with the school discipline master and security because of it
  • Someone uploaded the video on YouTube and he’s kinda internet famous
  • He basically does the most stupidest things with Soonyoung just for laughs 
  • Watching them is like dumb and dumber but you don’t know who is which 
  • Does the most hilarious body gags that leaves people horrified wondering how the f*** can someone’s face contort like that 
  • A favorite among freshmen because he’s so friendly and kind and overall has such an attractive persona
  • Everybody wants to be his friend, wishing that some of that glimmer would rub off them
  • Remember when I said he’s in everybody’s good book? Ok well 
  • He’s in everybody’s good book but yours 
  • You see, you’re straight up straight A student, student body president, and all-star athlete and you got no time for jokes
  • You can’t help but think that Seokmin’s all jokes and no work 
  • All he does in class is crack up jokes and is practically an airhead whenever the teachers ask him questions
  • You can’t help but wonder how someone like him can ever graduate from high school 
  • Unfortunately, Seokmin’s in the same class as you 
  • And worse, he’s your seatmate omg whyyyy
  • Trust the divinities to seat you with someone you avoid any social interactions with
  • He always tells you the lamest jokes (at least in your opinion) whenever he got the chance
  • But you just end up getting frustrated because Seokmin?? I’m trying to do my work here?? Can’t you bother someone else??
  • Seokmin: ;_; but I’m just trying to make you smile..
  • You didn’t know but Seokmin has the biggest crush on you
  • You don’t realize it but Seokmin sees you as a literal goddess 
  • He admires how driven and focused you are
  • How you seem to take hold in every situation with a cool head and a calm approach
  • How you are so talented and seem to have your s*** together compared to him
  • Tbh he does all the stupid things just to catch your attention
  • Everyone literally notices how extra he becomes when you’re around as if he’s not extra enough
  • But all his jokes and attempts to impress you seems to just annoy you even more 
  • He can’t help it since he doesn’t know how else to express his feelings but through humor help this poof cinnamon roll omg
  • So he’s stuck in this constant loophole where he makes jokes that makes you even more annoyed as the day goes and he doesn’t know to to get out of it lol
  • One day, you were called to the teacher’s office bc they told you someone needs some tutoring on a subject
  • When you got there, guess who needed the tutoring?
  • Yep you guessed it, it’s him
  • When he saw you he goes :D
  • But goes D: when you turned to leave to find the teacher because you’re not having it
  • Surprise surprise the teacher won’t take no from you
  • So now you’re stuck tutoring him in the school library after school great
  • You try to teach him all the concepts but he’s not getting it
  • And you think he’s not being serious because although his book is open in front of him, he keeps on making jokes and trying to be funny
  • One day, he decided to tell you how he feels. Maybe that way you’ll take him more seriously.
  • “Y/N, I have something to tell you..” he started
  • You cocked an eyebrow because he seemed so serious as he looked at you 
  • Actually, it’s the very first time you’ve seen him so serious
  • “What do you want.”
  • Seokmin mustered up all the courage in him and took a really deep breath and starred at you right in the eyes and said
  • “I like you” 
  • “lmao nice one, Seokmin, you still got thirty more questions to go”
  • And for a moment he looked like he wanted to cry but he averted his gaze from you back to his book
  • You didn’t know but he wanted to bang his head on every wall in library and take your face in his hands and just say
  • You’re completely unaware that he literally just confessed to you
  • He doesn’t blame you, though
  • He knows that maybe the fact that he jokes too much made you believe that everything that he says is a joke
  • He doesn’t give up though
  • He tries to imply his feelings towards you through his jokes
  • “Are you Google? Because you’re everything that I’m looking for.”
  • “Hey Y/N, do you know why I don’t like candy? Because you’re already sweet.”
  • lmao those are straight up pickup lines, Seokmin
  • also i apologize for the bad pickup lines aaaaaaa
  • They’re so bad that one day, you finally had enough.
  • “You know what, Seokmin? I’m so tired of this. If you don’t want to study and just joke around, I see there’s no point of me being here and tutoring you. I’m done here.”
  • You got up, packed your bag and left, not even casting a glance backwards
  • He’s quite relieved that you didn’t because he can feel his eyes watering because why is he so stupid???
  • He stayed silent in his seat for a good half-an-hour after the incident, contemplating and the other students in the library are concerned bc they’ve never seen Seokmin so down and defeated before 
  • A freshman named Chan was brave enough to actually come up to him and ask him what happened
  • “Are you ok bruh”
  • Again, he feels like crying when the kid asked him and he wanted to scream out NOOOOOOO I’M NOT OKAYY THE LOVE OF MY LIFE JUST LEFT ME but he figured it would ruin his reputation as a hyung so he said he’s fine
  • Chan’s like “lmao stop lying we heard everything” 
  • Seokmin: D:
  • Chan took a pity in him and decided to help him out
  • “You know, if you want to prove someone that you like them you should show them that you mean it. You should work hard for what you want.”
  • And Seokmin’s like “!!!”
  • “That’s it! I’m going to prove to Y/N that I’m going to be better in my studies!”
  • He kissed Chan on the cheek and with a new light in his eyes, sets out on his mission
  • Beating you
  • I meant academically, not physically gosh
  • So he set out a study plan and promised to himself that he’s gonna try and get better grades and show you that he’s serious
  • He also wants to show you that he’s capable of being as driven and focused as the other students
  • One day in class, he didn’t try and make jokes when class started so everyone was like omg is he ok?? is Seokmin sick?? why is he so quite?? is the world ending??!! 
  • lmao they don’t know but he’s just trying to focus on getting better grades
  • As the days go by, little by little, Seokmin’s progress is showing
  • He’s getting better in his studies and again, everyone was like !!! Seokmin! How?? Congrats, dude!
  • And he’s never been happier bc turns out, he can do this
  • Also, the look on his mother’s face when he gave her his exam paper was so worth it
  • But what makes him sad is that you still seem indifferent about him
  • You haven’t talked to him or even looked at him since that day
  • He was bothered but he figured he just needs to work harder
  • So he did
  • One day, you were just going home when you passed the school library and what you saw caught you off guard
  • You see Seokmin sitting in one of the desks, actually studying
  • And you can’t help but feel surprised but also proud because wow, kid’s actually putting an effort
  • So you kinda observed his behavior for a few days to see if he’s actually taking his studies seriously now
  • And to your delightful surprise, he is
  • Everyday on the same hour, he would go to the library, sit down at one of the desks and started studying
  • He may make a few jokes and chat with few of the students present there but he does study
  • Seeing that he actually wants to be better and the fact that you might’ve overreacted and was a complete jerk to him the last time, you decided that you want to go back to tutoring him
  • Imagine his surprise when one day, you just sat down next to him, pulling out books and worksheets and he’s like “what are you doing here?”
  • And you suddenly feel shy and awkward bc wow you really just went in like a hawk and didn’t even consider the fact that he might’ve been hurt after your outburst so you’re like “I’m tutoring you, but it’s ok if you don’t want to I’m just going to-”
  • And as you got up to leave, you can feel his hand grab your wrist and you feel your face turning red as you look back at him
  • He has the softest look on his face, and what almost looked like desperation in his eyes and said “Please stay”
  • And at this point your face is so red and you’re embarrassed and for some reason, for someone who’s so good with words, you’re at loss
  • So you nodded, sat down, and you both set out to study
  • Soon, you realized, against your initial prejudice, Seokmin is funny
  • He makes the weirdest jokes, makes stories so much more entertaining and makes the funniest imitations of teachers that makes you laugh so hard that the librarian actually bans you from the library
  • You actually don’t mind but now you don’t have anywhere to study
  • But Seokmin got an idea so he took you somewhere near school
  • Turns out he took you to Soonyoung’s regular dance studio
  • There are chairs and tables in the studio so you could study
  • At first you were hesitant bc are you sure this is okay???
  • He promised it’s fine and that he always goes there with Soonyoung 
  • “It’s not like this place is used much. Only my friends and I come here on the weekends”
  • So you start to study there after school instead of the library
  • You start to enjoy Seokmin’s company in class
  • You guys would joke and talk as you do your works and you think hey this is actually quite fun
  • You don’t understand why you were so high-strung before and realized that you didn’t need to sacrifice fun to get good grades
  • You started to see why people like Seokmin so much
  • He’s such a breath of fresh air and has such an amazing personality that he practically glows
  • You realize that whenever Seokmin’s not in class, it feels quite and there’s something missing
  • One day, you dropped your pen and as you leaned down to pick it up, Seokmin swooped in at the same time and for a moment your eyes meet and you never realized how Seokmin’s eyes are such a deep brown they’re almost black or the fact that he’s actually really really attractive????
  • So you’re like “:O” and he just gave you one of those smiles that rivals the sun itself and got back to his seat
  • lol you don’t know but he’s actually d y i n g inside
  • But later that night, you couldn’t sleep thinking about him
  • You used to be so mean and stuck up to him and it leaves you wondering how he’s still so nice towards you
  • How can someone still be so kind and genuine after the hell you gave him??
  • Remembering all your bad deeds left a bitter taste in your mouth and you just feel so guilty
  • So you decided to repay his kindness
  • The next day, Seokmin noticed a box on his desk in class
  • He’s like who in the world?
  • He thought someone has put it on the wrong desk and that the gift was meant for somebody else 
  • Until he saw his name on the card on the box 
  • He went on to open it and turns out, it was a box of chocolate
  • He picked up the card and read it
  • “Hey Seokmin, I just want to thank you for being such a kind person and such a good friend. I’m sorry I’ve been such a jerk to you and although a box of chocolate won’t mean anything compared to the times i’ve been mean towards you, I sincerely hope you’d forgive me -Y/N”
  • cue inner squealing 
  • He tries to contain his screams as he whipped around to find you but you’re nowhere to be seen lol you’re hiding in shame in the bathroom fyi
  • He’s so touched by the fact that you even thought of giving him something but honestly he would accept your apology anyways
  • You came back when the bell rang and you can’t find the courage to look Seokmin in the face as you take a seat but then you grabbed your wrist and said “Thank you, I mean it. I never thought go you as a bad person, though :))”
  • Everybody in the class was like “OMG :O”
  • But you’re awkward so you just gave him an awkward smile and took a seat
  • Later that day Seokmin went to Soonyoung and went “OH MY GOD TODAY Y/N GAVE ME CHOCOLATE, DOES THAT MEAN WE’RE MARRIED NOW”
  • Soonyoung’s like “lmao Seokmin, you still have a long way to go, young one”
  • Anyways, you guys become kinda shy afterwards but you’re still friends 
  • You and Seokmin became a team for that semester’s exam period
  • You guys would stay late in the studio studying and would take turns in treating each other coffee
  • “Omg Seokmin, which question are you now”
  • “I’m on number 17 rn”
  • “Omg what I gotta catch up >:(”
  • You guys never talked about it but you do steal glances at each other as the other is working
  • You always feel so shy and giddy whenever you caught Seokmin’s eyes on you and you never seen someone whip their head so fast when you did
  • It’s endearing
  • But it’s also exam season so you don’t really want to get caught up and derail your whole study plans and get distracted so you pushed the temptations to act on your feelings neither does he
  • You guys become each other’s biggest supporters and you can feel all your time tutoring and studying with him pays off as he’s actually really good now that it’s kinda scary and intimidating??
  • But anyways, exam season passes just like that and today is the day you’re announcing your results
  • You’re actually really nervous bc so much has been happening lately that you’re scarred it’s gonna affect your studies and be reflected on your paper 
  • But you got #1 but you were even more shocked to see that Seokmin’s #2!
  • And you’re both like !!!
  • And you both went in for a hug but when you did, you realized 
  • ‘Omg I’m hugging Seokmin”
  • He’s also ‘Omg I’m actually hugging the girl I like WHAT DO I DO”
  • And the whole class was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The hug ended awkwardly for the both of you but you tried not to care
  • As you were going home, Seokmin stopped you and asked you if he can walk with you
  • with a blush You said yes
  • So there you two are, walking under the warm summer sun, a comfortable silence wrapped around you like a blanket
  • “..You remember the time I told you I liked you?” he asked
  • You laughed and were like “Yeah, ofc, those times were w i l d”
  • And he kinda looked at his feet and you were wondering why is he suddenly so quite?? This is not a Seokmin behavior
  • Unless…
  • Wait, YOU MEANT IT??”
  • And he couldn’t look at your face because he’s so embarrassed and all he wanted to do right now is to run straight home and scream into his pillow bc yES HE MEANT IT
  • You’re like “:O”
  • There was another silence and this time it’s kinda awkward because 1) Wow turns out you’re the dumb one between the two of you and 2) WHAT DO YOU DO?!
  • But you’re so done of all these romantic tension that has been building up some week and you’re like f*** it we’re all gonna die anyways so you put up a facade, turned to him and said
  • “You know, I still got time until my curfew. We can go get some drinks at a cafe if you want.”
  • lol you’re sweating and dying inside
  • And he stopped walking and looked at you crazy and the way he looked at you make you wish that some random blackhole can just swallow you now until the biggest smile you’ve ever seen broke onto his face and he said “Sure! :D” and it made you all squishy inside to see someone so happy
  • As you walk towards your destination, his hand tentatively seek yours out and it was shy at first but his grip was strong once you latched onto it
  • Outside, you’re both are a blushing mess at this point but inside you’re like O M G I’m holding hands with the most attractive person on earth
  • Once, Seokmin stopped in his tracks completely and you’re like WHAT HAPPENED
  • And he’s like “Is this a date???? Does this mean we’re dating now???? :O” and the look on his face is just so innocent and cute you can’t help but asdfghjkl Seokmin you’re too cute
  • It’s totally a date btw and you’re totally dating

Someone stop me from writing a paranormal radio host Stiles and grumpy deputy Hale who hate-listens in his cruiser on nightshift because it’s wrong about ALL THE THINGS and eventually starts calling in to argue with no evidence to back him up because he can’t just come out and say he knows because he’s a real actual werewolf ok

Because I should be drawing right now but god help me

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Do you have to deal with the "thank you" issue in real life as well as online? I have a new friend who thanks me for hanging out after every time we do anything and it makes me super uncomfortable but I feel like it would be super rude of me to just tell him to stop thanking him? How do you get people to stop it?

dkjfh man there’s no tactful way to say this is there…tbh I don’t usually have this problem irl bc most of the time ppl thank me it’s for stuff I actually deserve thanks for but when someone does thank me randomly I just try to be as polite as possible and be like “I prefer not to be thanked, I know it’s weird it’s just a preference of mine” and generally when I say it ppl are just like “oh ok what should I say then?” and then you can tell them and it’s all good


Ok, so despite this being really pretty and Saeran looking like someone slapped him with the ‘I might be a boy but I have better eyeliner and hair than you’ stick.

What if Saeran appears during that line; ‘it takes a push to make me perish,’ and is dressed up and everything in this dark eerie lighting because someone died again ?

All joking aside in the transition between this scene and the last with the flowy water ripples what if they were actually flower petals. Now, this may be far fetched but if they’re the same one as the one on his suit jacket then we can assume it the petals of a black rose. 

A black rose, like the blue rose, remains elusive and in flower language, it indicates death and farewell. This may be kind of predictable “dark colouring = death” but when a black rose is sent to someone it can mean the ending of a relationship or cutting ties with someone from here we can guess that even if it isn’t a literal death the petals can represent the relationship between Saeyoung and Saeran or V and Rika.

Another point worth mentioning no matter how sad it may be is that the actual blue rose Saeran is wearing can represent the unattainable or the mysterious or how my five minutes of research put it “I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you.

Whether this means Saeran will never have a route or translates his weird love for the protagonist or even V’s love for Rika it can be seen that Cheritz put A LOT of thought and effort into their work and even if September is a while away we should be glad we’ll be getting a more complete and detailed route no matter how much it kills us to wait.

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yes please give me tips i feel ew lol :(

hmmm well only little ones. im not gonna give you too much advice bc im not a fitness instructor wow i sound like one of those annoying ass youtubers lmfao

  • drink loads of water! about 8 cups a day
  • drink sparkling water too! stops you from wanting sugary drinks
  • fill over half ur plate with vegetables! if u don’t like them, use soya sauce or some other kind of sauce to flavour them
  • any snacks you eat, eat dark chocolate! start off with 60% then get darker and darker. it gets some getting used to but im now at 90% and anything below tastes too sweet! dark chocolate is so good for ur skin and you can eat more and more of it without feeling guilty the darker you get
  • do hiit! high intensity interval training
  • walk everywhere, even if you don’t need to go anywhere, force yourself to go somewhere and walk
  • measure your body as well as weighing yourself! a lot of the time you lose fat in a specific part but then it looks like you haven’t lost anything on the scale 
  • do inner thigh workouts even if you don’t want thinner thighs or a thigh gap! i can send you some links but trust me, making the muscles in your inner thigh stronger will make any form of cardio feel sooooo much easier and you’ll be able to do it for longer
  • try to avoid fried foods and packaged foods!
  • avoid having cheese, milk, cream directly! as in don’t drink it or eat cheese like that. if there’s some in a cooked dish that’s ok, but avoid eating it directly
  • vitamin c tablets!!!
  • homemade pills! they don’t help with weightloss but ive been taking them and have found that i am more energetic, don’t get as tired, sleep better and im not as hungry!

obviously please be careful. these things have worked for me but im not saying they definitely will! please ask someone qualified or a doctor to help you. you should be extremely careful especially with your medication bc sometimes if you’re losing weight/doing loads of exercise and you’re on medication, they’re are serious side effects. eg Isotretinoin and vigorous exercise can actually stop the effects of the drug making it pointless and can also make you very ill. pls be careful!  

Aaand in a new running first, I got hit by a car half a block from my house. The guy rolled through a stop sign and right into me (I’m 100% ok physically, mentally shaken). Then to make things worse, when I told my boyfriend about it he told me I need to be more careful. Gee, thanks 😒

Maybe drivers should just actually stop at stop signs. Or at least stop if there is someone in the damn crosswalk. But no, definitely it’s my fault here and I should have been more careful. Crossing at the crosswalk. At a stop sign. In broad daylight. Wearing my bright ass shorts and a reflective headband.

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Hey, just gonna let you know that I have been checking on my Tumblr, and I have seen quite a few blogs that use your art and repost stuff from this tumblr a lot. I think I've even seen one where the person was being a fake you... *suspicious looks*. Just letting you know that there are peeps out there that you may not be super chill with. Not gonna say any names for politeness but yeah

I’m honestly pretty fine with people posting and I’m always fine with resharing my finished artwork as long as they give credit. 

If they don’t give credit or a link to the original work or my channel it is annoying but it’s not all that much of a huge deal, so it’s ok. 

However, if someone is claiming that they made it, or pretending to be me, that’s different. If they claim to make it most people see that it’s theft so it’s not a huuggee deal (even though that’s lame, they should stop claiming to make work they didn’t make) but claiming to be ME isn’t ok, and I’d actually like a name so that I can confront them. 

I really don’t want any fake WalkingMelons walking around (no pun intended lol) That’s catfishy and that’s not ok. 

when you fetishize children what your doing is sexualizing child like behavior, you’re finding a way to take someones innocence and degrade it. thats is what turns you on. when you go out of your way to force your partner to act younger than they are, there is something that is wrong. children don’t have sex, they have not reached that level physically, emotionally, mentally. what’s sexy about a child? stop romanticizing predators and children being taking advantage of. i just don’t get what is so hard to understand. im tired of people thinking it ok to date high schoolers, they are children themselves, you can’t tell me I was ready for sex when I was 15, if someone had told me that it was okay if I wasn’t ready, someone had actually talk to me about how I should wait until I was ready and comfortable and understood what I was doing, I wouldn’t have had sex with someone that was 19 years old. so the whole sofia acts like a mature adult is absolutely shit cos opossums can act dead for self protection, do you see a opossums actually believe they dead, no. men who can’t get women their own age is an indicator that there is something wrong. there is no reason for a 22 year old man to loiter around a 17 year old girl until she turns 18; just because she turned legal doesn’t make her mature. she worried about if her dad gonna pay her netflix account and how do you put gas in a car while justin paying his mortgage and 401k. different stages, different priorities, different mentality.

send me a number & i'll post a selfie!
  • 1: your most recent selfie
  • 2: the oldest selfie in your camera roll
  • 3: your most embarrassing selfie
  • 4: a selfie you're the most proud of
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  • 6: a selfie of you outside
  • 7: a mirror selfie
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  • 9: a group selfie
  • 10: any selfie saved in your drafts
  • 11: 3 selfies that make you feel beautiful
  • 12: a selfie of you and your pet (or any animal)
  • 13: the best selfies of the month
  • 14: a silly selfie
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  • 16: a food selfie
  • 17: a selfie you hate, but can't delete
  • 18: a selfie with someone famous (or of you with them on your laptop/tv screen)
  • 19: a selfie from last year
  • 20: a selfie from a huge event
  • 21: two or more selfies where you're wearing the same shirt on different days
  • 22: a selfie of you in your fave outfit/article of clothing
  • 23: a selfie where you hair looks amazing
  • 24: a reaction selfie ("here's my face after watching this show/movie/reading this book")
  • 25: a selfie with someone you love
  • 26: a black & white selfie
  • 27: a selfie of you all dressed up
  • 28: a selfie of your choice

The Unrequited Love

221B Baker St.
Living Room 16.00 hrs.

John entered Sherlock’s flat one afternoon and found his 2 year old daughter, Sherly, and her Godfather sat on the floor turning their backs at Molly Hooper.

John: Sherly, Daddy is here…Come come, let’s go home.

Sherly: (pouted) No!!

John: Hm?? What is happening here? Molly?

Molly: (shook her head) I have been trying to get her ready all afternoon. This is what I get; (sighed) sulking Sherlock and your pouting baby girl.

Sherlock: I am not sulking, Molly(huffed) Sherly likes it here with us. I’m just trying to be supportive.

Sherly: Yeah!!

Sherlock: (smirked) See that?

Molly: Oh…come on, Sherlock. John is just taking her home not moving away or anything.

John: (to Sherly) Don’t you miss Mama and Dada, darling?

Sherly shook her head in respond and kept on pouting.

Molly: I know you love Uncle Sherlock, Sweetie. But your poor Dada misses you so much and your Mama too, she will be sad if she doesn’t get to see you, Sherly.

Sherly: (thought hard and crept closer to Sherlock) No…

Molly: (sighed) I gave up, John. I don’t think I will make a good mother.

Sherlock: Of course, you will, Molly. Sherly loves you too, don’t you, Sherly? You love Molly?

Sherly: Yeah…Sherly love Lock and Mol.

Molly: Oh…sweetheart, I love you too. (to John) Can’t we just keep her?

John:(rolled his eyes) Molly, please…

Molly: (simpered) Sorry, John.

Sherlock hold Sherly securely as the girl happily sat on his lap, giggling and whispering something in his ear. Molly eyed warmly at the two babies in the room. John captured the moment with his camera phone and sent to his wife.

John: Sherlock will certainly make a good father, Molly.

Molly: (grinned) Yes, surprisingly he will. (Bitterly smiled) Whoever to become his woman, is a lucky one.

John: (frowned) Molly? You still…after all these years?

Molly: (ignored his question) I’d go pack Sherly’s stuff (looked everywhere but at John) Sherlock’s bedroom is a mess, will take quite sometime to find everything.

She then walked down the hall into the bedroom.

Sherlock’s Bedroom
16.40 hrs.

A lot of plushes and baby toys were lying around on the floor of the bedroom. Molly sat on the bed, folding Sherly’s cotton-candy color clothes and put them into a bag. She could not help but thinking of John’s question.

Sherlock: John sent me to get Sherly’s bag.

Molly: Oh…OK, I…just give me a second, almost done.

Molly then turned her attention to the task in hand. Sherlock stood by the bed and stared at her.

Molly: (blushed) Sherlock, stop staring. You make me nervous.

Sherlock: Nervous? Why?

Molly: (tugged a stray strand of her hair behind her ear) I don’t know…I just do. Don’t you have anything else to do?

Sherlock: John said to come here and help you.

Molly: What about Sherly?

Sherlock: (grinned) She is taking a nap now.

Sherlock sat on the bed close to her, closer than he normally did. He then reached out to hold her wrist and feel her rapid pulse.

Molly: (gulped) What are you doing, Sherlock?

Sherlock (grinned warmly): John was right then.

Molly: About what?

Sherlock: That you still love me.

Molly: (blushed red) I…I…What are you talking about, Sherlock? We are friends. Like I said; I have moved on. Everyone knows that.

Sherlock: You are a terrible liar, Molly. (Caressed her wrist gently)

Molly: That bad?

Sherlock: (nodded) Yes.

Molly: (sighed) I am sorry, Sherlock. This is awkward I know. I will try harder, OK? (pried her hand away from his) Actually, there is a guy from radiology lab. I should text him and ask if he wants to go for a drink sometimes.

Molly took her phone out to text the guy but Sherlock grabbed it from her hands and deleted the message and the contact.

Sherlock: You don’t need to date anyone else, Molly.

Molly: It’s not easy for me to stop loving you if I don’t try dating someone else, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Don’t stop loving me then.

Molly: (sighed) How can I do that?! It’s not fun to hold on to an unrequited love, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (frowned) Unrequited love?

Molly: (sighed) You will never love me back, I know that very well. (gave him a bitter smile as she handed him the bag) All set, here you go.

Sherlock: Unrequited love??

Molly: (frowned) You have already said that, Sherlock…twice.

Sherlock reached out and cupped her cheeks in his hands. To her surprise, he planted a fierce kiss on her lips. Sherly’s pink bag fall on the floor as Molly almost melt in his arms. After a good long minute, he slowly broke away.

Molly: (panted and touched her swollen lips) What was that for!?

Sherlock: (held her hand in his) To make sure that you receive the right and clear message this time.

Molly: (blushed) Message? What message?

Sherlock: (kissed her palm) That your love for me has never been unrequited. (Leaned close and kissed the corner of her mouth) It has always been equally returned, Molly.

Molly: (looked at him with wide eyes) Sherlock…


Thanks for reading, have a good one. xoxoxo


Gaga is so happy singing jazz and it makes me sad to see some of you complaining about it. I’m proud to stan for a real artist, someone who doesn’t release album after album just for the charts. Someone who actually loves what she does and writes her own music. Now that she’s singing jazz no one can compare her to katy perry or madonna. Y’all should stop that in general and accept gaga as an icon, a legend.


chat’s transformation pose is so ridiculous I LOVE IT SO MUCH but i couldnt finish drawing it because i was laughing so hard. im gonna draw him with a :3c face every time he’s chat from now on LOL 

also i really self-indulgently want a ccs au but it really… doesn’t fit… the closest i can think of is marinette being tomoyo and adrien being sakura (MARINETTE DESIGNING HELLA FOR ADRIEN OK!!! ITS CUTE OK) and i…. should never be allowed to touch my tablet ever again LMAO

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Can I have a smutty Drabble with Bucky my name is Lauren from list b #23 can it be angry sex for instance we get in a fight or something but we just end up having hot angry sex please and thank you 💕

23.Hate sex

“Lauren wait up ! ! ! !” I heard Bucky’s voice as I walked straight into my room and slammed it shut. “God dammit Lauren open the door” he pounded at my door.

“What do you want James” I shouted. He knew I only called him James when I was mad at him.

“Open the door we need to talk face to face” letting out a frustrated sigh I opened the door, only to have Bucky practically run inside.

“What” I asked coldly

“That little diva stunt you pulled out there was unacceptable. You made me look like the bad guy” oh no he’s not going to blame me.

“Are you fucking kidding me ! ! ! ! You made me feel like a fucking dumbass in front of the team. My plan would of worked” I screamed back at him. I had come up with a brilliant strategy to take down a hydra base. Everyone agreed to it but Bucky began to pick at the slightest details. He ended up calling me a idiot and that I should leave the strategy to the big boys.

“You’re plan could of gotten someone killed ! ! !” He yelled



“Thank you for confirming that I’m the weakest member of the team” I pushed Bucky to the side but I he got ahold of my arm and made me stop.

“I didn’t mean it like that and you know it” I felt him pulling me towards him. “I love you and I don’t want you to die” he kissed me hungrily.

“I’m still mad at you”

“I know” he responded as we started removing each other’s clothes and stumbling onto the bed. My lips were attached to his neck as I felt Bucky lining himself up and slamming into me.

“Bucky ! ! !” I shouted as he started to move without letting me adjust to his length. His fingernails dug into my waist as he was moving harshly. I was pulling on his hair as a response making him growl before biting on my nipple. He was moving so fast the headboard started slamming against the wall.

“You’re so close aren’t you Lauren, you like it when we fuck like this” Bucky panted before biting my lower lip.

“Yessss oh fuck Bucky oh my god don’t stop” I begged as my walls tightened around him before my orgasm arrived. “BUCKY ! ! !” I shouted

“Oh fuck Lauren ! ! !” He thrusted one last time before I felt him cumming inside me. “Oh god” Bucky pulled out and laid down next to me. We stayed quite for a while before Bucky decided to speak up. “I’m sorry if I made you feel like an idiot back there. I just had a really bad feeling about that plan” Bucky apologized.

“It’s ok buck, you know them better than I do. I shouldn’t of been so stubborn about your opinion” I apologize back as curled up next to him.

“Are you two idiots done fucking, you’re traumatizing us” we heard Tony’s voice from the outside.

“No ! ! !” I replied while I got on top of Bucky. “Round two?” I smiled mischievously.

“Round two” he replied


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The final bell rang and I couldn’t comprehend why my heart was pounding quick as shit. What if she doesn’t take me back? Techinally, I didn’t cheat on her with Jasmine. What happened between us was Sophomore year and Heather and I became a couple during that summer.

Getting out of my thoughts, I picked up my books and placed them in my bookbag swinging it over my shoulder. I dapped up my niggas and made my way out of the classroom. I spotted Chris and that bitch he calls a girlfriend.

That bitch you fucked.

I ignored my conscious’s slick remark going up to them. Jasmine rolled her eyes attempting to pull him away but he looked my way raising his hand to dap me up.

“See you later, my nigga.”

“Yeah hopefully not with this bitch.” I spat in her direction.

“Trell, get over it. I regret busting it open for your dumb ass.”

“Can y’all chill!” Chris boomed looking at both of us.

“Come on, baby. I wanna show you something.” Jasmine announced seductively biting her bottom lip and pulling Chris away. Maybe she ain’t Chris’s bitch. Chris is her bitch.

Shaking my head, I exited the school stepping on the concrete steps where Heather was chilling there in her black windbreaker, navy blue jeans, and black Nike running shoes. She pushed her blue hair behind her ear.

“So are you going to stare at me or we’re going to talk? Because I got homework to do.”

I woke up at her comment and made it down the steps. Unlocking my car, she got in the passenger seat folding her arms and I got into the driver’s seat.

“Heather, I’m sorry? Aight? I’m sorry for not telling you about me and Jasmine. I’m sorry you had to find out that way.” I sighed glancing down and then looking back at her. “I’m just sorry.”

Heather breathed finally looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Do you still have feelings for her?”

“Babe, I never did. It was sophomore year lust. But what you and I have-” I took her hand in mine. “Is everlasting love.”

Finally she smiled and pecked my lips. I smiled knowing I was forgiven.

“Don’t hide shit from me again, Terrell.” She scolded using my full name and pushing my head. She knows she’s wifey because I wouldn’t let anyone call me that except her and my mama.

“Won’t happen again, bae.”


“Wow. That…was *sighs* amazing.” Jasmine turned into my chest smiling. “Our first time was amazing.”

I chuckled with my hands behind my head and closing my eyes. “Yep.”

“You used a condom, right?” Jazz got up eyeing me fearfully. I furrowed my eyebrows. Does she really think I didn’t?

“Of couse I used a condom.” I sat up stretching and went to go throw it away. “Does it look like I’m ready to have kids right now?”

Jazz shrugged securing the baby blue blanket on her bare chest. “I don’t know. I’m just making sure. A lot of dudes don’t wear them.”

I shook my head pulling up my boxers and jeans and buckling a belt. “And how many guys you’ve been with to confirm that theory? “
I heard her scoff from behind me swinging off the bed. She was silent so I turned to see her dressed in her hot pink crop top and lime green panties. She had her arms folded and I didn’t have time to be turned on due to her pissed expression.

“I’m not some cheap hoe, Chris. My body count is 2. You and Trell.” Jazz rolled her eyes, anger evident, and I grabbed her arm touching it softly.

“I’m sorry, ok? The Trell thing is still bugging me, bae.”

She sighed looking up at me. “Well, get over it. It was the past. I’m pretty sure I’m not your first.”

I snorted smirking. “Yeah you’re the third.”

She was taken aback. “So now I’m just a number?”

“Wait, what the fuck?” I inquired placing my red t-shirt on my body. “Jasmine, chill. You’re my girlfriend. Not a number. Ok?”

“Whatever. You gotta leave before my mom comes home.” She put on some booty shorts and exited her bedroom. I sighed grabbing my keys and following her lead. Getting in my car, I started the ignition and checkee my home. A text and missed from Kae.

Pikachuuuuuuu 😜😁

Where r u? Plz tell me you didn’t forget ὡ😳

Forget what? My eyes grew big. Oh shit! I forgot that I was gonna do that driver’s ed shit. She’s gonna kick my ass. I sped to my neighborhood and pulled up in my driveway. I walked towards her house knocking on the door and she answered it dressed in an oversized t-shirt and navy blue EverLast shorts with her hair in a bun.

“Hey Pikachu!”

She shook her head with her left hand on her hip and her right hand up with the index finger waving in my face.

“No, no! Don’t Pikachu me, Stevie! You promised to teach me how to drive!” She reprimanded with a bad Joseline impression.

“First of all, that was horrible. Second, I’m sorry.” I pouted putting my hands in a heart shape. “I love you.”

Kae playfully rolled her eyes. “Shut up.”

“Is that Christopher? Honey, come in and get some cookies!” Kae’s mom shouted from inside. I grinned during the birdman hand pushing Kae to the side. I greeted Mama Tran and attacked the cookies.

“They’re mine!” Kae’s little ass tackled me to the ground as we fought over one cookie as I chomped. It was difficult to laugh, chew, and fight her small ass at the same time. She tickled me bringing my arm down and took the cookie stuffing it in her mouth.

“Victory!” Kae ran out but forgot she was wearing socks on hard wooden floor so she fell and busted her ass.


I couldn’t breathe. “That’s what you get!”

Mama Tran shook her head laughing and exiting the kitchen.

“Nothing’s changed.”

I grinned and laughed as I watched Kae rub her ass rolling over the ground like a fool. Yeah, nothing’s changed and I really loved that.

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No, Honey. If you don’t answer, maybe he’ll stop texting. I smiled to myself. How did I go from thinking this guy was an absolute douche to a cool, sweet, fun loving guy? Maybe under all that doucheness was an awesome guy.

The buzzing ceased. I smiled returning to my Trigonometry homework. I’m about this close to calling Kae and asking for the answers because I’m lazy.

I don’t tell niggas, I show niggas
And it’s never less than like 4 niggas
4 wings and some french fries
Hot sauce and ketchup nigga

My ringtone Chiraq went off and I answered it without looking at the caller ID.



I scrunched up my face removing my phone from my ear looking at the caller ID.


I groaned placing it back to my ear.

“Ty, what the hell do you want?” I shook my head as I erased an answer. “Don’t you got homework to do?”

“I wanted to say WHASSUP!” He replied and my eyes automatically rolled my eyes. “And yeah i do. Don’t feel like it yet.”

“Yeah I’m not feeling this homework either. I’m about to drop and become a stripper.”

There was silence on the other line. Before I knew it, Ty’s laughs filled my ear.

“What?” He cackled

I cheesed. “I’m being serious.”

“Alright what’s your stripper name gonna be?”

“Ready? It’s gonna be Honey Cocaine.”

He began hyperventilating between laughter.

“Girl, you’re killing me!” Ty finally breathed then sighed. “I’m really feeling you, Honey.”

I beamed at his admission and sighed.

“I’m feeling you too, Ty.”

External image



I groaned loudly agressively pressing the “Dismiss” button on my phone. I hate waking up for school. Honey and I really need to put our stripper plans in action because I can’t take another day of this waking up early bullshit.

After doing my morning routine, I got dressed and made my way downstairs where Chris was helping himself to my damn fridge. Oh the fuckery. He popped his fat ass head out and smiled wide at me.

“Good Morning Kae.”

“Chris, what the fuck-”

“Language, Karrueche.” Mom gave me a warning look setting a plate of waffles in front of Chris who was seated.

“Wha-Why is he here?” I gestured towards him.

“Because you got the poor boy waiting on you. He deserves to get a full breakfast.” She smiled at Chris who smiled and stuck his tongue out at me. I scoffed rolling my eyes taking a seat to eat my breakfast.

“Your mama likes me better.” He sang in a taunting tone. Seeing Mom’s back was turned, I hit the back of his head.

“Ow! Mama Tran, she hit me!”

“Karrueche! Apologize!”

I shrugged returning to my food. “I’m not sorry.”

Once Chris and I finished, we left my house and went on our way to school.

“So Kae, are you a virgin?”


“Excuse me?” .

“I’m sorry. I’m just curious. Damn that was too personal.” He shook his head at himself.

My face softened. “No it’s ok. We’re best friends so nothing’s too personal.”

Chris smiled in relief and I sighed looking down.

“Yes, I’m a virgin.”

For some reason that made him smile a lot.

“Oh that’s good. Ever have a boyfriend?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Damn. Have you ever had your first kiss?”

I felt my face get redder by the minute. “No.”


“Yeah. I never been in a relationship, never been kissed, and never did anything sexual with a guy. Ok?” I confessed sighing.

Chris let out a low whistle. “Wow.”

“What?” I got defensive and felt really embarrassed because I was as virgin as olive oil.

“No, Kae. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m just surprised that a beautiful 17 year old girl is not tainted by this generation. That’s actually really impressive and I’m proud of you.” He turned to smile at me. “Really proud. You should be proud of yourself.”

I smiled kissing his cheek. “Thanks Chris.”

We finally made it to school, got inside and Chris stopped facing me and grabbing my wrist.

“Kae, I want you to meet someone.”

I eyed him skeptically. “Who?”

He sighed pulling me. “My girlfriend.”

“Hold up! You didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend!” I was shocked. Why does Chris choose now to tell me this shit? I should’ve known beforehand. Not when I’m fucking meeting her.

Finally, he brought me in front of a blonde mixed girl with blue eyes. He kissed her lips and I recognized who she was. Jasmine. Oh fuck no.

“Kae, this is my girlfriend Jasmine. Jasmine, this is my best friend, Kae.”

Jasmine stuck her hand. “Hey Kae.”

I squinted my eyes. “Bitch, don’t Hey me.”

Jasmine’s eyebrows raised and so did Chris’s.

“You’re a evil bitch and I want nothing to do with you.” I pushed past her storming away. Chris caught up with me grabbing my arm and I yanked it away.

“Kae, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why the fuck would you disrespect my girl like that? You don’t even know her.”

“But I do, Chris!” I pushed him away holding back my sadness.

“I fucking do.” My voice cracked as I continued to storm away.


“Karrueche, baby, are you ok?”

I was too busy picking at my food and thinking about what occured at school to hear my mother’s question. I managed to ignore Chris the whole day which was not that difficult, believe it or not. How could he? How could he date her? After what she did to me? Does he even know what she did to me?


I looked at Mom. “Yeah?”

“Are you ok? You’re not eating and you’re always eating.”

I shrugged sighing and returning to my food.”I was just thinking.”

She finished washing her last dish when the doorbell rang. She went over to the door opening it.

“Oh Hey Chris!”

My eyes widened. Shit. Shit. Shit. I slid out of my chair to creep up the stairs but due to my dumbass wearing socks on wooden floor and not learning my lesson, I fell on my ass again.

“Damn it! Mom! Why don’t we have carpet?!” I hissed holding my ass rubbing it.

“Because we don’t. Now Chris is here to talk to you. Get up.” Mom commanded but I could tell she was holding back a laugh as she helped me up. I went outside staying on the porch with Chris.

“So Jasmine told me how she used to bully you back then.”

“Hmm did she also tell you that she’s the one who triggered my suicide attempt?” I scoffed shaking my head. “I can’t believe you’re dating her ass. After what she did to me.”

“Kae, I didn’t know! Give me a break!” Chris exclaimed with his arms outstretched. “She’s not like that anymore. Come on.”

I sucked my teeth nodding. I mumbled an “Ok.” And opened the screen door when he closed it.

“No. I just got my best friend. I’ll be damned if I lose her again.” Chris declared staring into my eyes. I swallowed hard.

“What the fuck do you want from me?”

“Please forgive her. I swear, Kae, she’s not like that anymore. Please.” Chris begged dropping his arm sitting back on the white plastic chair on my porch. “I love her.”

He placed his face in his hands and I took a deep breath. He loves her and if he’s happy, I should be happy for him. No matter who he’s dating.

“Ok.” I whispered and Chris looked at me with hope.


“Ok. I’ll forgive her.” I whispered again and he grinned hugging me tight and I hugged back as he thanked me.

Yeah, I’m gonna forgive but I won’t forget.