ok so this is more of like a bff thing


the fact that denmark can apparently a) sense and b) catch things thrown at the back of his head without even trying like some kind of viking ninja… but still fails to react to norway “accidentally” punching him is somehow cute as hell. like he knows norway doesn’t mean anything by it; he knows he and norway are bffs and so isn’t even bothered because this is just the weird way nor shows his bff-type feelings and that is a-ok

(that or norway is even more of a crazy goddamn viking ninja than denmark which ngl seems about equally possible)

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okay but what about Yuri, who is direct and prefers to tackle things head on, falling in love slowly, there's no defining moment he's just living his life and one day calmly comes to the realisation that he's in love with Otabek and goes 'oh, of course'. But then our boy Beka is hit with the feels train out of nowhere, like Yura is visiting Almaty after the olympics2k18 and he appears in the kitchen one morning w the worst case of bed head and Otabek goes 'holy shit im in love with my bff'

OMFG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH cause like we tend to assume that yuri would be the one to be suddenly hit with his feelings but he’s way more self aware than we give him credit for. otabek on the other hand would be so focused on making sure yuri is ok throughout their own friendship that he’d unwittingly ignore his own growing affection. jfc I love this & I love u for sending it.