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Alfie Solomons X Fem!Reader

Part Two

Alfie smiled as he heard you yelling at someone, no doubt surprising your target due to the innocent girly look you had going for you. You stormed into his office and grabbed a pile of papers, smiling sweetly at Alfie as you hurried back to finish telling the worker off.


“You alright darlin’?” Alfie muttered when you returned to put the papers back in their place.

“Yeah, you need any help?” You muttered as he placed a large hand on your waist.

“Nah, but I’ve got this Shelby bloke coming soon and I need to get everything ready.” His brow furrowed as he looked over the papers in front of him.

“Everything’s ready for him.” You said with a small smile when your boss seemed to physically relax.

“If anyone ever found out how much you help me they’d steal you away.” He chuckled.


You smiled and ducked your head to hide the blush that settled in your cheeks, you were dismissed and sent up to the main ‘bakery’ to check if things were running smoothly. Thirty minutes later you were hurrying through the passageway to Alfie’s office to inform him you needed money to buy more stock.


“Alfi… Mr Solomans, sorry I didn’t realise you were still busy.” You said hurriedly as you skidded to a stop, trying to avoid looking at the curious blue eyed man who watched the exchange between you and Alfie.

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Prompt: “Don’t fucking touch me” Tommy Shelby

Tommy X Reader

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language and triggering scenes.

(GIFs not mine, credit goes to the creators)

“Tell me what Tommy and the rest of the Shelby clan are up to (Y/N) and I’ll ensure that you’ll remain safe.” Father Hughes said in his usual Irish drawl.
“ I have no idea what you’re talking about Father” You reply rather flippantly while shrugging your shoulders. You had been walking back to Tommy’s house after running an errand when a black car pulled up beside you and the much hated priest got out and managed to corner you in one of the nooks along the wall of a building.
“Don’t play coy with me girl, I know Tommy holds strong affection for you. You see I have eyes everywhere watching, now don’t you dare tell me that he doesn’t involve you in his activities.” Father Hughes snapped as he started to become visibly agitated.
“I don’t know what you think you’ve seen or you think you know, but I know nothing and I’ll tell you nothing!” You retorted.
Grabbing your face with one hand, Father Hughes approached you with his face almost touching yours as he whispers into your ear. “I know people who could really hurt you (Y/N), make you feel pain and shame enveloping you all at once -”

“Don’t you fucking touch me.” You cry as you struggle against the Fathers grasp.
“What the fuck is going on here?” Came the sound of a furious but familiar voice.
Looking to the side you saw Tommy approaching with Arthur and John following in tow.

“There’s nothing to see here boys, I’m just having a friendly word with (Y/N).” Father Hughes chuckles as he releases his grip on you face.

“Well it doesn’t look like that to me Father.” Tommy growls as he closes in on him. “If you so much as talk let alone touch (Y/N) again I will have you murdered in your sleep.”

“Now now Tommy there’s no need to be aggressive, we’re all friends here.” The Father said as he smirked at you. “I feel like my presence is no longer wanted so I will take my leave now, good day to you fellas, madam.” He nodded his head and entered the car before taking off down the road.

Tommy rushed over to you immediately inspecting you for any injuries. “Are you ok (Y/N)? What the hell happened?”

“I’m ok Tommy, just a little shaken. He was demanding that I tell him our business dealings and what we have planned but I promise you that I didn’t tell him anything.” You explained.

“It’s ok, don’t worry I believe you. I’m just glad your alright. I will make him pay for what he’s done, he’s crossed a line by touching you.” Tommy said softly as he embraced you in a tight hug before leaning down to give you a soft but comforting kiss. “Come on let’s get you home and run you a bath.

The Man Who Remained to France || Thomas Shelby

GIF/Photo is not mine, credit goes to the creator(s)

“… Cut out the tongues of those who talk, a three headed beast. The Peaky Blinders. It is my job to decapitate each one. By God I will do it! God help those who stand in our way.” I and John mimiced the inspector Chester Campbells speech loudly, standing by the dinner table with stupid smirks on our faces - until Aunt Polly pulled us both to sit down to our seats. The room seemed to be full of discussion and small laughs, until the heavy doors of the dining area opened and the room fell silent, Tommy was back.

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Meeting the Shelby’s Pt. 2

Pt. 1

You had stopped counting how many drinks in you were, and you were definitely feeling the effects. Usually you’d argue that you were one who could hold her liquor, but there was something different in the atmosphere that made you lose just a little bit of self control.

You hadn’t noticed Tommy leave the private room with Aunt Poll as you amused Arthur and John by playing their little game.

“So who’s the youngest?” Arthur asks, getting all up in your personal face.

“Uh…Finn?” You ask.

“Ding ding, right again.” John says with a laugh.

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