ok so this got notes fast

Hey remember when I recommended Schoola? While it’s great that it helps fund schools, not the best customer service in the world. It got here fast but I was going to wait until I could film an unboxing. That was about a week ago, I hadn’t had time to film. Today they sent me an ~80% refund so I finally opened the box and turns out I only received 3 of the 16 items I ordered. Like yeah ok at least I was refunded but 1. I wasn’t sent anything about my order being changed and there wasn’t any note or alert in the box 2. I would have freaked out if I had opened it before today 3. Still no word from them, I sent a v polite “was there something wrong with my order?” message just so I’ll know if this is unusual for them or if they end up accidentally double selling items regularly so I don’t shop there again or at least don’t get my hopes up like last time. I really wanted those dresses :(

BUT the items I did receive are in even nicer condition them what the website said and with all of the discounts ended up being cheaper than ONE item of clothing from my favorite thrift stores. Like, I still got two professional looking blouses and a pair of (plus size! Which is never find thrifting) jeans for a little more than $3.