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Warning: this is long

Ok, this is inspired by a conversation that @omegastation​ was having, regarding the Asari and their possible discrimination amongst themselves because of skin colour. Aria T’Loak came up, and this is something that has bothered me since ME2 came out, so bear with me.

Aria T’Loak is blue.

We meet her in Afterlife, where all the lights are red/pink, and it is really a simple matter of colour reflection. When you put something blue under a reddish light, the human eye perceives it as purple (colour mixing 101: red+blue=purple).

These screenshots have not been manipulated except for cropping and resizing (and the rather obvious green highlighting line…). Follow me. As you can see here, the part of her face hit by the lights is purple, whereas the side of her head which is not, and the rest of her neck and her body, are clearly blue.

When we see her in Purgatory, where the lights are blue, she looks incredibly blue, because she is blue under a blue light. Please note that the collar of her jacket, usually red, is now purple because it is red under a blue light. Magic!

Just a couple of notable examples of this phenomenon happening to other Asari: here is Morinth in Afterlife, under red/pink lights.

And here she is, back at her apartment, under neutral lights.

Here is Tela Vasir under some yellowish lights.

And here she is under neutral lights.

And oh look! I found some yellow humans and some red humans and some neon pink humans!

Now you can take this shitlong information thingie and do with it what you will. As far as I am concerned, Aria is blue. :)

rarepair: Renee/Aaron

+Id call this pairing ‘she makes me quiet’.

+also i don’t know where Katlyn is in this but lets assume it was an amicable break-up and they are friends still. 

+ Maybe it starts like Renee is close to Andrew and Aaron wants to know. understand Andrew so he starts hanging out with Renee. 

+She is a good person to hang out with. She calls Aaron on his shit. talks about difficult things with him like his nightmares, Andrews and his own abuse. 

+Renee has a way of making difficult conversations easier because she gets a lot of it so she’s coming from a place of understanding. 

+Its shocking for Aaron because once he really gets to know he realizes its so easy. not having to watch what he says or pretend he’s ok. 

+It doesn’t hurt that she has the most encouraging angelic smile or that he feels better just by looking at her. 

+ She helps him study for biology, makes him brownie when he’s going to be pulling an all-nighter and sends him to bed after exams. 

+ They take kickboxing classes together at the rec center on saturday’s. 

+ Renee likes that despite what Aaron says people matter to him and taking care of people, especially kids is something he is good at. When he cares about someone he is devoted to them endlessly. 

+They are off and on after college while Renee is in the peacecorp. She sleeps with a guy who ends up wanting his career more than a family. Aaron has Allison take Renee’s son to the hospital he is a resident at and personally hires the best doctors. 


warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

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Lance,,,being insecure,,,,and the team helping,,,in subtle ways,,,in my,,,aesthetic,,,

anon,,,you get me,,,,

  • lance has no confidence in himself, thats a fact
  • but he hides it pretty well, all the jokes and bravado keep people off his tail
  • and the trick behind all that is that lance is observant.
    • like scarily so
  • so imagine when missions start to go wrong and lance does something behind everyones back that gets them back on track
  • or when they’re having team meetings, he wil mention something thats really off hand that no one really thinks about till later because omg it makes so much sense. and im talking wayyy later, to the point wehre its not relevant anymore
  • but its doesnt stop there
  • sometimes pidge will be sleeping in an odd place and lance will bring her a blanket so she doesnt get cold
    • he also saves the stuff on her laptop and turns it off or idles it for later
  • hunk will misplace something in the kitchen and lance sometimes walks in and ‘magically’ finds it for him
    • lance just knows where everything is
  • when coran is doing maintenance on the castle, lance likes to appear and give him a helping hand
  • shiro has a hard time sleeping and lance found a soothing body wash for shiro specifically that helps him calm down some, enough to sleep more than he does
    • (you cant tell me that lance doesnt know where all the cosmetic stuff is in the castle, the boy has a nose for it i swear)
  • keith is the training room gremlin and when kes been at it too much, lance will come in and basically screw up keiths groove enough to get him out of there
    • usually takes 3 or 4 challenges before keith has had enough and storms out
    • lance’s feelings arent hurt by it, he just wants keith to take care of himself ok?
  • allura can work herself to the bone too so when shes in the control room, lance likes to come by and start talking about earth
    • the similarities draw allura out of her head and start to open up to lance about altea
    • and by the end of the convo, allura is yawning and lance tells her to go to bed. works like a charm
  • and i like to think it takes a really long time for anyone to realize that lance has been keeping them together this whole time
  • like when conversations get to heated, he will make a joke at his expense and it diffuses the situation
  • or he will say just the right thing to kickstart a really great plan
    • all the while not taking any credit for it
  • like my dudes, lance cares so fucking much and no one notices, but hes completely okay with it since the team is all together and he can see his own family in them
  • he doesnt want to lose that
  • so he sticks to being the Middle Child™ and accepts being looked over as long as team voltron is together

i can’t wait until vilde starts figuring out her sexuality and goes to isak for help and he introduces her to even’s 2 moms to show her that she can have exactly the life she wants being exactly who she is!!

Craigslist jerk gets what's coming to him.

So here’s the story of this one individual who really got to me a few years ago.

I see an item posted online and decide to make an offer, and it goes like below. And any text below written in between parentheses is just extra story info, not actual exchanged info.

Me: Hi, is your item still available?

Seller: Yeah I still have it.

(BTW, I think the item was posted for like $150)

Me: OK, would you take $140 for it? (Which is only $10 off and I certainly wasn’t going to meet up with a less than agreed upon amount)

Seller: Sure, can you meet me at Town Center right now? (Which is halfway across town 50 minutes away)

Me: OK, I’m on my way. Thank you!

Seller: Sure, I’ll see you soon.

Me: OK I’m here, are you close?

(So I get there and I’m waiting for over 40 minutes, and I still haven’t received a text back from this guy)

(A few minutes later I receive the following text)

Seller: Hey, I hope you wasted your gas and time. That’s what you get for lowballing me.


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Langst (with a small serving of fluff on the side)

Ok, so here’s a little headcanon that I wrote yesterday as a result of a conversation with @librebananr about season 3 of Voltron and how Lance needs some love. I also want next season to have a snippet of insight into Lance’s family, even just a photo, so the following occurred:

Imagine the really emotional reunion between Pidge and Matt. Everyone is so happy to see the two of them together and Lance shows them both a smile, making Matt laugh with his exaggerated behaviour.

Later whilst everyone’s gathered to hear Matt’s story, Lance is further back in the room just watching the warm scene, but as he feels his cheeks grow wet he has to leave quietly so that no one can notice his tears. So no one can know how hard it is for him.

Except, someone DID notice. They had been keeping an eye on him since hearing the forced tone of his laughs.

Lance finds himself curled up on his bed, his thumb gently stroking the worn sides of the photo. A knock sounds at his door and he jumps, shocked that anyone had left the group. He doesn’t answer, hoping that they’ll think he’s not in, or just asleep, and walk on. He tenses at the sound of the door opening.

Not wanting to speak to anyone, he keeps still, closing his eyes as he tries to keep his breath even, attempting to feign sleep. The person doesn’t make a sound after walking up to his bed, and Lance can feel his heart hammering. Oh god, he can’t cry now! He can feel the fragility of what little strength he has, struggling to hold back his tears. He knows just a few words could shatter it. But the person doesn’t speak.

After a minute or two, he listens as the person sits down beside the bed and feels a heavy weight rest against his back. Rather than weighing him down, or making him feel cramped or confined, the weight of the person’s head is reassuring in its physical presence. It grounds​ him. The warmth he feels from it is probably imagined, considering the layers of clothing separating them, but the feeling is still pleasant.

Lance listens as the person’s breathing starts to even out, soon finding himself growing tired as well. Just before he falls asleep, his curiosity wins out and he glances over his shoulder to identify his silent comforter.

His neck complains as he quickly snaps his head back around, his cheeks starting to burn. It wasn’t the short locks and orange headband of his best friend. Nor was it Coran’s red hair. It wasn’t the short clipped hair of Shiro. Neither was it the soft locks of Pidge. No. What he had seen was black locks of hair… and the mullet was unmistakable… But the thought that HE had come, out of everyone, meant that Lance’s usual hostility was nowhere to be found.

But it felt nice to be understood. Even if it was by Keith.

Especially if it was by Keith.


There you go! Sometimes even just knowing someone is supporting you can help, and Keith’s a bit too awkward to initiate any heart-to-heart. Please feel free to request headcanons as they do tend to come quite easily!

You know what’s funny about this whole birthday thing? The subject was initially brought up by Jimin (and he was lowkey bragging about it ok), but he didn’t even say much during that whole conversation. In fact, it was all the other hyungs who seemed really curious about what was going on.

Namjoon was watching Jungkook for apparently months to see how he would react to the other members’ birthdays. And as Hoseok put it, Jungkook’s behavior was “strange/unfamiliar.” RM then added that it was an “exception” to the norm. As a reminder, these are the same people who’ve been with Jungkook since the beginning and know him the most. So surprising them isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what happened.

By the way, a fan actually asked what Jungkook did for Jimin’s birthday last year and he replied with this:

…He’d buy Jimin a meal.

So now we know that’s not the only thing he did for Jimin. Maybe he didn’t want to talk about it and that’s fine but…

Jungkook also didn’t explain why he didn’t get the other hyungs anything either. He didn’t offer any excuses or explanations whatsoever by the end. And when he did say something - that he’d get them gifts next time - everybody refused because that’s not what was important, that’s not what they were trying to hear. 

Well… Nice dodge, JK.

You know what really gets to me? Kara Danvers has such a strong, loving relationship with Lena Luthor, they regularly hang out and have long conversations…all while Kara has only revealed half of herself. They have so much in common just in the context of Earth. Kara even spends more time with Lena and sometimes appears to be closer to her than even some of the people who DO know her secret, which is why a) I can’t believe Kara hasn’t told her yet and b) I refuse to accept that Lena doesn’t at least suspect at this point.

Ok, that’s a lie, I can actually understand Kara’s reluctance. She met Lena as Kara Danvers and that’s who really got to know her. Her decision to keep her identity secret may be out of a desire to maintain a relationship with someone who sees Kara Danvers as a hero before even knowing she’s the girl of steel. Or perhaps out of fear that Lena will distance herself if she knows.

But jeez…if we think Lena Luthor has amazing chemistry with Kara Danvers, just imagine how much she’ll have with Kara Zor-el. Lena finally being able to talk about losing her entire family to their own catastrophic, misguided decisions with someone who knows exactly what that feels like. Kara telling Lena all about life on Krypton, filling her head with all sorts of ideas when she mentions tech they used to have, frustrating her a bit when Kara doesn’t know enough specifics to help her replicate different devices she’s casually mentioned.

Like it blows my mind because even without all of this their relationship is fucking beautiful, yet there’s still SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

…Can Lena please just look directly into the camera and say “yeah I’ve known like the whole time” so we can skip ahead to the scenes I actually want to see?


naley appreciation week: day 2 ⇒ most emotional moment
Nathan, from the second I heard those words; “we found a body”, my heart sank. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think. And now that I’ve managed to at least move, all I can think about is one moment you and I shared years ago, over and over that same insignificant moment repeats in my head. I-I can’t tell you why.. It was your birthday. Your first year playing for Maryland, Jamie must’ve been two. You said you didn’t wanna do anything, but I insisted on at least having your favorite ice cream, you remember this? When I brought back mint chocolate chip, and you asked why I thought that was your favorite, I was so confused. Anytime we had gotten ice cream together that’s what you always chose. But you told me rocky road was your favorite. And you looked at me, so tenderly, Nathan, and you said you always chose mint chocolate chip because you knew it was my favorite flavor. And that’s when I realized, for the first time, that you hadn’t been making any of your decisions for yourself. You were doing everything for me, all along, for your family. And it occurred to me that we still had so much to learn about each other. And since then, Nathan, I’ve learned about how wonderfully selfless, humble, strong man you are. Nathan, I can’t hear that you’ll never come home again. That I’ll never learn something new about you again. Never experience your selflessness, your love, your warm touch again. Nathan.. Please. Have we really had our last conversation? Our last kiss? I don’t know what I’d do.

Little moments of whump

Grand whump is wonderful, of course, but what takes my breath are those subtle moments that show the whumped character is really not ok:

- taking a moment to close his eyes because he’s light headed/exhausted/has such a bad headache

- pressing the heel of his hand against his temple, because his head hurts or he can feel his temperature rising

- spacing out a bit during a conversation - especially when he’s the one speaking, so that he kind of trails off and has to shake himself and apologise and get back on track

- pressing a cold bottle of beer/coke against his forehead and just taking a moment to savour the relief

- especially a normally diligent/stoic character - falling asleep on the job or somewhere he shouldn’t, even if it’s just for a moment, and he’s startled awake by someone/something and there’s just that moment of being lost in his eyes as he tries to figure out where he is and what’s happened

- his hands are shaking and he accidentally meets someone’s eyes who’s seen it happen so he shoves his hands into his pockets or armpits and stalks off

- a little stagger as he walks, or kind of drunkenly reeling off-course a tiny bit before he self-corrects

- that helpless expression just before he collapses

- moving wrong in a way that aggravates the pain, and the sudden seizing of his body

- breathing through the pain

- leaning against objects so he can stay upright, especially if he’s doing it as nonchalantly as possible

- a pause as he first notices that something isn’t right

- that white knuckled grip

- a hitch in his voice as he talks

- half-lidded eyes that are becoming unfocussed

- the way his head lolls

- where he can’t even spare the energy/strength to turn his head and he kind of just accepts things/carries on looking straight ahead

- trying to carry on speaking a command or direction or explanation even though he can only voice a few words at a time, either because of pain, or weakness, or confusion/disorientation

- someone passes him something but his hands are clumsy and he fumbles with it rather than just taking it normally

- reaching under a jacket and coming out with a blood-stained hand (always this <3)

- apologising for being about to pass out just before he does (afhflksdkkjfgg)


Besides everything that I have going on the side, I want to raise some awareness about a specific person. 
I am not usually one for drama but when it concerns friends and mutuals I have VERY STRONG FEELINGS on art theft and reposting! Especially when I can help it!!

There was a post floating around here:

I instantly recognized this as Simika’s wonderful artwork and I was irritated to see it on here. Just because you put a tiny source link does not mean it is okay to repost without permission! Unless permission is explicitly given you should. not. do. it.

So I messaged this person, you can see the conversation I had with them. They seemed…… ok? Very formal, but all that did was sugar-coat their really selfish intentions. I ended up speaking with Simika about this, as you can see from the screenshot below, as they are one of my mutuals…. I got clear instructions to ask them to take it down. So I sent the screenshot. This very “formal and polite” person who “takes art theft very seriously” blocked me shortly afterwards. They did not take the post down.

… What to do? I’m furious. I cannot report artwork that isn’t my own and Simika does not know English. If maybe you can send them an ask asking them to take down the artwork… I do not suggest attacking, that is never acceptable, but there is a lesson here as well….. Just because you source does not make it okay to repost….. Especially when the artist says so.

it is such a problem, I am frustrated and unsure what to do at this point.

  • Someone: What's your myers briggs personality type?
  • Me, extremely excited someone asked: OMG you know about MBTI? I'm an INTP!!! What are you?
  • Same person: Oh I'm a mix between a ENFJ and INFJ because sometimes I get introverted but I also think I'm an ENFP too as sometimes I'm not as judgy.
  • Me, biting my tongue really hard as I know that's not how it works but I just met this person and if I correct them now they'll probably get offended that I'm talking to them like I know their personality more than they do, plus cognitive functions is a big concept that I can't really explain in a short conversation, although I know it's important for the facts to be correct however, I might lose a potential friend so: OK.....neat!

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how do you flirt with an INTJ asking for a friend

Alrighty so here’s the lowdown

Flirting with an INTJ

By an ENTP

Warning, probably pretty ENTP-centered (the randomness of the flirting is off the charts) so interpret and use it as you will.

But this has worked for me TWICE so I’m not bad at this. I scored one of the INTJs I flirted with (we’ve been dating for months now) and managed to convince another to go on two dates with me before ditching him because he’s a bitch so I know this guys. I have spent years (you think I’m kidding? sadly im not) researching this and not even shitting you, this is how you do it:

  • Number one you gotta just introduce yourself and make sure you know the person knows your name if you’re starting from square one. Like “oh hey I’ve seen you around and you seem really smart. But I don’t know your name” if they stare at you blankly or ignore you, tell them “alright am i gonna have to do this the hard way? you seem pretty interesting so I was hoping to chat or something”
    • At this point they’ll answer with like “what” and maybe a laugh if they’re kinda nice so you gotta keep the conversation going
    • They’re gonna ask why so many times you’ll want to scream but you won’t, right?
    • So just be prepared to answer with why you thought they seemed interesting, what compelled you to approach them, etc
    • Ask them at some point about what their favorite things to study are. Listen in fascination or terror, depending on their preferred topics. Seem excited, thrilled, on the edge of your seat. Ask thoughtful questions about the real life applications. Leave them alone for a few days to recuperate. Repeat. Until you’re friends.
  • Get their number. It’s as easy terrifying as chasing them out after class or work and being all “wAIT ok so I really enjoy our conversations so I’m going to have to ask for your number”
    • If they ask “why” again, punch them in the fucking face
      • Jk jk don’t they all know martial arts
    • For real just repeat the line “well I think you’re pretty smart and interesting and I’d like to get to know you more” and if you have to be entirely honest then just say you like them, watch them shit their pants, and yet still give you their number anyway
  • Some super hot lines to turn them on: “whaaat, dang, I never thought of it that way before. Your way of thinking is really cool.” “Have you ever wondered what the real life implications of that would be?” “What would your ideal society look like?” “What do you think of what’s going on in the news?” “Hah random question: what would you change about the human race if it was all up to you?” “Have you ever researched (insert some sophisticated science field you know some things about)? I think you’d be interested in that”
    • If they ask why again, take a deep breath and try not to set them on fire but just, again, tell them you’re interested in how they think and that you’re into psychology and they’re especially fascinating to you if you’re reading this advice, that is true for you so that is not a lie
    • I got super lucky with my current INTJ partner because he asked me to go out with him the day after I pulled out all those questions ^ but 99% of INTJs will be slower than snails
      • Literally spent 2 years of my life trying to goad the other INTJ I had a “thing” with to go out with me, worked but never went anywhere relationship-wise (sometimes they’re just in love with an ISFP and you can’t change it)
  • Put in time, effort, and understanding into the relationship and build trust slowly. They’re not going to open up to you completely within a week of meeting you–it’ll take a LONG time before they’ll probably even discuss their religious views/families/personal lives with you. 
  • Give them SPACE and TIME. They’re busy bees and need lots of space to figure out how they feel about things, so if they’re beginning to like you, be prepared to face a lot of “chilliness” from them until they figure it out
  • Also when they’ve decided they like you, they’re gonna ask you a ton of questions about your personal life and will want you to open up for them (but do NOT push it the other way unless they’re fine with it)
  • They’re probably going to ask you out if they’ve decided they like  you unless their social anxiety is pretty bad. Once Ni-Fi is set on something….it’s set. As in they’re considering a long term, serious relationship with you
  • Love them with all you got but don’t smother them with affection and expect it to be returned with the same enthusiasm. Again, they need space and time to figure everything out, so things may move slowly. 
Newbie heroes having trouble keeping a lid on it; or alternatively another idea that came from a conversation with my sister
  • Marinette: hey Alya, still having trouble getting an interview with Volpina
  • Alya: actually could I talk to you about that, I may need you to film that for me
  • Marrinette: ok but why
  • Alya: *checks to make sure nobody's listening* because I can't film myself
  • Marinette: *deadpanned stare* ... really?
  • ---------
  • QueenBee: oh my god this is so exciting, I'm getting to hang out with my BFF Ladybug
  • Ladybug: um, we just met
  • QueenBee: no, you guys save me all the time. you come by my hotel and we take selfies
  • ------
  • Ladybug having a sit down talk with QB and Volpina: did your kwamis even mention keeping your identities secret or do me and Chat just get that rule?

Ok, this spooked around in my head since @shadeandadidas​ wrote that bit about Even giving the phone to Isak. 

  • At first the idea of talking to Even’s mom in general terrified him. He never even met the parents of his girlfriends and he knew the parents of his friends since he was a little kid.
    Isak doesn’t like to speak on the phone, period.

  • But when Even was feeling down and he hadn’t yet met his parents (and, well, Sonja kindly offered but he really didn’t want to take her up on playing messenger between him and Even’s parents) so when his phone rang and it read Liv Bech Næsheim he had a little internal scream-attack

  • Of course she wanted to know how Even was. His energy wasn’t up to talk to her himself and since Isak hadn’t even met her it was understandable that she would want some kind of confirmation that her son was ok.

  • Next time was when the battery of Even’s phone had died (the fate of the only android user in a kollektivet full of iPhones - no spare charger for him) and he was at Isak’s for the weekend. Liv wanted to let Even know that they were going on a spontaneous trip and wouldn’t be home until tuesday.

  • Isak coughed awkwardly into the phone and handed Even the phone. (his heart rate didn’t calm down after that for half an hour)

  • Then there was the time when Even’s birthday was around the corner. It was the first time that Isak was the one calling her (after Mahdi, Magnus and Jonas all talked some courage into him) to check if the watch Even wanted was ok for him to get for Even or if they already covered that.

  • But when they talked about who would get that precious boy what, she made a frustrated sound. Bc god damn that computer never did what it is supposed to! And why is my screen so big all of a sudden? Oh no, I can’t even see anything anymore. So, Isak talked her through it, which earned him a lot of gratitude and she made him promise to come by soon so she could make him a thank you dinner.

  • After they met each other time and time again, when Isak went over to Even’s, when they ate dinner with his parents, when he got there before Even after school (he waited outside for 10 min until Liv saw him and asked him what he was waiting for - more awkward coughing) and Liv made them some tea.

  • And Isak never really experienced that. Talking with parents. Having conversations with parents. With his dad it had been the occasional “Everything ok in school?” to which he nodded and then his dad nodded and that was that. With his mom he talked, yeah… but never like this. He never had a grown up just listen to him, give advice or just talk to him from eye to eye.

  • So when Even came he was almost disappointed (he wasn’t bc Even, but almost) that he had to stop his conversation with Liv - which at this point was just about some banality, but meant so much. She gave him a warm smile and an even warmer hug.

  • From then on, when Even’s mom called to check in when Even hasn’t been home for a bit, she always asked to be put on with Isak. At first it was surprising (and a little alarming “She wants to talk to me??” he had mouthed the first few times) but he soon found that Liv genuinely asking how was school, are you eating enough? Will we see you soon at dinner? How did that math test go? was one of the most comfortable and satisfying things he never knew he missed.

  • So now when Even’s phone rings and it reads Liv Bech Næsheim Isak perks up every time. Pauses his game of Fifa, shushes his friends or closes his biology book with an awaiting smile. Knowing he is about to receive parental affection and to be fussed about.

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I think it's so unfair that you can't respond without seeming "unprofessional". You're a person, if a kid comes screaming at you in your face it's your right to respond. You should be allowed to defend yourself and respond to the teens and others that are demanding interactions. The fact they squirm and cry wolf when they don't get their way proves they're immature and don't need to be starting conversations they don't want to have. I really hope you're ok and keep voicing Pidge forever.

I hope Pidge stays around forever too

Mr. and Mrs. Kim (M)

Words: 2229

Warning: Smut, cursing, teasing.

Reader X Taehyung 

Request here

Originally posted by changkyuh

Arranged marriage. That was the most awkward, annoying and trashy thing that could’ve happened in your life. Marry with a guy who doesn’t love you? With a guy who doesn’t care about you? Shit. Of course, you couldn’t deny your own cultural traditions, but it didn’t mean you were happy about that.

 Kim Taehyung was your husband for 6 months now. Yeah he was completely gorgeous, hot and stuff but he couldn’t be less worried about you. And that sucked. You just wanted attention. Was that ask too much to have a little of caressing from your husband? It was pretty clear he didn’t love you.

 The sex was completely robotic. No emotions, no feelings, no cuddling after. Actually you had never come.

Nice marriage.

  “We are gonna be late, Y/N!” Taehyung screamed at you. You were finishing your make up. You both were going to a party, and you were fucking excited. You would finally have some fun. You wore a black, lacy dress that did draw your curves. You smiled to yourself when you caught Taehyung’s eyes wide when he saw you.

  Once there, you and Taehyung get away from each other, going to talk to your own friends. It was common. You never spend time together at parties.

  “Oh my god, Y/N, you look amazing!” your friend greeted you. Finally.

  “Thank you! So do yours” you hugged her. You loved her.

A couple drinks after; you started talking about your marriage.

 "It sucks. I’m not happy. I’m not fucking happy" you said, “I want a man. I want a man to show me I’m his; I want a man to fucking claim. But Taehyung?” you laughed, “Taehyung does not give a fuck”. Yeah, the alcohol had already gotten you.

  “Well, you can always find some fun, Y/N…” she whispered.

 "W-what do ya mean?“ you gasped, the drink burning your throat.

 "Well, if what you’ve told me is true, then he doesn’t love you, Y/N. Or at least he doesn’t care enough to show you he does. I’m sorry, but it’s what it’s. However, you can always…you know… Find some fun. Look around. There are a lot of men here. Beautiful, hot men” she said.

 What? She meant… cheating? No! No way. You were not this kind of girl. You would never cheat your husband, no matter how shity he was. However, she was right. There were a lot of men there. Attractive men.

 "I don’t think so. I’m not cheating my husband, Y/F/N" you said.

 "Ok ok. No cheating. But you can flirt. Flirt is just a… a healthy conversation, you know".

 Yeah, she was… kinda right. You could just flirt around, for fun. Not to fuck. You looked around, searching for someone who you could be interested in. A few seconds later your gaze caught someone else’s. You looked away quickly, and occasionally looked back, and he was still staring at you.

  Wow. He was really, really beautiful. His suit was fitting him so perfectly. You could see his muscles. His gray hair pulled back… fuck.

  “Go talk to him” your friend’s voice pulled you from your reverie, noticing you found someone.

“What? No” you said harshly.

 She rolled her eyes at you, “for god sakes dude have some fun”

  “No. Oh god, what am I supposed to do if he comes to talk to me?” You said suddenly worried.

 "I dunno, but you better think quickly, because he is coming. I need to go to the bathroom" she said and turned around to leave.

 "No, fuck, wait" you tried to pull her back but it was too late.

  Fuck fuck fuck. How could she. For god sakes, your husband was there!

 What If-

 "Hey lady" a soft voice called you from behind, and then you felt a body beside yours. No. You looked at the beautiful guy beside you. Fuck he was prettier when he was close.

  “H-hey” you answered hesitantly.

  “I’m Park Jimin. I’m the host of this party. And you are…?” he asked as he gave you his hand, his gaze locked with yours.

 You greeted him back, smiling shyly.

 "I’m Y/N. I, hum… I’m an invited’s invited. I don’t think we know each other" you said. He smiled at you.

 "Of course we don’t. I would remember you if we did"

 Shit. Your cheeks got red as his words left his soft, pink lips.

“Well, can I offer you a special drink?” he asked politely.

You looked around, looking for Taehyung. He was far away from being paying attention in you.

 What bad could a drink do?

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