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Jessica Dilaurentis vs. Mary Drake: the theory masterpost

So the twin reveal gave us one solid answer: Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin, Mary Drake. In typical PLL fashion, that means we have 500 new questions. 

(side note: wow i can’t believe i wrote this theory!!! look at me go. im tooting my own horn ok)

Question #1: Who buried Alison? Jessica, to protect Cece? Or was it Mary, to protect Cece?

A lot of people think that the reveal of Mary Drake means Mary buried Ali to protect Cece. But I still think it was Jessica.

  • 4x02. You know, the episode where Hanna is introduced to Tippi the Clue Parrot on the Dilaurentis front porch.
  • Jessica’s in the front lawn, talking about shit living under her porch (Mary, Cece, Raccoons.. who knows? Not me)
  • Hanna asks if Jessica saw Ali’s body when the gazebo was moved. Jessica says “Once I saw the yellow top that was enough to know it was her” (don’t quote me on that, I’m paraphrasing)

I always assumed Jessica said this because she actually did bury Ali, and because of this, she firmly believes Alison is dead until she arrives at the police station that night. She spouts off the yellow top line to Hanna because she didn’t look long at the body. There was no reason to look any longer than a glance.  After all, she buried Alison… she knew Ali was under that gazebo… she “knows” she is dead.  Jessica buried Ali, because this was not the one time we saw Mary Drake.

Question #2: When did we see Mary “one time” prior to the reveal in 6x20?

For me, it can only be one scene: and that’s the scene where we see “Jessica” (Mary) behind Spencer in 4x22.

  • “Mrs. Dilaurentis” (Mary Drake) is not seen by any character on the show. Veronica and Spencer don’t notice her. She is no hallucination. She is ONLY REVEALED TO THE AUDIENCE. This is huge. We even see her shadow as she is leaving behind Veronica and Spencer. This is not something we have to doubt a character for (such as when Ali sees Wilden, and we have to question hallucinations).
  • This is only shown to the viewers and never mentioned again. Just like when we, the audience, not the characters, saw Cece in the black hoodie spying on Ezra. 
  • Ezra’s book “research” makes him believe Mrs. D could be A. His cameras weren’t catching Jessica- it was Mary. 

If we’ve only seen the twin once, we have to remember we saw a lot of interactions with Jessica and Cece- so those had to be Jessica, not Mary. And Cece definitely felt Jessica was/loved her as if she were her mother, which makes me assume Jessica felt a similar love for Cece as her daughter. It’s because of this love that she buries Ali to protect Cece. It doesn’t matter that Cece is her niece, rather than her daughter. (Besides, Cece still shares at least half of Jessica’s genetic makeup anyways, as her mother is Jessica’s identical twin!) It may even be out of love for her sister, too, that she buries her daughter in order to keep Cece from jail. 

Question #3: Who killed Jessica Dilaurentis?

The only answer that fits, in my opinion, is that Mary Drake killed her own twin sister, Jessica.

  • Ali’s story of twins foreshadows this.
  • In the books, Alison kills Courtney for “stealing her life” (or some other twisted weird version of this idk Sara Shepard is wild lol. its been a while since i read the books yall dont come after me for it).
  • Book homage- Mary kills Jessica for stealing her daughter from her.
  • Maybe even for giving her a life in Radley rather than a life of freedom (since Mary had to live in Radley, most likely after hurting Jessica as kids). Another tribute to the books.
  • Mary might feel Jessica has brainwashed Cece into loving her instead of loving her real mother.
  • On top of all this, Mary can’t take over the Carissimi Group if Jessica is alive. She needs to get back the fortune her daughter created, and that’s not possible if the real Jessica is around to keep Ali from signing over the rights to 51% to Rollins.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Requested by Anonymous…

SUMMARY: Your writing is really good! Like I have to request! Can I have one where Isaac, Scott and Jackson are fighting over the reader but in the end we find out she’s already with Derek?



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What are your favorite soccercop fics?? Or are there any you can recommend? Thanks! :)

EVERYTHING HERE but i think there are a ton of fics in that tag so my absolute favorites out of those are probably

yeah those are my absolute favorites but i recommend reading everything in the faves tag if you have time because they’re all great ok

My thoughts on the PLL Summer finale.

“Summer of Answers” HAHAHA Summer of answers MY ASS.

First. Cece Drake is A. Is Charles Dilaurentis. Ok, I accept it. I liked her being A. It was unexpected by almost every PLL fan. So I liked to be a shocking reveal. But after that, EVERYTHING IS A MESS.

Before my thoughts, here you have the ages of the liars and Cece in the show.

The age gap between Alison and Cece is 7 years. So explain how this is Jason, Charles/Cece and Ali.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE. That girl can’t be 7 years younger that the kid in the middle. There’s only two possible things here: 1) That girl is Bethany or 2) The writers made a huge mistake.

When they found Bethany’s body, the cops said she was 18 when she died. So she was 18 in 2009. That’s a 3 years gap between her and Cece. Tell me how Bethany looks older than Charles/Cece in the flashbacks when she was younger. Another mistake, Marlene.


If the episode “The First Secret” Toby said his mother died in 2007. 2007!!
Cece was 19 and Bethany 17. THIS KIDS LOOK LIKE 19 AND 17??

So in the story Cece tells, Marion Cavanaugh died when she was a kid. Toby and Alison must had like 5-7, more or less. OKAY? SO EXPLAIN HOW MARION IS AT HER HOUSE WITH HER TEENAGER SON AND HIS TEENAGER FRIEND!

With that story I felt so dissapointed because I think the writers don’t pay attention to their own show.

Let’s move with the motive of Cece/Charles torturing the girls.

Cece really tortured them for three years because they were friends of Ali? Because the felt “”good”” when she was “dead”? Didn’t Cece see all the things the girls did to protect Ali from A, from her? The girls cared a lot about Ali when they found she was alive. They did everything to protect her and make her feel save enough to come back to Rosewood. It doesn’t make any sense.

Ok, she entered Radley when she was 8-9 (the baby Alison wasn’t more than 1 and half) and Cece said the next 7 years she was alone. So it makes an age of 15/16. Charles died at 16 so that makes sense. YAY.

Twelve. Alison had 5. This little girls is not 5. She looks like 7/8. 


C’mon Mona. You’re the smartest one, you knew you didn’t kill Alison because you were the one who helped her to fake her death. You’d must known you hit/killed another girl. Another mistake?

Sure he knew, then why he could sabotage Aria’s exhibition and why he showed up at Dilaurentis’ looking for Kenneth?










6x10 - summer of 8 answers

The finale is fast approaching and i want you all to enjoy it! We have been waiting years and years for the identity of A

At this point i dont even care WHY as much as i care WHO. Ill make up my own why if theirs doesnt make sense

Please PLEASE pleAse remember that they will NOT answer all 10,000 questions we have ok so dont psych yourself up to be disappointed. We will still have 9,990 questions after the finale

Go into this knowing we will learn…

- who is A /Charles and why

- Who is redcoat

- who is black veil

- who hit alison

-who killed bethany

- who killed ian, Marion and mrs.d

- Monas secret.

THATS ITTTT!!! so please remember this and you will be satisfied. Expect more and you will be severly disappointed. Then we have a 4 month hiatus so end it on a positive, happy note!

My Thoughts On "Game Over Charles"

So Bethany IS involved.

Cece. Can’t say that’s a big shocker. But it is interesting that the only person Ali trusted while she was on the run was betraying her. I’m intrigued to see how the rest of this will play out…

Cece/Charles as A does answer certain questions: why they both had on the same yellow top, why Jessica didn’t want Ali hanging out with Cece, how come no one recognized Cece, etc. But there’s still SO many questions: I hope they get answered too!

So Bethany Young ended up NOT being as close to Cece/Charles as I originally thought…

I know Radley is a mess but they admitted a little boy for trying to give his sister a bath? And they let people out unattended and unaccounted for to attend classes?

Plus can someone explain to me how Charles became Cece? You don’t just go from looking like a boy to a girl by wearing dresses.

The Cece/Jason thing is TOTALLY creepy.

Idk I feel like this episode is so RUSHED and like maybe it wasn’t as well thought out over a long period of time as the writers would like us to believe. Does anyone else feel this way?

Ali remembered the things Jessica said while burying her (per the season 5 finale). How come she didn’t hear Cece?

No wonder Wilden was so insistent on the girls having killed Ali. He was covering his own butt.

So Cece just continued the game bc she was addicted? How did she have so much money and time and how did she get so good with technology?

Anyone else confused???

Yup, Sara can’t be trusted. Knew that when she kissed Emily to distract her from looking for a tracker and it was confirmed when she didn’t enter that room with the liars and Mona.

Mona is acting soooo shady.

Ok this episode was SOOOO rushed and not well thought out imo.

I’m glad they quoted Winnie the Pooh bc he’s my favorite. By far the highlight of the episode for me.

So Ali is married in the future.

Like honestly I waited all this time for THAT. So much was unanswered and so many dots were not connected. I love you all but I did NOT love this episode.

Alison and Mona theory

Don’t you find it weird how in the show Alison always gave advice such as “Don’t trust your friends”, “Look around you”, “The answer is right here” at the beginning and now doesn’t seem to know SHIT about who –A can be? Like, if she knew it was Mona, why not tell the girls? Like anonymously, it could have worked, they just needed to be suspicious. And if she had no idea who it was, why being so annoyingly speaking by codes or mysterious vague sentences? I mean, you’re not helping girl, they already think that they hallucinate don’t speak like you just got high!

So, during the three first seasons we all thought that Alison was dead (or not) but that she was the key to all the answers, of the truth and everything. But now, we learn that, in fact, she knows nothing. Like, she just told to the girls faces that Mona got rid of her that infamous night and she NEVER realized that the girl was –A? Someone’s got to be kidding me!

This does not add up, nobody understands anymore, was she leaving real hints to the girls or was she playing with them? My theory is that Alison and Mona played the game together and –A took the game from them.

Ok this is complicated so let me make that simpler to visualize, I am going to tell you what I think happened, and why things sometimes don’t add up:

Ok so little Alison is in her fancy vision of life period, she hooks up with older guys, she goes to big parties, she dreams of Paris and adventures, but she is stuck in Rosewood.

Little Mona is being bullied by Big Bad Ali and doesn’t like that, but she is smart and payback’s a bitch so she starts harassing her, with text and death threats. (I want you to notice the total lack of use of blackmailing in this –A period, maybe because Mona is not that good with using secrets, it is, after all Alison’s speciality).

Alison who is not stupid discovers quite quickly in fact that Mona is –A. It is not really difficult because she has a huge motive. But she loved the thrill! She is important enough for someone to start a game about her. And she has plans, like huge ones, she wants to be free, to leave Rosewood for good.

Mona’s got caught and she knows what Ali can do if she doesn’t obey. Alison asks Mona to help her get the hell away from Rosewood. Alison makes everyone believe that she is in danger, she learns how to fly a plane, she blackmails everyone she can to have money, she creates a new identity (Vivian Darkbloom), while asking Mona to still send texts and messages that the girls or the police will find later.

Her plan is flawless she feels like she’s in a movie. And because she is a bit psycho she doesn’t really understand how fucked up this is.

When the night where she is going to finally be able to change her life comes, she pretends to frighten everybody so that they don’t talk to the police on what happened that night, or about the blackmails because they don’t want to appear suspect. She drugs the girls, have a last talk with some persons, fights with Spencer and go meet Mona. Mona has already taken a room at Lost Woods Resort. She gives Mona some advice as a thank you and takes the road.

She has the shittiest year a person can have.

She has no money, she met Cyrus, she is lonely and most of all she is bored. But one day she learns that the police found her body. It must be weird right? But most of all, it is quite irritating because no one hopes that she is alive anymore. No one is going to pray for her to come back, for her to find her way back home, she won’t be the missing girl anymore but just another dead girl. Not special.

But somebody knows that she is not dead, Mona.

She comes back near Rosewood and, with Mona, starts a new plan against the ones that has stopped believing in her immortality: “I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything.” Then starts all the blackmailing and harassment. Mona is good with phones and computer and Alison gives her weapons (secrets). This is a game, and they want to play with the girls not to kill them that is why Alison plays the “saviour” each time one of them is close to death. Isn’t it weird that she was exactly in the right place and time when the girls were in danger? Alison and Mona liked to play with fire, they both found it highly amusing, but Mona got caught.

It is Alison in a red coat who comes to see her in Radley, when Mona tells her: “I did everything you asked me to”

Of course she did because she is afraid and admiring at the same time, that’s why she tried to turn Hanna in an Alison 2.0, Just like Alison but way less scary.

But when the game started again, both of them were convinced that the other kept playing alone. Which explains why Alison feared to come back because she thought that Mona would want revenge after her being put in Radley because of her shit, and that is the reason why Mona was convinced that Alison was –A before she died.


(Oh and notice the statues behind them, holding hands: another clue?)

Thank you so much for reading this, it was in my head since a long time ago (I hope it’s not because I’ve had actually read this theory elsewhere). Sorry for my English, if I made mistakes tell me and I hope you enjoyed it!