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Write everything down about us on a love letter
And throw it into the empty sky
The wind will embrace us



Ok so I collected a few pics from Harry’s instagram to make a few points about why I think the top pic is almost 100% Harry. I tried to choose images with a diverse range of subjects and light conditions to highlight key similarities. The final image (bottom right) is more than likely take with Harry’s phone with the same black and white filter, to highlight the differences (very possibly taken by Louis). With the final photo, I am making the assumption that harry very likely cropped and edited the photo, even if he didn’t take it. 

Harry has demonstrated a subtle and extended understanding of art, as well as an interest in photography. I don’t feel like what I am about to say is a stretch at all. 

The two things I want to draw your attention to are the use of compositional structures and guidelines, and the use of light in the photo. 

If you don’t know about compositional structures, the ones I am going to talk about are the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. Most of you should know the rule of thirds - that’s the one the camera gridlines on your phone are based off. 

It’s seen in red lines below. The idea is that you compose your photos/artworks putting key visual information along these lines, making it easier for the viewer to read and understand, as well as making your work more interesting and engaging. 

The lines in grey are the golden ratio. Much more complex, and difficult, to do automatically. It takes a lot of practice to get right, and you can’t just use the gridlines in your phone to guide you. (PS. All of you should have the gridlines on your phone turned on; You’ll take WAYYY better pictures). 

Anywayyyyy, you’ll notice that all the photos above (except for the last one) make reference to either one or both of these composition frameworks. The one OF Harry, however, uses a cross composition. This is something less experienced photographers use, because they tend to put the thing that catches their eye in the centre of the image. Very experienced photographers use it as well, but generally for conceptual reasons (e.g. Mad Max Fury Road was shot almost entirely using cross composition - it adds a tension and extreme focus to the image for the viewer - but the DP and cinematographer on that movie both noted how difficult it was to go against their instinct to frame the shots using either Third or Ration rules). 

The other thing about compositional guidelines is that we all tend to have our own preferences for how we use them. These act as ‘tells’ in our work, a way to recognise the hand of the artist in the photographer. IMO all but the last of the above IG images show the same tells and tweaks to the composition as each other. 

Finally, pay attention to how H uses the light. His use of light to frame the image and the subject is a) fabulous and b) consistent across all of those images. There is some similarity in the final image but it is far less considered - this is why I think he edited the image, because he’s done what he can to fit it to his aesthetic. 

I won’t keep going on but for me there is a clear visual consistency between the first image and the others, beyond the use of the b&w filter, that convince me that Harry did indeed take this pic, and that he has some seriously impressive photography skills. 

devil’s sonata {pt.2} | M

⇢  PROLOGUE  //  PART 1 // PART 2

Contains: horror, angst {serial killers!au}

Warnings: graphic depictions of violence and death

Words: 9K

Summary: Taehyung was willing to go beyond the limits of ethics to spread his own, twisted point of view about the beauty of mankind. However, his brief reign came to an end when another artist starts to take inspiration from his work, beating him at his own game and making him learn in the worst possible way that life does imitates art.

A/N:  ok so after a lot of debating I decided that this series will turn out to be a bit longer than expected (not much, +2 parts and an epilogue), because I’m also focusing a lot on the side storylines. And I’m also sorry if this has mistakes, I tried my best to edit even if I’m lowkey up for 37 hours.

thank you so much for the support so far, it truly means a lot <3

The cool lights of the static laboratory spilled over the doctor’s face gently, skirting his features and gleaming in his dark eyes, the purple sea below his drooping eyelids perfectly showing his exhaustion. The scent was strong – possibly formol – but the man was already too accustomed to the odor to let himself be disturbed by its characteristic ardence. No, quite the contrary: he was too immersed in his own disorganized thoughts to even notice the immobility of that absurdly white room, let alone its smell.

Kim Seokjin was tapping his foot on the cold floor with impatience, his headache seeming to aggravate at every second. The man felt suffocated in that meticulously clean room, his own lab coat making everything feel more muffled as he scrutinized the two monochromatic photos in front of him: it didn’t make sense.

He massaged his temples, leaning over the two images, determined. To someone inexperienced, they looked like copies, the same letter spiked in such macabre way on the gray skin of those eternally silent bodies. The infamous V seemed to tease the coroner, laugh at the way he so futily tried to find something he didn’t even know what it was.

His eyes rested on the photo on his right, one of the most recent. Even marked upside down, the letter had been carved with, he would dare say, ardor; an emotion almost palpable. Its lines were slightly shaken in the middle, the edges of the cuts weren’t linear. More than that, the meeting point of the marks was precariously defined, one of them stretching a little more, making the letter almost resemble a Y.

Going to the other frozen scene, he found practically the complete opposite: thin, calculated lines, placed perfectly right at the center of the breasts of an unsuspecting young woman. The skin was clean, the cuts so thin they almost went unnoticed except for the pale red crown that still encircled him.

He had already lost track of how long he had been there, searching for any indication that he was not beginning to lose his sanity. No matter how hard he tried, Jin could not see the works as belonging to the same person, he could not understand how, even with all plausible explanations, everything still seemed so wrong. The pressure used was different, the techniques were practically opposites. One was hurried, the other patient; one was fervent, the other was calculated. If someone told him that they were completely different cases, he’d believe it without even thinking twice.

And that was never a good sign.

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Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
                        It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black


megane tooru (⌐■∀■)


CS AU Week - Another Time Period: 1950s

In which Emma and Killian are best friends who work at a BBC News programme.

“You know, some nice girl needs to rescue you.”

“Who? There’s only ever been you.”

For my darling Julia (@shoedonym​) and her The Hour inspired 50s AU

Im trying to make a game!! I made a poll on twitter and the majority chose 1 so the mc will be 1 LOL, I tried to make it gender neutral I hope I did ok. I already made the sprites so I won’t be changing anything cuz UGH SO MUCH WORK AHAHA

Please don’t repost, use, trace, edit, etc!! 




She sent me an email. Telling me what she thinks of me in terms that are, well, highly unsuitable to repeat in a professional setting.

  • Teenage Dream [Basement Edit]
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

put on your headphones, close your eyes, and imagine you can hear 5sos down in the basement, fooling around while practicing their cover of teenage dream before an upcoming show :)

original | my edit


f(x) as gang members.

requested by (x) | bangtan ver (x)

potentiallypregnant  asked:

Have you thought of weight loss as an additional help to get pregnant? My periods had completely disappeared and I didn't think I was THAT overweight(240lbs). But I joined a gym because I'd heard being overweight can screw with hormones. And after losing 25lbs, I started to ovulate and got pregnant a month later.

I don’t even know how to answer this without sounding like a bitch.

So I’m just going to say thank you for making me feel like complete shit about myself after I was actually feeling ok this past week

Edit: I don’t know how long you’ve been following me and I’m sure you didn’t mean to be offensive but you were. I’ve had PCOS for half my life and this is the root of all my problems. Im not fat because I eat terribly or sit on my ass, I’m fat because of my PCOS. I have tried everything to lose weight and nothing works. I literally cannot lose weight.

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who are some MUST follows in your opinion?

IM GLAD YOU ASKED (i’ll try my best to keep it short ok i promise)
my mains, whom i would die without: 
@ravehclaw yaz is the love of my life, my partner in crime, my wife, and she never complains no matter how many memes i send her. i literally love her so much. she’s so #relatable and i die every time she makes an edit or writes anything. literally a goddess. 
@oliverswood (on mini-hiatus) chandler owns my ass. literally the sweetest and kindest. also extremely badass. SO APPROACHABLE ITS UNBELIEVABLE. I LOVE HIM. also have you seen his blog???? fucking. magnificent wow.
@emmelinevvance adiba, also my wife, quite possibly the baddest bitch on this entire website. everything she does (WHICH IS A LOT) is a+ and she’s clearly a fucking amazing leader. will take over the world in the next 15 years just watch
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Summary: Y/N’s having her piano exam the next morning so the boys try to calm her down ((Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung edition)) 


A/N: OK EVERYONE THESE ARE SPECIAL TEXTS FOR THE ONE AND ONLY @trashytaetae Because as you could already figure out she’s having an exam tomorrow, which she should not worry about, bc she will ace it. I tried to make the texts from the boys she had higher fangirl level with bUT GIRL YOUR LANES AREN’T CLEAR FOR ME ANYMORE. And like I don’t even know why I made one for Jimin too. His name was already typed in so like… I was lazy??? But ok who can resist Jimin let’s just be clear. Btw if you happen to get to my lovely friend’s page, please leave a supporting message!! It would mean the world to me.
In the meantime, I hope everyone else enjoyed these, and feel free to request anytime!

ok so i really wanted to make a kuro wallpaper lol i hope u will like it, also feel free to use it (u probably wont but whatever) also yes i drew this in case u didnt know *i used a reference as u can see (i always use them)* ALSO let me know if u would like to see other servamp wallpapers ;3; i also though about making edits tho *rolls away*

I am 22 followers away from 1K and I can’t begin to tell you how much that/this fandom/scream means to me. I’ve never loved a fandom as much as this one, so I’ll stop myself from while I’m ahead before I make this post a big pile of mush. BELOW IS ALL THE WONDER PEOPLE THAT I WOULD NEVER, EVER DREAM OF UNFOLLOWING. I love each and every one of you, even if we aren’t mutuals (which should change) but yeah, here I go. ALSO. I put the follows in a read more because I got extremely carried away because I love you guys that much. 

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this kinda looks like an indie movie poster