ok so i realised i should have timed this better


Leo: “What? Oh…yay! Ok! That makes me feel better! I hope you have a good time with Aunt Elizabeth, Mum!”

Aubree starts to laugh a little uneasily. She didn’t realise she’d gotten that dressed up. Elizabeth has told her it’s a more upscale restaurant, so that’s why she thought she should put in a little more effort than usual. However, hearing the worry in her son’s voice concerns her.

Aubree: “Why did you think I was going on a date, Leo?”

Leo looks down at his plate awkwardly, stabbing at a piece of macaroni and swirling it around in the cheese sauce with no real intent to eat it. He doesn’t look up as he answers her.

Leo: “It’s just that…some of the kids at school have been saying that now I only live with one of my Mum’s, that means you’re going to be getting divorced.”