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I’ll be home soon- Klance Week Day 4

So I got inspired by @sevenfivetwo voltron k drama au. Now in no way is the things I have in this fic cannon in their AU, I just got inspired by it. Please enjoy.
Welcome Home

“Actually, I just miss you.” Keith smiled as he looked out the window of his hotel at the lit city beneath him. “It’s weird how it came to this didn’t it?”

“Yeah, I mean, 4 months ago I was being paid to kiss you and trying not to fall for you but I did, like we’re in some K-Drama.” Lance replied. “But you really miss me?”

“mmhm.” It was strange how he and Lance got to this point. His family wanted him to marry, but relationships were not something Keith did, so he hired Lance to help him. He paid him to go out with him, paying extra if he got hurt. It wasn’t serious at first but they got to know each other more and more and actual feelings started to develop. It took a while for them to actually admit it to each other but it happened. They were actually celebrating a real 100 days of dating before they knew it.

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Hello everyone! There are a few things I wanted to say/announce:

  • I’ve replied on all anon asks I got in the past three(?) months, if you send me one you can probably find it after the ‘keep reading’!
  • I’ve decided to delete all the messages I had in my inbox and try to reply on new ones regularly, so if you sent me something and never got a reply, please send it to me once again! and I am really really sorry about it!
  • I also noticed that often when I use tumblr messenger I don’t get replies (like I’m in a middle of a conversation but it suddenly stops) and I was thinking if maybe tumblr’s system loses the messages like it sometimes does with asks (or maybe people just didn’t reply which is also a big possibility heh) I’m just curious if it happened to someone else too, because I’m worried that my messages never got to people.

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