ok so i got the colors wrong

theater aus (part 2)

because i forgot techies………please dont kill me…….part one here

  • we have to build thirty set pieces in a week, your hilariously bad singing to the radio is the only thing getting me through this, bless your soul AU
  • excuse me but it is really hard to focus on using this follow spot when you keep talking would you kindly shut up AU
  • you’re the lead and im in charge of costumes, so it’s ok for me to measure your chest and stuff. for costume reasons. AU
  • how did you manage to catch the entire metal catwalk on fire AU
  • hey you’ve got sawdust on your butt, here let me…..dust it off for you wink wink AU
  • is it really necessary for you to yell across the building for me when i gave you a walkie talkie a week ago AU
  • i swear to god if you break one more prop i am booting you out of the play AU
  • hey we have a break, do you wanna go make out in the black box? AU
  • you look strangely sexy in black and a mic oh no AU
  • hello! i cannot help but notice that whenever you move a prop, your arms have a lot of muscles in them!! will you kiss me please!!!!! AU
  • oh god please grace me with the sound of your voice during mic check every day for the rest of my life AU



…You don’t scare me.

But I should.

Did I got overboard with the blush? Maybe. I really, really love doing clean pencil line work. Almost to the point where I don’t wanna color it. So let’s have both!

I’m either the luckiest girl ever or I’m in big trouble.

I’m gonna hide now ok


anonymous asked:

Love your blog and your kindness! I have a question for you. In the pic with Louis wearing the staff shirt, there is something that resembles a sharper point. I'm at a standstill with a friend of mine who swears it really is an E tattoo. I think she is wrong and she called me a few rather colorful names. What's your take on it? Thanks for answering. (And it you don't, that's ok too.)

It’s an E. Your friend is right (although name calling is not acceptable), we got a close up pic of it a few days ago.

It’s also very small and can be easily removed or altered, unlike a certain dagger, rope, or compass so it didn’t make me blink at all. Though YMMV.


This is for the 100 Color Palette Challenge!

I’m…….. still not convinced about how this looks…….. but I got some practice done while I was figuring out what I wanted to do! so I’m happy about that I guess!! ……i drew their hands really bad though ·_.)

fun fact: while i was figuring out how to use these colors, at first I chose so wrong it actually made my head hurt a little for a while…. nothing serious but lmao

anyways, I hope it is ok anon!

Here’s some more bee and puppycat fan art!!!!

making this was really…frustrating haha

i got the colors wrong at the first try and i drew too much clutter around bee so it was a real pain to fix

i really wanted to scrap this one but my mom pushed me to finish it

it may not be my best work but at the end, i’m really glad that i finished it

it turned out pretty ok  xD

“War of the Pumpkins”


Pumpkins for days. This episode was a lot of fun, mostly for all the crazy yokel characters we got from the two families. Granted, only two of them spoke in most cases, but they were great, and the designs overall were great. The designs of the two hills were a lot of fun as well, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses. The plot was nothing spectacular, but still had some fun beats, and was well executed scene by scene.

I think my main issue would be Twilight and Fluttershy, but more Twilight. Fluttershy was, well, being herself, so ok she gets a pass. But Twilight is supposed to be the Princess of Friendship™. I get that she’s a nerd, and that organizing and analyzing is her natural way to attacking problems. But shouldn’t she have, by now, intuited that not everything is empirically solved, especially matters of friendship? It seems too late in her arc for her to be having problems like this. Don’t get me wrong, it was humorous, but it felt out of place.

Still, I’d call it one of the better episodes of the season. If nothing else, we got to see more of Equestria and its colorful characters. And that’s always a plus.


HERE!!! *throws it * UGH!!! I GOT WRONG WITH SEOUL!!! UGH!!! *flips all my stuff*

Philip: Ey!! Calm down It’s just a mistake.. & it’s doesn’t look like it had a mistake…

Ok…ok… im calm *sigh* So ~~ guys here the three sibs~~ North the oldest, South second oldest,& lil kitty Seoul!!! (Youngest)

The mistake on Seo is his color & clothing~~ but nhaaa…  ̄ 3 ̄

(I also apologize to @nekoitzer … for not sharing or reblogging his/her idea on Seo.. Sorry, Im really Sorry *bows down head*😫😫)

North & South Korea!Sans by Me~~
Seoul by @nekoitzer

Fanart Monday!

Yes!! Back again with another fanart monday!! Thank you guys for submitting fanart!!! I love themmmmmm!!!

Let me remind you that I will only post fanart of the series c’: this goes for you, meme senders! I still love memes tho xDDD

Again, sorry if I forget to add someone’s work! I can only remember those drawings in my ask box, and sometimes I don’t even see them all because Tumblr is a meanie :c

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!!

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Ok so the last time i checked the uncolored post got 317 likes (or so. I dunno) . Thank you for liking it. You alllllll sooooo nice ~~~~ Then i corlor it ! (Im sorry @nekophy and @angexci for the wrong color. I were just corloring with the corlor pencils i put in my pencilcase and i messed up… I’M SOO SORRY ) goth @nekophy Palette Roller @angexci THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR DA LIKES AND FOLLOWERS !!!!!!

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Prefernce #30: Shopping

Niall: “Niall put that down.” You grabbed your boyfriends arm pulling him away from the bakery section. You had stupidly brought him grocery shopping with you. “Ok I just need paper towels and the noodles for the spaghetti tonight.” “Spaghetti?” “Yeah that’s what you said you wanted Ni.” “Oh…Let’s have chicken.” You groaned. “But i already have all the stuff for spaghetti.” “Oh fine.” He said. “I’ll go get the paper towels.” You went to grab the noodles and waited for Niall to return. Ten minutes later he appeared arms full of stuff. “Niall what is all that?” He started putting stuff in the cart. “I just found a few things I wanted on the way.” “Did you get my paper towels?” “Oops. Be right back babe!” You rolled your eyes. He appeared moments later. “Here’s your paper towels.” He flashed you a smile and kissed your cheek. “You’re lucky you’re cute Horan.” You said. “And remind you to never bring you grocery shopping again.”

Zayn: “Oh how about this one Zayn?” You held up a dress. You were shopping for a dress for your friends wedding and had drug Zayn along. He nodded. “So helpful.” You mumbled. “I’m gonna try these on.” You headed to the dressing room and tried on all six dresses and every time got the same response from Zayn, “That’s nice.” You came out back in your regular clothes carrying all the dresses. “Don’t you have an opinion on any them? All you said was ‘that’s nice’”. You said frustrated. “Ok.” He said taking the dresses from your arms holding each one up as he addressed it. “This one was the wrong color. I didn’t like the bow on this one. This one didn’t fit your right, it’s for girls with not butt which you definitely have.” He gave you a wink. “The bling looked cheap on this one. Wrong color. And this one just wasn’t you.” You looked at him in shock. “Did you just say bling?” He blushed, “Don’t talk about it.” “Ok Malik. Why don’t you pick out a dress for me since you’re suddenly a little fashionista.” He walked to a rack and brought you a beautiful cream colored dress, “I’ve had my eye on this one since we walked in.” “Oh my gosh Zayn it’s perfect.” You squealed. “I knew it. Go try it on!” You ran into the dressing room and quickly put the dress on. “What do you think?” You asked twirling. “You’re stunning.” You blushed. “Thanks.” “Now take it off so we can buy it!”

Louis: “Nope.” “Oh come one Lou what’s wrong with this?” You needed some makeup and you had brought Louis along with you. “I don’t like that color.” You were currently stuck on lipsticks since Louis didn’t like any of the colors you picked out. “This one?” “Nope.” “How about this?” “Nah.” “Louis!” You groaned in frustration. “What? I’d rather you had nothing on your lips when i kiss you.” Your rolled your eyes. “But if you must get a pink one.” He finally said. You picked one out and moved on to eye shadows. “These colors are all ugly Y/N.” He said. “I’m ignoring you.” You said and picked out the eyeshadow you liked. “Ok last I need foundation and concealer.” “No you don’t.” “Yes I do Lou. I’m completely out.” “Well you’re not allowed to get any.” You crossed your arms and looked at him, “And why not?” “Because I say so and you look absolutely perfect without it and you’re so beautiful and I love you so much so you can buy it.” You rolled your eyes and kissed his cheek. “For that sweet comment I’ll skip the foundation and concealer for today.” “Tommo sass strikes again.”

Liam: “Here Li try this on.” You handed him shirt. You were shopping with Liam who really needed some new clothes and he was very difficult to shop with. “I don’t like it.” He whined. “Why? You’ll look so cute in it.” “I just don’t.” He pouted. You rolled your eyes, “Fine how about this?” He made a face. “Ok how about this one?” “I guess it’s ok.” “Good now go try it on with those pants I gave you.” You shoved him into the dressing room. He came out in the clothes. “You like it?” He asked. “Very handsome. Do you like it?” “I guess.” That was as good of an answer as you were going to get. “Great lets but them and head to the next store.” He went into change and came back out holdin the clothes. He pulled you into a hug, “Can we go home now?” He whined. “Just two more stores. You’re doing good Li.” “I hate this.” “I know you do you big baby.” “Hey!” “Well you are.” You said. He handed you the clothes and you payed. “Alright next store!” You exclaimed dragging him behind you.

Harry: “Oh how about this? She’ll love this! And this!” Harry was running around the store excitedly. You guys were shopping for your little sisters fourth birthday. “Harry she only needs one thing.” You said. “Ok you can get her one thing and I’ll get her as many as I can find. I have to be her favorite future brother in law somehow.” “You know she already loves you right?” “You can never be too sure Y/N those little girls are unpredictable. "Fine get her whatever you want. I’m gonna go grab that doll she asked for.” You grabbed the doll then went to find Harry. After ten minute of wandering around you found him with a cart full. “Oh gosh Harry what did you find?” “Well I got these coloring books and some crayons, this shirt because it’s just too cute but what kid likes getting clothes so I got this stuffed animal, then I got her Frozen cause it’s her favorite movie, and these books to add to her education.” “Harry that’s too much.” You said. “Wait! You haven’t seen the best part!” He held up and I Heart Harrt tshirt and all 3 of their albums. “Gosh you’re a dork.” You rolled your eyes. “Gotta start em off young.” He said heading for the checkout.

  • sorry if i disappoint again but hey i thought this was hella cute bc imagine this au and the otp
  • calum blurb, maybe a part 2???
  • tell me if u want a part 2, also u can request other colors
  • this oneshot (or not) is based on the color baby pink, and this has been requested by an anon.


Calum was walking to a coffee shop, well for starters – Calum loved coffee shops. Maybe it was the calming atmosphere or the chatty people or the coffee itself that made Calum’s addiction with coffee shops start but nothing was going to stop it. It was the coffee shop near his house that was his favorite (he’s on the way to it now), it was an art coffee shop called “Take Your Monet and Come Back For The Coffee”, it had paintings that were made by famous artists as designs and music that made you feel like you were in the 1960’s.

Calum opened the door, making the familiar bell sound that was all too familiar for him. Calum scanned the place, looking for a place to sit. There was one spot near a girl that looked the same age as him, she was reading a book but that was irrelevant to him. He decides it was too much of a hassle just to have a takeout (where his food gets ruined and his drinks get spilled and cold when he reaches his house) as he walks to the cashier.

“Oh, hey Cal – you’re back. Do you want the usual?” The perky girl at the counter, whom Calum recognizes as Ally, greets.

“Yup, I’m back. Yes, I’d want the usual, but instead of a cinnamon bun, make me a plain waffle instead.” Calum answers, smiling at Ally.

“Sure, sure. That’d be 6.47 dollars, please.” Ally says.

Calum takes out his wallet and pays her a 10 dollar bill, leaning on the counter as he waits for his change. Calum walks to his decided place near the girl and takes out his phone, waiting for his named to be called as he sat down next to you. He takes slight peaks at the book you were holding, even though he was already sure of what the book is. It was his favorite book, “A Step Towards Falling” by Cammie McGovern.

As dumb as you were for having a cute guy next to you, you thought that Calum was looking at you so as the wreck that you were, you closed the book and stared back at Calum, who met your eyes and suddenly got nervous at your cold stare. “Take a picture, dear. It lasts much longer.” You remark.

And that was when Calum recognized you.

“Hey, I see you at campus!” Calum says, astonished. He always sees you, you both major in Music, and sometimes – when Calum was playing football on their campus’ field, he sees you at the bleachers, always writing something on a notebook.

“Oh wow, I’m so happy you have functioning eyes!” You say, expecting Calum to ignore you and say how mean you were.

Calum’s lips tugged upward to a smile and he laughed, “You major in music, right? What do you play, I didn’t catch your name by the way.”  Now that was something you didn’t expect, “I never told you my name. I play the piano, the drums, and the bass. Quite terrible at the bass, but hey – I’m getting to it.” You say, making him laugh. “Now what about you, what’s your name?”

“My name’s Jose Gerard and I play the bass, I find the fact that you play 3 instruments impressive but the fact that you play the bass horribly, which is the instrument I’m good at, sad.” Jose Gerard says.

“You don’t look like a Jose Gerard.” You say, putting your book on the table next to your unfinished drink, deciding that talking to the seemingly Jose Gerard was much more interesting. “I never knew a Jose Gerard that could play bass.”

“Aw, that name was what I was going for, a Jose Gerard that plays bass but my name’s – “ Calum didn’t get to answer, he was cut off by Ally, who already said his name before he even told you. “CALUM!” Ally said, you looked at the boy who was next to you as he told you to wait a minute as he stood up and got to the counter, getting his order.

You smile at him as he comes back, “Calum, huh?” You say.

“You know my name, yet what about yours?” He says, already taking a sip from his drink, which looks like the same order you had.

“Iced Green Tea Latte?” You ask, pointing your lips to his drink, ignoring his question. He then notices your drink and he grins, “my favorite.” You both say, making the both of you laugh. With that, the both of you toast your drink.

“You can read now, you know, I want you to finish the book, sorry if I bothered you.” Calum says, smiling in a dorky manner.

“Really? A football player wants me to ignore him and go read a book? Isn’t it always the other way around?” You say acting surprised, you always saw him at the field, playing with other athletes, he was great at playing but you didn’t give him the satisfaction and honor of receiving a compliment from you.

“Hey, that’s my favorite book and you haven’t even reached the half of it yet, so yes. How do you know I play football though? Wait, don’t answer that – just read the book.” He says, getting your book and giving it to you.

“You’re pushy, you know that?” You say, opening the book to your page. “This is another excuse for you to stare at me, I bet.” You add.

Calum laughs and shrugs, “Guilty, I guess.”

If this was flirting, you wouldn’t know it.

You do as you were told, ignoring Calum’s stare on you, you were at the part where Lucas and Emily were told to have an interview with each of the disabled person they were given.

Calum scanned your face, taking note of your cute nose and your pink cheeks and the dull yet plump color of your lips and your messy and uncombed hair that was down to your shoulders that turned brown when the sun was shining on it. He then realised that he wanted to get used to you and all your features, something that came rare when he just met a person.

“Hey, uhh.” He suddenly blurted out, getting your mind out of the book and averting your attention to him.

“I thought you wanted me to read?” You ask, raising an eyebrow, smiling at his cute but annoying actions.

“I do, but uhh – “ He quickly thought of an excuse, “you suck at bass, right? Well, maybe I could, umm… teach you?”

You stifle a laugh, but inside, you were surprised. This guy, really? Why did he want to spend some time with a loner like you? You were alone at times for a reason. Ignoring the voice in your head that said Calum was trouble, you gently nod at him as your smile grows.

“Sure, sure. Meet you here tomorrow?” You ask, oh shit! You sound like those flirty girls you hated in highschool! Stop that! You think.

Calum grins, “I’d love t-”

Choosing the completely wrong time, your phone rings. You internally groan as you get your phone, looking at the caller ID. It was your snotty little sister, “Hey, umm Y/N?” She shouts nervously. There was music blaring and people shouting and you grin, this was completely the right time.

“You’re throwing a party at our house, aren’t you?” You say, acting all angry.

“I’M SOOO sorry, please don’t tell mom and dad, and would you mind arriving here late? Maybe tomorrow at 2am when all of them are asleep on the ground, I told them not to go into your room.” Your sister pleads.

“Fine, but if I catch any people in my room doing the nasty or even staying there, I will tell mom.” You warn her.

“YESSS! Okay, bye!” Your sister hangs up.

It was all perfect. You put your phone in your pocket and look at Calum who was looking at you in a confused manner, with his brows furrowed.

“Hey, can those bass lessons be today?” You say, making your voice sad.

Calum grins, “That’d be perfe – I mean, sure … that’d be nice, yeah. Wanna leave now?”

“Wow, aren’t you excited?” You say, closing your book again and putting it in your bag.

“Just excited to show you what the master can do.” He says, making a show of cracking his knuckles, you laugh at him.

The both of you head out, Calum walking at a safe distance beside you. It was way too fast to go to his house (well, you just met him), but surprisingly, you were excited to get to know him.

You didn’t know if it was his curls or the way he speaks or the way he didn’t back out on you with your sarcastic remarks, but you wanted to be friends, or maybe something better. You think, and with that thought – you cringe. NO, NO, NO. That is dangerous territory you’re leading on! you say to yourself, but as you look at him beside you, you think that maybe, just maybe, you’d escape this dangerous territory alive and safe.

“Take a picture, it lasts longer.” He says as he catches you looking at him, you laugh and say, “That’s my line.”

“By the way, I still didn’t catch your name.” Calum adds.

“It’s Y/N. You caught it now?” You grin.

“Caught it.” Calum says, making the both of you laugh and the walk to his home seemingly comfortable.




I just… I can’t…. I tried moosoppart, (and Sycophantism) I really did… I’m sorry ;___;

It’s past the point of fixing now…

Sorry for spamming you with my cruddy fan art and…. this… I just wanted to let you know I tried.

It was supposed to be based off of sycophantism’s violent fic, because it was so awesome, my imagination went wild with it, but then things weren’t right, and other things just got changed as I went along, and Owen’s outfit is wrong… I’m so sorry! @n@

The top is the lineart/flat color and the bottom is supposed to be the colored version that didn’t come out like I wanted it to at all ok I’m gonna go curl up in a corner and cry now goodbye