ok so i found this on google images

Honeymoon Adventures

Honeymoon Adventures

Jensen x Reader

Words: 1418

Warnings: PG-13 at most, mostly fluff and fun.

Ok, this story was written for ( @dancingalone21Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge I am so sorry this is late, but work and tech have been giving me fits. So I picked one of my fav places for this and that Jamaica for this fic. Hope ya’ll enjoy would love constructive feedback.

I post my stories on Tumblr and Ao3 pls do not post or copy to other sites. Thanks


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So... I found this image in google images by chance, while looking for Pollo Malo/ Pollo Maligno. Ok, it's just a picture of a normal basilisk/cockatrice, but then we have a little weasel (?) with herbs growing in it's fur, attacking it with angriness. What is this thing? I cant found it in any site. Would you, perhaps, know something about it?

What you found was Wenceslas Hollar’s depiction of an encounter between a basilisk and a weasel. The herb the weasel is using is the rue, of which I’ve said in my Basilisk entry,

The only plant immune to the withering gaze of the basilisk is rue, which is consumed by weasels to protect themselves from their enemies. Remedies for basilisk envenomation will always contain rue.

But the weasel literally wreathing itself in the stuff is a nice touch. Like fighting vampires with multiple garlands of garlic around your neck? Read more about the basilisk here:


Lancea Longini #14

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Nick Fury, & Ellie (Original Child Character)
Word Count: 1,812
Warnings: Language, fluff, talk of parent dying 
Author’s Note: I know, I’m horrible. It’s been months since I’ve written Professor Steve. But fear not, here is a chapter. 
Miss the beginning?  Other images found on Google. GIF credit [x][x]

If you hadn’t been leaning against the counter, you would have fallen to the floor. “Ok… yeah. So she, umm, she did… is she -,” you choked on your words.

Steve disconnected with Clint and ran over. “What’s going on, baby?” he whispered as he kissed your forehead. All you could do was shake your head, listening to the man on the phone.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. We did everything we could, but we were unable to save her.”

You swallowed thickly, able to rid your voice of just enough emotion to finish the conversation. “What do you need to release the body?”

“We will need an identification and some forms signed.”

“Send me a picture and if I’ve identified her, I’ll give you my email to send the forms. Once signed, I’ll send them back. Does that work?” You grabbed Steve’s shirt, scraping your nails on his side as you fisted the cotton blend shirt.

“Yes ma’am. I will send a picture. I am sorry for your loss,” genuine concern was thick on his tongue.

“Thank you,” you barely got the words out before the realization of your sister’s death hit you like a fucking freight train.

The next couple of weeks were emotional and stressful, and by far,  the hardest thing you’ve endured since your father died, but with the help of Steve, Nat, and Bucky, you and Ellie got through it. Without them, you don’t know how you would have made it. Your own grief threatened to consume you, but you had no choice but to get through it; because of Ellie.

Ellie handled the loss of her mother as you had expected; a lot of tears, confusion, and anger. She even asked if that meant she had to live with another family.

“What do you mean, Bug?”

Her grip on your hand was so tight, you wouldn’t have been surprised to see bruises. “Those families that take in kids that aren’t theirs, the ones nobody wants anymore.”

Your chest went tight with a barely contained sob. “Baby, no. You’re not going anywhere, I promise.”

“How do you know?” she implored, tears dripping off her cheeks and chin.

Sniffling and biting the inside of your cheek, you cupped her wet face in your hands and kissed her forehead. “Do you know what a Last Will and Testament is?” When she shook her head, you pulled in a shuddering breath. “A will is a legal document that someone puts together for when they-” the word got stuck in your throat, threatening to choke you.

“You can say it, Y/N,” her voice was tiny and tremulous.

Tears pricked your eyes and you smiled sadly. “For when they die.”

Dark chocolate eyes bored into yours. “Did mommy have one?”

“Yeah, bug, she did,” you answered, stroking her cheek with the back of your hand.

Ellie nodded and furrowed her brows as she thought, her eyes darting around the room. “Who get’s me?”

“El, it’s not like that.” She nodded once, biting her bottom lip in anticipation for your answer to her question. You tried answering in a way that wouldn’t make it sound like she was an object, that she was a human being, but all you could think of was, “You’re not some thing to give away, ok? How would you like to come and stay with me?”

Red-rimmed eyes went wide and she gasped. “Forever?”

“As long as you want to, bug.”

Ellie launched herself into your arms and started crying again. Small fingers tangled in your hair as you rocked side to side on her bed, your arms tight around her, crying almost as much as she was.

“You mean it?”

“Pinkie promise.”

Along with becoming Ellie’s legal guardian -paperwork had been signed by you, your lawyer, and a judge- Brenda left you everything. From the house in the Hamptons to the engagement ring Ellie’s father had presented when asking for her hand in marriage. There was also a sizable inheritance in Ellie’s name, one she couldn’t access until she was 21.

The entire estate was now in your name. No pressure.

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HULLOOoo! I just discovered your art and I'm in love <3 your dragons and your COMICS and your cartoons and aaaaaaah <3 a question, if you don't mind! How do you do perspective digitally? AND SO GOOD TOO! I know how to do it in real life, old school style with rulers and vanishing points waay too far from the drawing, but?? How do you do it digitally? help. You nail it down rly well, gosh <3 bless you and your art and your cow and have a nice day!

Hello!  I’ve actually wanted to write about my process for a while, so this was a good excuse to get off my butt and do it.  This is less a tutorial and more a walkthrough of how I approach perspective in comics, but I hope it will be helpful anyway!

And just to clarify, in this walkthrough I’m going to assume you have a basic knowledge of one point and two point perspective.  If you don’t, then here is a good tutorial to start with, and another that is one of my favorites.  Good luck, and have fun!

The program is Photoshop CC, and here is the panel I’ll be walking you through:

STEP 1 : Sketching layout

Some artists lay out their environment in perspective first, and then place the characters in.  Personally I can’t really visualize how I want the scene staged until I sketch it out. I start with a quick mockup of what I think the perspective will look like.  The key things I’m trying to nail in this stage is where is the horizon line, and what kind of perspective I’ll be using. From my sketch, I know the horizon line will be very low in the panel as we are looking up at Peridot from roughly ground-level.  I also know that I want to use two-point perspective from how the second story is angled.  

STEP 2: Solidify your Horizon Line and Vanishing Points

If you’ve fiddled around with two-point perspective before, this probably looks familiar.  For interior spaces my main vanishing points are almost always outside the panel, and typically VERY far apart.  Because of this I shrink down my sketch.  That way I can plot my points and horizon line with a comfortable buffer of canvas space.  The shift key is your best friend here - while holding the shift key, you can draw a perfectly straight line between any two points!

STEP 3:  Using Grids

This step isn’t always necessary but it made this particular scene a lot easier. I like to import grids (found on google images) and warp them with the perspective + skew tools so they align with my guidelines/horizon line. This becomes very useful for spacing successive elements, such as the panels on the back walls and the boards on the supports.

Ok it looks horribly intimidating with all the grids together! But trust me, it makes spacing objects evenly so easy -

TA DA!  See how the panels on the back walls just follow the grid lines? Again, the shift key is your best friend here!  

STEP 4:  Adding Stuff

From here I blow the sketch back up as I won’t be needing the vanishing points any more.  I have enough in my scene that I can fudge any additional props to align with the perspective. My main focus is characters!  The key thing to remember for this is where your horizon line is.  If the character is above the horizon line you are looking up at them, and below vice-versa.

STEP 5: Clean Up!

And BAM!  My panel is lined, and the perspective looks pretty good!  Unfortunately I ended up covering most of it with speech bubbles, but thats poor planning on my part.  All the steps together took about 3ish hours, with maybe an hour dedicated to perspective fiddling alone. 


- Grids make it really easy to place figures/objects on your ground-plane without actually mapping them out in perfect perspective! It also helps you gauge size differences over distance. 

- I always thought that two-point perspective was somehow more believable than one-point perspective because it was more difficult.  This is definitely not the case!  One point perspective can be very believable (and impressive!) if you really fill out your environment.  

- On that note, you don’t always need two-point perspective for your panel to work!  When planning your thumbnails, keep in mind when you’ll need to use two-point or three-point perspective and when one-point will work just fine.

- The best way to master perspective is to PRACTICE!  Its not easy, but if you practice you will get faster and more accurate!


I hope this walkthrough was helpful and gave you a little insight to my process!  If you have any questions or confusion, let me know!  Also if you have any hints/tricks of your own that you think could help streamline my process, LET ME KNOW ! I’m always looking to make the chore that is perspective a little more palatable.  Thanks for reading :D

Alright! Will, I did another draw the squad for OK KO Let’s be Heroes but I don’t know who the original creator of this draw the squad pic is. Every time I try to back track the image it keeps sending me to dead ends. I found the picture through Google which took me to Pinterest. From Pinterest I finally back track it to a Tumblr account called https://drawthesquadarchive.tumblr.com/ which had one post on it taking me to http://croxovergoddess.tumblr.com, and this is where I hit a dead end. I checked that persons blog and saw that the original image isn’t there so my search continues. If any of you know who created the base for this draw the squad please tell me so I can give them credit.

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Ok i’d like to know the reason why your tumblr pic is veggietales and why they themselves look so wierd

for posterity, my icon is currently this:

which is the most ominous thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a VeggieTales kid, and when a post popped up on my dash referencing the show I decided I wanted them as my icon. After some time combing through Google Images I found that monstrosity.

Turns out this is from a VeggieTales live show. I think it’s the 2013 one, since this guy did a photoshoot with them:

The blank-eyed, oversized vegetables under the fluorescent light really makes the pictures a treasure to behold.

Dilitha Is Literally Phan

 Ok so i found this theory on Google Images but i feel like i must share.

Dil: Wears black, Socially Awkward, Loves Llamas and has messy brown hobbit hand.

Tabitha: Black Hair, Wears Bright Clothes, Has Blue Eyes and Seems Really Sweet

They are a lovely couple. BUT

Dan wears black is socially awkward, loves llama and has messy brown hobbit hair

Phil wears bright clothes, has blue eyes, black hair and is really nice and sweet

Dil and Tabitha are Dan and Phil 

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Ok but I've never seen anyone talk Mitch's eyes (and Dylan's appreciation for them) they're just so bLUE??? And so beautiful idk I don't get it






it’s really a crime that his pretty pretty eyes don’t get enough attention. i’m sure when people mention mitch’s smile dylan’s sitting there going “okay but have you seen his EYES?!” (all images found on google)

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do you have any advice on how to draw paws?

im not a paw expert, but i like to experiment with shapes and form

Its good to study real life pictures. All kinds of animals have different paws. Compare the paws of a dog to a tiger to a fossa to a polecat and so on… they come in different shapes and sizes. all it takes is a quick google image search.

random examples i just found

(more under readmore)

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mist-the-creep  asked:

Sorry to bother you... But I'd like to ask where you got you icon? It's quite lovely, and I want to find more of the artist's work. Thank you, before hand.

Ok, so when I found it I was just searching through google images for a filler photo (probably like how everyone else does). But since I am a computer scientist on top of being a witch, I am pretty good at googling so I did some digging for you…

At first, I was just going to go through my browser history since I knew the first day I started this blog, but it was taking too long to scroll and I was lazy.

Google Images has a reverse photo search option. You can copy and paste any image into the toolbar or upload a photo and it will find all instances of that photo online. Two minutes of looking at the results and I have the artist’s name, online store, and the name of the piece!

Jacquelin de Leon  – Inktober Day 13: Light Witch

She sells stickers, pins, prints and it seems wall decals. She had a comic but it is sold out. May take more digging to find copies of “The Sirens of San Francisco”.

…OH GOOD GODDESS I found her Tumblr. Looks like she is doing Inktober 2017. Go follow her!!! @jacquelindeleon


Ok, so i was on google looking for things related to the occult and i had came across a page that talked about the powers of the triangle shape, in that page ive found that second picture that looks SO MUCH with the Bill Cipher wheel in The last Mabelcorn. The page did not explained what is the meaning or from where that image came, but it is really really interessing.

I’ve just found the most adorable pic of Jensen ever. I was looking for a new icon for my twitter and i googled “Dean Winchester Slinky” and this lil sunshine pops out— I just HAD TO PUT A BACKGROUND RAINBOW WITH SKY. (also, if you have a better quality photo of this pic please, let me know.)