ok so i forgot to include this in my list

Oh ok, it seems I’ve reached 500 followers? Idk why you guys tolerate me but thank you so much!

This is a list of people who are my mutuals and you should 100% go follow. They are all amazing in every way and I love them even if we don’t talk very much I love seeing you all on my dash!

If I forgot to include you a) feel free to punch me in the face and b) tell me so I can add you!

sorry for the terrible banner!


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Again, thank you all so much and idk why you tolerate me but ily!

Lovely people that didnt get included bc tumblr is rude- @hesitant-dan

ahaha um,, wow
i haven’t done one of these in ages? i like making banners n such but sdafusd but ive been hesitant for ages to put another of these out there;; i feel like yall deserve one though because heckle its been a while n a lot of shits gone down

i’m gonna preface this with; i know im not the coolest or the best person, but for the people who stuck around and helped me realize i had to change; thank you. i’m sorry it took so long, but i’m ok now, and i have you guys to thank for it. through thick and thin, i’ve had people i barely know support me, and help me through all my silly problems. i just,, cant thank yall enough for the second chance, and for all the love and support.
anyway before i get extra sappy; here’s some people you should definitely follow if you’re not already !!

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blog recs?

ok this is legit off the top of my head so plspls don’t get offended if ur not the list!! ty!!

@cleverlester @hcwll @cringe-attacks @dadinof @ratinof @dannyhowell @bondange @danieldaily @theanomex @forgetfullittleguy @goincrazyfast @shinyphan @arcticlester @pseudophan @glowinghowell @awrfhi @lcssamazingphil @qanhowell @cookiephil @crescendohowell @doinganap @frecklie @nyellointernet and many many more ! 


so upon a shitload of hcing a parent au with pokespec​ i have finally found the insp to draw these hellspawns! THANK YOU FOR THIS REQUEST i’m sorry my designs are shit

anyways, under the cut there’s some personality on the kids that maggie made!

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I think you've already made a list of things you don't want us to ask/talk about to you but I've forgot, could you reblog it?

ok I even sort of forgot what i included so i’ll try to find it and rb it. it’s mostly asking me details of my trauma i think. like if i wanna share i will but i’ve had some people like “who raped you” and then i’m like nah but yeah i’ll try to find the list

( ** pls excuse the bad graphic ok. )   honestly, i’ve never had a blog expand this quickly before.   i literally got 100+ followers before i even hit 24 hours of activity, and i don’t even have proper words to be able to express how grateful i am.   it’s only been a week and i’ve gotten so much positive reception, and i’m completely blown away.   every single person i’ve followed since i made this blog has been open, friendly, and welcoming, and i haven’t had this ‘at home’ feeling with a blog in a really long time.   thank you to you guys for accepting me with open arms, and for making me happy to even log in, and i hope that i get to continue to share this journey with all of you.

team voltron;

-— in alphabetical order; if i forgot you, don’t take it personally.   i value everyone i follow equally.

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thank you ♥

                                   -— victoria.

Gravity Falls Countdown Signup (CLOSED)


Last year was very, very long. But suddenly the big hiatus got an end date put on it, and gf fans all over were delighted. So I took inspiration from projects such as the Pokémon x/y countdown and made a tumblr post asking if there was interest in doing something like that for gf, and that somehow ended up being noticed and YEAH that’s this blog’s story. I was very excited.
The countdown project work like this: You sign up for the countdown. The objective is to make an artwork that recaptures one of the episodes all the way up to Not What He Seems. Every participant will be assigned a unique date for their entry in the countdown.
Let’s say I posted mine June 1st, and the hiatus ended July 1st, then there’d be 30 days left . This should be indicated somewhere on your entry(“See you in 30 days” “30 days left” “blabla” Like you’re counting down from 30 to 0). You can include it in whatever way you want. If you’re unsure, you can look at the entries from last year on this blog!

The Countdown

Since the airdate has yet to be included, I don’t have a fixed schedule for deadlines or for posting the entries. Unless the air date is announced during the week I will sort out a preliminary deadline to be on the safe side. It will be from mid june, and the deadline is longer the later the episode aired.
So for example, the deadline for Scary-Oke(S2E01) will be two days earlier than the deadline for The Golf War(S2E03).
This time around we have fewer episodes, so there will be 2 people drawing per each of the 11 main episodes. It’s not going to be a collab though, you will still be allowed to do your own piece.
The Countdown will span over a period of 20 days.

If you’re interested in participating, please continue past the “Read More” break!

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