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So, I’ve been reading Olicity fics obsessively for almost a year now and I really wanted to make an list of my absolute favourite works. This list is to appreciate these incredible writers and to recommend new(and mind bogglingly good) fics for those who unlike me, haven’t read almost every olicity fic ever written after 2014. This list includes finished and unfinished one shots and longer fics. I’ve added links to all the writer’s tumblr’s that I found!

  • Origin by eyrk (Role reversal Au, with Felicity as the vigilante and playboy!Oliver, will absolutely destroy you both with it’s incredibleness and the fact that it gets updated very rarely)
  • Anyone Else But You by javajunkie (Frenemies(?) to lovers. Will make you laugh hysterically and then cry like a baby)
  • once upon a december by roselland (Anastasia, aka my most beloved Disney movie & BRATVA AU??? Like I loved this fic before I even had read the first sentence tbh)
  • Employee of the Month by ihatepeas (S1 rewrite, with Felicity as a detective& Papa Lance’s partner. Oliver is a little shit of a vigilante with horrible cover stories and Felicity is the cutest human being ever who predictably sees through all of his lies.)
  • Queen of Chemistry by tssgry (High school-Frenemies-Tutor Au? With sassy Felicity & kinda really cute(and brooding) Oliver.)
  • And Then It Ends, Your Little Winning Streak by MachaSWicket (Oh man. Oooh man. This one will make you wail your anguish and feelings to your dog in 3am. Partly because the feelings it gives you, and partly because no one, I mean no one will ever write ‘scared for Felicity’s life’- Oliver better than this. Seriously, this one changed my life.)
  • A Week off the Grid by fiacresgirl (Post s3 road trip fic!! The title basically explains what they have in mind, but it doesn’t tell you how much you’re going to adore it)
  • Still by TeaWithLemon (Set somewhere in season three, O&F deal with bombers, kidnappers and Ray Palmer. I have so many feelings about every chapter in this fic. So many. When you’ve read it, because you have to(!!), come and message me so we can yell about it together.)
  • Long Time Coming by MachaSWicket (Felicity and Oliver get interrupted way too many times when trying to finally have sex with each other. This one is still my absolute favorite smutty one shot. You’ll see why, trust me. )
  • The Dark Prodigal by pulpklatura (Period drama/Regency Au. I have no words for the talent this writer has. Properly done research & A+ characterization. Also, no big deal, the writing happens to better than many of the novels I’ve read written by acclaimed authors.)
  • Blood Hands by Bre (A brilliant Bratva fic with slowburn romance, piNING?? and incredible sexual tension.)
  • Devil’s Backbone by anthfan (Felicity and Oliver begin a physical relationship after Sara’s death. You’ll love this if you are a slut for angst like me.)
  • can’t escape this now by callistawolf (Another arranged marriage Au, but not with Bratva, but a Mob. Falling in love while trying so hard not to, basically my favorite thing ever)
  • Or Forever Hold Your Peace by katanaxriot (Best friends Au, where hidden(or new?) feelings rise after they end up sleeping together. Oh and Felicity being engaged sort of complicates matters. Lots of miscommunications, jealousy, sexual tension & pining. You know, my favorite tropes as always)
  • Charmed by midnightofthesoul (Oliver should watch out what he says about his future colleagues in the presence of one tiny blonde. Oh god, the awesomeness of this one, seriously. Bad ass Felicity & thoroughly whipped Oliver)
  • Break by eyrk (After S2 finale, Felicity needs a break from Team Arrow, and moves to Gotham and you know, forms the Justice League. Everything about this one is pure magnificence, everything. *Shia Labeouf voice* ‘JUST.. READ IT!!)
  • Who Gave You Eyes Like That (Said You Could Keep Them) by Riley_Scott (Felicity has known Oliver a long time, but doesn’t know how deep his feelings are for her . But when Oliver finally realizes he should show those feelings in other ways than just trying to get her to sleep with her in various lewd ways, she knows she’s in trouble. It’s awesome, trust me.)
  • Between Love and Skate by dettiot (Figure skating Au, in which Felicity and Oliver are new partners. All the sexual tension & fluff! This also gave me soo many flashbacks to my preteen years, when I was utterly obsessed with figure skating)
  • Nothing Can Harm You Here by serenadreams (Felicity meets Oliver, a homeless war veteran on the side of a road. I have no words for the beauty of this work. Heartbreakingly angsty but yet so hopeful?? Just read it.)
  • Rooftops and Parking Lots & Stay With Me by gnimaerd (Felicity has an affair with Oliver, who is not her husband. Really well written two fic with equally amazing sequel piece. Deals with angsty issues amazingly. Oliver is so hopelessly Oliver in this one; pining, brooding, clueless sap. *cries*)
  • Blank Space by YellowFlicker (Au in which O&F knew each other pre-Gambit.)
  • got game by the pound by lisbei (Three times Felicity uses sex to get the assassin/Al Sah Him out of Oliver. Set after Oliver is brainwashed by The League. Angsty smut. Fluffy smut.)
  • Step By Step (We All Fall Down) by FanMomMer (Set during the summer before S3. What if Felicity hadn’t been as forgiving about that ‘I love you’ and what if the deleted kiss actually happened? I’m already so in love with this one.)
  • Between the Shadow and the Soul by apinknightmare (Set during the summer before S3. Oliver deals with the aftermath of the fake-real ‘I love you’- Oliver’s feelings for Felicity are written in an unbelievably and breathtakingly beautiful way. Angsty, but you know, with an happy ending)

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